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    Ali Kazam: Fuck! I thought I had another five minutes before my time, I’m not ready yet, turn this fucking camera off now so I can get my things ready. Cut to commercial, cut to the commentators, I don’t really care just show something else until I tell you to cut to me...

    Ali mumbles to himself: ...Why am I doing this shit live..?

    *The camera cuts away and we head back to ringside where the frustrated commentators are unexpectedly back on duty.*

    Mike: What the hell is Ali Kazam playing at here, who does he think he is? He knew exactly when it was his time, why is he acting like it is someone else’s fault he isn’t ready.

    Rocky: I’m pretty sure he was told the wrong time...

    Mike: No he wasn’t he is just too lazy to get his shit together beforehand.

    Rocky: I say let Ali Kazam take as much time as he wants, that guy is pure entertainment. I just can’t get enough of him.

    Mike: The only thing he’s ever done that was entertaining was get pinned last week by Robstar...

    ???: Hey wankers, I have something to say.

    *The business man seen earlier with Ali Kazam has wandered out and onto the stage with the microphone in his hand that he was given earlier.*

    Rocky: Hold on just a minute, that’s... wow this guy hasn’t been on any televised wrestling event in a long time. What an honour, this man is simply amazing.

    Mike: Wait, that’s not who I think it is? If so, you’re being way to kind to him. That man is a loudmouth asshole. He has no business being on stage or anywhere in IWA.

    *The man on stage raises the microphone again and as some members of the audience work out who is talking to them they start to boo him.*

    ???: Ladies and Germs, Shut the fuck up! You do not get to boo Will I Am. You should be bowing down to me. I am the greatest man you will ever get to lay your unworthy eyes on!

    *The crowd inside the arena, whether they know this man’s past or not, have taken an instant disliking to the man and are really letting him have it.*

    Will I Am: If you don’t know who I am, too bad. I’m the greatest business man to ever step inside a wrestling organisation. I was in charge of the HWA Redemption while it was still growing into something great. Funny how as soon as I stopped being in charge, they collapsed...

    Don’t pretend you insignificant worms don’t know who I am! I was the manager of the most dominate force ever seen in this business. It is an honour for all of you that Will I Am is here in IWA even if it is for one night only...

    *The crowd tell him to: “fuck off back to wherever you came from”.*

    Will I Am: Oh will you assholes just be quiet. I’ve been paid a lot of money by that talentless bum Ali Kazam to introduce some lame ass magic show...

    *The crowd chant: “We don’t care” and “Ali Sucks” back and forth at themselves.*

    Will I Am: I’m only doing this because that fucking magician has money. He paid my hefty appearance fee, so, I guess I can do this five minute job for him. Now then, if you all would stop yelling amongst yourself, I’m trying to get this waste of time over and done with and I hate when people ignore me.

    *The crowd now starts up a round of: “No-one cares, no-one cares, no-one cares”*


    *The crowd continue to boo Will I Am, who decides that he is just going to finish what he has to say whether anyone is listening or not.*

    Will I Am: Now for your pleasure, I Will I Am give to you, the worst segment ever seen in any wrestling federation ever. However before that though, I have to ask, how dumb is the phoney magician, giving me my payment before I introduce him?

    *Someone in the crowd, close to a camera can be heard saying “He hired you, so he must be pretty fucking dumb!”*

    Will I Am: Anyway, I should have used up enough time for numb nuts to sort out his segment soooooooooooo, IWA it’s time for the talentless Ali Kazam and his bullshit, fake, terrible, change the channel, take a piss break, magic act... Ladies and Germs I give you the... um hi

    *Ali Kazam appears on stage in front of Will I Am and he doesn’t look happy. He grabs the microphone out of Will’s hand and slaps him in the face. HARD!*

    Ali Kazam: Do you think you’re funny Will. Did you think I wasn’t paying attention to you while I was getting my set ready? I heard every word you just said you idiot and guess what, that cheque I wrote you. I think it just bounced.

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    *Ali Kazam grabs Will I Am’s shoulder and pulls him in close as he raises his knee into Mr Am’s crutch. As Will doubles over in pain Ali reaches into his suit Jacket and pulls out his cheque he rips it to pieces and throws the pieces over Will who is on the ground holding his groin.*

    Ali Kazam: Now, I’m ready backstage, so send a camera my way!

    * Ali vanishes and the camera transitions a second later to a shot of what looks like a sideshow stand at a carnival. A sign at the top of the camera can be read that says: “Ali’s Funhouse”. We can see a large cupboard that has two doors that would open at the front taking up much of the area. The doors are firmly shut a few feet forward of the cupboard is a floating hammock hovering about 6 feet of the ground. There doesn’t appear to be anything holding up the hammock but it’s pretty obvious that the hammock is holding Ali Kazam, who is sitting on it looking into the camera.*

    Ali Kazam: I guess, around here if you want something done right, you don’t pay “professionals” to do it for you, you have to do it yourself. Unless you know your name is Robstar and you want to win a match.

    *The arena crowd can be heard in the background calling Ali a “Sore Loser” over and over.*

    Ali Kazam: No, no, no... Don’t get frustrated Ali, just get on with the show...

    *Ali takes a moment to compose himself before restarting.*

    Ali Kazam: You know my name, you’d be crazy fool with the memory of a goldfish not to. You may also may have noticed the sign. Yes, I’m Ali Kazam and I welcome you all to My Funhouse. Here at the funshouse, I plan on having myself plenty of fun. Regardless of what happened last week, I mean I lost to a fucking local talent named Robstar? What the fuck kind of a name is Robstar anyway? No, this is a fun place. We don’t need to dwell on what happened last week, not yet anyway. Tonight, I bought a guest with me to the funhouse. That’s right, folks someone very special is here tonight. Who is you ask? And where is he you ask?

    *Ali makes the hammock disappear and walks back to the cupboard. As he does a rope with a key swings around his neck.*

    Ali Kazam: You see, I invited my good friend Robstar, you know the fucking git who pinned me last week. See he was all set for the show, then he went to check out my cupboard up nice and close, so close in fact, the stupid twat locked himself in the cupboard. What a shame that is and I just can’t seem to find the key around here anywhere. It’s okay though, I’m sure I can get him out, I do see a nice samurai sword that might be able to get him out.

    *Ali reaches behind the cupboard and pulls out the sword.*

    Ali Kazam: Yes, this should work, I’m sure I can use this to get in the closet and help Robstar come out. Although given how much of a stupid prick he is why should I get him out of the cupboard? I mean he was in on it last week when Oscar Laymen embarrassed me. So why should I help him? Oh, now I remember how I was going to have fun tonight, by not helping him. Let’s see how he likes a sword through his body!

    *Ali goes to the front of the cupboard and jams the sword between the two front doors before walking around to the back again.*

    Ali Kazam: Would you look at that, I found me some more swords... Guess where they are going people. Hey Robstar, aren’t you glad that you and Oscar screwed me over you fucking useless prick!

    *Ali Raises his hands and twelve more swords rise in the air and surround the cupboard at all sorts of angles. He brings his hands down and the swords fly through the cupboard at all sorts of angles.*

    Ali Kazam: I don’t think I could have missed him just quietly. I guess I better find out.

    *Ali uses the key around his neck to unlock the cupboard doors. He opens them up and an arm falls out. He starts laughing and steps out of the way to give the camera a look inside. What we see is that the swords have gone through several places in the body of a Robstar- look-a-like Dummy.*

    Ali Kazam: You didn’t think I was going to actually fly that git in for another appearance did you? I mean don’t get me wrong if that clown shows his face in this company ever again I will hurt him, but I wasn’t going to pay for him to come to the show and for Will I Am’s introduction was I. For now, I’m happy to settle with watching his likeness burn in that cupboard. Speaking of which, I think it’s time to set off the fire alarms.

    *Ali Kazam takes a step back from the cupboard and the camera shows a spark of insanity in his eyes He snaps his fingers and the cupboard erupts into flames burning quickly with the Robstar Effigy inside of it.*

    Ali Kazam: Robstar burning in the closet. That is a beautiful site right there. Now ladies and I guess the men out there as well, fun time is over. The Funhouse is closed because it’s time to get serious right now.Oscar Laymen you stupid son of a bitch, last week you had a World Title match, but instead of concentrating on that, you couldn’t help yourself. You had to interfere and cost me my match. You idiot, you had a great opportunity to go into DFI with the gold. I would have beaten you in our non title match and then you would have lost the gold in the six man match, but the point is you could have been world champion when I kicked your fucking ass!

    Last week, you interfered and cost me my match, but nobody had to interfere to make you lose yours. You lost your world title match all by yourself. You got beaten like the pathetic bug you and all your stolen personalities are. Oscar Laymen you are the biggest disgrace that has ever come along in this business. You don’t know how to entertain people and it’s a joke that you even got to compete for the title against Shaz last week.

    Trust me when I say, I may have lost last week, but come Destined for Immortality, my greatness will shine through and I will end you and you and you and all the other yous in our match. When I’m done beating the hell out of your 1004 personalities nobody will be able to recognise any of your faces. Congratulations moron, I didn’t think I could dislike you any more than I. You proved me wrong, costing me that match has made me dislike you even more! Your end is coming Laymen, mark my words. At Destined For Immortality, Oscar, I’m going to watch your career burn out and I’m going to be the fire that destroys you.

    *Ali vanishes leaving the camera to watch the cupboard burn for a few moments, before cutting back to ringside.*

    Mike: Well....Ali...he is...uh...

    Rocky: Disturbed individual? Fucking crazy? Going to beat Oscar Layman at Destined for Immortality?

    Mike: Yes, yes, no....just no.

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    *Vivica skips down the ramp, the Vanity Championship around her waist as she beams at the booing crowd, skipping around to the timekeeper's position. Smiling sweetly at the timekeeper, she grabs him roughly and throws him out of his chair, taking it and a microphone into the ring with her, where she sets the chair up and sit's down, her legs neatly folded with her championship laying in her lap*

    Vivica: Daddy always says you know you succeeded when everyone is fighting to take what you already have. Last week all those pointless whores tore each other to ribbons trying to get a chance to take what this Good Girl already won! They just don't get it, no whore has a chance as long as a good girl like me holds this belt! Daddy said so and he is always right!

    *The crowd starts chanting "Crazy Bitch"*

    Vivica: See, years ago I was all alone all by myself in a bright room all alone just strapped and tied, unable to move. But then Daddy was there and the meanies that locked poor little me away got what they had coming cause Daddy helped make their white coats drip red! Ever since then Daddy promised me that he would find me new toys to play with and keep me safe and he did cause he's the bestest and greatest Daddy in the whole wide world and he loves me forever an-

    Juno Mercury

    *Newcomer Juno Mercury's music blares throughout the arena, stopping Vivica mid-sentence as the crowd cheers for the new Number 1 Contender! Juno enters the ring and asked for a mic. She turns to Vivica, looking her up and down, then eyeing the Vanity Championship, then bursts into laughter*

    Juno Mercury: Jesus, Mary and Joseph wee girl! You still need some serious help with them issues of yours..they are beyond explainable! What sane, fully coherent individual runs around after Daddy. Psychologists must have had a field day with you, I am sure your ink blot was an eye opener. Seriously but, you have clear regression issue, as you are nothing more than a pathetic little girl, who seeks daddy’s approval. Good girl? Sickening, is that what he says to get you going? You are disgusting sweetie and I would kindly help you get to the nearest hospital for an assessment.

    *The crowd are continuing taunting Vivica*

    Juno Mercury: In all seriousness, you should really think more about your battle, with me. I have set out to prove my talent and prove what I can do in this ring. I gave you all a little taster last week and when I fight again I will continue to showcase this, I will get tougher and I will fly higher. Come on Vivica, you think running around like a kid at a sweet shop will get you anywhere in this world?

    *Vivica stands up, her smile slipping and a look of psychotic rage starting to work it's way across. She lays the Vanity title over the chair before turning back to Juno, microphone in hand*

    Vivica: You pointless whores never seem to understand. I beat everyone worth beating to get my prize, me, not my, Unca Blood, not even Daddy. He wouldn't be very proud of me if he had to do everything for me now would he? Of course not, silly. My Daddy is proud of me cause he knows that I can take care of business on my own! As for you, you have nobody, Nobody to love you, and hold you, and be proud of you, and touch you, and teach you how to be a good girl!

    *The Crowd erupts in fresh chants of "Crazy Bitch", Vivica, finally seeming to notice, starts looking around angrily.*

    Vivica: I'm Not Crazy! I am the only sane girl here! You are all just jealous of the love I have every day! You are just like those evil lying men in the coats, saying bad girl to make up lies, bad girl hurts others, bad girl to want to burn it all down, but Daddy knows that I am a Good Girl!

    *The Crowd continues to chant and jeer at Vivica, as she begins stalking around the ring, her attitude seeming to shift*

    Vivica: Of course you want to take away everything I have now, just like Daddy said, he told me that once I won, once I got this belt, that every one of these pointless whores in IWA would be after me, and he was right. But Daddy also taught me everything I need to know to keep this forever! See, Daddy said that when these pointless whores came calling that it would finally be time to play, time to show everyone just what a good girl I am! First I get to play with you, and after you are broken, Mr. Smokey will send me another toy, and another and another! Here nobody takes my toys away, or makes me take those bitter pills for playing too rough.

    *Juno sighs in disbelief and looks at her opponent*

    Juno Mercury: Oh dear lord, does the voices always talk to you and take you away with them? You are a crazy bitch Vivica, I swear, crazy sweetie. You are living in this pathetic little fairytale, where Daddy will slay the dragon and save you from the evil queen. Is him calling you a good girl, get you happy? Get you excited? You are disgusting and I swear the authorities should be informed of this tragedy of a person.

    *The crowd continue their chants and jeers at Vivica*

    Juno Mercury: You think I find what you say as an insult? I do not need to thrive on praise and the love of daddy dearest to get me through the day. I thrive on talent, skill and adrenaline. You are not only a pathetic excuse for a woman but, a pathetic excuse for a champion that should not be wearing such a prestigious title around her waist. You need not only a wake-up call but, a reality check, grow up and stop living of the joy of being daddy’s little girl! Also who cares if I have nobody to love me? Or care about me? See anyone who gives a rats ass? Nope! I beat the living crap outta my daddy dearest when he tried to hit my mum, so that is why Juno fights for what is right and you are not right! That title is not a toy, that title is for taking and that is what I shall do.. Hey, need a ride to your assessment at the hospital, should be pretty soon?

    *The crowd start to cheer for Juno*

    Juno Mercury: You call us girls who are better than you whores.. I bet daddy likes a whore!

    *Vivica looks enraged, jumping out of her chair and tossing the belt and microphone aside, her voice loud enough to carry*


    *Vivica leaps for Juno, desperate to cause as much pain as possible*

    ?????:Cut it out right now!!!!!

    Vivica stops, right infront of Juno, as both Bombshells turn to the ramp. We see it's Smokey.

    Smokey: You two want to fight, hmm? You two want the chance to get your hands on each other. Well that is not going to happen! That is what Destined for Immortality is for. But I will give both of you the chance to let your aggression out. You see, coming up next, it will be Sugar and Spice going up against Juno Mercury and.....Vivica! Enjoy!

    Smokey smirks, turning and walking back into the back. We see Vivica look at Juno with a look of hatred over her words.

    Mike: Wow! Enemies teaming up!

    Rocky: Champ and #1 contender teaming up. I love Smokey!

    Mike: No homo though right?

    Rocky: Of course! Stay tuned folks! Bombshells in action next!


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    The camera's come back from a shorter than normal commercial break, as we see Sugar and Spice have already made it to the ring. The ref turns, and signals for the bell.

    Juno Mercury(Kelly Kelly) & Vivica(Beth Phoenix) vs Sugar & Spice(Laycool)

    (start at :59, end at 7:45)

    Juno dives for the tag, but Vivica pulls away, and drops to the apron!

    Mike: What is Vivica doing? She is suppose to be tagging with Juno!

    Rocky: Vivica is playing it smart. We are close to Destined for Immortality. She isn't risking injury

    Mike: Bullshit! She is leaving her #1 contender high and dry!

    Vivica just smirks, and turns, heading up the ramp and into the back. Juno is on her knees, in disbelief, as as Sugar comes to the front of Juno, and nails a Sugar Rush! Sugar plants Mercury with the french kiss ddt, and immediately goes for the cover.


    Juno gets her foot on the bottom rope, stopping the count right at 3. Sugar pulls juno away from the ropes and goes for a cover once more.


    Juno kicks out this time right before three! Sugar is flustered, as she gets to her feet, and lifts Mercury to a standing position by her hair. Sugar slaps Mercury in the face, sending Juno sprawling into the corner. Juno is holding herself up using the top rope, but is woozy in the corner. Sugar charges in, doing a handspring flip, going straight at Juno, and lands feet first, around the head of Mercury.

    Rocky: Handspring headscissors! Yes!

    Sugar sends Juno flying out of the corner, but as Mercury flips, she catches herself, and keeps flipping, landing on her feet. Sugar is back to her feet in disbelief, as she charges at Mercury, only to be taken down by a clothesline. Juno spins, as Sugar is back up, and is taken down by a standing dropkick! Juno is back up, and poses for a brief second, to the delight of the fans.

    Mike: Inexperience showing here! Come on Juno! Go for the pin!

    Juno turns, as Sugar dives, tagging in Spice. Sugar rolls to the outside, as Spice climbs in, and charges at Juno. Mercury ducks a clothesline, as Spice keeps charging and hits the ropes. Spice bounces off them, going back at Juno, going this time for another clothesline, but Mercury ducks once more. Spice hits the ropes, and sees Juno running at the corner, as Spice charges after her. Juno runs up the turnbuckle, and flies off the top with whisper in the wind, connecting on Spice as she is coming in! It's not enough to keep Spice down though, as soon as Juno is back up, Spice is back to her feet as well. The two girls begin trading blows!


    Spice has the upperhand, as she irish whips Juno into the ropes. Juno bounces back, and goes for a flying forearm, but Spice ducks, and Juno nails Sugar, sending her off the apron!

    Rocky: I don't think Spice meant for that to happen!

    Spice ignores her fallen friend, as she immediately lifts Juno up into the Spice Rack! Spice spins Mercury around for the sidewalk slam to finish it, but Juno counters, using the momentum and takes Spice down with a head scissors! Juno is back to her feet, and looks, seeing where Spice is down. Juno scales to the top of the turnbuckle....SWANTON BOMB! Mercury flies off the top and connects, and immediately goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Juno Mercury, and the Vanity Champion, Vivica!

    Juno stands tall, as the ref raises her hand, but she is spun around. It's Vivica!

    Mike: She ran down as soon as she saw Juno getting the win! Damn her!

    Rocky: TWIST OF FATE!

    Vivica drops Juno with the twist of fate, and then gets back to her feet, as the Vanity Championship is handed to her. Vivica stands over the fallen #1 contender, holding the title high, as the camera's cut to the back.

    Backstage, a camera with night vision is seen in dark room. Soon picked up by an unknown entity, we hear only a stern and powerful voice....

    ???: ELRIC!!!!!

    Camera turns to show Slayde whose eyes glow because of the night vision.

    Slayde: Elric!!! Time wastes away waiting and waiting and waiting till Destined for Immortality arrives and I am simply tired of waiting in vain.

    Next week. I issue the following challenge to you, Elric. A fight.

    Simple as that. A fight. No need to wrestle, for a ref to declare who the winner will be, hell we don't even need Smokey's permission.

    Slayde gives a smile of content.

    Slayde: No matter what happens, I'm gonna tear you apart next week and then doing it again in an ever greater fashion come Destined for Immortality.

    Slayde drops the camera which lens' shatter as he whistles a melancholy tune as he walks away. The camera's cut to another part of the arena now.

    The cameras pan to the backstage area where Seth Gabel is standing by!

    Gabel: Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome at this time, my guest for the evening, Mr. Ivan Draymen!

    The camera zooms out a bit, bringing Ivan into view. The two men shake hands.

    Gabel: Mr. Draymen ...

    Draymen: Call me Ivan, Seth! Don't be so nervous man, I understand you're new and all, but there is no need to be nervous!

    Gabel: Oh, well thank you Ivan! First, I'd like to bring up your current dispute with Israel Pamich and the events that happened last week, do you have anything to say about it?

    Draymen: Aha oh, last week? You mean when I hit Pamich so hard with a Train Wreck his ass went flying out of the ring? That moment was awesome, I'd love to see it again ... Oh, wait a second!

    Draymen pulls a phone from his pocket and scrolls through it a bit

    Draymen: I've got a clip of it up on YouTube! Let's watch it again, Seth!

    The cameraman positions himself so the phone can be seen while Draymen and Gabel watch the screen

    The fans start chanting Kick his ass! over and over again! Pamich just looks around at the crowd, telling them to shut their mouths. After a brief moment, Draymen drops the microphone and nails Pamich with a huge Train Wreck superkick, knocking him clear out of the ring! Draymen starts tearing up the I.P. Address set, and then he stares out at Pamich is who sitting on the ground holding his jaw as we go to commercial!
    Draymen laughs as he puts away his phone

    Draymen: Wasn't that great, Seth!?

    Gabel: Well .. Uhm, yes ...

    Draymen cuts Seth off and puts his face right near the camera

    Draymen: Of course it was! Pamich, I know you're watching you son of a bitch. What I gave to you last week is nothing but a small taste of what you're going to get at Destined for Immortality, do you understand me? Each and every week, you preach about not getting the respect you "deserve" and how you are better than me and these beautiful fans! Each and every week, you say I am nothing but a fraud and a kiss ass, but the only fraudulant kiss ass around here is you! You're the piece of shit who kisses the boards ass to get what you want! Well listen to me closely, at Destined for Immortality ... You'll be picking your teeth up off from the mat.

    Draymen looks at Gabel and laughs a bit

    Gabel: Well, Ivan ... I have one more question for you here tonight, but it seems like you've already answered it ... Do you have anything to say to Mr. Pamich?

    Draymen: Oh yes, yes I do. Israel ... Make sure to have a dental appointment set up after Destined for Immortality, I hear getting dentures can be a real bitch these days.

    Draymen pats Seth on the cheek and then walks of camera.

    Gabel: Okay then! Back to you Mike and Rocky!

    The camera's cut back to Mike and Rocky.

    Rocky: Well guys and gals, up next is a match I can't wait to see. Black Blooded vs D'Angelo Dinero and this guy named The Vegas Kid. We'll be right back! Don't change that channel!


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    The camera's come back, as we see The Vegas Kid and D'Angelo already in the ring. Black Blooded are coming out to their music, but not on bikes this time. They walk down the ramp with Vivica right behind them. They reach the bottom and look into the ring at the two men. They both get into the ring quickly and begin trading shots with Vegas Kid and Dinero, as the bell sounds!

    Black Blooded(Kane & Taker) vs The Vegas Kid(Rock) & D'Angelo Pope Dinero(Stone Cold)-Henry=Vivica

    (start at 3:31, end at 14:06)

    Pope hits the ropes, bouncing back, and is connected by a huge big boot from Mr Black! Mr Black goes over, tagging in Mr Blood, and motions, as Blood climbs to the top. Mr Blac goes over to the Pope, and lifts him onto his shoulders and into the air with an electric chair. Mr Black positions himself near Mr Blood on the top. BBD! Mr Blood flies off the top, nailing Dinero with the double team maneuver. Mr Blood immediately goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Black Blooded!

    *Mr. Blood gets to his feet, victorious, as The Pope is still on the mat, he looks to Mr. Black, nodding, as the larger man steps over the ropes, into the ring. Mr. Black grabs Dinero, lifting him up on his shoulders as Mr. Blood climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. The Vegas Kid, seeing his mentor in trouble rushes in for the save, but Vivica is there, springboarding off of the top rope with a hurricanrana she takes him down before he even knows she's coming.*

    Mike: What are they doing? The match is over!

    Rocky: They are showing what happens when you betray Black Blooded!

    *Mr. Blood leaps of the turnbuckle, catching Dinero square in the jaw with a tremendous dropkick, as Black drops back, slamming Dinero to the mat with their combined force. Vivica gets to her feet next to him, as the Vegas Kid is still flat on his back. She reaches down the front of her skirt, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. Mr. Black comes over, grabbing The Kid roughly and dragging him to the corner, where Vivica steps out onto the apron, roughly handcuffing the Kid's hands behind him between the top and middle ropes.*

    Mike: This isn't right!

    Rocky: Now he'll stay the hell out of the way!

    *A cocky smile on his face, Mr. Blood picks Dinero up, kicking him solidly in the testicles before hitting a vicious Blood Drop. The Pedigree slams Dinero's face back to the mat hard, seemingly leaving him unconscious as Mr. Blood gets back to his feet. Demanding a microphone from a terrified crew member, he turns back to where Dinero is laid out.*

    Mike: Now what is he up to?

    Rocky: Whatever he wants, shut up.

    Mr. Blood: Now you start to understand what happens when you turn your back on your brothers. There is no fucking chance for you, but at least your bitchy little protege here may learn something useful.

    *Mr. Black walks over to Dinero, grabbing and lifting him roughly by the throat, he throws him into the turnbuckle opposite where the Vegas Kid is bound. Pope rebounds, trying to fight back, but Mr. Black just clotheslines him back into the corner, causing him to fall to the bottom rope.*

    Mr. Blood: You really think that you have a fucking chance? After all of this, you still think you can turn this around somehow, don't you? Fucking moron, though I gotta give you credit for at least having a set, taking the fight to us, in your own, weak-willed way. Thanks to your interference, we are not currently the title holders of this pathetic company, we are not in our rightful fucking place at the top of this god-damned mountain.

    *Mr. Blood charges in, slamming his knee hard into Dinero's face*

    Mr. Blood: No more. No. Fucking. More. Tonight we will make damn sure that you don't get in the fucking way again.

    *Mr. Black signals to Vivica, who jumps down from the apron, walking around Dinero, she produces another set of handcuffs from her skirt, handcuffing Dinero's hands to the turnbuckle post between the middle and bottom ropes, making escape impossible.*

    Mike: We need Security!!! We need someone out here now please, anyone that can hear me, we need someone out here to stop Black Blooded!!!

    Rocky: This may be going too far...

    *Vivica beams at Mr. Black before skipping over to his bike, reaching into a saddlebag, she pulls out a bloodstained lead pipe, caressing it fondly before rolling back into the ring, coming to stand between her men. Security runs out, looking to stop this before it gets any further, but the Gears are there! They tie up the security guards, keeping them from making it to the ring as Vivica takes the lead pipe to Dinero's skull, busting him wide open! The blood pours down his face as Mr. Blood walks over, grabbing his hair and using it as a handle to yank his head up.*

    Mr. Blood: You do not fuck with Black Blooded! You, not anyone else, are the reason for all of our fucking setbacks here, but by god you will fucking pay for it!

    *The Vegas Kid watches, helpless to stop as Mr. Blood steps back, letting Vivica resume her savage attack. Mr. Black steps out of the ring, grabbing a chair as he comes back in he wraps it around Dinero's ankle, a sadistic grin on his face as he signals to his princess. She beams at Mr. Black, climbing to the top of the turnbuckle with her lead pipe in hand.

    Vegas Kid: No! Leave him the hell alone you crazy bitch!

    Mr. Black charges at The Vegas Kid, catching him in the jaw with a stiff Big Boot as Vivica jumps down hard on the chair! A resounding snap is heard throughout the arena as Dinero starts screaming and thrashing around in pain!*

    Mike: Oh My God! I think they just broke his leg! That crazy bitch just broke Pope's Leg!

    *Vivica isn't done, as with a sadistic smile on her face she starts beating Dinero in the head and chest with the lead pipe, until he stops moving, before finally stepping back, her own face and chest splattered with his blood. They all saunter to the middle of the ring, raising their arms high before heading outside of the ring, getting once more on their bikes as paramedics race down to check on Dinero. Unable to free him, they start to work on him in the ring, as the normally boisterious crowd goes silent, shock written across every face.*

    Mr. Blood: Now boys, don't make us come back.

    *Black Blooded ride off, the Gears keeping away any pursuit, as they ride behind the curtain, vanishing from sight.*

    Mike: Wow, I'm in shock at what I just saw...just wow.....

    The camera's fade to a commercial break


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    The cameras cut back from a commercial break and in the ring stands Mike Johnson, with three chairs ready. He has a microphone and looks around the arena.

    Mike Johnson: Ladies & gentlemen, it has come time for a very special sitdown interview. Please welcome first, from Nagasaki, Japan- The Master of True Wrestling, the IWA Endurance Champion...KYOJIN!


    The fans explode with cheers as the music starts, but they positively go insane as Kyojin walks out onto the stage. The IWA Endurance Championship is on his shoulder as he makes his way down to the ring. He slides into the ring and jumps onto a turnbuckle, unclipping the title and holding it up high as Mike waits patiently. Kyo drops down and shakes hands with Mike, before grabbing a microphone.

    Kyojin: Sorry Mike, I don’t mean to be rude but there is no way in hell that I’m gonna come out here, in my home country, and not address these beautiful people!

    A massive cheer echoes throughout the arena.

    Kyojin: And I know Smyth will come out in a minute and run down me, run down this country and whatever but right now, I’m gonna take some time to talk to you people. The last time I was in this country as part of a company like this, it was in the weeks leading up to Glory Days in ICW. That night, I promised to walk out of Glory Days with the ICW World Championship.

    And I delivered on my promise.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Kyojin: And just like then, I’m going to make a promise right now. I’m going to beat Mr. Smyth and I’m going to retain my IWA Endurance Championship in just two weeks at Destined For Immortality!

    I’ll teach him a few things about this country and teach him exactly what the word ‘noble’ means. And in the process, I’m going to beat him down. You see, for months Smyth has had a problem with me. He made me a target on the very first IWA show, and four months later at Destined For Immortality, what’s going to happen? I’m going to get him back.

    Tonight, we can sit down and say whatever the hell we want but at the end, it’ll all be redundant- because nothing we can say will change the way our match will be at Destined For Immortality, a straight out brawl.

    Mr Smyth

    Another massive cheer echoes through the arena but they quickly become boos as Mr. Smyth's music hits. He walks onto the staging area, and the boos get louder from Kyojin's hometown crowd. Smyth starts to walk down the aisle, pointing at members of the audience and repeatedly shouting "Hey look! It's Yoko Ono!" Smyth opens his briefcase, pulls out a fish, throws it at a fan and says "Here you go, Yoko - I know how you lot like raw fish!"

    The fans continue to barage Smyth with boos as he climbs into the ring, walks past both Mike and Kyojin, climbs a turnbuckle and opens his jacket to reveal the TWE IronFist championship. He unclips it, and raises the title belt above his head, and it is greeted by a barrage of boos.

    Smyth jumps down, turn to Kyojin and screams "Hey look! It's Yoko Ono!" Kyojin is infuriated and squares up to Smyth, who responds by egging him on. Mike Johnson puts his hand on Kyo's shoulder and reminds him of the no contact rule that Smokey issued a few weeks ago. Kyo and Smyth continue the stare down for a few more seconds, by which point Smyth scoffs at Kyojin and takes a seat in one of the chairs. Both Mike and Kyojin follow suit, with Mike is situated between the two adversaries.

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    Mike Johnson: Well, I suppose a good place to start would be the very beginning. Kyojin, I'd like to start with you. What do you remember about your first encounter with Mr. Smyth?

    Kyojin: I don't even remember it in all honesty. The first time I remember seeing Smyth face-to-face was at Glory Days, when he doubted my abilities, then I proved him wrong.

    Mr.Smyth: You're kidding me, right? You think that was our first encounter with each other? You know what, forget it.

    Mr.Smyth gets up and goes to leave, but Mike speaks up.

    Mike: You've wanted an opportunity to get things out in the open and now it is here, you walk away? Why don't you just take a seat and explain your perspective on things. I for one would like to hear your version of events.

    Smyth pauses to think, then he comes back and takes a seat.

    Mr.Smyth: That wasn't our first encounter. Our first meeting was a conversation in a locker room in some dive arena in California. I was getting myself ready when you walked in and started talking to Darius and Van Hooligan X. It was the run up to Glory Days and I sat there and listened in to the conversation as I was interested in the dynamic you guys had.

    After they left, you looked at me and started to give me your views on my actions up to that point. You started telling me the story of your debut, what you did to Ryan Wells, how you made an impact and how I was just a guy who made little to no noise.

    You started to throw some advice at me, telling me how I should run my career, yet I didn't ask for it. As a matter of fact, I told you in no uncertain terms that I wasn't interested in hearing what you had to say, and yet you carried on.

    I was angry with you after that conversation. You waltz into a room and assume that you can throw in your opinions about a person, give them advice and then walk out with that smug arrogance of yours. You consider yourself this locker room leader and I can see value in that, but I wonder if that was more 'self appointed' than done via the method of respect.

    There are guys that do respect you, and I used to be one of them. I used to watch and respect Kyojin in the ring, on the mic and even from a distance backstage. It wasn't until I got to know the man that I realised you are nothing more than a narcissistic, egomaniacal, self-centred individual. You twist logic and life to suit your own sense of grandeur. Even now, you twist the past. When are you going to understand that I never doubted your abilities at Glory Days – I questioned if you could handle it should you not win the big one.

    Even now, I look at you and I can see that this is going in one ear and out of the other. This is why this interview is pointless. What's the point in talking to a man who doesn't listen?

    Smyth sits back in his seat, as Mike looks at Kyojin.

    Mike: Well that's certainly an answer that contradicts yours, Kyojin. Does that jog any memories for you and if so, what was it about Mr. Smyth that made you single him out to give advice to?

    Kyojin: Actually, Mike, that does jog my memory slightly. I do remember having that conversation with Darius and Van, and I do remember talking to Smyth afterwards, but I feel that there is a detail missing. Something key to that entire story. Now what was it? That’s right – after Darius and Van left, you made a sarcy little comment, remember? You sit there and accuse me of twisting the past and yet you come out here and leave out bits of details that do prove to be quite important. I didn’t just single you out, did I? I reacted to what you said to me.

    But you are right, I did give you some advice. I advised you to start making an impact, as all you have done since you got here is little more than a whimper. You’ve been working the American market now for what, six months? I have never known anyone to be in the business for as long as you and still haven’t made an impact.

    Mr. Smyth: I haven’t made an impact?

    Kyojin: No you haven’t. You’ve been nothing more than a nuisance and that disappoints me. I did see some potential in you and I saw you were going down a bad path. I tried to pull you into the right direction and you just threw it back into my face. You duck, you dive, you avoid and you talk a lot but it is an absolute rarity that we actually get to see you pull up your damn sleeves and fight, and don’t even think about using Bushido as an example because that wasn’t a wrestling match – that was frustration. That was me under your skin. It doesn’t take a lot for someone to break the rules, get themselves disqualified and decimate another human being. It does take a lot to make an impact within the rules. It does take a lot to-

    Mr. Smyth: Oh, shut up! Are you listening to yourself? I could sit here and list all the great things I have done for this business since I walked through it’s doors, but this is not the time or place. Week in, week out, you and I go through this charade where you say that I am irrelevant and I say that you are Frankenstein’s monster.

    You want the truth? Yeah, you’re under my skin and have been for along time. This has proven to be my most difficult challenge in my professional life and I don’t like to lose, and I prove that every day. I may lose the occasional battle, but I always win the war, and that’s what this is, Kyojin: a war.

    Forgetting the showmanship, this is what I genuinely think of you: you refuse to accept humility. Kyojin must always come off looking strong in every given situation even if it is at the expense of everybody around you and that is not a locker room leader.

    You’re supposed to inspire, encourage and be the occasional disciplinarian. As a locker room leader, you’re supposed to be thinking not of yourself, but of the product that we are selling. You have failed in every aspect of that, and that is why I need to beat you.

    I need to beat you more than you can ever imagine because you will be the death of this company. It won’t be a quick death; it will be slow and very painful, but nobody will see why it’s dying. I see it though. I see it all the time whether it is here or anywhere else and-

    Kyojin: You’re wrong. I don’t make myself a leader – the boys have made me the leader. If you don’t like that, then that’s your problem. I think the truth is that you want to be the locker room leader and you think beating me will give you that spot.

    It won’t, but you are welcome to try because I will take great pleasure in kicking your ass all over this ring and I will be keeping this Endurance championship.

    Mr. Smyth: You don’t understand, do you? This isn’t about a match. This isn’t about the gold. This is me doing what is right for this business and if the situation demands it, I will rip your head off your shoulders.

    Kyojin: It’s not best for business, it’s best for you and if you think for one second that you’re going to rip my head off my shoulders, then you are as delusional as you are stupid.

    Kyojin stands up, quickly followed by Smyth and the two go face to face with each other. Mike stands up and takes a step away from the two.

    Kyojin: Here’s the summary: you claim to have your reasons for doing all of this. I don’t believe a damn word of it but none of it matters. Regardless of motives and reasons, we will be meeting at Destined for Immortality in a match for this championship and I promise you that I will destroy you before you are even able to count to ten.

    Mr. Smyth: If I were you, I’d spend the next couple of weeks making the most of what you have because after Destined for Immortality, I will expose you for what you really are, because that’s what’s best for business.

    Mr. Smyth throws his mic down and walks backwards, exiting the ring and walking up the ramp, never taking his eyes off Kyojin. Kyojin reciprocates the stare down and raises his IWA Endurance championship into the air, much to the adulation of the fans. The camera's cut from Kyojin in the ring, to the back.

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    The camera's are in the back, as we see Domino inside of his locker room, lacing up his boots. He looks up at the camera's, and stands up, looking right into them.

    Domino: Are you people happy. You people enjoyed seeing me bashed and bruised by a Steel Ladder. You see Ace Note pinned me, alright that's a fact. I was beat, but to be fair it was a tag team match. You people have never seen what I can do one on one. You see I have been through hell ever since I stepped foot in the IWA. I've been put through tables, hit with lead pipes, and now brutalize with a steel ladder. But guess what I'm still here, I'm still standing. You people think I have no chance in hell against Ace Note at Destined for Immortality, but what you people really don't realize what I am capable of. You see even though I constantly get beat, I always come back to fight again you know why? Because unlike Ace Note I have heart, You can break my legs, and I will still crawl into this ring. Because even though my bones are breakable my heart is not. And the reason I told Ace Note I didn't want to fight him because I didn't respect him was because when I look into his eyes I see someone whose weak, who has no heart, no ambition, who if one of his bones break he'd probably run home, and cry in a corner. You see I'm going to DFI to break every since bone in Notes body. I want to show the world the man I see, show the world that Note is truly a coward. Ace Note you may have been winning these small battles, but I'm winning this war. You'll see, you'll all see. You see I wasn't born with a million dollar face, I may not be ripped or 6'ft tall, but that just means I have to fight harder than everyone else to make it. And at DFI I have to win, because I'd die to win.. Because I was born to lose.

    The camera's cut from Domino back to the ring. We see Mike back behind the announce booth and the ring cleared.

    Mike: Well, looks like our 6 man tag match is next!

    Malcolm Cage's music blares over the pa system.

    Rocky: Actually it's right now! the 6 man tag match, when we return from break!


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Cage, Note, and Jackson are already in the ring on one side, and Domino and Steele are on another side.

    Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk walks out from the back now, to cheers actually from his home country. He proceeds down the ramp, as we see signs like "Hawk is a hero", "Have my baby Hawk" "Jackson Smith=Loser". Hawk climbs into the ring, as a ref looks at the 6 men, and motions for the bell.

    Hawk(Titus)/Domino(Darren)/Steele(Wade) vs Note(Daniel)/Cage(Kofi)/Smith(Kane)
    (Start 1:45, End 10:40)

    Cage takes Domino down with a huge tornado DDT from the top and now both men are down! Cage reaches over and drapes his arm over Domino!

    One! Two! Steele breaks up the pin! Steele picks Cage up to his feet and goes to throw him over the ropes but Note dives over the rope and takes Steele down with a missile dropkick! Note rolls out of the ring while Domino and Cage begin to trade blows!

    Domino! Cage! Domino! Cage! Domino! Cage! Cage! Cage!

    Cage gets the upper hand in the fight, and he whips Domino into the ropes and then takes Domino down with an arm drag! Cage reaches over and tags Smith in, and then Smith gets into the ring and kicks Domino in the abdomen hard. Smith then lifts Domino to his feet and kicks him in the gut hard, and lifts him up and slams him down to the mat with a huge spinebuster!

    Mike: What a massive spinebuster from Smith!

    Rocky: He is ready to win this one here.

    Smith gets himself and the crowd fired up while Domino gets back to his feet slowly. Smith then kicks Domino in the gut hard and then lifts him in the air for the Bosses Orders, but then Hawk reaches over and hits Domino's leg, getting the blind tag in! Smith plans Domino with the Bosses Orders and goes for the cover, but the referee won't count! The referee tells Smith that Hawk is in, but then Hawk rolls Smith up from behind!

    One! Two! Hawk has the tights! THREE!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Domino, Dave Steele, and Mike Hawk!

    A brawl ensues now, as Hawk immediately rolls out of the ring, going to the timekeeper and grabs Smith's briefcase. Hawk smiles, as he walks around the ring, as Ace Note, Domino, Dave Steele, and Cage all brawl in the ring while Jackson Smith is oblivious to all of that, just glaring at Hawk. Hawk smiles, pointing at the briefcase, and then at a Destined for Immortality banner hanging in the arena.

    Mike: Well, Hawk clearly sending a message here! Do you think he will win in 2 weeks?

    Rocky: Yes, and emphatic yes.

    The camera's cut to a commercial break, as the four men are still brawling with no one getting a clear advantage.


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    Malcolm Adonis

    Malcolm Adonis' music hits the arena and the fans get to their feet cheering for one of their favourites. Wolf whistles escape the ladies in the crowd as Adonis strides out from the back, once again looking crestfallen and downbeat. He looks down at his feet before looking up, almost perked by the fans as they chant for him, Adonis nods in appreciation as he rubs the banage around his forehead that masks the cuts and scratches suffered at the hands of the crown of thorns last week.

    Adonis strides down to the ring, he exchanges a few high fives with the fans before climbing the steel steps and stepping through the ropes. He walks on over to the opposite side of the ring and asks for a microphone and begins to speak.

    Adonis: Ya know, Black Blooded are probably gonna be kinda annoyed with Malcolm in a few minutes.. an' it's not due to Malcolm trash talkin' or nothin'.. but it's the fact that he's got far more important things to be talkin' about right now. So Black Blooded.. you gonna get yo' turn.. you gonna get it sometime soon but it ain't right now. See right now, Malcolm has only one thing on his mind and it's the same thing that's been there since Thirst For Blood.. and that thing is Shinin' Light. See now that's just tragic.. 'cause all Malcolm usually thinks about is the next fine piece of ass woman he's gonna meet in a club.. or how much cab fare he's gonna have to float her ass in the mornin'.. Ahaa, i'm just kiddin' ladies..

    Malcolm forces a smile before sinking back into a more serious demeanour.

    Adonis: Back to my point, Shinin' Light has been all I think about fo' the last couple months, no, no fellas.. not like that.. more like all i've been able to think about is the crap that this narra' minded son of a bitch keeps puttin' me through. Now Malcolm ain't no history teacher, so he ain't gonna tell you all about everythin' that's happened.. but he is gonna take you back to last week. See last week.. with Malcolm down 'n out thanks to Black Blooded and the gruellin' ass match he just lost.. Shinin' Light decides to bring his raggedy ass on out once again to get all up in Malcolm's business.. and did this to me.

    Malcolm looks up at the big screen and a replay of last weeks event is shown with Shining Light crucifying Adonis.

    Adonis: Once again.. the bible thumpin'.. choir boy humpin' son of a bitch put Malcolm through hell.. but it's NOT the first time Malcolm's been through hell. No no no.. see when Malcolm was young.. he wasn't so careful.. he wasn't so classy and wise as he is today. See back in his early days Malcolm would often go into battle without the most important piece of armour known to man.. if you know what I mean. And one day.. Malcolm did battle with some of the nastiest.. skankiest ass hoes you ever did set your eyes on!! But he was caught off guard.. fast forward to a hospital waiting room.. the longest 30 minutes of Malcolm's life before he was finally told.. that his days as the worlds greatest love makin' machine were NOT over! That 30 minutes was hell.. Malcolm knows hell.. but that's another story..

    So here's the deal.. Shinin' Light ties my fine ass to a cross and announces to the world that we gonna go at it at DFI in the first ever Crucifixion match. He promised the world that Malcolm will be the sacrifice that we all need, that through his sacrifice the whole world will be absolved of sin! That the world is simply just not big enough for the two of us! Well Shinin'.. Malcolm wants you to know somethin'.. Malcolm ain't afraid to die.. Malcolm ain't afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice.. but Malcolm ain't gonna be makin' that sacrifice for you.. no no.. Malcolm is gonna put his body on the line, he's gonna sacrifice every last ounce of strength he has.. to make sure that for the rest of eternity you burn in hell!

    Malcolm stands tall and almost seems to suddenly snap out of the funk he's in.

    Adonis: For the last few weeks you've had Malcolm on the ropes! You've driven him lower than he's ever been before, bringing him down to your level! And Malcolm sees now the mistake he made.. Malcolm let you get inside his head.. Malcolm let you take his very soul away but enough is enough.. Malcolm is awake! And Malcolm knows that for the sake of the MILLIONS... and millions.. of ladies watchin' worldwide that he has to stand tall, rip off his shirt, oil himself real good and shake his ass harder than he's ever shaken it before!

    Malcolm proceeds to rip his shirt off and throw the tattered remains to the mat as the ladies in attendance cheer profusely.

    Adonis: And while Malcolm shakes the greatest ass known to mankind.. and parties in what may well be his last party.. and delivers that oh so sweet inspiration to every damn lady here, there and everywhere.. he knows that for the sake of all that is good and god damn sexy in this world he's gotta nail yo' punk ass to that cross and set the world on fire once again! And after he's done nailin' you to that wood.. he's gonna do some more nailin'.. usin' a completely different kind of wood altogether! Ladies and gentlemen Malcolm Adonis is back in the building and he is ready to rid this world of this Catholic churchin'.. God Besmirchin'.. gospel readin'.. soon to be bleedin' punk ass son of a bitch.. Now I KNOW you feelin' me!

    Malcolm drops his mic and heads over to a turnbuckle and hauls himself up onto the middle rope. Out of his pocket he pulls a bottle of baby oil and proceeds to smear it all over himself whilst gyrating his hips towards to the fans. The camera's fade to one final commercial break.


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    The camera's come back, as we focus on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Well, looks like Malcolm is ready for his match at Destined for Immortality!

    Rocky: Do you know what time it is Mike?

    Mike: 7: 36?

    Rocky: No! Time for the World title match! Time for Shaz to dominate!

    Sagittarius Blue

    Blue walks out from the back, to a massive ovation from the fans. He walks down the ramp, slapping a few hands along the way, as he proceeds to climb into the ring. He goes to a corner, and poses, as thousands of flashes go off. Blue hops down, and turns to the entrance stage.


    Shaz walks out now with the World title firmly on his shoulder. He smirks, as he stands at the top of the ramp and raises the title high. Pyro's go off, as he proceeds down the ramp and into the ring. He climbs a corner as well, raising the title above him with both hands, as despite the thousands of boos, flashes from camera's go off also. Shaz climbs down, as the ref is handed the title.

    Emily Davis: The following match is set for one fall, and it is for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    The fans explode with excitement.

    Emily: In one corner, from Athens Georgia, weighing in at 130 pounds, the classic city saint, Sagittarius Blue!

    The fans cheer for Blue, as Blue just stares down Shaz.

    Emily: And the reigning and defending champion, hailing from Brixton, London, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz!

    Shaz raises his arms cockily, as the ref now raises the title, and shows it to both men. The ref turns, handing it to the outside, as he signals for the bell.

    Mike: And our main event is under way! Go Blue!

    IWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Shaz(Jericho) vs Sagittarius Blue(Punk)

    (start at 1:24, end at 14:46)

    Mike: 1!

    Rocky: 2!



    Blue stands up, his hand raised high, as the ref is handed the World title, and the ref hands it to Blue. The fans are going crazy for Blue, as Shaz is still out of it on his back.

    Emily: The winner of this match, and NEW IWA World Heavyweight

    ???: Hold on, stop right there!

    Smokey is now out on the apron, seemingly mad.

    Smokey: It would appear as though that Jack Jones, the referee in this match, is incapable of doing what I pay him to do. As everyone took notice, asides from Jack, Shaz had his foot on the bottom rope. So...this match...will be restarted! Blue you are not the World Champ, sorry. Oh, and to prevent something like that from happening again, let me do this.'re fired! Now...say hello to the special guest ref for this match.

    Chris Divine

    Divine walks out from the back, with a ref shirt on. He walks down the ramp, and into the ring. Jones doesn't leave the ring, so Divine grabs Jones, and throws him over the top. Blue is immediately in the face of Divine, as Divine points to the shirt. Blue looks like he is going to swing, as Divine rings for the bell.

    Rocky: Yes! If Blue hits the ref now, Divine can DQ him! Yes!

    Shaz immediately comes up from behind, rolling Blue up.


    Blue kicks out before 3!

    Mike: Wow. I'm shocked, I would have figured Divine would have fast counted.

    Rocky: Hey, he is doing his job as ref, refs don't fast count.

    Divine is to his feet, as Shaz looks at Divine and says 3, but Divine says 2. Shaz is to his feet, as Blue gets to his feet as well. The two men begin going blow for blow.


    Sagittarius gets the upperhand, as he has Shaz’s back against the ropes. Blue grabs Shaz, sending him into the ropes. Shaz hit’s the ropes, and bounces back, as Blue springboards off the ropes, and catches Shaz with the Stardom! Shaz ducks the beautiful disaster kick though, and runs straight into the ropes once more. He hit’s the ropes, as Blue turns, and Shaz connects with a running clothesline. Blue is knocked down, but pops back up, as he turns right into a samoan drop from Shaz! The fans are just booing, as Shaz springs back up, and poses cockily. Shaz goes to the corner, climbing to the top.

    Mike: What is Shaz going up there for?

    Rocky: I think the champ is feeling froggy!

    Shaz leaps off the top rope with the Shaz-Splash, but lands on knees from Blue!

    Mike: And the champ crashes and burns! Oh!

    Shaz falls back onto his stomach, as Blue goes for the cover with 1 arm.


    Shaz kicks out right as Divine’s hand hit’s the mat for a third time. Blue calls for three, but Divine says 2. Blue smacks the mat, frustrated, as he eyeballs Divine.

    Rocky: Blue really doesn’t trust Divine.

    Mike: Can you blame him? Look at what Divine has done to Blue.

    Blue gets to his feet, and signals for the end. The fans are going crazy for Blue, as Shaz slowly gets to his feet. Shaz is on his knees…SHINING WIZARD! Blue connects, dropping Shaz. Shaz is flat out of it on his stomach, as Blue rolls Shaz over, and hooks the leg.


    Mike: After an extremely long count, Divine stops counting! Finally showing his true colors! I knew he couldn’t be trusted.

    Blue immediately lets go, getting up and into the face of Divine, telling him to count. Divine motions to the ref shirt once more, telling Blue if he touches him he will be Dqed. Blue seems extremely pissed, as he yells count once more, then turns back to Shaz. SPIN! DIVINE INTERVENTION! Chris Divine spins Blue around, and nails the Divine Intervention, planting Sagittarius in the ring! Shaz is slowly moving, as Divine smiles at his work. Shaz drapes an arm over Blue, as Divine counts.


    Rocky: See! Divine counted normal there. He totally did his job in this match!

    Mike: Just shut up Rocky…just shut up….

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and still IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz!

    Shaz turns around, sitting up, as sweat drips down his brow. Divine is handed the World title, as Shaz slowly gets to his feet. Shaz tells Divine to hand him the title, but Divine smiles, looking at the title, then back at Shaz. Shaz motions for the title once more, but Divine shakes his head no, as the lights go out!

    Mike: Oh no! Not this again!

    The lights come back on, and now, we see Divine completely out of it, laying flat on his back, as the World title is laying next to him. Shaz quickly grabs his title, rolling out of the ring. Shaz is walking backwards up the ramp, looking everywhere, as the Insane-O-Tron comes to life. Shaz slowly turns, realizing the tron is on.

    Mike: Good or Evil, Who Decides? What the hell does that mean?

    Rocky: This is getting to creepy. No one is safe from whatever this is!

    We can see the white in Shaz’s eyes, as he looks up at the Tron. The final image is of the saying, Good or Evil, Who Decides, as the camera’s just fade to black.

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