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    Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares, as the camera's immediately go to Mike and Rocky, as we hear the music in the background.

    Mike: Welcome to Sunday night Chaos folks, we are coming to you live from the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and boy what a show we have tonight!

    Rocky: No kidding. Tonight, we see the World Champ, Shaz, defend against Sagittarius Blue. Personally I don't see why the pipsqueak is getting a shot but who I am to question Smokey's judgement.

    Mike: We will hear from Jman after he was interrupted last week by a video of Artemis Eclipse from a recent BITW show. I'm intrigued to hear what Jman has to say.

    Rocky: I'm not. Also, and this saddens me to say, but Carlos ALberto Ramon is not here with us. He is stuck in Australia, dealing with a visa issue. I spoke personally to both him and Van, and he is hoping to have it fixed in the next 24 hrs. He is actually going to meet us in the UK for the next edition of Chaos.

    Mike: Oh man, Van by himself here tonight. I wonder if Damaged Goods or Black Blooded will see him as an easy target.

    Rocky: I'm sure Black Blooded have more pressing matters on their minds tonight, like their match with D'Angelo "Pope" Dinero and this new rookie, The Vegas Kid.

    Mike: Well folks, looks like we are kicking the show off with the champ!


    Shaz's music hit's to the crowd's displeasure as he has a mic with him. Wearing his usual snapback, along with a chain. He stands on the ramp, and put's his middle finger up at the crowd before running straight into the ring. He begins to speak.

    Shaz: Now THAT was a warm welcome!

    Crowd carry on with the boos.

    Shaz: Oh come on peeps, I know y'all love me!

    Crowd still boo.

    Shaz: This is like music to my ears!

    Crowd go insane with boos as Shaz smirks.

    Shaz: So last week. I had another moment to steal the show with my awesome in-ring abilities in another world championship match. And I can assure y'all that my match was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I faced one fucked up individual, who also goes by the name of Oscar Layman. However, this guy has some sort of multiple personality disorder, meaning he's really loopy in the head. Now I'm not sure if that affected his performance in the match, or not, but either way I still defeated him, and retained my IWA title as he was the second challenger to my IWA World Championship belt. And you know, people credit Layman as a funny guy. But he isn't humorous at all. His jokes, are way too cheesy, and pathetic for my liking. In fact, I'll be honest. There is only one thing humorous about him, and that is the fact that his jokes are so pathetic, the level of stupidity in it is too damn high! And I've heard that even thick people like Sagittarius Blue wanna face him in a one on one match, now that really is messed. But I however, did put him in his place, and proved to the world that I am the most dominant world champion in history of all world champion's. But to be fair, he wasn't really much of a challenge, however- what's done is done, so I've got a second tally to my title defenses, so far.

    Crowd boo Shaz.

    Shaz: After my match against Layman. There was an awkward, and creepy video that came up on the Insane-O-Tron. A video which included a number with double digits: 24. Now I've got many, many possibilities on who they are. But I'm not going to reveal them just yet. But whoever it is, you need to learn- who you're currently messing with. I know I may be a target, because I'm world champion, because I'm the greatest thing that ever stepped into IWA. But seriously? Cryptic videos, are way too cheesy bruv. The only success you get out of it, is making the crowd excited. But that result of that, will be a pain as the internet darlings will be wondering who the fuck that wrestler is, but then once it becomes too obvious, with wrestlers appearing in airports, lines being used, etc. They start bitching, and complaining that shit was too predictable. So if you've got a problem, come out here, and let's deal with it face to face, man to man.

    Shaz waits for a few seconds, but no one appears.

    Shaz: Not gonna show your face? Too pussy for that? Exactly what I thought. So, there's another man I'd like to address, and that is IWA's Boss, Smokey. Now Smokey, I wanna tell you something, and make sure you remember this advice. Believe it or not, I'm actually delighted about the fact that I have to bust my ass, and put my title on the line on each Chaos, leading up to my demonic main event at Destined for Immortality. However, if you want me to defend my title each week, give me an opponent that can actually put on a decent match. I mean seriously? Out of all people in the roster, you pick two freaks like Oscar Layman and AJ Dixon as my opponents for the first few weeks? Not cool. I've spent two weeks, wasting my time by facing two nobodies- who don't deserve a world title shot let alone a world title. And that get's on my skin. You might as well, just have given me a bloody break, seeing as those two men failed to take this strap of me. I want a real challenge. You can even give me someone like Kyojin.

    Crowd cheer.

    Shaz: Jman.

    Crowd cheer.

    Shaz: Van Hooligan X.

    Crowd boo.

    Shaz: But for my third challenge, my third opponent. I'll have to face a mongrel, also known as Sagittarius Blue. Now hear me out, I...

    Sagittarius Blue

    *Sagittarius Blue's music hits, throwing the fans into a frenzy. He walks out wearing his new "The One and Only" t-shirt, custom jeans and his favorite Converse hi-tops. He walks down the ramp to the ring, climbs in and grabs a mic...

    Sagittarius Blue: Mongrel? *looks incredulously at Shaz* Mongrel? *looks incredulously at the crowd* Mongrel?

    Shaz, I have to be honest - I'm almost at a loss for words with you. Which is crazy, because normally a lot of words come to mind when I think about you. Words like... delusional. Egotistical. Ignorant. Cowardly. Clueless. Cockamamie. Ridiculous. Brainless. *dead stares at Shaz* Bastard.

    *crowd goes "ooooooooh" and Shaz looks like he wants to fight. Badly.*

    Sagittarius Blue: But the only other word I can come up with for you right now is "irritating." I mean, you're already a pain in anybody's ass... but now you're even more unbearable than ever. Maybe it's because ever since you became champ, your ego went from colossal to unimaginably oversized. You, the most dominant world champion in all of history? Riiiiiight... And how long have you been champ again? Yeah, I thought so.

    Sagittarius Blue: Of course, there's another reason I'm so ticked right now. *looks out towards the crowd* Chris. Divine. *heavy booing from fans ensues* I'm getting reeeeeeallly tired of "Mr. So Fine" running around and jumping me week in, week out... all because he's not "the man" in IWA. I mean, it wouldn't possibly hurt him to go out and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Maybe win a title or two? Maybe impress the fans? But no no no... he wants to pick a fight with me. I can't help it if the Asylum likes me more than him... *big crowd pop* *Sagittarius notices and smiles as he looks around the arena, then turns to Shaz* And I certainly can't help it if they like me more than you *another big crowd pop* *Shaz looks super pissed as Sagittarius tries to keep a straight face* But if Divine thinks that he can take out his failures on me, he's going to be sorely mistaken... actually, after I get done with him, he' just going to be SORE. Because at Destined for Immortality, I finally get a one-on-one match against Chris Divine. He wants my attention... well he's about to get it! I'm not going away for anything - and Chris Divine is going to learn that the hard way!

    But here I go, totally off topic. Let's get back to you, Mr. Delusional. Because the next challenger for your world title is... yours truly! You talk about being upset that you don't get any "real challenges." Which is ironic... because when other people talk about who they consider real challenges, your name never comes up! That overinflated opinion of yourself is going to come back to cost you your title, Shaz... and I'll be glad to collect on your shortcomings! The stars will align, Shazzy Poo, and -

    Shaz: Shut the fuck up.

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