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    Chris Divine(Swagger) & Shaz(Miz) vs Rob Rage(Riley) and Sagittarius Blue(Mysterio)

    (start at 3:53, end at 9:54)

    Mike: Shaz kicks out! Shaz kicks out!

    Rocky: Yes! This is amazing! I love it!

    Blue smacks the mat, frustrated, as he gets back to his feet, and yells at Shaz to get up, stalking his prey. Shaz is slow to his feet, as he reaches them, and turns.



    Mike: CROSSFACE!

    Shaz counters the superman punch attempt into a crossface, locking in the submission hold and pulling tight on it. Rage is on the apron, making an attempt to climb back into the ring, as Divine pulls Rage off the apron, and Rob bashes his face off the apron! Divine looks down, smirking at Rage, as he rolls back into the ring. Divine stands in the corner, smirking, but Blue won't tap! Divine's smirk turns to a frown, as he gets down in the face of Blue who is still locked in the crossface, screaming and yelling at him to tap, but he won't! Divine spits in the face of Blue, before getting to his feet and going to the legs of Blue.

    Mike: Sharpshooter! My god! Sagittarius is locked in two submission holds!

    Rocky: He has to tap! He has to!

    Blue's hand is in the air, looking like he is going to tap, but suddenly, he fades.

    Mike: Blue has passed out from the pain! I think this is the end...

    Rocky: Yes! Yes! Team Shazzy One's win! Yes!

    The ref checks on Blue, as he raises Blue's arm once, and it drops. The ref yells one, and raises a finger. The ref turns back to Sagittarius, raising his arm for a second time, as it drops a 2nd time. The ref turns, yelling 2, as he raises 2 fingers. He raises the arm a third time as...

    Mike: Rob Rage! Yes Rob Rage for the save!

    Rage is back in the ring, as he takes Divine and Shaz out with a dual dropkick to each of their heads! The submission holds are broken, as Blue lays in the ring. Rob is back to his feet, as Shaz is to his feet also, and charges at Rage, going for a flying forearm! Rage pulls down on the top rope, dropping down, as Shaz miscalculates, and flies over the top to the outside! Rage is back to his feet, as Divine now charges at Rage, going for a clothesline, but Rob backdrops Divine over the top. Chris holds onto the top rope, and lands on the apron! Rage connects with a huge knee to the gut, as Divine bends backwards. Rage reaches through the middle and top rope, pulling Divine in by the head, leaving Divine's feet hanging on the middle rope.

    Mike: Shades of Randy Orton! Is he going for the DDT!?

    Rage poses for a second, smirking, as he takes Divine, and nails a modified spinning neckbreaker! Rage pulls Divine away from the ropes, and goes for the cover.


    Divine kicks out before 3! Blue is now to his knees, recovering, as Rage grabs Divine, lifting him to a standing position. Rob motions to Blue, as Blue is to his feet now. Both men grab Divine, irish whipping him into the corner. Rage grabs Blue, irish whipping him into the opposite corner, but stops, pulling back, and sending Blue rocketing into the corner of Divine. Stardom! Blue nails the spinning roundhouse kick in the corner, pancaking Divine in the corner! Blue goes out to the apron, as Divine stumbles out. Rage catches Divine, and nails the Double R Spinebuster! Divine is planted hard, as Rage moves out of the way, pointing to Blue to huge cheers from the fans. Blue climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, and poses at the top, as flashes go off.

    Mike: Blue is going high!

    Rocky: This can't be good!

    Blue leaps off the top with a divine headbutt! He connects hard, as he immediately covers Divine.


    Shaz makes the save at the last second! Shaz is to his feet, as Rage and Blue go straight at Shaz. The numbers are against Shaz, as they back him up against the ropes. They irish whip Shaz into the ropes, as he bounces back, and is caught by a double backdrop! Blue and Rage are on fire, as Shaz gets to his feet. Blue goes for a clothesline, but Shaz ducks, and connects to Rage with a dropkick! Rage stumbles back, as Shaz immediately turns to Blue,, catching him with a few stiff shots. Shaz goes for another shot, but Blue blocks, and counters with a headbutt. Shaz stumbles back, as Blue makes the movement, and goes for the Superman Punch!

    Rocky: Shaz ducks! Yes!

    Mike: Oh no! Blue just hit Rage!

    Sagittarius Blue decks Rob Rage with the superman punch, dropping the #1 contender, as Blue turns and is connected by a superkick from Shaz! Blue stumbles, right into a Divine Intervention! Chris Divine pops up off the mat, dropping Blue, as Shaz immediately goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Shaz and Chris Divine!

    Shaz is to his feet, as the ref raises his arm, but Divine immediately gets into Shaz's face, asking him why he stole the pin. They are bickering, as AJ Dixon comes running out from the back and down the ramp! He is right into the ring, unbeknownst to Shaz, as Divine smirks, and spins Shaz around. MUGSHOT! Dixon drops Shaz with the jumping reverse sto! Divine grins, turning, as Rage has come to and Rage connects with a kick to the gut and lifts Divine into the air, dropping him with a Rage Bomb! KJ Punk is running down the ramp now and into the ring, as he slides in, going straight for Dixon, spearing him down, as both men begin to brawl on the mat. Darius comes running out now, and right behind him, is HolyJose! Both men get into the ring, as they start a three way brawl with Rage. Soon, Shaz has come to, and all 6 men are going at it in the ring, as Divine and Blue are now fighting it out on the outside.

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