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    The camera's come back from the break, as we focus on the entrance stage.

    Malcolm Adonis

    The fans get to their feet and begin cheering ravenously as Malcolm Adonis' music hits the arena. Malcolm heads out from the back as the women in the crowd whistle, but soon become disappointed as just like last week he is fully clothed and altogether more serious looking than usual. Adonis looks around at the fans, trying to find the energy to smile. He forces himself to gyrate a little and gets a big pop from the fans, then begins walking to the ring blowing a few kisses to the girls in the front row. Adonis high fives a couple guys before jumping up onto the apron and stepping through the ropes, he asks for a mic and is handed one by an announcer.

    Adonis: Ya know, Malcolm wishes he could get up and get down right about now.. it's been long enough since he enjoyed a good party. But y'all are gonna have to forgive me when I say i'm just not in the right frame of mind for fun an' games right now. See what's on my mind right now is the well being and state of health of a good friend of mine who was taken against her will by a piece of crap who hides behind religion to commit heinous acts of indecency against innocent people. Y'all know who i'm talkin' about, and he does too.. Shinin' Light..

    Adonis looks out around the fans as they begin to boo at the mention of Lights name.

    Adonis: Shinin'.. you might think that what you're doin is in the name of God but lets face it.. there's plenty other nut jobs been around the world makin' similar claims. David Berkowitz.. otherwise known as the Son of Sam.. claimed he did what he did in the name of God.. from across the pond in the United Kingdom a man named Peter Sutcliffe.. aka the Yorkshire Ripper.. claimed he did what he did because God told him to. Both of those guys were Serial Killers.. and the fact that i'm comparing them to you should show just how serious I am about gettin' Valentina back safe and sound..

    Adonis rubs his eyes, clearly drained by everything that's been going on.

    Adonis: Ever since Lost Cause i've had one thing on my mind.. and that's been the damn despicable crap you've been puttin' Valentina through. Last week in my match I couldn't focus.. I may as well have not been there.. I got beat by a clearly inferior man in both appearance AND ability. I want this to end right now.. I want your sick games to stop.. Malcolm just wants to get back to the party man.. and he can only do that when Valentina is safely outta harms way.

    Adonis looks up towards the ramp and leans on the top rope.

    Adonis: So Shinin'.. I know you're here tonight.. my boys in the back have seen you and they know where you are. So i'm gonna ask you once.. no.. Malcolm's gonna TELL you once.. bring your punk ass down to this ring right now so we can settle this once and for all.. don't make me come back there son, because you really don't want that.. you really..

    Shining Light

    *Shining Light’s entrance music can barely be heard because of how loud the crowd are booing. After a few minutes of listening to “Awake and Alive”, Shining slowly walks out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. He stares at Adonis for a few minutes, who returns the look with a glare of his own, before smirking and begins to speak*

    Shining: Adonis! Long time no see my good friend. How have you been holding up? From what I’ve heard you haven’t been your usual, annoying self recently. Granted I couldn’t care less, seeing as I completely detest you, however it wouldn’t be very Christian – like of me to not enquire about your emotional state. But let’s not dawdle around formalities, we both know why you wanted me to come out here so let us get straight to the point. Valentina is in this arena tonight Adonis, but nobody has any idea as to where I have kept her. Will I let you see her? Possibly. But first I want you to listen to what I have to say.

    There are two reasons as to why I took Valentina from you. One of them is that it was my way of gaining the upper hand in this feud between you and me. I was aware of how much she meant to you, how much you adored her. I knew that if I was to take the one thing you loved then it would tear you apart. And I was right. During the week after Lost Cause, you withdrew from the public eye. Nobody heard or saw anything of you, which I hope and pray one day will become a permanent thing. And even when you returned to Chaos to make a statement, the mind – games continued to escalate! Those clips that you saw of myself and Valentina, they were real, they did happen. And I have the scars to prove it…

    *Shining gestures towards his right cheek, showing the scar caused by Valentina striking him with a whip*

    Which brings me to my second reason for taking Valentina. You may recall in my videos me mentioning the potential that I saw in her, the kind of potential that only I could see. I have no doubt in my mind that you saw some sort of sexual potential in her, after all you are a man obsessed with exploiting women for your sick, sexual desires. But the potential I saw in her was far from a sexual manner, it was the potential of her becoming something greater than she already is. I can envisage her being a key member of my crusade for peace, a trusted servant of the Lord. The pain that she inflicted on me is a sign of her strength and her inner anger. Whilst you see a beautiful woman with unusually large breasts, I see a strong, vicious woman longing for a chance to be noticed for something other than her good looks. Valentina is one of a kind, no one else is like her. I understand the troubles that she has faced and her need for someone to share the good and bad times of her life with. That man is not me Adonis, that man is God. So apart from me wanting to gain the upper hand in our feud, my main intention was to gain the Lord another follower. And I must admit that she is...

    Adonis: Enough! You know, you can run your gums as much as you like Shinin' but in all honesty there's only one thing i'm interested in. And that's Valentina.

    Adonis glares up at Shining who returns the gaze, both men stare each other down.

    Adonis: Who in the hell do you think you tryin' to convince? You think anyone in this arena buys the crap that's flowin' outta your mouth right now? You claim that you're acting in the name of God.. but i'd wager my last cent that God's lookin' down on you right now sick to his stomach. You talk about Valentina like she's a piece of meat without a mind of her own.. which is funnily enough exactly what you claim I see when I look at her. But you're wrong punk, you're dead wrong. Valentina is more than that.. she's way more than you could ever claim to see.. she's a friend, and she's a damn good one at that.. she ain't some tool to be used to get into my head. See I care about her.. more than you would dare even give me credit for.. you're so busy lookin' down your nose at me that you blind to the truth.

    The crowd listen on quietly as the two men joust verbally.

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    Adonis: You're so high and mighty, judgin' Malcolm as if you were God himself.. runnin' me down, criticising my lifestyle.. callin' me obsessed with exploitin' women.. and yet you fail to see the hypocrisy and irony of what you sayin'. The only man here that's obsessed with exploitin' women is you.. I know it.. all these people know it.. the locker room knows it.. seems that the only person blind to that.. is you. See Malcolm enjoys the party.. he enjoys the company of women.. he likes to shake what God himself gave him! But Malcolm ain't done nothin' with a girl that she didn't want to do.. and that's a fact. But look at you.. look at what your disgraceful ass did.. you abduct a woman against her will.. you refuse to accept that she ain't nothin' like you.. and you torture her. And for what? To get at Malcolm? How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

    The two men continue to stare each other down as the fans get behind Adonis.

    Adonis: I'm no fool Shinin'.. Malcolm see's what's really goin on here.. this ain't no personal quest to make the world a better place.. this ain't about helpin' Valentina. This is about one small minded bigot.. who think's it's his divine right to play God.. to impose his fascist will upon people who just want to have a good time.. who thinks the only way to get his message across is through violence against those who don't share his opinions. See this whole thing started because you wanted to use me as an example.. to send a message to everyone just like me who wants to get the most outta life. But let Malcolm tell you how this gonna end.. this is gonna end when Malcolm puts your ass in the ground.. and I ain't got a problem doing that right now.. we don't have to wait for Full Throttle. The only hope you got of gettin' out of here in one piece.. is to bring Valentina out here right now..

    *Shining laughs to himself, clearly amused by Adonis’ remarks*

    Shining: Patience is a virtue Adonis, a virtue that you clearly have not yet received. I’m not going to bring Valentina out here, just so that she can be subjected to jeers and wolf - whistles from the Neanderthals in this arena tonight.

    *The crowd boo angrily, beginning a chant of “Shut the fuck up”. Shining ignores them, deep in his own thoughts*

    Shining: In fact, forget what I have just said. I’ll bring Valentina out here Adonis, but on one condition…

    *At this point, Shining begins to slowly walk towards the ring*

    Shining: If you truly wish to see her Adonis, if your love for her is truly that strong, then you will repent and confess your sins. You will accept that I am the Lord’s most trusted servant and the Saviour of the World. You will accept that you are nothing more than a low – life, sex obsessed, waste of space whose existence does not affect anyone in any way, shape or form. But most of all Adonis…

    *Shining climbs into the ring and is now face to face with his nemesis*

    Shining: You will get down on your knees and allow me to baptize you in the name of the Lord.

    *Adonis’ face is contorted with rage and he clenches his fists*

    Shining: What’s that Adonis? Shall I take your silence as a no? Do you not want to see Valentina again?

    *Adonis remains silent, looking down towards the ring mat*

    Shining: Just say yes Adonis… Just say yes

    *After a few minutes of silence, Shining turns away from Adonis and makes to leave the ring*

    Adonis: *Quietly* Yes

    *Shining freezes on the spot. He slowly turns back around to face Adonis*

    Shining: I’m sorry, was that a yes?

    Adonis: *Quietly* Yes

    Shining: I can’t hear you…


    *Shining smirks at Adonis*

    Shining: Good… Very good. Now get down on your knees

    *Adonis slowly gets down on his knees, shaking with rage. Shining places his hand on Adonis’ head*

    Shining: After I have asked each question, I want you to answer with a simple “I do”. I’m sure that even someone with as little common sense as you can do that

    *Shining takes a deep breath and looks up to the sky*

    Shining: Do you reject Satan?

    *After a brief moment of silence, Adonis answers*

    Adonis: I do

    Shining: And all his works?

    *Another moment of silence ensues, broken again by Adonis’ answer*

    Adonis: I do

    Shining: And all his empty promises?

    Adonis: I do

    Shining: Do you believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth?

    Adonis: I do

    Shining: Do you believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who was born of the Virgin Mary was crucified, died, and was buried, rose from the dead, and is now seated at the right hand of the Father?

    Adonis: I do

    Shining: Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting?

    Adonis: I do

    Shining: God, the all-powerful Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a new birth by water and the Holy Spirit, and forgiven all our sins. May he also keep us faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ forever and…

    *Shining is interrupted by a loud scream from the ramp. He turns around in confusion and sees Valentina standing there. Her clothes are tattered and her hair is strewn over her face. She walks towards the ring with Shining shouting “What are you doing?” at her on her way. She enters the ring and looks at Shining. She flings herself into Adonis’ arms, who puts his hands tightly around her, as if to protect her from danger. The hug goes on for a few minutes, with the crowd wolf – whistling and Shining shaking his head in shock. Valentina breaks away from Adonis and they both gaze into each other’s eyes. Then suddenly she kicks Adonis right in his “God given gifts” which sends him falling to the floor in pain. The crowd are shocked by what has gone on and don’t know how to react. It’s only when she turns towards Shining and kneels down before him that they realize what has happened and begin to boo her. Shining places his hand on her head*

    Shining: I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    *Valentina rises to her feet and stands besides Shining, the crowd booing them heavily. They exit the ring and when they reach the top of the entrance ramp, they turn towards Adonis. Shining pulls Valentina around to face him and kisses her, with Adonis looking at them in disbelief. The camera's fade to a commercial break, as a disheveled Adonis is left in the ring.


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    The camera's come back from the break, focusing on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Well folks...I...I'm at a loss for words on what we just witnessed.

    Rocky: This thing between Malcolm and Shining has gone beyond a dislike. Hell, it's gone beyond hate.

    Mike: I honestly think these men are going to kill each other this sunday in the buried alive match.

    Mr Smyth

    Mr. Smyth comes through the curtain, and the crowd welcome him with a barrage of boos. Mr. Smyth simply smiles, and walks down to the ring with a cocky swagger. Smyth enters the ring, and grabs a mic from the stage hand. Before he beings the mic to his lips, a Kyojin chant ripples around the arena.

    Mr. Smyth: At the risk of gimmick infringement: you’re welcome.

    The crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: You’re welcome that I looked beyond my basic instinct of causing pain. You’re welcome that I am a very successful businessman who has his finger on the pulse of what the audience wants. You’re welcome that I organised what could very well be the greatest match of 2012.

    The crowd pops, and another Kyojin chant echoes around the arena.

    Mr. Smyth: Last week, we saw Chris Divine and Kyojin go one-on-one for the first time ever. It was an amazing match, and Kyojin came out on top.

    The crowd pops again.

    Mr. Smyth: Some people have asked me in the last week how disappointed I was to see Kyojin win that match. Well, here is my answer: I’m not. All the decisions I make are for the benefit of business and finally showcasing that match is a perfect example of that. However, you half-witted troglodytes still don’t appreciate all my efforts.

    The crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: This week, I intend to make a repeat performance. I have organised another match that will be a wrestling spectacle, and instead of waiting until later to announce my choice, I will do it now. Tonight, we will see Kyojin take on Ryan Wells.

    The crowd explodes with cheers.

    Mr. Smyth: A one-on-one confrontation between these two...


    The fans continue the cheering but it’s considerably louder as Smyth looks pissed off at the disruption. Kyojin explodes through the curtain and runs to the side of the stage. He stands there and holds the Endurance Championship up high in the air. He slowly makes his way down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He doesn’t climb straight into the ring though, instead climbing onto the turnbuckle. He holds the Endurance Championship once again up high in the air as another massive cheer thunders around the arena. We get a shot of Smyth rolling his eyes as Kyo finally gets into the ring. He asks a stagehand for a microphone and turns to Smyth.

    Kyojin: So, Ryan Wells huh? The thing is, Smyth- you have no idea what you just announced. You just kicked it all the way back to the very beginning of my career- when I was as big a name as are now actually. I, just like you are now, was a nobody.

    The fans give a mixed reaction, mostly cheers for the insult but a few boos for Kyojin insulting himself.

    Kyojin: And the fact is, I got my big break when I came out of the crowd and attacked Wells at Bad Habit, the first ICW PPV. One month later, I beat Wells at Blackout in a Texas Deathmatch. And that was the only time we ever faced each other. Tonight, Wells gets a chance at redemption. I gotta hand it to you Smyth, another great choice.

    As for last week and you making that match for IWA, you’re lying. You made that match for yourself, because you know how dangerous Chris Divine is. You were hoping he’d lay me out and injure me, but instead, I took on Chris Divine for the first time ever and I kicked his ass!

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Kyojin: And as for you Smyth, congratulations on beating Malcolm Adonis last week. I never knew you had it in you to win a match cleanly, let alone against somebody as good as Malcolm. At my count, that’s one each for wins in this little series of challenges.

    But tonight, I’ve gone up and beyond- and I know you don’t stand a chance against the guy I’ve chosen. You see, last week was a first time ever thing for the guy I faced, well this is a first time ever thing for you- and for this crowd!

    The fans cheer loudly again in anticipation.

    Kyojin: So let me tell you right now Smyth, you have absolutely no chance of winning tonight- you have absolutely no chance of doing anything other than getting your ass kicked all over this ring!

    The fans explode with cheers and yet again, another Kyojin chant begins to echo around the arena. Mr. Smyth paces around the ring, trying to calm himself down. He turns to the crowd.

    Mr. Smyth: Shut up!

    The crowd boos, as Mr. Smyth puts on a mocking voice.

    Mr. Smyth: “Kyojin! Kyojin! Kyojin!” I am getting sick to death of hearing that chant. You’re all a bunch of baaaa baaaa sheep, giving off predictable reactions. It’s sad, it’s pathetic and it’s borderline desperate.

    The crowd barrages Smyth with boos as he turns to Kyojin. The pacing has done no good, as he is still clearly pissed off.

    Mr. Smyth: As for you, you ungrateful little shit, your narcissism is once again getting the best of you. Last week I organised a match that was best for business – NOT to get you injured. If you did get hurt, that simply would have been a happy by-product, but it was not the root of my decision. My decision was purely a business one.

    The crowd give off a mixed reaction, and Smyth still looks pissed.

    Mr. Smyth: But well done you. You’ve jumped the gun. I hadn’t finished my announcement earlier. I am indeed aware that you and Wells had some interaction at the beginning of your ICW career, so I decided to add another element to it. Should you be lucky enough to win this match, then there will be a second match.

    The crowd boos as Kyojin looks at Smyth quizzically.

    Mr. Smyth: That’s right, a second match, only this time it will be against my rep at Full Throttle: Darius!

    The crowd explodes with boos as Kyojin suddenly seems more relaxed.

    Kyojin: Oh wow, a gauntlet match. Let me guess Smyth? Best for business? No. Best for yourself- although let’s face it, if there’s anybody that I expected to be facing this week, it would be Darius. And if there’s anybody that I WANT to face this week is Darius.

    Darius & I have NEVER had a one-on-one match. It’s a plain fact that after everything that happened in ICW, we need a one-on-one match, and Wells- I respect the hell out of you but tonight, if you win- you head into Full Throttle with momentum. If I win, I get to face a man I’ve wanted to face for the entirety of him being relevant in this business.

    And let’s face it, Darius has ALWAYS wanted to face me. Because after everything that happened in ICW, how he won Road to Glory, how he BEAT me at Road to Glory- I went on to be the guy that won the ICW World Championship in the final match of the company’s history.

    The crowd pops loudly as Kyojin smiles.

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    Kyojin: But what annoys me Smyth is once again, you’ve taken what we said we’d do and turned it on it’s head. Last week was the only time you’ve organised a one-on-one match. And tonight, well the guys in IWA just won’t do.

    You see, from the very start, you’ve needed to be put in your place- and now I’ve picked the best two wrestlers in this company, Rob Rage and Malcolm Adonis, it was about time you got put in your place. You won’t let me face you but just like you’re in TWE and JBW as well as this company, I’m also on JBW, I’m also in EWNCW- on two different shows.

    That’s right Smyth, you can cross out JBW. The guy I’ve picked for you is in EWNCW. But on which show? That’s the question.

    The crowd explodes into a Kyojin chant as Mr. Smyth is really getting agitated.

    Mr, Smyth: Turned on it’s head? You and I agreed to pick matches – at no point did we say that it had to be one-on-one matches. You’re just like everyone else – you suffer from ostrich syndrome. You stick your head in the sand and don’t see anything. I, however, see avenues of opportunities and that’s why I am one of - if not THE – greatest businessman that has ever lived and while I am achieving success, I leave behind the disgruntled troglodytes like you and like all of these people here. You’re all disgruntled because of jealousy. Simple as that!

    The crowd boos as Mr. Smyth moves closer towards Kyojin.

    Mr, Smyth: You’re happy that I chose Ryan Wells for your opponent, aren’t you?

    Kyojin doesn’t respond. He just stares down Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth: Yeah, of course you are. You know that’ll be a good match. I know it’ll be a good match and guess what – so do they. That is a business decision. What of Darius? You’re happy about that match too, aren’t you?

    Still no response from Kyojin.

    Mr. Smyth: Never gone one-on-one before, eh? You could argue that’s a business decision too. One that everyone wants to see. I mean you all want Darius and Kyojin to face off tonight, don’t you?

    The crowd pops.

    Mr. Smyth: But you’re doing it again – you’re accusing me of making decisions that benefit only myself when in truth, every decision I have made has been beneficial to this business. But if you really want to go down this road, let’s look at you. Was it the best decision to take out Angelo? You want to keep saying how I want to face weaker opponents, but then you are the one who has a track record of avoiding obstacles.

    Taking out Angelo meant that there was only two others left in that match at Glory Days and let’s face it – both Darius and Van knew that it wasn’t worthwhile putting in a full effort in that match because at the end of it, there was nothing to gain. The only other person who would have busted a gut in that match was Angelo, and you solved that problem, didn’t you?

    The crowd boos as Kyojin is now starting to look agitated.

    Mr. Smyth: Now this is no longer a business decision. This is personal. You’ve got a match against Wells. If you win, you face Darius and if you win that, then there will be a third match. In that match, you will face...

    There is a small Kyojin chant rippling around the arena as Mr. Smyth smiles for the first time this evening.

    Mr. Smyth:...Malcolm Adonis.

    The crowd explodes with boos, as Kyojin looks like he has been taken aback.

    Mr. Smyth: That one is for my own personal enjoyment and I know you and Adonis are the best of buddies, so I should imagine he would take sympathy on you having already gone through two matches. Let me make this clear: should you make it that far, if your match with Adonis is less than competitive, I will order the match to be restarted. It would be unfair on the fans to have anything less than a competitive match, wouldn’t you agree?

    The crowd boos as Mr. Smyth starts to laugh. Kyojin raises a hand to his head, his eyes wide still with shock.

    Kyojin: Malcolm Adonis?

    The crowd is stunned into silence as Kyojin backs up to the ropes, leaning against them. He runs a hand across his head before speaking again.

    Kyojin: Thank you.

    The fans explode with cheers as Kyojin begins to laugh himself. Smyth has a stern look on his face as Kyojin takes a step forward.

    Kyojin: For the first time ever, you’ve given me exactly what I wanted. Tonight, I’m going to be facing the man who I would love to step into the ring with again, Ryan Wells. Then I’ll be taking on the man who happens to be my biggest rival since I stepped into a ring, Darius- and just so happens to be the man who will be challenging for my title on your behalf on Sunday. The fact is, tonight in my match with Darius, I can give my own representative KJ Punk a bit of help by making certain that Darius isn’t 100% at Full Throttle.

    And then to top it all off Smyth, you’ve stepped forward and given me somebody that I have ALWAYS wanted to step into the ring with. Ever since Malcolm Adonis debuted, I have been impressed by the guy- and even though we’re partners, he always manages to annoy me. Hot Wasabi, really?

    The fans explode with cheers again as a huge Hot Wasabi chant echoes around the arena.

    Kyojin: So tonight, I can prove to him that we’re not a joke. And at the same time, we can put on the GREATEST match in IWA history. Chaos will never be the same again after tonight. And let’s get one thing straight Smyth.

    This Sunday is your last chance. As soon as KJ Punk beats Darius this Sunday, as soon as his and my hand is raised in victory, you will not have another shot at me, and you will not have another shot at this Endurance Championship. And if you somehow do manage to get another shot, that’s fine- because I will put you down.

    Somehow though, I think you’ll begin to think before you speak after you face your opponent tonight.

    The fans cheer again.

    Kyojin: Like I said, you should watch more EWNCW. But then again, since you’re in TWE- you’re not even good enough for the company- so I’d like to apologize to all the TV companies that broadcast IWA. This may get a little bloody, and I’m sure a massacre is something you didn’t plan to broadcast.

    So EWNCW, which show? Rage or Brutality? Well since you picked my tag partner, it’s ironic because your opponent is from Brutality. This year on that show, three tag teams have stood out above the rest. The current EWNCW Blacklist Champions God’s Grace.

    A huge cheer explodes around the arena.

    Kyojin: The former EWNCW Blacklist Champions Jesting Madness.

    A massive respectful cheer echoes around the arena.

    Kyojin: And a team currently inactive, Shadows of Madness.

    Another big cheer echoes around the arena, with a few boos.

    Kyojin: Orion Slayde is an IWA superstar already, and Abel is injured- plus it’s no secret Orion & I have history. I picked him as an opponent for Van Hooligan X on the final ICW Karnage. But don’t worry, Orion isn’t your opponent tonight.

    As for God’s Grace, I thought about it a lot. HolyJose is a guy that can kick every single person’s ass in this company and any in the world. But again, they weren’t the team that everybody were mostly talking about this year. No, the best tag team in the world this year has been Jesting Madness.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Kyojin: And my chosen person tonight is a lot like me. You see Smyth, in EWNCW I do something called multi-tasking. I’m on Rage as a singles wrestler and I’m on Brutality. My chosen representative does exactly the same.

    Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome....The Superior Technician...WILLIAM...CARLIN!

    The fans explode with respectful cheers once again.

    William Carlin comes out from the back, to a big ovation, as he makes his way down the ramp. Kyojin rolls out of the ring, and heads over to the announce table, as he takes a seat, putting on a headset.

    Mike: Well it looks like Kyojin will be joining us for commentary for this match!

    Rocky: If he wasn't the Endurance Champ, I'd kick his ass.

    Kyojin: Thanks for having me guys, and Rocky what were you saying?

    Rocky: Nothing, just that your a great champ, and that after this match, is your gauntlet match.

    Kyojin: Indeed. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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    Smyth(HHH) vs. Carlin(cena)

    (start 10:35, end at 23:45)

    Mike: WOW! Big move from Smyth! Can he get the cover!?

    Smyth is holding his knee, as he rolls over, and crawls, covering Carlin with 1 arm.


    Mike: William kicks out! William kicks out!

    Kyojin: not taking anything from Smyth, as he is a good wrestler, but this is why I chose William Carlin.

    Smyth sits up, as he grabs the top rope, using it to pull himself to a standing position. Carlin is slowly stirring back to his feet, as Smyth charges, grabbing the head of Carlin who is on his knees, and drives him into the ring mat with a ddt! Smyth doesn't let go though, as he flips over, and locks a dragon sleeper on Carlin!

    Rocky: Submission move! Look at Smyth adapt to the situation! This is why he is great.

    Mike: now don't over exaggerate.

    Rocky: Exaggerate? Screw you! Smyth is great!

    Smyth has the sleeper locked in tight, but Carlin won't tap. After a few moments, his arms are lifeless, as Smyth yells to check him. The ref comes over, lifting the arm of Carlin, as it drops once. The ref yells one, and raises 1 finger. He turns back, lifting the arm a 2nd time, and it drops again! The ref yells 2, and holds up two fingers! The ref turns back, as he lifts William's arm a third time, and as it drops, Carlin stops it near the bottom, as he starts to shake. The fans are rallying behind Carlin, as Carlin gets to one foot, and then to a second. Smyth still has his arm around the neck of Carlin, as William grabs, lifting SMyth straight into the air and runs, dropping Mr Smyth with a running powerslam!

    Rocky: Wow!

    Kyojin: Great way to counter the dragon sleeper into a powerslam.

    Smyth is back to his feet, as Carlin drops him with a back elbow. Smyth goes down, but is back up, as Carlin ducks a clothesline, and Smyth turns, straight into a kick to the gut and an impaler ddt! Carlin is to his feet, as he grabs the legs of Smyth, and positions him, angled near a turnbuckle. William falls back, as Mr Smyth flies through the air, and collides into the turnbuckle. Smyth stumbles back, as Carlin grabs Smyth, going for the . Smyth counters out of the and lands on his feet. Smyth grabs Carlin, lifting him into the air on his shoulders. THE RULE! Smyth drops Carlin with the X Factor from the samoan hold, as Carlins is planted hard. Mr Smyth goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Mr Smyth!

    Smyth is to his feet, as he looks at Carlin. Smyth walks to the ropes, and points to Kyojin, and says "Your next", as he smiles.

    Mike: Well, he won the match, and he is right. Your next Kyojin!

    Rocky: Good luck...your going to need it.

    Kyojin takes his head set off, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Kyojin is already in the ring, and Wells is on his way out. Mr Smyth is at commentary sitting next to Rocky. Ryan climbs into the ring, looking at Kyojin, as the ref signals the bell.

    Kyojin(angle) vs Ryan Wells(Lesnar)

    (start at 3:22, end at 13:12)

    Kyojin is left sitting in the corner, Wells stumbles away. He reaches the other ropes, slowly recovering. He turns to go at Kyojin who is still in the corner.

    Brock Edwards

    Suddenly, Edwards music blares, as Wells turns, looking for his rival. The music stops, and there is no Brock, as Kyojin charges, springboarding off the ropes in front of Wells, and connects with Truth Hurts! Wells is dropped from the beautiful disaster kick, as Kyojin goes for the cover!


    Emily Davis: The winner, Kyojin!

    Mike: He's beaten 1 of them!

    Rocky: Now comes Darius!

    Mr Smyth: The real challenge begins now!

    Darius comes running out from the back, sliding into the ring. The bell sounds, as the next match in the gauntlet series is underway!

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    Kyojin(Punk) vs Darius(Edge)

    (start at 1:59, end at 11:30)

    Kyojin is down, slowly recovering, as Darius is in the corner, poised to strike.

    Mr Smyth: Yes! The end is near!

    Rocky: This is why I'm a fan of Smyth! The guy is a genius!

    Mike: Kyojin is a never quit guy.

    Darius charges, as Kyojin turns. Kyojin spins, as he rolls, flipping over the back of Darius, as Darius collides into the corner! Darius stumbles back out, as Kyojin rolls Darius up!


    Darius kicks out right before 3! Both men get to their feet, as they begin to exchange blows!


    Darius has the upperhand as he irish whips Kyojin into the ropes. Kyojin bounces back, as Darius lifts Kyojin into the air for the FYB! Kyojin counters, flipping into the air and lands on his feet. Darius turns, as Kyojin runs, springboarding off the ropes. TRUTH HURTS! Kyojin goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winner, Kyojin!


    Mike: No he didn't! Kyojin has only one man left to face!

    Mr Smyth: The man I was hoping he would face, Malcolm.

    Kyojin gets to his feets, turning to the entrance stage. Darius is back to his feet, as he spins Kyojin around and lifts him into the air. FUCK YOU BITCH! Darius plants Kyojin hard, as the ref yells at Darius to get out of the ring. Darius does, as the camera's turn to the entrance stage. We see Malcolm Adonis walk out from the back, obviously out of it after his encounter with Shining earlier. Adonis heads down the ramp, and into the ring.

    Mr Smyth: Oh the joys of doing smart business.

    Adonis looks at Kyojin, who is slowly stirring. Adonis helps his friend up, as the ref turns, signalling the bell.

    Malcolm Adonis vs Kyojin

    Adonis looks at Kyojin, seeing he is obviously not at 100%. He shakes his head no, saying he won't fight his friend. Smyth stands up from the announce booth with a mic in hand.

    Mr Smyth: Malcolm, you must fight Kyojin. If you don't, you'll be pulled from your match at Full Throttle and have no chance of facing Shining.

    Smyth smiles, as he sits down.

    Mike: Since when do you have that kind of authority.

    Mr Smyth: When your a man like myself, you know how to pull the right strings.

    Adonis looks at Kyojin, and says sorry, as he drops him with a hard right! Adonis stands at the head of Kyojin, as he kicks the shoulder, but doesn't do his patented bicep kiss. Adonis runs into the ropes, bouncing off each side, as he comes back. ADONIS ELBOW! Kyojin rolls out of the way though, as Adonis lands on his elbow. Kyojin is to his feet, as Adonis is back up, and charges at Kyojin. Kyojin ducks a clothesline, reaching behind himself and takes Adonis down with modified neckbreaker. Kyojin is back to his feet, as is Adonis, as Kyojin fires off with kick after kick to the sides of Adonis, until Adonis is dropped to both knees. Kyojin turns, running into the ropes, as he comes back. He is caught by Adonis and lift into the air. MALCOLM XXX! Adonis drops Kyojin with the dominator, but then pauses, looking down. Smyth stands up once more.

    Smyth: Pin him! Pin him now!

    Adonis turns, glaring at Smyth, as he turns back to Kyojin and covers him.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, ‘The Sexual Sensation’ Malcolm Adonis!

    Mike: That was certainly a valiant effort by the Endurance champion. Three matches back-to-back, and he finally succumbed to his friend and tag team partner, Malcolm Adonis.

    Rocky: I have to admit, he did amazingly well, but surely even Kyojin has to admit that he isn’t a warrior.
    Mike: Kyojin does take on all challenges head on, and that may be a shortcoming of his – not knowing when to stop. Instead of picking his battles, he takes on every challenge, but to say he isn’t a warrior is inaccurate at best.

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    Adonis helps Kyojin up to his feet and the two embrace much to the joy of the fans. Kyojin breaks the embrace, raises Adonis’ arm and the fans explode with cheers. Kyojin goes to the ropes and asks the timekeeper for a mic. Kyojin is handed a mic, and as he walks to the centre of the ring, both he and Adonis pause as Black Blooded’s Gears appear on the staging area.

    The crowd boos as The Gears walk down to the ring in single file, and surround the ring. Kyojin throws the mic to one side, whilst Adonis eye up the threat. There is a short time where The Gears stand still while Kyojin and Adonis prepare themselves.

    Rocky: I can see this ending well.

    Mike: What the fuck is the meaning of this? The numbers game is definitely in the favour of The Gears, but some of those guys have lead pipes and chains.

    The fans explode with boos as Black Blooded appear on the staging area. All The Gears turn their heads towards their leaders and after a few moments, Mr. Blood nods his head and The Gears pile into the ring. Black Blooded walk down the ramp, and stand on each side of the ring.

    Adonis goes face to face with a Gear, and throws the first punch of the scuffle. The Gear gets knocked down as Adonis punches the second one. Kyojin starts throwing punches and kicks, but eventually succumbs to the numbers game, as three Gears drag Kyojin down to the ground. Adonis, still on his feet, tries desperately to get to his tag-team partner and fight his way through the crowd of men, but he too eventually succumbs to the numbers game.

    Mike: What the hell is the meaning of all this? Why have Black Blooded picked on these two?

    Rocky: I don’t know, but this is getting a bit too much, and that’s me saying that.

    Three men hold down Adonis, while another three men hold down Kyojin. The other members of The Gears take it turns to beat down the fallen tag team partners with punches, kicks, lead pipes and chains. The gang continue to beat down Adonis and Kyojin for a few moments longer, until both men are no longer moving. All of The Gears stand up and look outside of the ring. Mr. Blood again nods his head, and The Gears leave the ring and head back up the ramp

    After the gang leave the arena, both Mr. Blood and Mr. Black look over to the announce table, where we see Mr Smyth with a smile on his face.


    Rocky: Fucking genius! That’s why Mr. Smyth is the premier businessman of IWA.

    Mr. Smyth hands Mr. Black a thick brown envelops. There is a mutual nod between the two, and Black Blooded leave the arena, heading to the back, while Mr. Smyth walks around the ring.

    Mike: That son of a bitch. He’s again got other people to do his bidding. That son of a bitch is a disgrace. How can he walk around here with such cockiness?

    Rocky: Show some respect. Mr. Smyth is doing what is best for our business. He knows exactly what the crowd want to see.

    Mike: There are moments I want to smack the shit outta you, and this is one of them.

    Rocky: If you’re feeling brave, then bring it.

    Smyth walks around the ring some more and grabs the timekeeper’s chair and a microphone. Smyth get’s into the ring, and sets up the chair next to Kyojin. The crowd boos and Mr. Smyth waves a hand in Kyojin’s face.

    Mr. Smyth: Kyojin...

    Smyth continues to wave his hand.

    Mr. Smyth: I thought we could take this time to get a post match interview from you. What are your thoughts on the last few moments?

    Mr. Smyth situates the microphone near Kyojin’s mouth, however Kyojin is still out of it and unable to respond. The crowd chant Kyojin’s name as Smyth brings the mic back to his mouth.

    Mr. Smyth: That could very well be the best promo you’ve given this year.

    The crowd boos as Mr. Smyth chuckles to himself.

    Mr. Smyth: You, sir, are disrespectful. I am sick and tired of your ignorance towards me. Your arrogance is disgusting. You are like Frankenstein’s monster – Smokey thought that you were a great creation and pumped as much as he can into you. The ultimate wrestler who will be every promoter’s wet dream but like Frankenstein’s monster, you’ve become be the biggest mistake that Smokey, IWA and the wrestling industry has ever known.

    The crowd explodes with boos, with a small section trying to start a “Kyojin!” chant.

    Mr. Smyth: This is not about the Endurance title. This is personal and the reason that this is personal is because you have pissed me off. As a result, I have made it my target to rid IWA of it’s mistake and I will start by taking that Endurance title from you at Full Throttle and after I have done that, I will move onto the next stage of my plan.

    Mr. Smyth: I will remove what is easily the biggest cancer of this industry, and do you know why, Kyojin?

    Mr. Smyth again situates the mic next to Kyojin’s mouth and again there is no response.

    Mr. Smyth: Because, Kyojin, it’s what’s best for business.
    The crowd barrages Smyth with boos as he stands up from his chair. Smyth raises the hand that is holding the mic into the air and the crowd responds with louder boos. All of a sudden, a hooded figure with a pouch jumps over the barrier from the crowd and rolls into the ring. Mr. Smyth see’s the intruder and immediately exits the ring and walks backwards up the ramp slowly. The hooded figure watches Smyth for a moment, and then turns back towards Kyojin and Adonis. After a few more moments, the man removes the hood.


    Rocky: What the fuck?

    Mike: What the fuck is right. What else can happen?

    Shining Light slowly walks towards Adonis and surveys the damage created by Black Blooded’s Gears. Shining crouches down next to Adonis and after a while, he reaches into the pouch and pulls out what looks like a jar with a red liquid.

    The crowd boos as Shining opens the jar, sticks his thumb inside and paints Adonis’ chest with a cross. Shining again sticks his thumb into the jar, and paints a smaller cross on Adonis’ forehead and between his eyes.

    The camera cuts to Smyth, who has turned away to leave the arena. When the camera goes back to the ring, Shining Light again reaches into the pouch and pulls out an item that is not identifiable at first.

    Mike: Is that what I think it is?

    Rocky: I think it is.

    Mike: For those at home who don't understand what that is, it's a crown of thorns. This is obviously symbolic of something, I just don't know what.

    Rocky: Jesus was made to wear a crown of thorns when he died for our sins. I think the message is clear - Malcolm Adonis must die for his, and our, sins.

    Shining Light sits Adonis up in the corner and places the crown on his head. Shining pushes down on the crown hard into Adonis' head to the point where there is a small trickle of blood down Adonis' cheek. Shining takes the arms of Adonis, wrapping them in the top and middle rope so he is hanging.

    Mike: My god........this is just sickening..

    Rocky: I will admit...Shining may have taken this to far.

    The crowd boos as Shining Light stands up, raises his arms and the lights go out. A few seconds later, the lights come back on and Shining is gone.

    Mike: I...I don’t know what to say.

    Rocky: This is fucked up. Seriously fucked up.

    The final shot is of the referees and medical team piling into the ring to attend to Kyojin and Adonis.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we focus on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Folks, thanks for coming back with us..and after what we just witnessed...well...well...I'm at a loss for words.

    Rocky: For once, I am too. I thought Shining was a sick man...but now....this man is nothing more than a pure psychopath. I am actually hoping Adonis buries him Sunday.


    *Shaz's music blasts on the PA system, as Shaz comes out in a smart black Gucci suit, with a white shirt. Shaz slides into the ring, and picks up a mic and starts to smirk*

    Shaz: You see, I'm glad that all of you plebs are keeping it real with the booing me. In fact, it's music to my ears. But times like this, you just need to keep it down. It's like y'all are trying to do a wannabe opera tune ya know? But after all, it's just me init? Now, haters have been gassing about me. Not like I give a fuck, but I just want all these mugs to listen to MY input.

    And surprise, surprise, one twat who addressed me...was Kyojin.

    *Crowd cheer at the mention of Kyojin as Shaz laughs*

    Shaz: According to him, I'm apparently a deceitful and cowardly piece of shit. Now Kyojin, listen to me clearly. You are a hypocrite. You talked and talked about how I couldn't back up anything I said, but you can't back up your claim that you're gonna tear my face off! But this isn't about you getting pissed off about my attitude.

    It's all jealousy! Now don't you dare try to deny it. You're jealous about the fact, that I am a world champion. You couldn't stand to see me win this belt, and you're jealous about the fact that you were just a 5 second champion. You had your chance to do a 5 second pose, whereas me..I'm giving this pose to people like you.

    *Shaz sticks both of his middle fingers up in the air, much to the crowd's displeasure

    Shaz: And Smokey, announced that you muppets voted for a Texas Tornado match for Full Throttle. Now, I'll be honest. I've never competed in a Texas Tornado match, but it'll be decent because that way I get my hands of Saggitarius Blue and Rob Rage. But there's one con..I'll be teaming up with the "So Fine" Chris Divine.

    *Crowd boo the name as Shaz laughs*

    Shaz: Now, I despise that chumperino! But I'm prepared to settle my differences with him, for one night. Divine, you better not double-cross me! And trust me Divine, I'm warning you. Because I may be on Rob Rage's case, but don't think for a second that I won't be on yours at the same time!

    And last week, Rob Rage told all of you people the biggest lie..he helped me to win the IWA title.

    *Crowd chant RAGE*

    Shaz: Absolute bullshit!

    *Crowd boo Shaz, and chant RAGE much to Shaz's displeasure*

    Shaz: I could've taken on all those punks in the ring, but you wanted to be the main man, so you went ahead and helped me. Just because you were too scared that I was gonna gain all the momentum, and you were gonna lose steam after winning the Insane Asylum.

    But eliminating one person, means zilch. So stop going around thinking you're such a rebel. Because you Rage, are a wannabe.

    *Crowd jeer, as they obviously disagree*

    Shaz: And tonight, I'll be going one on one with IWA's hottest prospect..Saggitarius Blue. This guy has beaten me before, and I'll assure you people that he won't tonight. But either way, I'm basically fucked. Because his boyfriend, Pisces Pink will probably end up eating me alive anyway. But talking of Pisces Pink.

    Good luck in the battle royal, for the Vanity Championship. I'm pretty sure you will win, because you are the opposite sex to all the buff Bombshells in that match. If you are to win the title...then just don't eat it! But seriously, a congratulations will be on the table if you succeed! I'll give you a a VIP access to the Las Vegas buffet table!

    And Sag. Blue, you may need to attend as well. Why? Well, unlike all these people, I have guts. So I'm just gonna spit it're anorexic! And-

    Sagittarius Blue

    Linkin Park's "Faint" blasts through the arena as Sagittarius Blue appears on the ramp, wearing a black "Sagittarius Blue: Classic City Saint" t-shirt, custom jeans with Sagittarius signs airbrushed on the sides, studded wristbands and blue Chuck Taylor hi-tops. The crowd pops loudly for the Royal Rockstar as he makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and jumps into the ring.

    Sagittarius Blue: Did you really just go there? Did I really hear mine and Pisces Pink's names just come out of your slimy little mouth? *asks the crowd* Did I really hear that? *crowd cheers and chants "He just went there!*

    Okay, now I know your vagina is quivering over having our Texas Tornado match and you desperately want to hide in your closet and grip your teddy bear and hope it all goes away... And the good news is? It won't. Shaz, I'm going to give you a friendly piece of advice: man up. Man. The fuck. Up. I mean, you're the champ now. You have the gold. And that means that things will get harder for you. I can attest to this - I've held titles in fight leagues. When you're the champion, people will come gunning for you. Challenges will be put in your way to test your worth. And if you're already getting heartbroken about it, then maybe... *dramatic pause, looks into Shaz's eyes* You're not worthy.

    Now onto the real, here-and-now shit... You said my name. You said Pisces' name. And you spat on both of them. One thing you got right: Sagittarius Blue is one of the hottest up-and-comers in IWA, not to toot my own horn, what do you guys think? *crowd pops* But what else was it that rolled out of your gapehole? Pisces is my "boyfriend?" Get your eyes checked - Pisces is all woman. You know, just like you. Unlike you, Pisces has the heart of a champion - and when she mows down any and everyone in her path and becomes the IWA Vanity Championship, she will prove it. *stone cold serious face* And you WILL show her the proper respect. And as far as you talking shit about my size, don't worry about it - I may be small, but so is a block of C4. Hope it doesn't hurt your pride being schooled by a "little man." If you have any pride to hurt, I mean.

    So Shaz, do the planet a favor... CHANGE YOUR TAMPON. MAN THE HELL UP. AND STOP ACTING LIKE A --

    Chris Divine

    Divine music cuts Blue off, as Divine comes out from the back with the JBW Intercontinental Championship on one shoulder. He is wearing blue baggy jeans, a nice polo colored shirt, a backwards black baseball cap, and a pair of aviator shades. He walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring. He walks over, looking at Blue, and then turns to Shaz, yanking the mic out of his hands. The music fades, as Divine eyes Shaz up and down.

    Divine: What the I mean really...what the hell....what in the hell happened to you chucklehead. I look like you went out to dinner with a mortician and got put in his grade d cheapo suit. Seriously, you win one World title, through a bullshit way Divine might mention, and then you become this corporate sell out. Next thing we know, you'll be showing up to shows in a limo, holding a glass of champagne, and walking around with hookers, going WOOO!

    The fans woo at this, and some even cheer Divine for his remarks.

    Divine: Now, chumpette, you're right. Divine is going to be teaming up with the new World Champion this Sunday at Full Throttle. It'll be Rob Rage, Mr Insane Asylum winner and The Comeback Kid, Sagittarius Blue, teaming up to take on the World Chump, Shaz, and the Divine One. Now, Divine will say this. Divine will hold his own, if you hold your own Shaztiny. Aight? You start acting like the incomperable jackass we all know you are...well...that might call for some intervention on Divine's part. Now...excuse Divine...I'm going to turn my attention to someone actually worth Divine's time.

    Divine turns to Blue, as both men lock eyes.

    Divine: Divine sees your little boyfriend is going to be back tonight for the Bombshell match. Best of luck to Pisces Punk. She is going to need it. The person who doesn't need luck, because they are already doomed, is you chuckles. Divine honestly can't believe you accepted for the rematch of all rematches at Destined for Immortality. You've signed your fate for two months now Blue. This Sunday at Full Throttle, and next month at Destined for Immortality. Divine guesses that's what you and Rage are all about though huh? Putting yourselves into situations where you will most likely be made to look like fools. Rage wins the Insane Asylum match, gets his title shot, only to now be in a 6 man Maximum Anarchy match, and you show the Divine One disrespect, you flaunt what you have infront of my eyes, so Divine has to beat yours and your little boyfriends asses. Let Divine make a prediction for you right now Sagittarius Blue. Full Throttle, Destined for Immortality, you and Rage will have something in common. You'll both be losers!

    Divine laughs, as the fans start chanting Divine can't wrestle.

    Divine: Shut up you stooges, Divine is focusing on a person you all could consider family, Blue here. I mean, birds of a feather flock together right? So obviously all you jack asses know what Blue's life has been know...being losers and all....well Divine....

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    Rob Rage

    It’s now Rage’s music’s turn to cut somebody off. He walks out in his Red Best of British Tee, scruffy looking jeans and wearing the JBW Underground Championship over his shoulder, with a mic in hand. He strolls slowly down to ringside, talking as he goes.

    Rage: Well I hate to interrupt… Wait, what am I saying? I love to interrupt, especially the likes of you. But I think I may have heard somebody call me a loser. You know, that’s an insult coming from anybody, but from you that really hurts. Unfortunately for you it doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as the hurting me and Blue here are going to put on you come Full Throttle! *Crowd cheer their approval*

    Now you want to come out here, brandishing that JBW Intercontinental Championship. Well two can play at that game *he points one casual finger to his JBW Underground Championship on his shoulder* Which is worth more? Well let’s just find out. Is the Intercontinental Championship worth more *crowd boo* or the Underground championship? *Crowd roar* Well I guess that’s settled then.

    He’s now reached the ring, and shins up onto the apron and slides through the top and middle rope, then gets right up in Divine’s face

    Rage: But this isn’t about JBW. This is about IWA. This is about Full Throttle. This is about the main event. This is about me beating your ass. *He leans right into Divine’s face and speaks in a whisper* And there’s nothing the so called Divine one can do about it! *He then faints at him, and Divine flinches slightly, causing Rage to laugh*

    Divine glares at Rage while he laughs, and immediately strikes! Blue moves to Divine, but Shaz cuts Blue off. Within moments, Divine sends Rage over the top to the outside with a clothesline, and takes himself out too! Both men are back up though, as they brawl their way up the ramp and into the back. Officials are out now, breaking Blue and Shaz up.

    Mike: This is going to be huge! Shaz vs Sagittarius Blue is up next!

    ~Commercial Break~

    The camera's come back, as we see Shaz and Blue are now in corners, as officials are gone. A ref is in the ring, as he signals for the bell.

    Shaz vs Sagittarius Blue

    (Start at 01:38, end at 07:12)

    Mike: This is certainly a great match.

    Rocky: Oh yes. It has lived up to the hype. It’s a shame that out world champion has had to carry that rockstar wannabe throughout this bout.

    The referee continues the count as both Sagittarius Blue and Shaz are on the ground.

    Blue starts slapping his left arm, trying to get some feeling back into it.
    Shaz starts to get up whilst holding the base of his back.
    Shaz remains on his knees, waiting for his back to stop hurting.

    Blue is up and walks towards Shaz. Blue strikes Shaz with a hard right, but gets distracted by the pain in his left arm. Shaz stands up and nails Blue with a right of his own. The two men start to trade blows.



    Shaz takes the initiative and grabs Blue’s left arm and drags him down to the mat with an armbar. Shaz really starts applying the pressure, as Blue screams in pain. The referee drops to the floor and asks Blue if he wants to give in, and the reply is no.

    Mike: Shaz has really got that armbar locked in.

    Rocky: C’mon Blue. Just tap.

    Shaz is starting to get frustrated with Blue not tapping out, so he puts his legs on the ropes for leverage, and applies more pressure on the left arm of Blue. Blue screams even louder. The crowd start chanting Blue’s name as the referee again asks Blue is he wants to call it a night, to which Blue says no. The referee looks up, and he spots that Shaz’s feet are on the ropes. The referee immediately jumps up, and kicks Shaz’s legs off the ropes.

    Rocky: Are referee’s allowed to do that?

    Mike: What? Enforce the rules? One could argue that is what they are there for.

    Rocky: Enforce the rules, yes. Kicking a wrestler, however, is beyond their realm.

    Shaz get’s up in the face of the referee and the two start arguing. Shaz pushes the ref, and the ref pushes Shaz in response. The two continue to argue as Sagittarius Blue rolls out of the ring and stands on the apron. When Shaz turns away from the ref, Blue jumps up from the apron onto the ropes and nails The Sagittarius Shot (flying dropkick).

    Mike: What a dropkick! C’mon Blue! You can do it, kid!

    Rocky: Lucky shot, s’all!

    Shaz is lying on his stomach, and Blue wastes no time in applying the Bow of Sagittarius. Shaz in screaming in pain as the ref falls to the ground and asks Shaz if he wants to give in. Shaz screams to the ref to look at the ropes, which the ref does and sees that Shaz has his left foot on the bottom rope. The ref orders Blue to relinquish the hold, which he does.

    Rocky: Shaz was too close to the bottom rope. In fact, he had his foot on there the moment that hold was applied. Why didn’t the ref see it straight away? I’ll tell you why – he’s on the fucking take.

    Mike: Don’t talk bollocks.

    Blue walks over to the corner and places his head on the turnbuckle. His left arm is still hurting, he’s feeling tired and frustrated. Blue collects himself and makes his way over to Shaz. Blue goes to pick up Shaz from the mat, but Shaz shoves Blue away. As Blue stumbles backwards, he knocks the referee to the floor.

    Rocky: Bye ref.

    Blue looks at the referee for a few seconds and then turns around. Shaz, still on his knees, delivers the sickest of low blows, and Blue immediately falls to the ground. Shaz get’s up onto his feet and rolls out of the ring. He lifts the apron and searches underneath the ring. A few seconds later, Shaz stands up holding a chair in his right hand.

    Mike: Oh now c’mon!

    Rocky: Time for shaz to show why is the best in the world!

    Shaz rolls into the ring, and delivers a chair shot to Blue’s left arm. Blue screams in pain, as he clutches his injured limb. Shaz again nails Blue’s left arm with another vicious chair shot. Blue continues to roll around the mat in pain.

    Mike: We need another referee out here to stop this. This is just unfair. That poor kid is getting the shit beaten out of him.

    Shaz delivers a couple of stomps on Blue’s torso, and then slams the chair onto his chest. Shaz leaves Blue on the floor with the chair on his chest while he goes to the corner. Shaz climbs the turnbuckle leaps high and lands the Shaz Splash (frog splash).

    Rocky: Boom! Now that was beautiful!

    Shaz is clearly in pain, but gets eventually up with an evil smile on his face. Shaz walks over to Sagittarius Blue and starts talking smack. Shaz picks up blue and puts him into position. He looks to the crowd and screams “Best In The World!” and gets ready to nail his finisher, but Blue drops to his knees and delivers a low blow on Shaz.

    Both men and the referee are on the floor. Blue starts to move and crawls over to the ropes. As Shaz starts to stir, Blue drags himself up to a standing position.
    Mike: What the hell? What’s he doing out here?

    Divine comes through the crowd and jumps up onto the apron. Divine starts talking smack to Blue, who in turn returns the favour and starts shouting at Divine.

    Mike: Turn around, Blue. Pay attention to what you are doing.

    Rocky: Hhhhhhheeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee’s Johnny!

    Shaz is back on his feet with the chair in his hand. Shaz goes to nail Blue, but Divine lands a hard right on Blue and Blue falls to the ground. As a result, Divine gets cracked on the skull by the chair. Divine falls off the apron onto the floor as Shaz looks on confused. All of a sudden, the lights go out.

    Rocky: Seriously? Twice? In one night?

    Mike: Maybe somebody needs to pay the electric bill.

    Camera flashes are the only thing that can be seen for a few moments, but then the lights come back on. As soon as that happens, the crowd explodes with cheers.

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    Mike: ROB RAGE! ROB RAGE! IT’S ROB RAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    Shaz turns around and is taken aback by the sight of Rob Rage standing in the ring. Shaz gets ready to nail Rage with the chair at the very moment that Blue gets back up on his feet. Blue spins round Shaz – SIGN OF THE ARCHER!!!

    Mike: What a move! And Blue can finish it off right here.

    Both men are down on the floor again. Rob Rage exits the ring, but not before shaking the ref to life. The referee starts to stir.

    Mike: The ref is awake.

    Rocky: Of course he is, for fuck’s sake.

    Mike: C’mon kid, you can do it. Just cover him!

    Sagittarius Blue slowly crawls over to Shaz...he hooks the leg...the referee - still lying down - looks up, sees what is going on and starts to count...


    Mike: He’s nearly there!
    Rocky: No, no, no! This is not fair!
    Mike: He’s done it! He’s done it! Sagittarius Blue has beaten the world champion!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner: Sagittarius Blue!

    Blue stands up, as the ref raises his hand. Divine is still out on the outside, as Rage is on the outside clapping.

    Mike: What a huge upset! And it looks like Blue and Rage have the advantage going into Full Throttle!

    Rocky: Tonight has just rocked my mind! This night has been ground shaking!

    The camera's cut to a commercial break at this point.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Rob Rage, KJ Punk, Darius, Carlos Alberto Ramon, and Van Hooligan X are already in the ring.

    Mike: I wonder if AJ Dixon is going to show. After losing the title two weeks ago, and then being denied a rematch last week by Smokey, you have to wonder his state of mind.

    Rocky: I agree actually. Dixon has seemed out of it since his loss.

    AJ Dixon

    AJ Dixon comes out from the back, seemingly focused, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring. He climbs into it, looking at Van Hooligan X, who offers a fist bump, but AJ ignores him turning to their opponents.

    Dixon(Gallows)/Ramon(Punk)/Van(Jericho) vs. Rage(HHH)/Darius(Edge)/Punk(Mysterio)
    (Start :20 End 7:40)

    Rage drops Ramon down with a massive spinebuster! Van and Dixon are reaching out to Ramon, trying to get the tag but Rage grabs Ramon by the ankle and drags him over to his corner. Rage stares at Darius, and then Darius extends his hand out to be tagged in ... And Rage accepts the tag!

    Mike: Woah! Did you see that?! They're working like a team!

    Rocky: I don't know, Mike, did you see the look in Darius's eye when he made the tag?

    Darius applies an armbar to Ramon, twisting it around about screaming at him to just tap out. Ramon reaches up and hits Darius in the head a few times, forcing him to break the hold. Ramon struggles to his feet but Darius kicks him in the gut, and then lifts him up in the air for the Fuck You, Bitch ... But Darius just stands and stares at Punk.

    Mike: What is he doing? He could end it right there!

    Rocky: Wasting time! Come on, Darius!

    While Darius stares down Punk, Van comes in from behind and hits a chop block to Darius's legs, then runs back to the apron, making him drop Ramon! Ramon recovers instantly and begins stomping away at Darius, and then he runs over and tags Van back in! Darius gets to his feet as Van gets into the ring, and the two begin trading blows!

    Van! Darius! Van! Darius! Van! Darius! Van! Darius! Darius!

    Darius gets the upper hand ... But Punk tags himself in from behind!! Darius just turns and looks as Punk as he climbs in the ring, and the ref tells Darius to get out, but Darius instead hits Van with a nasty big boot! Darius gets out of the ring, and then Punk capitalizes on the downed Van and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Dixon is in and breaks up the tag!

    The ref forces Dixon out of the ring and then Punk lifts Van to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but Van comes back and drops Punk with a forearm to the face! Both men are down, but Van gets to his feet first. Van grabs Punk by the leg and kicks him in the abdomen a few times, before pressing down onto it hard with his heel. Van lifts Punk to his feet again, and whips him into his corner hard. Van reaches and tags in Dixon, and the two begin stomping down onto Punk until the ref counts to four, and then Van exits the ring!

    Mike: It looks like the Infection is dominating this match!

    Rocky: Well duh! They're the best in the business!

    Dixon pulls Punk to the center by his hair, and then he stands Punk to his feet, and then nails a super kick!! Dixon laughs at Punk falls to the mat, and then he attempts to go for the cover, but Darius tries to get into the ring, distracting the ref! Dixon takes advantage and starts choking Punk with his boot, and then goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Kickout!

    Dixon is in shock! Punk rolled the shoulder at the last second! Dixon stomps down on the back on Punk's legs, but Punk still manages to crawl towards his corner. He reaches up for Rage, but Dixon just starts to pull him back, but then Darius is back in and drops Dixon with a big boot!!

    Mike: WHAT! He just HELPED Punk!?

    Rocky: Don't jizz yourself, he doesn't want to lose so he is carrying Punk and Rage's sorry asses!

    The ref is bitching at Darius, telling him to stay out of the ring. Darius gets back and then Punk gets back up! Punk brings hard rights down onto Dixon, and then kicks him in the ribs hard! Punk picks Dixon up, and then brings him back down with a nasty neckbreaker! Rage is begging to be tagged in, so Punk tags in Rage! Rage charges the ring and picks up Dixon, and the two trade blows! Rage throws Dixon into the turnbuckle, and then hits a massive clothesline against the turnbuckle! Rage stalks Dixon in the corner, waiting to set up the Rage Bomb ..

    Mike: What the hell!?

    Rocky: What are they doing out here?!

    Cody and Ryan Hart come running through the crowd and attack Van and Ramon from behind, while Shaz comes running down the ramp, slides into the ring and nails Rage with the championship! The referee calls for the bell and makes the declares the match as a draw!

    Emily Davis: This match is officially declared a no contest!

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