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    Final filler: Destined for Immortality is a little over a week away. It's set to be a great PPV, with some amazing matches, big surprises, and everything else. To me, it will kick start what is set to be an awesome year for IWA.

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    Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares, as the camera's immediately go to Mike and Rocky, as we hear the music in the background.

    Mike: Welcome to Sunday night Chaos folks, we are coming to you live from the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and boy what a show we have tonight!

    Rocky: No kidding. Tonight, we see the World Champ, Shaz, defend against Sagittarius Blue. Personally I don't see why the pipsqueak is getting a shot but who I am to question Smokey's judgement.

    Mike: We will hear from Jman after he was interrupted last week by a video of Artemis Eclipse from a recent BITW show. I'm intrigued to hear what Jman has to say.

    Rocky: I'm not. Also, and this saddens me to say, but Carlos ALberto Ramon is not here with us. He is stuck in Australia, dealing with a visa issue. I spoke personally to both him and Van, and he is hoping to have it fixed in the next 24 hrs. He is actually going to meet us in the UK for the next edition of Chaos.

    Mike: Oh man, Van by himself here tonight. I wonder if Damaged Goods or Black Blooded will see him as an easy target.

    Rocky: I'm sure Black Blooded have more pressing matters on their minds tonight, like their match with D'Angelo "Pope" Dinero and this new rookie, The Vegas Kid.

    Mike: Well folks, looks like we are kicking the show off with the champ!


    Shaz's music hit's to the crowd's displeasure as he has a mic with him. Wearing his usual snapback, along with a chain. He stands on the ramp, and put's his middle finger up at the crowd before running straight into the ring. He begins to speak.

    Shaz: Now THAT was a warm welcome!

    Crowd carry on with the boos.

    Shaz: Oh come on peeps, I know y'all love me!

    Crowd still boo.

    Shaz: This is like music to my ears!

    Crowd go insane with boos as Shaz smirks.

    Shaz: So last week. I had another moment to steal the show with my awesome in-ring abilities in another world championship match. And I can assure y'all that my match was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I faced one fucked up individual, who also goes by the name of Oscar Layman. However, this guy has some sort of multiple personality disorder, meaning he's really loopy in the head. Now I'm not sure if that affected his performance in the match, or not, but either way I still defeated him, and retained my IWA title as he was the second challenger to my IWA World Championship belt. And you know, people credit Layman as a funny guy. But he isn't humorous at all. His jokes, are way too cheesy, and pathetic for my liking. In fact, I'll be honest. There is only one thing humorous about him, and that is the fact that his jokes are so pathetic, the level of stupidity in it is too damn high! And I've heard that even thick people like Sagittarius Blue wanna face him in a one on one match, now that really is messed. But I however, did put him in his place, and proved to the world that I am the most dominant world champion in history of all world champion's. But to be fair, he wasn't really much of a challenge, however- what's done is done, so I've got a second tally to my title defenses, so far.

    Crowd boo Shaz.

    Shaz: After my match against Layman. There was an awkward, and creepy video that came up on the Insane-O-Tron. A video which included a number with double digits: 24. Now I've got many, many possibilities on who they are. But I'm not going to reveal them just yet. But whoever it is, you need to learn- who you're currently messing with. I know I may be a target, because I'm world champion, because I'm the greatest thing that ever stepped into IWA. But seriously? Cryptic videos, are way too cheesy bruv. The only success you get out of it, is making the crowd excited. But that result of that, will be a pain as the internet darlings will be wondering who the fuck that wrestler is, but then once it becomes too obvious, with wrestlers appearing in airports, lines being used, etc. They start bitching, and complaining that shit was too predictable. So if you've got a problem, come out here, and let's deal with it face to face, man to man.

    Shaz waits for a few seconds, but no one appears.

    Shaz: Not gonna show your face? Too pussy for that? Exactly what I thought. So, there's another man I'd like to address, and that is IWA's Boss, Smokey. Now Smokey, I wanna tell you something, and make sure you remember this advice. Believe it or not, I'm actually delighted about the fact that I have to bust my ass, and put my title on the line on each Chaos, leading up to my demonic main event at Destined for Immortality. However, if you want me to defend my title each week, give me an opponent that can actually put on a decent match. I mean seriously? Out of all people in the roster, you pick two freaks like Oscar Layman and AJ Dixon as my opponents for the first few weeks? Not cool. I've spent two weeks, wasting my time by facing two nobodies- who don't deserve a world title shot let alone a world title. And that get's on my skin. You might as well, just have given me a bloody break, seeing as those two men failed to take this strap of me. I want a real challenge. You can even give me someone like Kyojin.

    Crowd cheer.

    Shaz: Jman.

    Crowd cheer.

    Shaz: Van Hooligan X.

    Crowd boo.

    Shaz: But for my third challenge, my third opponent. I'll have to face a mongrel, also known as Sagittarius Blue. Now hear me out, I...

    Sagittarius Blue

    *Sagittarius Blue's music hits, throwing the fans into a frenzy. He walks out wearing his new "The One and Only" t-shirt, custom jeans and his favorite Converse hi-tops. He walks down the ramp to the ring, climbs in and grabs a mic...

    Sagittarius Blue: Mongrel? *looks incredulously at Shaz* Mongrel? *looks incredulously at the crowd* Mongrel?

    Shaz, I have to be honest - I'm almost at a loss for words with you. Which is crazy, because normally a lot of words come to mind when I think about you. Words like... delusional. Egotistical. Ignorant. Cowardly. Clueless. Cockamamie. Ridiculous. Brainless. *dead stares at Shaz* Bastard.

    *crowd goes "ooooooooh" and Shaz looks like he wants to fight. Badly.*

    Sagittarius Blue: But the only other word I can come up with for you right now is "irritating." I mean, you're already a pain in anybody's ass... but now you're even more unbearable than ever. Maybe it's because ever since you became champ, your ego went from colossal to unimaginably oversized. You, the most dominant world champion in all of history? Riiiiiight... And how long have you been champ again? Yeah, I thought so.

    Sagittarius Blue: Of course, there's another reason I'm so ticked right now. *looks out towards the crowd* Chris. Divine. *heavy booing from fans ensues* I'm getting reeeeeeallly tired of "Mr. So Fine" running around and jumping me week in, week out... all because he's not "the man" in IWA. I mean, it wouldn't possibly hurt him to go out and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Maybe win a title or two? Maybe impress the fans? But no no no... he wants to pick a fight with me. I can't help it if the Asylum likes me more than him... *big crowd pop* *Sagittarius notices and smiles as he looks around the arena, then turns to Shaz* And I certainly can't help it if they like me more than you *another big crowd pop* *Shaz looks super pissed as Sagittarius tries to keep a straight face* But if Divine thinks that he can take out his failures on me, he's going to be sorely mistaken... actually, after I get done with him, he' just going to be SORE. Because at Destined for Immortality, I finally get a one-on-one match against Chris Divine. He wants my attention... well he's about to get it! I'm not going away for anything - and Chris Divine is going to learn that the hard way!

    But here I go, totally off topic. Let's get back to you, Mr. Delusional. Because the next challenger for your world title is... yours truly! You talk about being upset that you don't get any "real challenges." Which is ironic... because when other people talk about who they consider real challenges, your name never comes up! That overinflated opinion of yourself is going to come back to cost you your title, Shaz... and I'll be glad to collect on your shortcomings! The stars will align, Shazzy Poo, and -

    Shaz: Shut the fuck up.

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    Crowd boo as Blue looks pissed.

    Shaz: Look who the fuck turned up. I've got a massive problem with you Sagittarius Blue, and it's the fact that you talk a massive game, you think you can overcome the odds. But yet, you fail to back your claims up. I mean, at Full Throttle, you said that you would make sure me and "So Fine" Chris Divine go down, but what was the end result of that? Oh yes, it was Shaz pinning Sagittarius Blue, and winning the match for myself and the "So Fine" Chris Divine! And I, well- I always back my claims up mate. I said that I would become world champion. And what was the consequence of that? Oh yeah, Shaz wins the IWA Championship belt on the 29th November! I have a right for my ego, to be colossal because I've got this strap on me now. But when was the last time you were world champion?

    Shaz pauses

    Shaz: Oh yeah, never!

    Crowd boo

    Shaz: Or wait, when was the last time you were an actual champion?

    Crowd boo

    Shaz: NEVER!

    Crowd boo as Sagittarius looks Shaz straight in the eye.

    Shaz: And at Destined for Immortality, you really think you're gonna defeat Chris Divine? Wow, and yet you call me delusional. As far as I'm concerned you muggy little twat, you're the only delusional one around here. I've never had Chris Divine in the ring before, but I have had you. And you are way, out of Chris Divine's league. Just like you're out of mine. He's main event material. I'm main event material. But you? You're mid-card material Blue, let's face it. You may have the whole universe chanting your name like crazy, they may be buying your pathetic merchandise, but that's it. You're just part of a money making scheme that Smokey has set up. You're just an overrated piece of shit, who has failed to make an impact in his career. But the fact of the matter is, you'll never make an impact. You may gloat about the fact that you have indeed beaten Shaz before. But you proved that night, the only way you can defeat Shaz- is via help from another IWA superstar! I pinned you at Full Throttle, and I didn't need Chris Divine's help. I could have taken you and Rob Rage on all by myself.

    Crowd boo as Shaz gives Sagittarius a deadly look.

    Shaz: Listen to me you anorexic piece of shit. You may have the crowd at their feet at all times, you may have them up in the air, you may have them getting all hyped. But I have you, right where I want you. Whenever you give me that deadly look, people say that your energy has turned unlimited. That the stars have aligned. But that's a load of gas. I say, and I know, that whenever you give me that deadly look, your energy turns limited, and each time you do give me that look, the stars don't align- they crack. Crack into tiny pieces, like your skinny little bones will crack tonight!

    Crowd boo

    Shaz: So you need to watch out, and learn who the fuck you are talking to. You may be Sagittarius Blue, the one that the crowd love, the one who has a bright future. But I am Shaz. The best in the world, the Rapid King, the legend of all legends, the one that the crowd despise! But let's go out of the nickname league, and go to the league of straps. Wanna know what else Shaz is? That's right, he's the IWA WORLD CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD! And you can't do anything about it! Because-

    Sagittarius Blue: STOP. RIGHT. THERE.

    *silence all around*

    Sagittarius Blue: Never make an impact? NEVER MAKE AN IMPACT? Kid, you weren't watching last show, were you? Before you had your little travesty of a match, I was squaring off with Brock Edwards. Brock. Fucking. Edwards. The vanilla gorilla. *crowd laughs at the reference* The self-proclaimed Next Big Thing. A walking, talking wrecking ball. I took him one-on-one and I got the one-two-three. Have you ever done that? Have you ever fought a man that punches you with the impact of a speeding car? *pauses and looks directly at Shaz* I did. And I won. And these people get behind me not just because they know I can win... they support me because no matter what, I will not fold. I will not bend. I will not BREAK. There's NOTHING you can't do when the Asylum is in your corner!

    Sagittarius Blue: And you wanna dish about my skills? Oh... you know better than that. You've seen it for yourself, up close and personal. Remember the match where you had to hit me with a low blow? I know it's difficult to remember - you never go a match without hitting one, sometimes more - but you still didn't win that one! The truth is, Shaz, you love to low-rate people who are either on your level... or above it. Psychological warfare 101: take away your enemy's sense of self-worth and confidence. Make your enemy believe that he is weaker than he truly is. Beat him mentally and you can beat him physically. Kudos for plying your tactics on everyone so far - after all, that's what your wrestling career is based on! You're not that special Shaz - there's a reason people can't stand the sight or sound of you! And you can't solely blame your craptacular personality - it's because you pride yourself on taking the shortcut, the low road, the easy way out of any given situation! You claim that your time in prison made you that much stronger, that it changed you... but that's a lie. You may not be an inmate anymore... but you're still just a lowly crook. *dramatic pause* So what do you do when you fight someone who understands your methods of war? Because I do. I've run into that my whole life - people who want to tell me I'm nothing, I'm weak, people who tried to break me down mentally and emotionally. They tried... AND FAILED. I'm still here. I'm still fighting. And when the bell sounds after our match -

    Shaz: Okay, I think I've heard enough.

    Crowd boo Shaz.

    Shaz: No seriously, I've heard enough. Can you hear what you are bloody saying? Seriously?You have failed to make an impact Blue, admit it. Are you actually trying to say, that Brock Edwards is a fuckin' threat? I could knock him out given the chance. If I can knock someone like Anal Doom out, then I'll have no problem knocking out a low-life such as Brock Edwards. And as for these fans, fuck them. The only reason why people do get behind you, is because of your pathetic catchphrases, and your stupid background. You use those catchphrases as a magnet, to attract the crowd, in order to get behind you. And that's exactly what I did. After I turned from heel, to a face- I got the crowd behind me, and management listened to every single word I said. And then I went on to become the IWA Champion. But when you do win a world title, you learn. You learn that the crowd, aren't the key to success. You learn that everytime you do something right, they act as if it's wrong. I've been wrestling for over a year, and all these twats did was show me disrespect. They gave me a tough life. So I took all of that hate, all of that fuel and shoved it right back at their faces. They weren't good enough for me, and my scheme was successful. Use the fans, turn into a good guy, cash my briefcase in, become champion, turn back into the monster, arrogant motherfucker I originally was, and rule the world!

    Crowd boo Shaz as he smirks.

    Shaz: You see Sagittarius Blue, when people look on the book of wrestling legends. They'll read many names, such as Hulk Hogan, John Cena, The Rock, and hell- you'll even see guys like Tommy Thunder, Jman, Shuriken Blade! And sooner rather then later, you'll witness the name.."Shaz" in there, and that book will go on and on and on, even during the next millennium. But the name people won't see in "Sagittarius Blue". Believe it or not Blue, you are not fit enough to compete at a lower mid-card level, let alone the main event. You proved that at Full Throttle, when you took the loss for yourself, and that other son of a bitch Rob Rage. And when the bell does ring, Sag. Blue, plenty of things are gonna happen. Your nose is going to be broken. Your jaw is going to be broken. Your bones are going to be broken. Hell- I might as well just finish your career right now. But I won't. Why? Because I wanna defeat you tonight, before shanking the shit out of you, you son of a bitch! You wanna cross my path?! Go ahead you dirty little bastard! And after this match, you'll one thing...NEVER MESS WITH ME AGAIN!

    And if I fail to defeat you tonight, you know what the consequences of that will be? Me hanging my boots up. Why? Because once I lose to anorexic pieces of shit like you, I'll have nothing to fight for. I'll have nothing else to gain. Losing my belt to you, on an episode of Chaos, in front of these sleepy people will kill my momentum forever. I'll turn into a Jman! I'll turn into a gollum! So I'm putting my all into this match, and I'm willing to risk my career, I'm willing to risk my ass in this match! So I can end you tonight! Because you want to know what Sagittarius Blue?


    Crowd boo the hell out of Shaz, and Blue absolutely flips as Shaz mocks Blue! Blue looks like he is going to make a move, so Shaz immediately bails out of the ring, laughing. He walks backwards up the ramp, laughing, as he shoots Blue the middle finger to a disgruntled look from Blue. The camera's cut from the arena, to the back. We see Seth Gabel standing beside Mike Hawk.

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    Seth Gabel: We are back with "Mr. Mayhem" Mike Hawk here ready to give us some answers. Mike...

    Hawk: Excuse me Seth, but when you address me, make sure it's Mr. Hawk because I don't want my name sullied by the common filth like Smith.

    Gabel: Mr. Hawk, tonight you are teaming with Domino and Steele to take on Note, Cage and Smith. Any thoughts on that match tonight.

    Hawk: I could care less about any of these idiots tonight. I don't need friends to succeed here like Smith, I am the best because of my raw skill and natural talent, not because I need to kiss ass and complain until I get my way. But the only thing I am focused on tonight is taking out Smith and make sure he walks into the PPV at less than a hundred percent.

    Gabel: Speaking of that you and Smith have a big match coming up at Destined for Immortality, any thoughts on that match?

    Hawk: I had a world title case already and planned to cash in at the biggest event this company has ever known to make history. But Smith got jealous of me and screwed me out of my title shot with his corrupt referee skills. Now that the world title case is gone, I have to settle for Smith's case and I am pissed. Smith says he wants to beat me so people will look at him and take him seriously, but when you care what everyone else thinks of you, you already lost. When I came here, I didn't give a damn what people said, I came out week after week, showing people why I am the future of this industry. If Smith wants respect, then he better go down the totem poll and find a whipping boy, because I am not anyone's stepping stone.

    Gabel: One last question Hawk, is there anyone in particular that you want to win the Endurance title if you...

    Hawk: You mean when I Gable.

    Gabel: When you win the briefcase.

    Hawk: It doesn't matter to me because I am taking that title either way. Kyojin is another wrestler from Japan like me and we have and are going to meat again soon, so I think we could put on another classic if we faced off. Smyth, is someone I have never faced and his ring style is unique, but that's just going to give me more experience because no matter who I wrestler, I adjust to their style and counter it. So just take your pick on who you want me to face and I will wrestle them. Now if your done wasting my time, I have a match to win.

    Hawk turns, walking off, leaving with the last word, as Seth looks back at the cameras. The camera's cut back to the ring.

    Mike: Strong words from Hawk.

    Rocky: Strong truthful words from Hawk. This guy is going to win the briefcase at Destined for Immortality, go on to cash it in, and become the Endurance Champ. I just know it.

    Mike: Well, we will get a preview of what is to come later tonight, when Mike Hawk teams up with Domino and Dave Steele to take on the likes of Jackson Smith, Ace Note, and Malcolm Cage.


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    The crowd explodes with boos when Darius's music hits and blares through the arena, and the boos become nearly deafening when Darius makes his way onto the stage. Darius looks around the arena with a smug look on his face as he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Darius: Would you all just listen to yourselves for a minute? You all still boo me when there is some psychopath running around attacking everybody, including me, so don't even dare say I am behind those fucking attacks. That son of a bitch is using the number twenty-four in his little vignettes. Do I know what the fuck that is supposed to stand for? Not a damn clue. Do I want to know? Of course I do, because if I find out, no, WHEN I FIND OUT, who is behind these attacks and who has been attacking me from behind like a little bitch, I am going to personally destroy them.

    This person or thing doesn't have the slightest clue as to who they're fucking with at all. I am the TWE world champion. I am a former six time ICW Insanity champion. I have gone through Hell and back, and I ALWAYS come out on top. So if this one prick thinks he is bad ass because he attacks people from behind, well then I want his ass out here right now!

    So what do you say "Twenty-Four"? Be a fucking man, show yourself, and then get in this ring so I can give you the beating of your life!

    Darius lowers the microphone and watches the stage for a moment but no one comes out.

    Darius: What are you fucking scared? I said get your ass out here right now, you son of a bitch!

    KJ Punk

    KJ Punk makes his way down to the ring as the crowd pops. He has a microphone in hand as he walks down the ramp

    Punk: Really Darius? You’re calling out someone who only attacks when he wants to. Are you really that dense to think that he would come out here right now? He’s a coward. Sort of like you. He only attacks from behind and in cowardly ways. Sorta like you. He obviously wants to take everyone out that’s involved in the main event at Destined for Immortality. Sorta like everybody else in that match. Now, I’m not behind it, I can ensure you that. I want to beat all five of you while you’re all at the top of your game. That way I can truly say I’m the best. Not because somebody had to interfere on my behalf or I had some stupid briefcase. Because I proved it.

    KJ Punk gets into the ring and walks toward Darius.

    But for once, Darius, I agree with you on something. The man that’s behind these attacks need to come clean. So, why don’t you go ahead and do it?

    A scowl forms across Darius's face

    Darius: Did you just tell me to admit to being behind these attacks? Are you fucking joking? I am being laid out just like everyone else is you goddamn idiot. Did I accuse you of being behind the attacks? No, I did not, so what gives you the right to come out here and say that I was the one behind the attacks?

    You have no evidence to prove that I'm the one attacking everyone from behind. Like I said, I'm laid out just like everyone else ... But that is the thing. Last week, someone wasn't laid out during the fatal four way match we had last week. Last week those lights went out, and AJ Dixon, you, and I were all laid out in the ring ... But one man wasn't. Rob Rage.

    The crowd boos at Darius and begins to chant "IT WAS YOU!"

    Darius: Why don't you idiots shut it for a second, yeah? KJ Punk, AJ Dixon and Van Darius were all laid out in the center of the ring last night, and Rob Rage was standing on the outside untouched. Now tell me, Punk, doesn't that seem just a tad bit suspicious!?

    Punk smirks at Darius’ suggestion.
    Punk: You wanna know why Rob Rage wasn’t laid out? Because he wasn’t in the ring with you! And don’t give me that bullshit about how you were attacked. We all know you Eddie Guerrero’ed it and played like you got hit! You laid out me and Dixon when the lights went out and then you laid down! Rage didn’t get attacked because he was outside and you wouldn’t have been able to get to him in the dark!

    The crowd chants DARIUS DID IT! as Punk nods
    Punk: You’ve been trying to turn over a new leaf over these pasts few weeks and a lot of people seem to be buying it. But I ain’t one of them. I will never trust you Darius. Never. I know that you are either directly responsible for the attacks or assisting in them and I’m going to prove it. You can keep pulling the wool over some people’s eyes but you will never fool me. I know this is a ruse to give you an advantage for the Maximum Anarchy match but it’s not going to work against me. I’ll expose you for the fraud you are to all of these people and at Destined for Immortality I will beat you and everyone else in the match to reclaim MY IWA World Championship!

    Darius laughs loudly at Punk now

    Darius: Oh, so you're just going to say that I laid down after I took all of you out? You must be joking. If I wanted to take all of you out, I'd do it in broad daylight in the middle of Times Square! Why would I hide the damage I dealt? Just think about that for one second, you idiot. You know, I was actually believing that Rage was the culpret behind these foul attacks, but now I have another theory ... You.

    The crowd explodes with boos at Darius

    Darius: You just got so defensive about this whole ordeal. I didn't even say it was you and you act like I did! Is that guilt I smell? You realize you've been figured out, so you go and blame "The bad guy"! Right? No one would EVER expect Mr. "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" to be behind these attacks, so you took advantage and did just that! You laid Dixon and I out, and before you could get Rage, you laid yourself down to pin the blame on me!

    The crowd chants "It was you!"

    Darius: Shut your mouths! And another thing, Punk. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf? Are you kidding? Why would I do anything to please these inbred, beer drinking, deer fucking rednecks that you call fans?

    The crowd explodes with a huge chorus of boos and "You suck!" chants
    Darius: Exactly. You say I'm trying to "change" but I'm not. At all. You're the one pulling the wool over their eyes, not me. I'm an honest man when I say I don't give a shit about them, but you play with them each night with your stupid little catchphrases! Maybe one day they'll realize you're nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing, and they'll all realize that I am the true savior of the people, whether they like it or not!

    I don't need an advantge to win the Maximum Anarchy match. Just because I retained my TWE championship due to Greed super kicking Shaz, does not make me any weaker. I want this "24" son of a bitch taken out, and maybe I should take him out right now since he is standing in front of me. But listen closely ... Come Destined for Immortality, I will be the new IWA World Heavyweight Champion, and there isn't a goddamn thing you can do about it. Like I said, I could take the "24" out right now, but I want you at 100% so I can prove to the WORLD that I am the best at what I do.

    Punk just smiles at Darius

    Punk: Your paranoia has no bounds does it? First it’s Rage, then it’s me, next week it’ll be Jman then Monday it’ll be Shaz. It’s not me dummy. If it was me, I’d man up to it because I’m not a coward that attacks people from behind. But you are and everyone knows it! You are a snake, a dishonorable man who would take any shortcut to get to the top. And that’s why you won’t get to the top in IWA. Because I’m here and I’ll be ready to call you on your bullshit the moment you try it. You’re a bullshit artist and that won’t fly on my watch. I look out for these fans because I used to be one of them. I used to give my hard earned money to see a show, not to feel like I had been cheated out of my money. That’s what I try to give them every night I come out to this ring. And at DFI, they’re going to get all the bang for their buck.

    Punk gets close to Darius’ face.
    Punk: I’m going to hurt you Darius. Inside that demonic structure, I’m going to torture you. You’ll be begging for me to stop, but I won’t. Not until I’ve punished you for everything you’ve done. Every shortcut. Every dirty move. You will suffer and I will be the punisher. I will save you for last. Open you up. Make you bleed. And after I’ve finally had my fill I will knock your ass out with the Rolling Elbow and take back my title. The last time you will see the IWA World Championship is when I have my foot on your chest, holding it high as I scream WINNER WINNER!!

    The crowd responds with CHICKEN DINNER! as KJ leaves the ring. Darius leans against the ropes with the microphone close to his lips

    Darius: Yeah, we'll see who will be crying at Destined for Immortality. Get ready to hang up your boots, Punk.

    Darius slams the microphone down to the outside of the ring as we go to commercial.


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    The camera's come back, as we see Rob Rage already in the ring with Punk, as Dixon is coming out to his music.

    Mike: Well folks, it's time for a huge tag team match! Last week, these 4 men faced each other in a fatal fourway, and this week, they are teaming up. This should be good!

    Rocky: Should be? Psh, it will be. We have Mr Primetime, AJ Dixon, and the next World Champ, Darius. This match as amazing written all over it.

    Mike: I agree, it should be great, but I think you are off in the Darius as the next champ comment. If anything, it's Rob Rage who walks away with the gold in two weeks.

    The ref turns, and signals for the bell.

    KJ Punk(Ziggler)/Rob Rage(Miz) vs AJ Dixon(Orton)/Darius(Edge)
    (Start 3:00, End 10:04, Ignore Vickie, Ignore Face/Heel)

    When Rage stops Darius from getting the pinfall on Punk, Dixon charges the ring and brings Rage down to the mat with a hard clothesline! Darius gets back to his feet and stalks Punk, backing into the corner and lining up the spear once again! Punk manages to get back to his feet, and then Darius charges and goes for the spear, but Punk leap frogs over him and Darius runs into the turnbuckle hard! Darius turns around quickly and goes for another spear on Punk, but Punk connects with a nasty kick to the jaw, dropping Darius to the mat hard! Darius scurries over to Dixon and tags him in! Dixon charges Punk and the two men begin to trade blows in the center of the ring!

    Dixon! Punk! Dixon! Punk! Dixon! Punk! Punk! Punk!

    Punk gets the upper hand, hitting Dixon multiple times with his forearm, and then Punk begins to kick Dixon in the side of the legs and knees! Punk backs up and then throws himself into Dixon, knocking him down to the mat with a shoulder block! Punk gets back to his feet and lifts Dixon up to his feet. Punk tosses Dixon into the ropes, and then catches him with a swift kick to the side of the head! Punk goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Dixon gets the shoulder up before three! Punk gets to his feet and drags Dixon over to Rage, and then Punk tags in Rage! Punk holds Dixon tight, while Rage scales the turnbuckle, and then dives down onto Dixon with a huge elbow drop from the top!

    Mike: Punk and Rage work together like a well oiled machine!

    Rocky: The same can be said about Darius and Dixon, I guess it is all about survival!

    Dixon rolls to the middle of the ring, clutching his abdomen after the point of Rage's elbow drove right into it. Rage follows Dixon to the sent of the ring and drops another elbow onto Dixon hard, and then he goes for the pin!

    One! Two! Darius dives in and breaks it up!

    Darius lays hard kicks into Rage hard, giving Dixon time to come back to his senses in the ring. Punk charges the ring and nails Darius hard with a super kick, making Darius roll out of the ring! Punk then charges Dixon, but Dixon tosses him over the top rope and to the outside! Rage charges Dixon in the corner but Dixon hits him with a drop toe hold, making Rage land face first into the turnbuckle! Dixon grabs Rage by the back of the head and starts slamming his head off of the turnbuckle! After a few hard shots, Dixon throws Rage down to the mat and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Rage kicks out! Dixon gets to his feet and stomps down onto Rage hard, but Rage grabs Dixon's foot and brings him down to the mat hard with him! Rage mounts Dixon and begins to lay hard rights and lefts into him! Rage then gets to his feet and gets pumped up, getting ready to set Dixon up for the Rage Bomb! Dixon gets to his feet ...

    The lights go out!

    ... ... ... ... ... ...

    After a brief moment, the lights come back on and Rage is out cold on his back in the middle of the ring and Dixon is standing by the ropes! Dixon dives down onto Rage and goes for the cover, but Punk gets into the ring ...

    SPEAR! Darius spears Punk from out of no where, stopping him from breaking up the pin! Dixon covers Rage!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, AJ Dixon and Darius!

    Darius immediately rolls out of the ring,, and hops the barrier, running like a dart.

    Mike: Where is he going?!

    Rocky: He is playing it smart!

    The lights go out for a second time, as the tron comes to life.

    As the tron dies, the lights come back on. We see KJ Punk still down from the spear, Rage still down, and Dixon is standing in the ring, looking around nervously.

    Mike: Where is Darius!?

    The camera angle changes, as we see Darius laying in a pile of broken chairs, fans surrounding him.

    Rocky: What the hell! This is getting to be too much.

    Mike: I want to know who is behind this. It's obvious it's not Darius, but who!?

    The camera's get one more shot of Darius not moving, as they cut to the back.

    Seth Gabel is seen pacing back and forth in the hallway outside of the locker room. Malcolm Cage walks out of the locker room and past Seth.

    Seth: Cage! Cage! Wait up! Do you have time for an exclusive?

    Cage turns around and sees Seth running behind him waving a mic. He stops and turns allowing for Seth to catch up.

    Cage: Yea Seth. What do you want man?

    Seth catches up to Cage and straightens himself out.

    Seth: How do you feel going into the match tonight?

    Cage: I feel great man. I have been stepping up my game ever since Steele called me out and I have been hoping to show everyone here in IWA waht I am capable of against three IWA superstars here tonight.

    It has been a long month, but I am starting to get my footing here in IWA. I am prepared for anything. You got five great wrestlers in the ring tonight... and Dave Steele. But one thing you have to appreciate is all the styles that are going to be represented.

    Seth: What do you feel is going to happen tonight in your match?

    Cage: The match tonight will be a great gauge on how Destined For Immortality might go. You got three different pairings, teaming up together and taking on their worst enemies. The fight may not stop tonight, but come DFI, these three feuds will be at their peaks, and only three will be coming out on top. As for Steele and myself, there is no question that it is going to be coming out as the victor between us, not just tonight, but at DFI as well.

    Seth: Why do you think Dave Steele has singled you out since coming to IWA?

    Cage: Oh Dave... why he has targeted me is a question I have been asking myself since it all started. I have been doing this for years, so when I joined IWA, I was prepared to do whatever it took to get to the top, but so was everyone else. I figure that Steele saw a chance to take on one of the greats and use my name to rise to the top! But that ain’t going to happen.

    Steele believes that when he beats the great Malcolm Cage, the longest reigning champion in JBW history, at DFI, he will be rocketed to the top of the food chain. But that’s not how things work in this ecosystem. Things won’t end the way Dave Steele wants them to. See, when I beat Dave Steele at DFI, the only person that will on the top of the food chain will be me. There will always be the predators, like myself. And then their will always be the prey, which is where Dave Steele will find himself when I am done with him.

    Seth: We've learned that after Destined for Immortality, a new championship will be unveiled. We don't know much detail about it, or even the name of it, but do you see yourself as a contender for this title?

    Cage: I have every right to be a contender for this new title. The announcement of another Title is very interesting. With as many superstar as there are in IWA, it is hard to get your own recognition. Like I said before, you usually have to have a big name or beat a big name if you want anyone to remember you. The introduction of a new title will give many more superstars a chance to make their names known and step up to a new level of fame and stardom.

    That being said, I feel that my best bet for gaining this new title will be beating any and all of my opponents and not allowing people like Dave Steele to get in my way. There is no better feeling than that of holding a championship belt, and Malcolm Cage longs for that feeling again. So it doesn’t matter if it is a World Championship or a Mid-Level Championship, I will hold gold again, and I will be Champion!

    Cage turns and walks away from Seth and the camera crew, down the hallway as the camera turns back to Seth.

    Seth: That was Malcolm Cage. Back to you guys at ring side.

    The camera's cut back to the ring, where we see Mike and Rocky once more.

    Mike: Well, I must say, I'm getting pumped for this big 6 man tag match later tonight. My money is on Jackson Smith's team.

    Rocky: Then you'd be wasting your money Mike. Simple as that.

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    Van Hooligan X

    The music begins and it can only mean 1 thing! It's 1/2 of The Infection. Naturally the reaction they instantly receive is on another level. Van walks arrogantly to the ring and Carlos follo--Oh wait. No Carlos with him. Strange. The music stops when VHX grabs a mic and soaks in the atmosphere for a while before speaking.*

    Van: Y'know. I'm not really feeeeling your opinions on me tonight. If this is your loudest then you should really all be ashamed of yourself. *This obviously pisses off the crowd who then amplify the volume in the arena* Hmm, not bad. Just remember who the true superior people are around here that deserve a bigger reaction people.

    So Carlos! You looking forward to become tag team cha--Wait what?! *Van looks around the ring in over the top fashion* Where is he?!

    Well, if you idiots must know, it was reported on that Australia are dickheads. He is currently stuck down under because of bullshit visa problems. Oh sorry, I assume none of you people will understand what that is.

    A visa helps you travel across the world. Yes, Yes indeed America. There ARE other countries other than USA, your oversized hat and Texa--Err Mexico.

    But anyway, I am here to tell you failures about the big announcement last week. At DFI, no interferences are allowed.

    Oh, boy. Oooooooh boy, oh boy, oh boy, boh hoy, oooooh boy! As you can imagine, this changes absolutely...Nothing...What-so-ever.

    Cause you see, the only reason we're not champions right now, is because of interference pests. So to eliminate that whole option preeety much guarantees new tag team champions.

    It's time for everyone to smell the coffee, we're already better then the tag teams division and what we've been saying that is going to happen is getting closer and closer. I--

    ???: Hold on a second Edwin Van Below Par!

    *The crowd jeers, as Damaged Goods and Sebastian Schweizner comes out to the stage. They walk down the ramp, before stopping halfway*

    Schweizner: Excuse me Mr. X, but how exactly do you plan to win at Destined for Immortality? Your logic is flawed. Your whole plan requires you to be fully fit by Destined For Immortality, but without Carlos here in the ring with you, Damaged Goods could decimate you before your friends Gay-J and AtheMan can get out here.

    You see Van, you're a Hooligan, as your name says. But hooligans, they never take credit nor blame, when it's there's to receive. Take the Hillsborough disaster for one. The "Hooligans" were blamed for 96 fellow Liverpool supporters who were crushed to their deaths, when in actual fact, it was the police's fault.

    And with you, you needed the Clique to take the HWA World Championship into your grasp. You took the credit for it, when in actual fact, without 5 other men, you would never have been champion. And Alpha Revolution. Do you think without shady tactics, you would hold onto their World Championship for as long as you did. And the same with the ICW Championship.

    You're still relying on your glory days to stay relevant. Does that explain the "slip of the tongue" because the now defunct reporting on a never fully signed asset of Scott Ha- I mean Alberto Del- I mean Razor Ra- well I mean your "tag partner".

    But your B.F.F. will not be a relevant factor at D.F.I., and neither will the condescending jackasses without first names. We've defeated Black Blooded on more than one occasion, inside career-ending environments, and we can do it one more time.

    *Damaged Goods restart walking down to the ring*

    Vivicia may be banned from ringside, but she's not here right now. The Infection may be banned from ringside, but they're not here right now. *Damaged Goods reach the edge of the ring, however only Schweizner enters the ring.* I may be banned from ringside, but I'm here right now, unlike Mr. Ramon, and with the IWA Tag Team Champions by my side, and seeing how you've got no protection, no muscle to your lack of brains, I can make my impact count.

    *Gaileo and Gommenta slide into the ring, and stands slightly behind Schweizner. They proceed to get closer until Van starts laughing for some strange reason. They look confused and stop for a second.*

    Van: Thank you. Just, just thank you ladies.

    You seem to think I'm under the impression I don't know how I've won all my matches. That I in fact care what people think about how I win my matches.

    Listen here you fucking no bodies. I am The Vanity! I have done some of the most sad, desperate and down right stupid things to make sure I continued every last 1 of the 3 world championships I have won! I'm majorly proud to say I'm the only man to be a 2 time dual world champion. I managed this through not giving a fuck what the fans think, what jealous jobbers such as yourself thought and I kept being your world champions for a very long time.

    So you better seriously listen and this goes to everyone in the back when I say take advantage of this time with me outside of the main event. There is fuck all for me to prove in the main event currently so I'm going to dominate this division with Carlos and add that I was a great tag team wrestler along with being the most dirty wrestler this place has ever seen!

    If I do return to the main event, rest assured boo-boos. I'll fucking wipe the floor with every last 1 of them and show everyone how you become 1 of the best heels around this joint. Which you 3 can watch from the sidelines since you'll never make it that high up.

    *By this time they've heard enough and are about to go for him*

    Whoa! Steady on horses. I was getting to you. I just needed to let anyone who thinks I'm 'washed up' know the right story.

    So you 3 honestly think that in this situation of Carlos being stuck down under that I, VHX, can't take down all 3 of you at the same time? Boys, I said a while back that I could take any tag team in a 1-on-3 match-up. This includes you idiots. So if you really want me to show everyone a spoiler at DFI. Come at me bros.

    Schweizner: Jealous Jobber? Nice use of alliteration there Van. However, I prefer to call you a dickbeating douche. Van, you don't get it do you? Whether we three are heels or toes, faces or tails, you need to understand that we are talented, you can't over-estimate the IWA Tag Team Champions. Remember the man who beat you for the ICW World Championship? Kyojin? The man, who along with KJ Punk, Damaged Goods defeated in their first official tag match as IWA Tag Champions.

    Van, just because IWA isn't "P.G.", doesn't require you to curse in every other sentence. In fact, you're just like an 11 year old boy. Small genitalia, lack of pubic hair, high pitched voice, and swearing so often to make you seem cool. You're just an undeveloped boy, aren't you Van?

    You may be a 2 time Dual World Champion. You may have been the best in 3 separate places, but what experience do you have in the Tag Division. 1, maybe 2 pay-per-view wins, and against poor opposition. Well Gaileo and Gommenta here, victorious in First Blood, Steel Cage and Hell in a Cell matches. Beaten KJ Punk, Kyojin, Iceman, Whiz, Elric, Draymen, Blood, Black, and the N.C.I.I. This is our field of domination, not yours.

    During you hiatus for undisclosed reasons, your stock fell down in the market. However, Damaged Goods have became the longest serving champions in IWA history. And win, lose or draw come DFI, although we're sure it'll be win, no-one is going to overtake us anytime soon. While the IWA Championship has been passed around like your sister, Damaged Goods have ruled IWA with an Iron Fist. While Mr. Smyth and Kyojin couldn't decide whether to fight or to have fighters for them, Damaged Goods have been sitting at the top of the tag team ladder.

    And Van, you say you can win 1-on-3, how about we put that to the test. But in order to provide some entertainment to these undeserving mongs. So how about you go one-on-one, with Gaileo? Or do you need your mother/sister to fight for you?

    *Van nods his head and grins at Schweizner, as Schewizner orders Gommenta out of the ring.*

    Excellent. Have a nice ass-kicking Van.

    Mike: Folks, I think we are having an impromptu match!

    A ref comes running out from the back and into the ring.

    Mike: We are! Wow, I wonder if Van has realized what he has gotten himself into. He doesn't have Carlos here to back him up.

    Rocky: No, but he does have AJ Dixon and Athena.

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    Van Hooligan X (DB) vs. Gaileo (Sheamus)
    (Start 2:35, End 8:55)

    Van slaps Gaileo in the face hard, only pissing the big man off badly. Gaileo hits Van hard with a shot from his right elbow against the turnbuckle, and then Gaileo begins to hit Van in the corner multiple times with hard rights and lefts over and over again! Gommenta and Schweizner cheer Gaileo on from the outside, shouting instructions to Gaileo every now and then. Gaileo lifts Van up onto the turnbuckle and then he climbs to the top with him and attempts to set up a superplex from the top, but Van holds his ground and refuses to go down! Van starts punching Gaileo in the kidneys and then he manages to push him down from the top and down to the mat below!

    Mike: Gaileo is down! Van could pick up the win here!

    Rocky: I'm not so sure about that one, Mike. Don't get your hopes up.

    Van stalks Gaileo from the top rope, but Gommenta gets up onto the apron and taunts Van, getting closer to him. Van leaps from the top and hits Gommenta with a superkick, knocking him down from the apron and down to the floor below! Gaileo is back to his feet and he charges Van and takes him down with a nasty clothesline! Gaileo goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Gaileo sits up and argues with the referee about the count for a moment, and then he gets back to his feet and leans over the top rope, listening to Schweizner while Van slowly gets back to his feet. Schweizner yells at Gaileo telling him to turn around, so he does and almost eats a dropkick from Van, but he pushes Van away making him fall to the mat! Gaileo mounts Van and starts to hit him in the head a few times before going for another pin!

    One! Two! Th- No!

    Van kicks out again! Gaileo jumps to his feet and starts to punch the turnbuckle hard while Schweizner instructs him some more. Van gets to his feet again, stalking Gaileo and lining him up for the Vanhammer, but Schweizner jumps onto the apron and starts screaming at Van! Van screams back at Schweizner and then Gaileo charges Van, but Van moves out of the way and Gaileo hits Schweizner with a nasty forearm, knocking him down to the mat! Gaileo looks down at Schweizner with total dismay, giving Van time to grab Gaileo and then drop him with The Vanhammer! Van goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Van Hooligan X!

    Van immediately rolls out of the ring, as Gommenta goes straight after Van, but AJ Dixon and Athena come out from the back, standing beside their ally. Schweizner, who has recovered can be heard yelling at Gommenta to stop and come back. We get a staredown of Infection and Damaged Goods, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back, focusing on Mike and Rocky once more.

    Mike: Well, a good match from Van and Gaileo, with Van picking up the win. With one final Chaos left before Destined for immortality, which team will go into the show with the most steam?

    Rocky: After seeing that match, my money is on Carlos and Van.

    Mike: Well Black Blooded still have a match tonight, and we don't know what next week holds, but I would say the champs are in extreme danger of losing their titles.

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    Jman, in a T’shirt that reads ‘HWA 2.0” in the style of HWA’s old logo, comes out onto the stage to a huge pop. Instead of heading down to the ring as he normally would, J, mic already in hand, takes a seat on the top of the ramp. As the shot changes to a wider, head-on view, we see that this scene bears an uncanny resemblance to one that took place a year and a half ago In Las Vegas. The crowd, clearly aware of what may be about to happen, are buzzing as Jman brings the mic to his mouth.

    Jman: Last week on this program, after I was finished doing what a good company man does and hyping up the main event of Destined for Immortality, some tricky bastard in the production truck decided it’d be funny to play Shaz and Artemis Eclipse’s promo from BITW 1: Kingdom Come. I was at The Garden when those two did their thing, but, during that precise moment in the show, I must not have been paying attention because I was stunned by what I heard in that ring last week.

    I was stunned that somebody had the nerve to play an entire promo from an opposition’s show just to piss me off, I was stunned at how much I came away from watching that promo liking Shaz, but, to be honest, I wasn’t stunned by the sheer stupidity of one Artemis Eclipse. While it wasn’t surprising to hear Artie sound like an idiot, I did feel the need to come out here and respond to what he said.

    The crowd pops as J starts really getting on a roll.

    Jman: Artie said many, many idiotic things in his little shoot, but his overarching theme was that HWA and the generation of pro wrestling it represents, a generation, I might add, that IWA is founded on, was a disgrace to our business and, in some fucking fantasy world, the only reason Broc Flucker built the empire he did was because Artie, a man who did not work a single event for HWA, was there to help him.

    News flash, dumbass, you don’t have a single solitary thing to do with the success of HWA, AWF, JBW or your precious BITW. Those companies- and this whole business- succeeds in spite of you and your massive ego, not because of it. Do you need me to break it down? BITW succeeds because Kashdinero is able to channel his own swelled head into putting together the biggest, most elaborate shows the wrestling world has ever seen. I want to strangle him and his brother sometimes, but they’re both geniuses.

    A small “Ma$$-din-er-o!” chant starts up as J rolls on.

    Jman: AWF? Well, if I’m being honest, AWF gained what little traction it had because of you and I.

    The crowd boos Jman for that as he smiles and keeps talking.

    Jman: HWA? Heh, HWA was the best godamned company in the world when it shut down. You attacked my Maximum Anarchy opponent Rob Rage for saying that at Blood Harvest, but it’s true. And that’s got nothing to do with you or any of the bosses in BITW, Artemis. That has everything to do with Rob Rage, Tommy Thunder, Van Hooligan X, Johnny Hot, Alex Kidd, Chainz, Carlos Alberto Ramon, Antonyo Angelo, Eddie Juarez, KJ Punk, AJ Dixon, Shaz, myself, Black Blooded, Darius, Chris Divine, Kyojin, Ali Kazam, the driving force behind it all; “The Genius” Dave Ryan and, yes, Dave Sullivan and Broc Flucker. Did I forget to mention The Butcher? I guess I did. If he doesn’t like that, tell him to sue me. That worked so well for him the first time.

    There’s an audible : Oooohhhh!” at that last bit as J keeps pressing forward.

    Jman: So, yes, by virtue of the new JBW being chock full of guys from HWA, including our leading creative mind being the same man that put HWA on top, I guess we are …

    Instead of finishing that sentence, the prospective champion just points to his shirt.

    Jman: And, you know what, you’re right about one thing. Blood Harvest was sub-par. Resurrection, though, was pretty damn good. Besides all of those HWA 2.0ers having such a good show, part of what made Resurrection a hit was the return to JBW, the return home, of Ma$$dinero. That return, Artie, also made one thing quite obvious: You are the only one who still has a problem with how the Kashdinero era ended in JBW. The rest of us, you sefish prick, have moved on.

    We cut to a camera behind Jman and see that the cameraman in front of him is signaling for him to wrap it up.

    Jman: Hey, cameraboy, tell the geniuses in your ear to take their little time constraints and shove ‘em. I ain’t done. There’s one more point I want to make. That’s this: Artie, old school Jabe fans, I haven’t said what I’ve said here tonight because I think this JBW is on par with the JBW of old. As I sit here tonight, it isn’t. Not by a long shot. But, in time, on the backs of this new generation and a few relics of the good ol’ days, we will be. We’ll be better than Winter 2011 JBW, we’ll be better that Spring 2012 HWA. We, Artemis Eclipse, will be the Best in the World.

    There’s a mixed reaction at that as J stands up.

    Jman: But, let’s bring it all back around to IWA. See, Sunday, I’m stepping in the ring with five men who competed for HWA and currently compete for JBW. Sunday, it is my honor and privilege to get in the ring with those men. Why? Because, Artie, they, along with so many others, are the present and future of our business. IWA, and by extension JBW, and by even more extension HWA, hold the key to the future of professional wrestling. It’s my job in IWA, as it was in HWA, as it is in JBW, to cultivate that future in any way I can. Maybe, instead of pushing their buddies who don’t deserve it to the moon, that’s a lesson BITW could learn.

    The crowd pops hard for that as Jman flips the mic to the stage and walks off smiling.

    Mike:: Wow! I can't believe what I just heard from Jman!

    Rocky: He really stuck it to Artemis Eclipse. Holy crap!

    The camera's fade to a commercial break.


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    *There is pure silence. The scene can not be identify, but just then a figure appears. The figure can not be seen clearly.*

    ???: Who am I? You ask this question everytime I speak or walk down the ramp.

    *The figure is still unknown, but the figure's voice seems to be familar.*

    ???: You see those questions get on my nerves, but no one asks those questions to Ryan Wells. No tries to ask him about his name, his age, where he comes from, HELL people even know what type of underwear Ryan wears, and the people certainly don't ask him what company he works for. Those things just don't anger me, but have very well gotten into my head. I have taken some of my time to look at myself in the mirror those exacts questions. Then, I came with one simple answer, "Who Cares About You The People?". I even got my own answer out of that question. The answer was Ryan Wells. You see Ryan has been foolish to care for all of you. He has fallen into this allusion that you will cheer for him no matter what he does. You see I find it funny. Everyone cheers for his cowardness and that makes him feel special in his own mind. It makes strive for more of those cheers and seek more of them by acting more of a coward. Yet, if I were to do any of those things I get booed. Trust me I don't care for what you say of me. I rather be hated for something I am rather than be loved for something I'm not. I then asked myself, "Why?". "Why do you all cheer for him for his actions of a coward?" Then it hit me, you are all like him. Weak, pathetic, spineless, and power-hungry. That's right. Your so called hero is a power-hungry whore. Yet you all seem to love him. He has no originality in him. This is a guy who seems like a push-over, but trust me he isn't. Trust me, that wasn't a compliment in any way or fashion. If someone pushes Ryan's button he goes and cries to management about it. I then beging to wonder why are management like that. Again, the answer is very simple. They all thing he drwas. He drwas worse than Matt Ryder. Wells, wishes he was a big time draw, but reality will soon hit him to realize he ain't. He just believes his own hype, because of you, the people. Management believe in this theory that the so called fans have the power to make a star or break them. Well, I say Nay! It's silly to believe that you worthless people hold any type of power. You don't even have the power to govern yourself, so you elect an official. That official for all of you has become..... Ryan Wells! Well, that official, Ryan, will be overthrown by my. His reign of terror, cowardness, worthlessness, and most important of all..... his reign of stupidity will come to hault at my hands. Your official will go down and so will your govern. So, will management crumple when they can't find a new poster boy. Ryan Well, you are history, a history that will not repeat itself. Trust me when I say, "You Are No More!".

    *The screen goes dark when the identity of the figure turns out to be..... BROCK EDWARDS!!!*

    Brock: Welcome to my domain, Ryan.

    The camera's cut from Brock, back to the main arena, where we see Damien Eddings coming out to his music.

    Mike: And it looks like Damian is set for action.

    Rocky: Yeah, he is facing the debuting Alex Toller. This should be interesting.

    Suddenly, Eddings is dropped from behind, by a massive chair shot. It's Athena! The fans are booing, as Athena takes the steel chair, and smashes Eddings over and over as he lays on the arena floor. Athena lifts Eddings with one hand, and throws him into the ring. Athena grabs something from under the ring, as she throws it into the ring along with the chair.

    Mike: A garbage can! This can be for any good!

    Athena climbs into the ring, as Eddings is slowly stirring. He is on his knees, as Athena grabs the chair, and bashes Damian square on the head, busting him open. Athena looks around, and motions for the end. She reaches down, putting Eddings legs around her head, as she dead lifts Eddings into the air!

    Mike: Holy crap! Look at her strength!

    Athena drives Eddings down, smashing him directly onto the garbage can. Athena stands over a bloody Eddings, who lays motionless on the ground, with a grin on her face. She is handed a mic and begins laughing out loud the moment she grabs it.

    Athena: Didn't I tell you boy? Didn't I tell you that you could run, but you couldn't hide?

    The fans deliver a mixed reaction.

    Athena: You spent weeks hiding from me, thinking you had the upper hand, thinking you got the last laugh. Well who's laughing now?

    Athena begins laughing maniacally. The mixed reaction continues.

    Athena: There wasn't a man, woman or child that thought you'd get away with messing with me. I promised I would destroy you and today I made good on my promise.

    Eddings mumbles incoherently and Athena laughs again.

    Athena: What's that? I can't understand you with all that blood in your mouth, can you speak up?

    Athena moves the mic up to Eddings' mouth, but he says nothing.

    Athena: That's what I thought... nothing. You have nothing you can say and nothing you can do because that's the thing about you Eddings... you are nothing.

    The mixed reactions continues.

    Athena: I mean sure you can get a slap here and sprinkle your little fairy dust there, but when it really comes down to it you're always flat on your back.

    Athena laughs some more.

    Athena: But don't worry Eddings even though I destroyed you tonight this was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you when I face you in the ring. So live in fear Eddings, live in fear.

    Athena laughs manically once more and the mixed reaction continues as her music plays and the camera cuts to the next segment.

    Mike: Wow, Athena just destroyed her Destined for Immortality opponent!

    Rocky: She is sending a message. Good for her.

    The camera's cut from Athena standing over Eddings, to the back. *The camera shows the backstage area where we see Ali Kazam, standing amongst electrical equipment and other normal backstage items, talking to a business man who looks slightly familiar. Kazam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a chequebook. He writes out something on one of the cheques and rips it out of the book before handing it over to the sharp dressed man. He pulls a microphone out of thin air and notices the camera following his movements. He puts his hand over his mouth and whispers something to his companion before quickly shouting into the camera.*

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