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    Kazam gets to his feet, as the two men hook up. Oscar starts wailing off with knees, backing Kazam into the ropes. Lay-gle then whips Oscar into the ropes, as Kazam hits and bounces back. Oscar leapfrogs over Kazam, as Ali hit’s the other ropes, bouncing at Oscar once more. Oscar now nails a big back drop, as Kazamm falls hard! Kazam sits up, as Oscar runs into the ropes and bounces back, and connects with a huge dropkick to the face! Lay-gle goes straight for the cover.


    Kazam kicks out before 2. Oscar is back to his ffeet, as he reaches down, lifting Kazam up by his hair, and nails another knee to the gut. Oscar hooks Kazam up for a suplex and lifts him straight into the air. Lay-gle holds him into the air.

    Mike: A stalling suplex from Lay-gle!

    Rocky: Stop being a douche. His name is Layman.

    Kazam counters while in the air, falling back to the ground, still in the suplex hold, as Kazam turns the hold into a roll up for himself!


    Oscar kicks out after 1. The two men get to their feet, as Kazam goes for a right, but Oscar blocks it, and counters with a upper cut. Oscar knees over Kazam, and lifts his head, wailing off with lefts. The ref admonishes Lay-gle, so Oscar instead goes to the feet of Kazam, grabbing one leg and flips him over.

    Mike: Single leg boston crab!

    Rocky: I bet Kazam doesn’t tap.

    Kazam is in the hold but won’t tap. He scratches and crawls his way to the ropes,, grabbing the bottom rope. The ref admonishes Oscar, but Oscar won’t break. The ref starts counting. 1.….2.…..3.…Oscar breaks the hold and turns around. He reaches down to grab Kazam, as Ali nails Oscar in the gut hard. Oscar stumbles back, but recovers and goes straight back after him, only to be nailed in the gut once more. Oscar stumbles back, as Kazam is to his feet at the ropes. Oscar goes at Kazam once more, only to be nailed by a huge back elbow! Oscar stumbles back, as Kazam charges at Oscar, and jumps into the air, landing on the shoulders of Oscar.

    Rocky: Hurricarana!

    Mike: NO! POWERBOMB!

    Oscar counters the hurricarana attempt into a powerbomb, driving Kazam straight into the mat. Oscar goes for the cover, hooking the leg.


    Kazam kicks out after 2! Oscar doesn’t seem deterred though, as he gets up, and stands near Kazam, almost stalking him. Kazam is getting to his feet, as Lay-gle goes up behind, grabbing Kazam around the waist. GERMAN SUPLEX! Oscar flips Kazam backwards with a release german suplex, but Kazam flips in the air and lands on his feet. Oscar is back up to turn and see his work, as Kazam takes Lay-gle down hard with a nasty clothesline! Oscar is down as Kazam goes to the leg of Oscar, and holds it, while driving a knee into it! 1.…2.….3.….4! 4 times Kazam drives his knee into the leg of Oscar, but Lay-gle finally kicks Oscar away. Oscar is getting to his feet, as Kazam comes up from behind and drops Oscar with a chop block to the back of Oscar’s knee. Kazam turns Oscar over, and lifts Oscar into the air by his leg, and drives the same knee down into the mat. Oscar is now holding his knee, as Kazam grabs Oscar, dragging him to a corner.

    Mike: you’ve got to wonder if Kazam is working Oscar’s leg for a possible submission move.

    Rocky: You’ve got to wonder? No you don’t you dumbass! Any good wrestler who is doing this is obviously setting up for some kind of submission.

    Mike: I said you’ve got to wonder because Kazam is not a submission specialist.

    Kazam rolls out of the ring, and reaches in, grab Oscar, and pulls him hard into the corner, crotching him. The ref admonishes Kazam, but Ali pushes Oscar away a little, and takes the bad leg of Oscar, and slams it into the ring post. Kazam slams the leg into the ring post a second time. Ali goes for a third time, but Oscar pushes Kazam away with the bad leg. Oscar crawls more towards the center of the ring, as Kazam climbs into the apron, and then to the top of the turnbuckle. Kazam stalks Oscar, as he slowly gets to his feet, showing signs of damage to the bad leg. Oscar turns, as Kazam flips off the top and connects with a massive dropkick! Kazam goes for the cover.


    Oscar kicks out shortly after 2! Kazam gets to his feet, and looks around for a second, then reaches down, grabbing Oscar. He lifts him up, and grabs him by the back of his hair. Kazam charges, going to bash Oscar face first off the turnbuckle, but Lay-gle gets his leg up, but can’t stop it as it’s his bad leg! Kazam bashes Oscar face first off the turnbuckle, and then flips him around. Oscar is resting in the corner, as Kazam begins to chop Lay-gle, with the fans wooing each time.


    Kazam turns, running into the ropes, and bounces off. He charges in at Oscar in the corner for a dropkick, but Oscar moves, and Kazam collides into the corner, falling down. Oscar is using the ropes to stand up, as he turns to Kazam. Kazam is slowly getting to his feet, as Oscar charges and drops Ali with a running ddt! Kazam is planted, as Lay-gle crawls and drapes an arm over Kazam.


    Rocky: Kazam kicks out, keeping the match going!

    Mike: This match is wearing down on these men and we are already at the 13 minute mark.

    Both men slowly get to their feet, and immediately go at each other, trading blow for blow.


    Kazam cuts Oscars momentum off with a poke to the eye, as Oscar stumbles away. Kazam goes up behind Oscar, grabbing his head, and drops him with a massive reverse ddt. Kazam goes to the bad leg of Oscar, and puts the good leg on the back of the bad legs knee. Kazam then grabs the neck of Oscar and puts his knees into the back of Lay-gle, and pulls back.

    Rocky: bow and arrow lock! Wow!

    Mike: Yeah, Ali is surprising me in this match! Putting pressure on the back of Oscar, as well as on that bad leg.

    The ref asks Oscar if he gives up, but Oscar shakes his head no. Kazam pulls tighter on the hold, but Oscar still will not give up. Oscar reaches out, and is almost within reach of the middle rope. Kazam realizes this, and breaks the hold. Ali grabs Oscar, pulling him more to the middle of the ring, and goes for the submission hold once more. As Kazam grabs the leg of Oscar, Lay-gle nails Ali in the face with a stiff boot. Ali stumbles back, as Oscar is slowly getting to his feet. Kazam charges at Oscar who isn’t fully up, and goes for a running neckbreaker, but Oscar, by pure strength, catches Kazam and lifts him straight into the air with a modified suplex, and drops him with a nasty looking suplex! Oscar gets to his feet, and stalks Kazam. Kazam slowly gets to his feet, as Oscar grabs Kazam from behind, around the waist. GERMAN SUPLEX! Oscar pops his hips, keeping the hold around Kazam’s waist, getting to his feet. GERMAN SUPLEX! Oscar is back up once more…GERMAN SUPLEX!

    Mike: A trifecta!

    On adrenaline now, Lay-gle gets up, showing minimal signs of damage in his leg, as the straps go down.

    Rocky: oh crap! Straps are down! Here it comes!

    Kazam is slowly getting to his feet, as Oscar grabs Kazam.

    Mike: ANGLE SLAM!

    Oscar lifts Kazam into the air, but Kazam falls down behind Oscar and drops him with a chop block! Kazam immediately grabs the leg of Oscar, and this time, looks in an ankle lock!


    Kazam immediately drops down, putting the bad leg in a grape vine! The ref asks Oscar if he will tap, but Oscar refuses. He is dead center in the middle of the ring, as he begins to scratch and crawl, trying to make his way to the ropes. He is inching closer and closer, as Kazam keeps yelling for the ref to ask. Oscar finally reaches the bottom, as the ref admonishes Kazam to break the hold. The ref begins to count.


    Kazam breaks right before the ref gets to 5. Kazam is pissed, as he gets to his feet. The fans are now chanting Lay-gle, as Kazam yells at the fans. Oscar is pulling himself up by the ropes, as Kazam isn’t paying attention, as he is extremely pissed. He turns, as Oscar grabs Kazam, and nails a massive belly to belly suplex! Oscar is back up, as he stalks Kazam who is slowly getting to his feet. ANGLE SLAM! Oscar drops Kazam hard, as he goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Oscar Lay-gle!

    Oscar gets to his feet, as the ref raises his hand.

    Mike: Well, tonight, in this moment, Oscar Layman proved he is the better man!

    Rocky: This is rubbish! Plain rubbish!

    The camera's got a shot of Oscar standing tall, before cutting to the back.*Juno is pacing in the back, doing her final few stretches in the back, her earphones are in and her music is blaring, she jumps when she notices the camera*

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    Juno: Hey! Do not sneak up on me when I am in preparation for my match! That is not only the height of bad manners but, extremely off putting...

    *The camera man apologizes to Juno and is about to leave. .* Juno: Wait, please... I want to say something... *The cameraman turns the camera onto Juno*

    Juno: I am about to go out to that ring and fight in the biggest, most vital fight, that I have ever faced... I am about to face a champion, delusional and kid like as she is, is still a tough opponent... However, as I have said, little girls get easily distraction, I am her to make an impact, make a name, be the best champion that this company or any company has ever seen… Win, lose or whatever this match ends with, I will still be the most spirited and most hard working fighter here… Fans and superstars alike, may not know to the full extent of what I can do and what I am capable of, I am not a girl too mess with and Juno Mercury, is about to set the ring on fire!

    *Juno smiles at the camera, and it cuts to back at ringside*

    Emily Davis: This contest is set for one fall, and it is for the Vanity Championship! Making her way to the ring first, she is the current and defending Vanity Champion, Vivica!

    Vivica comes out from the back, with the Vanity Championship wrapped around her waist. She makes her way down the ramp and into the ring. She takes the belt off, holding it.

    Mike: Now I am excited for this match!

    Rocky: Me too! Vivica is the perfect Vanity Champion.

    Mike: Well the #1 contender might make an even better one.

    Emily Davis: And her opponent, the #1 contender to the Vanity Championship, weighing in at 135 pounds, coming from Belfast, Ireland....JUNO...MERCURY!!!!!!

    Juno comes out from the back to a big pop from the fans. She makes her way down to the ramp, climbing into the ring. Juno stands on one side of the ring, as Vivica stands on the other side holding her championship. The ref is asking Vivica for the belt so that he can start the match, but she refuses to hand it over, shaking her head and protesting like a child. The ref continues to ask for the belt and Vivica is not having any of it, so she slowly backs toward the ropes as if to leave. Juno has had it...

    Mike: Juno is tired of waiting - looks like she's going to force Vivica to hand over the Vanity Championship belt so the match can start!

    Juno goes over and lays hands on the belt... and it's on. Vivica thrashes about, trying to pull the belt away - still acting like a little kid. The ref turns to Juno and tries his best to get her to step back so he can try and do his job. He's trying so hard that he totally misses Vivica shooting a thumb into Juno's eye! Juno stumbles away holding her face - then Vivica hands the title to the ref quickly, smiling broadly and saying "Start the match - I'm ready!" The ref takes the belt and goes to Juno to show her the prize in question - noticing her holding her eye. He checks to see if she's okay, and Juno responds by pushing him aside and saying in a very forceful tone "JUST START THE DAMN MATCH." He obliges and calls for the starting bell... and the match begins!

    Mike: Even with that dirty trick from Vivica, Juno will not shy away from this match! She wants that title belt, Rocky!

    Rocky: You say "dirty trick," I say "veteran move." I told you - Vivica is set to be one of the movers and shakers here in IWA, and you can't be that kinda person without having an advantage. Now Vivica's got one - Juno won't be doing too well with just one eye! Hope she brought an eyepatch!

    Juno approaches cautiously - unable to see clearly. Vivica skips around her giggling like an elementary-schooler at recess, Juno tries to keep up... Vivica grabs the free arm of Juno (her other hand is covering her eye) and cinches in an arm wrench... Juno struggles, reaches out with her other hand to try and pry loose the hold... BAM! Vivica with a punch to face!

    Mike: Looks like Vivica is working to stay on top during the feeling-out phase of the match! She's established a wear-down hold on Juno to grind away at her early - but that hold seems to be a means to attack the injured eye of Juno! Vivica wrenching away again, Juno down on one knee...

    Rocky: The way she should be! What did Juno actually think was going to happen? Really, what was she expecting?

    The struggle continues for a couple of minutes - Juno trying to fight to a vertical base from the armlock, Vivica pushing down in an attempt to keep Juno grounded - maybe even get a submission win. Vivica twists the arm by the wrist, and the torque registers on Juno's face in excruciating detail. She grimaces in pain, but will not cry out. Juno's attempts at standing up are not working...

    Mike: Juno rolls forward with the torque and is on her feet with the hold broken! Whoa - big time right hand to Vivica!

    Now Vivica's the one reeling - and Juno's not letting up. Juno's throwing rights dead into Vivica's face - Vivica runs to the ropes and wraps her arms around the top rope, holding on for dear life and crying. The ref comes in to separate the two...

    Rocky: See that? Vivica doesn't deserve that kind of treatment! Look what that brute of a woman has done!

    Mike: What? Really, she's crying? A grown woman wrestler crying - of all the unheard of LOOK OUT!

    Vivica launches a gut kick to Juno while the ref is trying to push Mercury back. Comes off the ropes - into a shoulder block from Juno! Vivica is hit so hard that she falls on her ass and bounces through the third and second rope out of the ring! Juno slaps her shoulder and shouts her battle cry - the fans pop for her big time at her display of power! Vivica is watching from ringside and is positively livid!

    Mike: Now we're seeing a little more of Vivica's true colors after that failed cheap shot!

    Rocky: No, no, everything will be okay Vivica! Just get back in there and finish that broad - she's nothin'! Nothin' I tell ya! NOTHIN'!

    Vivica goes from slapping the apron to tearing at the skirt of the ring and screaming at the top of her lungs. The ref leans out of the ring at her telling her to come in and then starting the ten count... Vivica looks up at him with a disapproving scowl - and continues to sulk on the outside. The ref is counting...


    Vivica is standing next to the ring apron, sticking her tongue out at the ref...


    Juno runs the ropes...


    BASEBALL SLIDE DROPKICK TO VIVICA'S FACE! Juno hits her with such force that she cuts a wicked backflip and is a mess on the floor! Juno's slides out of the ring and starts putting in work on the downed champ - stomps to the spine, stomps to the arms, boots and boots all around! The crowd is in love with what Juno's doing - and a "boots to asses" chant rolls across the arena! The ref is less than pleased with both ladies going to town on each other and restarts the count... meanwhile, the fracas is happening just a couple of feet away from...

    Mike: My God, folks - this match has broken down - and it's happening within arms reach of us!

    Rocky: Yeah, kick her ass Vivica! Just not so close to my announce table...

    By the time the ref hits five, Vivica's head is hitting the announce table courtesy of Juno Mercury! Vivica tries to get away, but Juno' got a handful of her hair - and Vivica's dome bounces the table again. And again.

    Rocky: This little Irish hand grenade is on the verge of getting disqualified! Counted out! Count her, ref, count faster!

    Vivica rakes Juno's eyes and makes a mad dash for the ring just as the ref gets to eight. Juno staggers for a moment, then goes to chase her... She makes it onto the ring apron -


    Mike: Damn! That was a full-on running forearm shiver from Vivica... she baited Juno in for that shot! But look! Juno Mercury is still on the apron!

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    Juno Mercury is still holding onto the top rope! She took the shot straight to her face - and has the busted lip to show for it! She holds onto the rope and looks at Vivica, openly taunting her, daring her "Try it again!" Vivica runs the ropes, comes back, SMACK! Another forearm shot! Juno isn't going anywhere! Vivica tries again, even harder! Still nothing! The Asylum is alive with support for Juno - "Let's go Juno!" can be heard over and over! The fire in Juno's gut is burning hot - she's asking, begging for more! And Vivica is speechless - she can't understand for the life of her how this woman is still calling for this kind of punishment! She grabs hold of Juno by her head and drills her repeatedly with shots to the face... Juno is woozy on the ropes... Vivica runs the ropes again - but here comes Juno - springboard clothesline off the top rope! Vivica gets up in a daze, gets taken back down with a big shoulder block! Vivica rolls to the ropes and pulls herself up on them, Juno comes running, Vivica with a superkick to her face! Juno stumbles towards the nearby corner, Vivica on the chase, Juno runs up the turnbuckle, Vivica hesitates, whisper in the wind from Juno! Vivica laid out! The fans are on fire!

    Rocky: Who the hell does this fuck think she is, Jeff Hardy?!?

    Mike: Regardless, Juno Mercury has taken control of this match! But at what cost? Look at her face!

    Juno Mercury is breathing hard as she tries to stand... with a nasty cut open above her eye, bleeding profusely!

    Mike: That's the eye that Vivica went after at the match's beginning!

    Rocky: Vivica, get up! Get up! GET UP!

    Laboring, and in pain, Juno gets to her feet, blinking the blood away. She turns and begins to stalk the vulnerable Vivica... Vivica stands up, wobbling... Juno picks her up, holds her over her head in a fireman's carry hold... but Vivica hits a knee on Juno's injured eye! Juno flinches in pain, and drops Vivica! Vivica hits her feet with Juno trapped in a front facelock...

    Rocky: Twist of Fate!

    Juno's face is bounced off the canvas, and Vivica scrambles for the cover! The ref counts...




    Mike: Juno kicks out! JUNO KICKS OUT!

    Vivica is tossed away from the power of Juno's kickout, and her face is contorted in a "WHAT THE FUCK" expression! She sits there frozen for a couple of seconds... and then starts convulsing in the ring!

    Rocky: What the... it's all Juno's fault! Whatever happened, Juno did it - she's responsible!

    Mike: What in the blue blazes is wrong with Vivica?

    Vivica is rolling around and tearing at her hair, screaming, shouting, and raising all sorts of hell. The ref goes to check on her - and nearly gets his eyes clawed out! Vivica sits in a corner of the ring, rubbing her temples frantically and...

    Mike: She's... she's talking to herself?! Or... who is she talking to?!?

    Vivica seems to be having a conversation with someone in earnest... her expression is tinged with panic... only problem is: there's nobody there... Juno stirs, wiping the blood off of her face as she tries to get her bearings... Vivica sits still for a moment as if she's listening to someone... then she nods...

    And does a slow look in Juno's direction...

    Mike: I don't like this... I don't like this for Juno...

    Rock: Well too bad for you! I DO like this!

    Vivica slowly gets up, never taking her eyes off of Juno. She slowly creeps toward her prey, watching her every move with a total lack of expression. Slowly, slowly, Juno gets up - only to be snatched up by the hair by Vivica. In an instant, Vivica snaps - knees to Juno's face over and over! The ref immediately comes to try and stop this, Vivica pushes him away screaming before dragging Juno to the corner! Juno's head gets smashed into the turnbuckle once, twice, thrice before Vivica tosses her to the mat... then climbs to the top...

    Rock: Oh boy, here it comes!

    Vivica leaps backwards in a perfect arc... Moonsault hits flush! But Vivica's not done - she immediately gets up and goes for the corner again!

    Mike: I don't know what's possessed this woman - even hitting that moonsault would cause some damage to the attacker, but it's like she didn't feel a thing! Wait, another moonsault!

    The second moonsault hits perfectly and Juno takes another huge hit to the midsection! Vivica in for the pin!



    Thr-NO! Juno kicks out again!

    Vivica is now absolutely insane. She gets up and paces feverishly, talking again to whomever she has in her head. Juno goes to sit up - Vivica stomps her face into the mat! Picks her up and begins yelling in her face!

    Rock: Wow! I... I don't understand what she's saying... Can anybody hear her?

    Vivica punctuates her sentence by violently spitting in Juno's face before kicking her in the gut and loading up for another Twist of Fate!

    And Juno lifts her into the air - backdrop suplex! Juno's still in the fight! Gets up, lifts Vivica, German suplex! Vivica hits the mat and twitches once before lying still! Juno looks down at her... and spits on Vivica before ascending the top turnbuckle herself! The fans know what comes next, and the arena is on fire with anticipation! "Swanton! Swanton! Swanton" the crowds cheer!

    Juno takes off!

    Vivica gets up in a heartbeat! But Juno lands on her feet ready for a counterattack! Comes in with a clothesline - Vivica ducks it and locks Juno up in a side headlock! Runs to the corner... runs up the turnbuckle... BOOM! ACID DROP! ACID DROP! The cover! The count!




    Emily Davis: Your winner... and STILL IWA Vanity Champion... VIVICA!!!

    The ref goes to offer Vivica the title belt - but Vivica snatches it out of his hands while screaming like a banshee. She goes to leave the ring... but not before turning back towards Juno... and spitting on her before hopping out of the ring and heading to the back.

    Mike: What a match! We saw Juno Mercury put everything she had into it -

    Rocky: But the "Belgian Bombshell" just couldn't get it done! And as Emily said, your current, reigning and successfully defending IWA Vanity Champion is STILL VIVICA!!!

    Mike: You're right. Vivica picked up the win and proved why she is at the top of this division.

    Vivica is at the top of the ramp, as she turns, smiling. She brings the Vanity Championship close, clutching it tight, as that is the final shot before the camera's cut to the back. There is a close up shot on AJ Dixon’s face as the camera zooms out and we see Seth Gabel standing next to Primetime with mic in hand.

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    Seth Gabel: Mr. Dixon? Mr. Dixon? I was wondering if...

    AJ Dixon: Hey now Gabel, Mr. Dixon was my father’s name! Call me Primetime you twit!

    Gabel: Alrighty, Primetime... How do you feel going into the Main Event tonight?

    Dixon: I feel great Seth, I have taken a lot of precautions coming into this match and I can’t wait to beat up on these chumps. No one has the confidence I have coming into tonight. No one is as good as Primetime and tonight everyone will see that.

    I may be stuck in a cell with five jokers, but I am the only one that will survive. I will go to any extreme tonight. Nothing will hold me back, not Shaz, not Rage, not even the Infection is going to hold me back tonight. In Maximum Anarchy, Primtime is going to be his own man. There are no teams in Anarchy, there are no alliances in Anarchy, and tonight, Primetime won’t need to rely on any one to win but himself. It is Primetime’s night to shine!

    Gabel: Finally, what does being in the main event tonight mean to you?

    Dixon: What does it mean to me? Well It means two things Seth, firstly it means that The Infection is here and it ain’t goin’ anywhere. The fact that we are in the main event only strengthens our stance. We are more relevant now than ever. Van and Carlos are going to win the Tag Titles tonight and Athena is going to literally destroy Eddings as well. And after they win, Primetime will take his spotlight to the Maximum Anarchy match and win in brilliant fashion! Once The Infection cleans house tonight, we will stand on top of the IWA mountain. We will have the Tag and World Championships and have four of the strongest superstars in the world.

    And the second thing is that Primetime is the best! Primetime is the talent, the superstar, the man that everyone wants to be! I will show you all tonight that the spotlight is only big enough for one man, and that one man has to be the brightest, the strongest, the best. And that one man is Primetime AJ Dixon! Take it or leave it Seth, but what eva’ you do, don’t sleep during the Primetime show tonight, cause when the lights come on and the camera is rolling, there will be only one thing to watch, and that will be me!

    The camera's cut from Dixon staring into the camera, back to the ring.

    Mike: Well, Dixon is definitely making his case for tonight. We've still got the main event to come of the Maximum Anarchy match. Rocky, whose your money on?

    Rocky: I'm pegging Darius to win. The guy is young, he is hungry, and you never know what to expect from him.

    Mike: I'm going for Jman. He has experience, and he is a former champion.

    Rocky: Well speaking of experience, these next two men we are about to see while being in IWA for a little bit now, are still a long ways away from being at the experience level of Jman.

    Mike: That's right. Ace Note showed me a more sadistic side when he basically forced Domino to accept this match.

    Rocky: Forced? He nearly killed Domino! Putting him between that ladder, if Note had actually jump on it, Domino would have became a pancake.

    Emily Davis: This match is set for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 223 pounds, Ace Note!

    Ace Note comes out from the back to a good size pop from the fans, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He turns, waiting.

    Emily: And his opponent, weighing in at 205 pounds, Domino!

    Domino comes out from the back. He stomps his way down the ramp, as he stops infront of a fan with a sign that says "Domino = jobber", as he grabs the sign, ripping it up. He stomps on the sign, as he turns, getting into the ring. He stands across from Note.

    The ref calls both men to their corners and checks them. When both men are set, the ref calls for the starting bell... and the match begins.

    Both competitors circle each other warily, not taking their eyes off each other. A feint here and there, one stepping towards the other, the other sidestepping and attempting to move in from the side, so on and so forth for the first few moments...

    Mike: So far, very textbook standoff... neither man wants to give away the advantage in the opening seconds of this high-profile matchup.

    Rocky: The feeling-out phase. Looks like we're getting what should be a drawn-out match... except for the fact that it's with Domino. If he gets his hands on that little circus weasel, he's gonna wring his carny neck!

    Mike: You keep calling him little even though he's actually BIGGER than Domino.

    Rocky: I'm talking about the man inside! Small men can have big bodies, you know!

    Ace shoots in for a leg grab, Domino steps away, then rushes in to grab Ace himself. Ace rolls backwards, comes out of the roll into a handstand and then flips back onto his feet. Another round of cheers from the crowd.

    Rocky: Yeah, yeah, we get it, you can do tricks. How about you roll over and play dead?

    Mike: No doubt, Ace has talent – more than a little bit, but you gotta wonder: will this go to his head? Is he overperforming and losing his focus on the match itself?

    Domino waves him off dismissively, walking away and asking the crowd “Seriously? Is he serious?” He continues walking around jawing off – til he gets within range of Ace, and tries for another grab on the sneak tip. He gets his hands on Ace – Ace rolls backwards with Domino on top, and turns the maneuver into a smooth monkey flip, tossing Domino away and onto his back. Ace promptly kips up – and receives yet another round of ovation.

    Mike: Or perhaps, this young man is playing a physical mind game of his own with Domino...

    Ace smiles at Domino – and Domino is finally flustered. He races at Ace, and is caught with a traditional arm drag. Runs in again, caught with a Japanese arm drag.

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    Rocky: Oh no, Domino – stay calm! Don't let this carny take you off your game!

    Another pass, another attempt at an arm drag... but Domino braces himself and blocks the throw! Attempts a throw of his own on Ace, gets him up... Ace flips in the air and lands on his feet! Runs for the ropes... rebound... Domino catches him and throws him over the ropes! He turns and laughs at the crowd, impressed with himself...

    And failing to see that Ace hung onto the top rope and saved himself from a spill! Skins the cat... back in the ring! Domino turns and notices Ace is still there – and begins stomping around in frustration.

    Mike: What a start! We've seen Ace show us that he is perfectly at home in a wrestling ring!

    Rocky: We've also seen Domino prove that he's not so easily taken by such three-ring tomfoolery! Get him, Domino!

    The two men size each other up for a few tense moments... then finally lock up!

    Mike: And here we have the two in the collar-and-elbow tie-up for the first time in the match... looks like the feeling-out process may be done with...

    Ace and Domino struggle for control... Ace takes Domino in a rear hammerlock... and Domino retorts with an elbow to the side of the head to drop Ace.

    Rocky: As many circus tricks as that clown may know, Domino understands the real fundamentals of this craft. It's not about how many pretty flips you know – it's about knowing what it takes at any given moment to turn the fight to your liking!

    Ace is stunned... Domino lifts Ace and traps him in a side-twist arm hold, wrenching away at his shoulder. Ace tries to escape, goes for the ropes, but Domino drags him to the mat, turning the hold into a side armbar.

    Mike: It seems that Ace has hit a spot of trouble... locked down into that grounded armbar by Domino. It looks like Domino has solved the problem of containing Ace: immobilize and neutralize, by grounding him and by doing damage to the arm... make it harder for Ace to balance himself, harder for Ace to grapple.

    Ace rolls forward, escaping the armbar – much to Domino's surprise. Ace steps forward to attack, but Domino stands up and runs to the ref yelling something.

    Mike: What the... “He cheated”? He's telling the ref that Ace cheated to get out of the hold!

    Rocky: Well he obviously did! How the hell could anybody get out of that? That armbar was in tighter than a nun's “prayer box!”

    The ref is telling Domino that no illegal actions took place, Domino is still jawing away. Ace stops and tries to figure out what's going on... and Domino dashes at him, connecting with a hook to the jaw.

    Mike: Wait, that was a cheap shot!

    Rocky: No, that was taking advantage of the situation!

    Domino is all over Ace, backing him up with repeated punches into the corner. The ref comes in and begins the five count to break it up. Domino relents before five. Ace tries to get out of the corner, Domino tosses him back in and goes back to wild strikes all over him. Another five count, another break.

    Rocky: Don't let up! Don't let him get away!

    Mike: You kidding? That's an easy way to get disqualified! Domino can't afford to get counted out just because he loses his temper!

    Ace is slumped down in the corner from taking all those shots. Domino runs back to the opposite corner, then turns and charges towards Ace... cannonball senton in the corner! A big “OOH!!” goes up from the crowd. Domino pulls Ace from the corner and pins him! The ref counts...



    Near fall! Ace kicks! Domino rolls away and lays in with some heavy boots...

    Mike: This speaks to Ace's resiliency – he is no stranger to pain. As many of the IWA faithful may know, Ace Note was once a skilled circus performer... learned to fly from the trapeze at an early age...

    Rocky: Probably because he was so much of a weirdo, they wouldn't exhibit him with the rest of the freaks... so they put him on a trapeze hoping he'd fall with no net!

    Mike: Shut your mouth! Ace Note lost his brother during one of these acts, lost his brother while they were performing for their fans and their livelihood... he deserves respect for his beginnings – even in the wrestling profession, this man's acrobatic talent shines like the morning star!

    Ace rolls to and just beneath the ropes to escape the boots while the ref holds Domino back, trying to discourage him from more punishment. Ace groggily stands up on the apron holding onto the ropes... Domino sidesteps the ref and grabs onto Ace... in return, Ace grabs Domino by the head and hotshots his throat across the top rope! Domino is staggered! Ace gathers himself as Domino leans forward over the top rope, trying to regain his composure... Ace looks up, sees an opportunity... runs forward and leaps...


    Rocky: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

    Everybody in the arena collectively lose their minds at what just happens!!!

    Mike: Ace Note just jumped from the floor and connected with a hurricanrana on Domino while he was leaned over the top rope!!! A straight vertical leap from the floor to almost the top rope of the ring!!! I just saw it and I STILL DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! Nobody in this damn arena can believe their eyes!!!

    Domino and Ace are both laid out on the floor – and the crowd is still on their feet with appreciation for the awesome feat they have witnessed. The ref starts the ten count...





    Both men slowly start to stir. Ace hobbles to his feet and makes his way into the ring...



    Domino gets up...


    8 – Wait, suicide dive from Ace Note to the outside on Domino!! HOLY GOD!!!


    The crowd cannot contain themselves! Roars of applause!!! The ref is still trying to process what the hell just happened! After a few moments of disbelief, the ref restarts the count...




    Domino quickly stands up... but he got up too fast, and is nowhere near fully operational – totally out on his feet. Ace struggles to regain a solid vertical base... Domino rushes him and slams Ace back-first into the ring apron! The sound reverberates through the arena as the fans utter a collective “OOOH!!!” at the impact!

    Mike: These men, these wrestlers are trying their damndest to destroy each other! Someone may not be walking away from this!

    Rocky: And that someone will be Ace Note – I guarantee it! I promise you: Ace Note's destiny will go unfulfilled here tonight!

    Domino rolls Ace Note into the ring, follows on shaky legs and goes into the cover... the count...



    Thr-NO! A dangerously close near fall!

    Domino rolls off and again confronts the ref – this time complaining of a slow count. The referee sternly tells him to step off. Domino starts getting seriously heated...

    Rocky: That damn referee, what the hell is he thinking? He counts slower than a sped kid who got held back twice in kindergarten! Tell him, Domino!

    Mike: The count was correct – Ace just had the wherewithal to withstand Domino's onslaught! There's no changing that!

    Rocky: Yes there is – just let Domino do what Domino does! We'll see Mr. Carny fold in just a few minutes!

    Domino turns his attention to a still recovering Ace Note. Ace is still lying on the ground prone, trying to catch his breath. Domino stands for a moment, considering his next move... then ascends the nearest turnbuckle. At the top, he taps his head, looking at the crowd. The crowd recognizes the setup – and quickly boo him.

    Rocky: Looks like it's gonna be Domino's favorite – the flying headbutt!

    Mike: Wait, doesn't he do that move a different way?

    Domino goes to take off – and Ace Note swiftly rolls away, quickly getting to his feet!

    Mike: He was playing possum!

    Ace looks up to see Domino still on the turnbuckle, pointing at Ace and laughing. Ace is far from amused – and runs in, grabbing Domino's leg to pull him down. He succeeds – but Domino lands on his feet, and thanks Ace for his efforts with a gut punch, following with a body slam. He then goes to the apron, and springboards in to deliver his trademark headbutt! Ace twitches in pain as noggins collide... and once more Domino goes for the cover...



    Thr-wait! Ace manages to kick out! Now Domino is genuinely upset, roaring at the top of his lungs with anger. He again gets in the ref's face about it... and again the ref puts him in his place, pointing to his striped shirt. Domino is heard yelling “I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR ZEBRA SHIRT!” He turns back to Ace, and taunts him to get up...

    Mike: It looks like Domino has had enough... he could be calling for the end right here! This could very well be over right here!

    Rocky: You're damn right it is! Domino has better things to do than play this game with this carny kid!

    Domino yells “DOMINO THEORY!” as he charges a groggy Ace Note...

    Who stops him cold with a standing jumping high knee! Domino is on wobbly knees again! Domino stumbles around and ends up with his back turned to Ace, who strikes again – with a reverse DDT to lay Domino flat! Goes for a quick pin...

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    Th-kickout by Domino!

    Mike: It was not to be, but what a comeback by Ace Note – now working to draw momentum and mount an offensive comeback of his own, now up and whipping Domino to the ropes...

    Domino comes off the ropes – with a clothesline! Ace ducks, Domino bounces back – tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Domino takes the backbreaker in a bad way and promptly rolls out of the ring...

    Rocky: Yes! Get out of there, Domino!

    Mike: Going to catch a breath and try to stop Ace's momentum... but could be for naught – Ace is following him!

    Rocky: NO! Get back in there, Domino!

    Ace begins to step out of the ring, but stops... then runs, hits the ropes...

    Rocky: Domino, look out!

    Ace goes airborne at high speed, leaping clean over the top rope...

    Aimed at Domino...

    But Domino dashes away – and Ace Note flies headlong into the ring barricade! The impact is undisputably devastating – Note hits the barricade headfirst, then hits the floor... and doesn't move...

    Alternate chants of “Oh my god” and “Holy shit” go back and forth across the arena, the crowd on their feet again. Domino smiles as he sees the wreck that is Ace Note lying on the floor... he drags Ace towards the ring...

    Mike: … hold on, he's not bringing him back into the ring...

    Instead, Domino drags Ace over to a spot where two steel chairs are sitting empty... lifts Ace and lies him flat across both...

    Mike: I don't like where this is going, Rocky...

    Rocky: And neither will Ace Note! I don't know what Domino has planned, but I bet the end result will result in the end of the crazy carny!

    Ace Note is laid helplessly over the two chairs... now Domino climbs onto the ring apron...

    Now onto the nearest turnbuckle! He leaps!

    And scores with a flying splash onto the prone Ace Note while laying on the chairs!!! The chairs blow out from the impact – and both men are nearly dead on the outside!!!

    Mike: My God! Both of these men are damn near dead! The carnage! The mayhem!

    Rocky: That was some of the most unbelievable... the most incredible... I don't even know what to call it!!!

    “Holy shit” chants echo around the arena! The referee looks on in sheer disbelief, stalling for almost a full two minutes before starting the ten count...







    The competitors stir...


    The men labor to crawl back into the ring...



    Both men are at the apron...

    And both men beat the ten count! The crowd is wired to blow! Ace Note and Domino are spent and broken, barely breathing... getting up onto their knees facing each other... tense moments crawl by as both men fight past their pain... agony... and stare each other in the eyes... Domino lashes out with a slap to Ace's face... Ace fights back with a slap of his own... slowly they trade blows...


    As the hands fly, they slowly stand – still face to face, eye to eye... and still trading!


    Mike: Ace is getting the better of the exchange – Domino can't retaliate!

    Domino dodges the next blow and lifts Ace for a suplex! Midway up, Ace spins out of the hold and lands on his feet behind Domino! Clasps his hands around Domino's midsection... launches into a bridging German suplex pin! The ref counts!



    Thr-it's a kickout!!! Ace is beyond himself with surprise! The crowd is beyond themselves with surprise!

    Mike: You cannot tell me that we are not witnessing a match that will go down in the annals of IWA – no, the annals of wrestling history – as one of the most spectacular bouts we have witnessed! And neither man is willing to give – neither man is will quit!

    Rocky: But soon, Domino will prevail – he has to! He is the better man! HE IS THE BETTER MAN!!!

    Domino gets up on one knee... Ace goes for the ropes, comes back for what looks like a shining wizard... Kneeling uppercut from Domino! Ace Note drops! Domino is back up... lifts Ace and tosses him into the corner! Ace goes with the momentum and leaps straight to the top of the turnbuckle in one jump! Doesn't stop – flies backwards into a moonsault into the approaching Domino!

    Mike: The Grandstand! Ace Note hits the Grandstand! Domino is laid out – Ace doesn't miss a beat – goes straight into the pin!



    Thr-Unbelievable! Domino gets the shoulder up a fraction of a second before the three! Both men are gulping air, their lungs are on fire... struggling to stand... Ace reaches out, grabs Domino... Domino rakes his eyes and shoves him backwards, then runs back to the ropes... comes back towards Ace... somersaults over Ace while grabbing Ace's head...

    Rocky: Domino Theory! Domino Theory!

    As Domino flips over, Ace follows the momentum... and in an incredible maneuver, manages to land on his feet! Reverses the hold on him, kick to Domino's gut... hooks Domino up, lifts him and clutches him in a familiar hold... Domino is upside down, head pointed towards the mat while screaming “No! No! NO!” Ace Note smiles at the camera and screams “YES!!!” then drops Domino headfirst, driving him into the mat!

    Mike: Carny Driver! Carny Driver! Into the pin!



    3!!! The bell sounds!!!

    Emily Davis: Your winner of this match... ACE NOTE!!!

    Ace is just barely able to make it to his feet as the ref raises his hand for the win! It is nigh impossible to hear anything over the deafening roar of the appreciative crowd!

    Mike: Ladies and gentlemen of the Asylum, We have just seen a match that we may very well never see the like of again... these two young, hungry lions have just shown us their hearts, their souls, have just put their very lives and spirits on display... and the man who came out on top today, the man who has just proven himself Destined for Immortality... is one... ACE... NOTE!!!!!

    Ace Note rolls out of the ring, as he walks up the ramp, standing tall.

    The camera's get a shot of Domino sitting up, holding his head, as the camera's cut to the back. We see Shaz with the World title on his shoulder, standing next to Seth Gabel.

    Seth Gabel: Good evening guys, we are joined by the IWA Champion..Shaz!

    Shaz stares at Gabel, obviously not impressed- but Seth continues again.

    Seth: What does being in the main event tonight at Destined for Immortality mean for you?

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    Shaz: It means that I am headlining IWA's biggest PPV as the IWA World Champion. Believe or not, I am the hottest thing going in the IWA- and tonight, that proof will be given as I will defeat 5 other superstars to retain this belt.

    Seth: What are your views on the Maximum Anarchy match?

    Shaz: The Maximum Anarchy is a malicious structure, and it has a very unique concept to it. It contains all the demonic weapons you can think of. This match, is the prime example of madness.

    Seth: Now, what do you think about your opponents heading into DFI?

    Shaz: Well. As a whole- you have four wrestlers who have done fuck all to earn a place in this match. And those four wrestlers, are just massive worthless punks.

    And talking of punks, I'm up against one tonight- KJ Punk. He's been talking a lot of smack recently but earlier this week on Chaos, I showed him exactly what kind of a beast he was up against. He tried to hit me with a Rolling Elbow, before the match started because he knew he wouldn't get the job done during the match. But I left London, STILL the IWA Champion.

    Then you've also got AJ Dixon. I've got a question for you AJ. It felt great didn't it? Knowing that everything you fought for in your career, payed off after you finally won the big one. But all of that was taken away, by the count of 3 after YOU received a briefcase spanking.

    A lot of people need to take their medication tonight, before they start talking. *points to the camera* I'm looking at you Darius. Your evil, psychotic ways don't hurt me in any aspect. I'm going to smash your head onto barbed wire, and I'm going to make you come to a conclusion that you'll never be a top star.

    Another guy- Rob Rage. He deserves his spot in this match because he won the Insane Asylum to earn the right to face me. But to me, he is just as clueless as the crowd. Sure, he's a fan favorite in this match, but the focus isn't on him. It's on the next guy...


    Crowd go mental with cheers

    Shaz: My biggest threat going into this match. Truth is, this guy has lost his touch. But at least he had the guts to admit, that he was indeed a momentum thief. Jman, I hope you've said your farewells to your family, and friends tonight. Because you aren't going to leave DFI alive as I will expose you for the fraud that you are!

    Seth begins to speak but Shaz stares at Seth in the eye, before pushing him to the camera before heading off. The camera view changes.

    *The live feed heads to another part of the backstage where Carlos Alberto Ramon can be seen down the hall, He’s wearing an expensive suit and is talking on his iPhone, the camera gets closer and now Ramon’s voice can be heard.*

    CAR: Yeah.. Who? Black Blooded? *Ramon smiles* I’m not worried about them, those bichano’s are all talk and no bite. In-fact, I’m actually looking forward to getting my hands on them tonight. They are just like all these other teams, they need to learn some respect. They need to understand that Ramon and Van Hooligan are not people you want to piss off. We don’t make threats, only promises and I promise were going to show them just what the Infection is all about tonight!

    *Ramon begins to laugh*

    CAR: Vivica? No! off course I’m not interested in that puta louca *Ramon smiles* Plus I don’t think I’m her type, Ramon’s not into playing the daddy daughter role in the bedroom. *Ramon again laughs* Hey, if that’s how the “Predators” get there kicks then good luck to them.

    The Champions? Damaged Goods? They no there time is up! There only champs because lets face it.. Who else was there to challenge them? The Sons of Anarchy? They already failed twice before and will do so again..

    Tonight is the night of the Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X! tonight is night of the Infection and we will become the tag team champions, mark my words chico! *Ramon notices the camera coming closer* I will call you back man.. Listen before you go, don’t forget.. After party is at the Infections locker room! See you there right? Good, good. Adeus.

    *Ramon hangs up the phone and stares at the cameramen before saying..*

    CAR: Well… what do you want?.

    Cameraman: We were hoping to get a few words Carlos.

    CAR: Few words, with me.. Carlos Alberto Ramon?

    Cameraman: Yes.. That would be great.

    CAR: Okay, no problem. *Ramon smiles* Anything for my fans world wide! Introduce me amigo.

    *One of the camera crew step’s forward and stands in front of the camera next to Ramon.*

    Cameraman: IWA! It’s..

    *Before he can say anymore, Ramon pushes him away and stands in front of the camera.*

    CAR: My name… My name is Carlos Alberto Ramon! I am the face of IWA and the future of wrestling, I am the reason you all tune in each and every week and I.. along with my partner Van Hooligan X will be the reason why anyone cares about the tag team division!

    You see this? *Ramon unbuttons his sleeve and reveals a Gold Rolex* You hear that? *Ramon lifts the watch to his ear* Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock! That’s time ticking on the title reign of Damaged Goods. That’s time passing as the changing of the guard is coming..

    The time has come for the Infection, and tonight.. We do what we said we would when we came hear, tonight we win the tag team titles and finally bring prestige to the division! That will only be the beginning though.. Because when we are done there, our attentions will turn to the Pardy Girlz and Kaydrab.

    Two teams who have done nothing but talk the talk and pretend there something better then they actually are.. Rycrap and Z-Boy, You guys claim to love partying. Well your barking up the wrong tree chicos because messing with me and my amigo Van, well that’s only going to cut your party short. And as for your girlfriend Rymac, Juno Mercury. *Ramon smiles* She’s a hell of a women and Carlos Alberto Ramon is a sucker for a feisty chica. Don’t worry though man.. I’m sure she’s more then happy being with someone like you and I’m sure she don’t actually mean to dream about me.

    *Ramon smirks*

    That leaves me with Drek and Macconie, everyone’s favourite nerds! You know I was speaking with these guys earlier and they actually think they can stop me and Van.. I mean come on! *Ramon smiles* these two clowns? I would be more worried about facing Sugar and Spice then I would be facing Pop-eye and Bluto!

    *Ramon smiles once more before staring down the camera*

    CAR: Tonight Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X become tag team champions! The Infection has come to Destined for Immortality and there is no cure for the damage and pain we will bring. We told you it was going to happen.. And tonight we fulfil our destiny! But you.. You already know that!

    *Ramon winks down the camera and smiles once more before walking away and heading down the hall way.*

    The camera's cut back to the ring.

    Mike: You know, as much as I may not like Carlos or Van, I think they have a good chance of pulling offf the win tonight.

    Rocky: Same here. Carlos and Van win the tag titles, AJ Dixon wins the World title, and Infection will stand tall as the best in the business.

    Emily: The following match is set for one fall, and is for the Endurance Money In The Bank briefcase! Introducing first, weighing in at 255 pounds, the current holder of the briefcase, Jackson "The Boss" Smith!

    Jackson Smith walks out from the back, holding the mitb briefcase in hand. He holds it high, as the fans are chanting Boss over and over. Smith walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring. He hands the briefcase, as he turns to the entrance stage, waiting for Hawk.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, coming from Tokyo, Japan, he is the Master of Mayhem, Mike...Hawk!

    Mike Hawk walks out from the back now, to nothing but boos. A massive "go home" chant breaks out, but Hawk just disregards it. He makes his way to the ring, as he leaps onto the apron, and then over top of the rope into the ring. Hawk walks over, getting right into the face of Smith, putting a hand on the briefcase, smiling. The ref takes the briefcase from the two men. The two men retreat to their respective corners as the referee holds up the briefcase to show everyone what these two proverbial gladiators will be doing battle over. The pair stare each other down as the briefcase is passed through the ropes and place on the timekeepers table. The ref calls for the bell and this one is ON!

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    Hawk and Smith circle the ring, sizing each other up carefully before either makes a move. The crowd bay for blood as Hawk turns away from Smith and begins taunting them whilst leaning over the ropes, smith counters by climbing the second turnbuckle and rallies the crowd to his cause as they rise to their feet! The warriors turn back to each other and Hawk shakes his head whilst pointing at Smith before the two close each other down and begin to grapple! Smith gets the better of Hawk and pushes him to a corner and then releases at the count of three before backing away. Hawk circles Smith again and the two lock up once more! Hawk is AGAIN pushed into the corner and Smith begins to back away again but Hawk loses his patience and slaps him in the face!! Smith loses his rag and attempts to get at Hawk but the referee is still trying to push him away. Smith drops his guard and Hawk comes flying out of the corner and levels him with a BIG clothesline!

    Mike: Hawk showing his intent early on, he's going to bend the rules as much as he can!

    Rocky: The referee did his job and got Smith out of Hawks face, Hawk was just taking advantage of an opening! Ain't nothin' wrong with that fool!

    Hawk stomps on Smith before locking in a rear chin lock and burying his knee into the spine of Smith who struggles to get free. The referee asks him and NO is the answer as Hawk cranks the hold tighter, wrenching that knee in there in further. The crowd begin a 'SMITH! SMITH! SMITH!' chant and their man rallies and fights to his feet and breaks the hold with an elbow! He whips Hawk to the ropes and knocks him down with a standing clothesline before dragging him back to his feet and locking in a standing headlock. Hawk counters and this time pushes Smith to the ropes but Smith cannons back with a shoulder block, Hawk rolls and Smith runs the ropes again looking for a clothesline as Hawk stands but is evaded and rebounds from the ropes again into an arm drag from Hawk!! The two stare at each other from opposite sides of the ring, Hawk standing, Smith on one knee as the fans yell for more!

    Mike: It's all even here so far, neither man getting the upper hand! This one is shaping up to be a really balanced clash!

    Smith gets to his feet and the two come together again in another lock up, Smith this time reacts quickly and buries a stiff kick to Hawk's gut! He follows this with a jab with his right, and then a left for good measure as Hawk reels from the blows! Hawk is backed into a corner and Smith follows, he beckons for the crowd to be silent and then delivers a resonating knife edge chop! The crowd yell 'WOOOO!' and Smith repeats this with similar results. He grabs Hawk by the head and bounces him off the turnbuckle hard before whipping him across the ring! Hawk hits the opposite corner hard and Smith follows him closely and smashes into him with a big clothesline that takes Hawk off his feet! Smith looks down at his opponent who is flat on his ass in the corner and begins stomping a mudhole in him! The referee gives the count and gets to four as Smith backs away, Hawk rolls out of the ring to the outside.

    Smith spots him and follows, rolling under the bottom rope and clobbering him with a forearm to the back of the head. Hawk reels and stumbles forward and Smith plants him with a round arm jab to the kidneys and then pushes Hawk into the ring post using his boot. The crowd cheer for Smith as he looks down at Hawk who begins crawling away. Smith stalks him, walking and shaking his head as if he pities his opponent. Hawk crawls around the steel ring steps to get away and Smith steps up onto them to look down at his opponent. Smith is about to jump down but Hawk is aware and aims a hard kick at the base of the steps which unbalances Smith and sends him face first down to the hard floor!

    Rocky: Haha! Look at that, Hawk using his superior intelligence gets right back in this!

    Mike: Smith took a little too long to decide what he was going to do and Hawk punished him for it!

    Hawk climbs to his feet and slides into the ring and back out to cancel the count which was up to 6. Smith climbs to his knees and Hawk buries a thumping martial arts kick to his sternum! Smith rocks back and then forward and Hawk delivers another! And another! Hawk then blasts Smith in the face with another nasty kick before standing over him and taunting the crowd who begin to boo loudly!

    Hawk rubs his head to shake the cobwebs from the early encounter with the ring post and rolls Smith into the ring and follows him to break the count. He drags Smith to his feet and scoops him with with a body slam, then rebounds off the ropes and delivers a running drop kick to him as Smith sits up. Hawk doesn't relent and delivers a standing moonsault and goes for the pin!



    Smith gets the shoulder up at two! Hawk goes back again for the pin, looking to wear Smith down some more.


    Smith kicks out at one this time and Hawk begins rubbing his elbow into the face of his opponent before standing up and kicking him in the shoulder! Hawk goes back to Smith and puts him in an armlock to further weaken him, cranking the arm up and into unnatural positions! Smith battles up to his knees but can't get out of the hold as the crowd raise their voices again! Hawk cranks the arm again and pulls Smith to his feet, remaining in control until Smith strikes with his free arm! And again! With the third strike he breaks the hold and throws a fist in Hawks face! Hawk retaliates and kicks Smith! Smith strikes again! Now Hawk with another kick! The two trade blows until Smith comes out on top! He runs to the ropes but the comeback is cut short as Hawk catches him with a BIG martial arts kick to the gut and then buries Smiths face into the mat with a huge DDT! He covers!




    Smith gets the shoulder up once again and Hawk begins striking him in the face as he lays prone. The referee counts and gets to four before Hawk stands and backs away, arguing with the ref that he hasn't broken any rules. Smith manages to get to his feet in the mean time and Hawk spots him, he charges towards his opponents but Smith his a rush of blood and charges too!

    Mike: GORE! GORE! GORE!!

    Rocky: Where the hell did that come from!?

    Both men lie prone in the ring and the referee begins the count! Neither man responds and the count continues, reaching 5 in no time! Smith begins to stir and at the count of 8 manages to turn over and drape an arm over Hawk for the pin!



    3.. NO!!!

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    Hawk kicks out and the crowd groan in frustration! Both men slowly climb to their feet, Hawk uses to the ropes and Smith rushes from the opposite side of the ring and clotheslines Hawk to the outside but his momentum takes him too and both men crash hard to the concrete below! The crowd call for more as the referee counts and Smith is the first to respond, he drags Hawk to his feet and pushes his back against the ring apron hard! Smith grabs Hawk and then whips him towards a barrier and Hawk slams into it hard. Smith charges at his opponents but Hawk has it scouted and hits a drop toe hold which sends Smith into the barrier face first!

    Mike: Oh my god!! Smith looks out cold!

    Rocky: Get in the ring Hawk! Win by count out!

    Hawk, as if he can hear Rocky slides into the ring. But instead of waiting for the count.. he heads up top. As he slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle, Smith pulls himself to his feet using the barrier for support but is still pretty out of it and slumps down across the top of it with his back to Hawk. Hawk sizes his opponent up, intending to crush Smiths ribs against the barricade using himself as a weapon! The crowd are up on their feet in anticipation and Hawk flies from the top rope looking to hit a flying leg drop to the back of Smith!! But Smith was playing possum and had it scouted!! Smith turns as Hawk sails and delivers a BIG drop kick in mid air to his mid section and follows it up with an elbow drop!

    Mike: Smith hits My Time out of nowhere!!

    Smith, who was busted open as he went face first into the barrier, hauls Hawk up and sends him into the ring and follows. He drags Hawk to his feet before delivering a Tiger Suplex and follows that up with a DDT of his own after Hawk rises to his feet! Smith looks in control and signals that enough is enough. He stalks Hawk and waits for him to climb to his feet. As Hawk reaches the vertical, he turns around into a kick to the gut! Smith wraps his arms around his opponent into a gut wrench hold and lifts him up onto his shoulder looking for The Boss's Orders (Dominator)! But Hawk slides through and gets free! Smith turns around and is struck flush in the face by a roud house kick! Smith falls to his feet and Hawk staggers to the corner and slowly climbs to the top rope holding his ribs! It takes him an age to reach the pinnacle and he finally begins sizing Smith up who looks to be out cold in the middle of the ring. Hawks flies from the top rope looking for a Phoenix Splash to end this!!!

    Mike: Knees up! Smith got the knees up!

    Rocky: Hawk took too long to get to the rop! Smith was able to recover!!

    Smith climbs to his feet as Hawk writhes in pain on the mat clutching his already damaged ribs, Smith hauls him up and hooks the arm! He raises Hawk up onto his shoulders and then drops him down onto the mat with a thunderous Killer Instinct!! He covers!




    Mike: He did it! Jackson Smith retains his MITB briefcase!

    Rocky: No! I can't believe it! Hawk had this match in the bag but Smith somehow blocked the Phoenix Splash!!

    Mike: What a match! The fans were treated to a real classic here!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner! And STILL holder of the Endurance MITB Contract, Jackson Smith!!!

    Smith sits up and the referee hands him his briefcase. Hawk rolls from the ring to the outside as Smith holds his prize up for everyone to see before staggering back into a corner to recover. Jackson pulls the briefcase back in, clutching it, as the camera's cut to the back. The cameras cut to the backstage area where Seth is standing by with Darius.

    Seth: Ladies and gentlemen ...

    Darius: Shut the fuck up, and get on with it you twat.

    Seth: Okay then ... Darius, what does being in the main event tonight at Destined for Immortality, mean for you?

    Darius: What does it mean for me, Seth? What does it mean? It means I finally get to prove to everyone that I truly am I threat. I finally get to prove why I should be, and will be the IWA champion. The Maximum Anarchy match will make me or break me tonight. What all of my opponents do not realize is that the entire cage is my weapon. I'm not just in it to win it Seth, oh no. I'm in it to maim and hurt them. I'm tired of the spotlight being on them all the time. It is about fucking time that I get the respect I truly deserve.

    Seth: Speaking of respect, you have been going on for weeks now about not being respected. Do you feel that any other superstar deserves respect in this company, or should it all go to you?

    Darius snarls at Seth with a glare.

    Darius: That sounded sarcastic you little prick. You're lucky I'm not allowed to snap you in half tonight ...

    Seth backs up a bit.

    Darius: Anyway, to answer your ... Question. Of course I deserve all the respect. What has anyone else done in this company? Nothing, Shaz has the world championship because he cashed in on a weakened opponent. That doesn't make a true champion. I don't even need to mention all of the other guys involved because they aren't champions. I on the other hand, am a legitimate world champion. I have held this TWE world championship for over four months now, and multiple people have tried to take it from me. I may not have had it physically for a short amount of time, but this gold was still in my name. And you know what, Seth? I think the "people" are ready for a dual world champion.

    The crowd explodes with boos so loudly, Darius can hear them loud and clear in the backstage area.

    Seth: On to our next question ... Do you think the fans will play a major part in tonight’s main event? Will having them against you affect your abilities in the ...

    Darius: Fuck no. They don't give a shit about me, and I don't give a shit about them. The "fans" may affect how Shaz, Rage, JMan, Punk, and Dixon perform, but they sure as hell won't affect me. The Maximum Anarchy match is about survival of the fittest. You must do what needs to be done in order to win that match. So if some blood needs to be spilled, then blood will be spilled. If bones must be broken, bones will be broken. If careers must be ended, careers will be ended. It is that simple.

    Seth: Uhm ... Alright, we have one last question for you here tonight. Do ...

    Darius: No, I'm done answering your questions. I have a question for you, Seth!

    Seth: Uh ... Okay?

    Darius: Who do you want to win tonight, Seth? Punk? Jman? Rage? Shaz? Dixon? Or the greatest champion to ever live ... Darius?

    Seth: Well to be honest, I really don't mind who wins here tonight ... I just..

    Darius: Bullshit! You want one of the "good guys" to win, don't you!? You want one of the two C.M. Punk rip offs to win, don't you?! You'd just LOVE to see Jman or Punk win here tonight, wouldn't you, Seth?! Maybe you want Rage to win, huh? I bet you do, Seth. You just don't want the bad guy to win! I'm not talking about Shaz or Dixon either, they are hardly what one would consider "bad guys" … they just suck. I am going to win here tonight, Seth. I am the best IWA has to offer. I am a world champion. I am a six time Insanity champion. I know pain. I know agony. I know what losing feels like, but I won't lose tonight.

    And tonight, I am going to prove it Seth. Flesh will be torn, bones will be snapped, souls will be broken, and if that "24" mother fucker tries to ruin my time to shine. I won't just hurt him. I'll hang him from the rafters with the barbwire around the cell. And that is a fucking promise. So let this be a warning to everyone involved in the main event tonight. Darius is coming.

    Darius throws the microphone to the side and gets into Seth's face, putting his hand on Seth's throat, but then laughs hard as he slowly backs away from Seth as the cameras cut back to the ring.

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    Mike: Well, Darius may be coming, but before that, we've got our next title match!

    Rocky: That's right! The match i've been waiting for!

    Mike: Since the birth of the tag division here in IWA, Damaged Goods have been at the top of the mountain, and many believe tonight is the night they get knocked off.

    Rocky: Knocked off by Van and Carlos!

    Mike: Well this is Black Blooded's last chance to win these titles. If they don't win, they will be unable to challenge for these titles again as long as Damaged Goods hold them.

    Rocky: Add in that Vivica, Schweizner, and the rest of Infection are barred from ringside.

    Emily Davis: The following match is set for one fall and is for the IWA World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 466 pounds, they are a represent Infection, Carlos Alberto Ramon, and Van Hooligan X!

    Carlos and Van walk out from the back to a mixed reaction from the fans. The women and kids are booing the team, but the guys actually seem to be behind these two men. The men quickly die out though, as the roar of the women and kids over take them. Carlos and Van walk down the ramp and into the ring, standing in a corner waiting.

    Emily: now making their way to the ring, weighing in at 675 pounds, they are the reigning JBW Tag Team Champions, and the reigning EWNCW Hardcore Tag Team Champions, Black Blooded!

    Black Blooded come out on their bikes, with their tag titles hanging from the handle bars. They drive down the ramp and circle the ring, before knocking the kick stands out and leaning the bikes. They climb off, and climb into the ring, looking at Carlos and Van. Both teams then turn to the entrance.

    Emily: Out next, at a combined weight of 555 pounds, they are the IWA World Tag Team Champions, Damaged Goods! And, as a special bonus, IWA brings you, Five Finger Death Punch!

    The tag champs walk out from the back, holding the tag titles, as they walk by Five Finger Death Punch still playing their music. The two men walk down the ramp, climbing into it. The ref takes the titles, as he raises them high. He then hands them to the time keeper, as the bell sounds.

    Carlos, Mr Blood, and Gommenta are starting the match off, as Van, Mr Black, and Gaileo are on the apron in their respect corners, as the ref signals for the bell. The three men in the ring look at each other, as a Carlos blows chant breaks out throughout the arena. Carlos looks around, and yells that he doesn’t blow, as Gommenta goes straight at him. They are trading shots, as Mr Blood joins in, working with Gommenta in attacking Carlos. They nails hot after shot, until Carlos is backed up to the ropes. Blood and Gommenta grab Carlos, irish whipping him across the ring. Ramon bounces back, as he is dropped by a double shoulder tackle. Blood and Gommenta stomp down on Ramon, before Blood reaches down and picks Ramon up. Blood holds Ramon’s arms behind his back, as Gommenta nails a shot, after shot, to the unprotected Ramon.

    Mike: I can’t believe these two are working together!

    Rocky: You do what you got to do to win.

    Mike: I can’t honestly say if I’m pulling for any team.

    Rocky: I’m pulling for Damaged Goods. If they win tonight, they cement themselves as the best team in IWA.

    Gommenta nails Ramon in the gut with a kick, as Blood lets go. Gommenta pulls Ramon in for a powerbomb, as Blood charges, and takes Gommenta down with a massive clothesline!

    Mike: And there goes that partnership!

    Rocky: Got to give it to Blood. He knows when to strike.

    Ramon is back to his feet, as he charges at Blood, only to be taken down by Blood with a power slam. Blood is back up, as he raises a fist, to a big reaction, some cheers, some boos. Black motions for the tag, as Blood goes over, tagging in his partner. The camera’s turn, as we see Ramon tag in VHX. Van climbs into the ring, as he charges at Black, wailing off with lefts and rights. Black immediately pushes Van away, as Van hits his back, rolling, and lands back on his feet. He charges at Black once more, but is cut short by Gommenta, who turns Van inside out with a massive clothesline! Gommenta is to his feet, as he turns, straight into a wild right from Black. Black goes for another shot, but Gommenta blocks it, and counters with a big head butt! Black is sent stumbling back, leaning against the ropes, as Gommenta charges, clothes lining himself and Black over the top to the outside. Both men get to their feet, and turn, as Van comes flying over the top to the outside, taking both men out with a cross body!

    Rocky: Wow! Look at Van!

    Mike: Things are breaking down already!

    Blood, Ramon, and Gaileo all drop off the apron, going to help their tag partners. Within moments, Blood is exchanging shots with Van, Black is going toe to toe with Gaileo, and Ramon is trading shots with Gommenta. Ramon gets the upperhand on Gommenta, sending him into the ring barrier. Gaileo gets the upperhand, bashing Black face first off the announce table, and Blood sends Van flying into the steel steps, causing Van to hit knees first and flips over. Blood, Gaileo, and Ramon all slide back into the ring.

    Mike: Are these even the legal men!?

    Rocky: Does it even matter?

    Mike: Well yes….it does.

    Rocky: Shut up Mike…just shut up and let me enjoy this.

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