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    *Vivica gingerly takes the microphone, giggling softly with one hand held demurely over her mouth, taking her hand away, she starts idly twirling one of her pigtails around as she speaks.*

    Vivica: Well silly, you see My Daddy always said that I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I remembered to always follow his rules. See, Daddy said that someday me, him and Unca Blood would all be champions, and have enough money to eat ice cream and pie every day! My Big Daddy, he's the biggest and strongest and brightest man in the whole wide world, and I just know that if I work real hard, and get that title, it will make him the most proudest poppa in the whole world!

    *She walks away from the other contestants, swaying her hips seductively as she continues.*

    See, a girl's gotta make her Daddy proud, or she's just a pointless whore, and there are enough of those in here already!

    *The other women on stage all look pissed, almost ready to start a fight with Vivica right then and there*

    Of course, winning the belt means I get to defend it, right? And that means I get to play too! See, I never got to play when I was a kid, all of my toys ended up breaking and bleeding and screaming, and they would all get taken away, far far away from me and they would say, you're a bad girl, bad girls hurt people, bad girl to make people pretty. but I wanted so much to show them how pretty my toys were underneath, all red and white and drippy and squishy.

    *Seth looks sickened, as the crowd starts chanting "Crazy Bitch" and Vivica flashes him a winsome smile, almost as though a younger, more innocent her is peeking out, the image is ruined however, by her thrusting her breasts in the air as she is smiling*

    But Daddy, Daddy never ever ever calls me a bad girl, he knows that it is so much prettier without all that boring skin! Daddy always takes care of me, always loves me, and never tries to take my toys away, or tell me i'm bad, or send me to the sicky place. Daddy likes it when I play rough with my toys, and when I get that belt, then I will have all the toys I want to play with, as rough as I like!

    *Seth seems almost ready to run away, but he can't help but stare at Vivica's cleavage, as she flashes him another winsome, perverted, little girl smile*

    But I'm a silly girl, you didn't ask why I need it, you asked why I deserve it, didn't you.

    *Vivica walks over to Seth, who is not sure whether to run away or not, she gets right up against him, stretching as if going for a kiss, but as Seth leans in, she knees him hard, right in the testicles, before taking a few steps back, smiling again as if nothing happened*

    Well that's easy, see, I am the bestest girl that there ever was, and besides, I am just gonna take it anyway, I mean, no good girl has anything to worry about from a bunch of pointless whores like these, so the belt is already mine, near as I can tell.

    *As the other contestants seem just about ready to pounce, Vivica turns back, smiling at them, the look in her eyes conveying nothing sane, it is enough to stop them, at least long enough for her to step out between the ropes, and walk down the steps to the arena floor.

    Mike: Interesting! I can't wait to see this match next week!

    Rocky; I'm pulling for Vivica! She is sexy!

    The camera's cut from the remaining bombshells in the ring, to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the commercial, as we see Gommenta already in the ring, as Mr Blood is coming out and down the ramp by himself.

    Mike: For those who are just joining us, we've already see the return of Smokey.

    Rocky: But for how long!? I hope someone gets him on his meds!

    Mike: We also saw a stellar match between Kyojin and Divine.

    Rocky: And now we are going to see Gommenta go 1 on 1 with Mr Blood.

    Mike: And we've just been told that both Gaileo, Schweizner, and Mr Black have been barred from ringside during it!

    Blood is in the ring now, as the ref turns, and signals for the bell.

    Mr. Blood (Undertaker) vs. Gommenta (Kane)
    (Start 7:05 End 12:10)

    Gommenta brings Blood down with a massive chokeslam in the middle of the ring! Gommenta goes for the cover!

    One! Two! NO!

    Blood gets the shoulder up! Gommenta gets back to his feet and stomps away at Blood, but Blood still manages to get to his feet. Gommenta strikes Blood hard, but Blood shakes it off and hits Gommenta back, and then the two start exchanging blows!

    Gommenta! Blood! Gommenta! Blood! Gommenta! Blood! Blood! BLOOD!

    Blood gets the upper hand and hits a nasty right hook on Gommenta, and then hits a brutal uppercut to Gommenta's jaw, sending him back into the turnbuckle! Blood throws rights and lefts into Gommenta's stomach, and then brings a knee up to his gut, knocking the wind out of Gommenta. Blood grabs Gommenta and drops him with a double arm DDT, and then scales the turnbuckle.

    Mike: This can only mean one thing, Rocky!

    Rocky: The shooting star press! Lets see it happen.

    Blood has Gommenta in his sights, and then flies from the top and connects with the shooting star press!! Blood rolls around the ring, favoring his stomach while Gommenta rolls out of the ring. Blood slowly gets back to his feet and sees Gommenta using the apron to pull himself back to his feet. Blood walks to the side with Gommenta, but Gommenta grabs Blood by the ankles and pulls him down and then drags him out of the ring, bouncing his head off of the thinly padded floor below!

    Mike: Oh my gawd! Did you hear that thud!?

    Rocky: That had to hurt.

    Gommenta picks Blood up, and then rams him into the apron hard a few times before finally rolling him back into the ring. Gommenta slides in after Blood and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Blood grabs the rope! Gommenta looks at the ref and argues with him, but the ref keeps telling Gommenta that Blood grabbed the rope! Gommenta is livid! He drags Blood to the center of the ring and covers him again!

    One! Two! Blood gets the shoulder up!

    Gommenta screams with frustration, and goes on the outside and starts to take apart the steel ring steps! Blood slowly gets to his feet and Gommenta sees this, so Gommenta slides back into the ring, but Blood kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the Blood Drop, but then Gaileo comes running through the crowd, hops the barrier and slides into the ring, and then knocking Blood down!

    The referee calls for the bell! Mr. Blood wins via DQ!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, Mr Blood!

    Gaileo helps Gommenta to his feet, and the two men keep beating on Blood.

    Mr Black comes running out from the back and straight into the ring, but it's no use. Damaged Goods plant Black as soon as he enters the ring with a double big boot, and the proceed to boot the beatdown on the big man. After a few moments, Schweizner comes walking out from the back with the tag championships on his shoulder. *Sebastian Schweizner slides into the ring, both titles swung over a shoulder, and surveys the damage Gommenta and Gaileo has caused. He orders Gaileo to grab a chair, before he is handed a mic by a stagehand. Gaileo sets up the chair in the ring, before Schweizner lays the titles in front of the chair, before sitting down. The crowd begins jeering as Schweizner sighs*

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    Schweizner: When will you illiterate creatures learn to keep quiet? There are far more people, like moi, who deserves your attention, respect, and love, without being interrupted!

    *The crowd boos louder, before Schweizner rolls up his sleeve, and stares at his watch*

    Schweizner: You pathetic imbeciles need to realize something. These lifeless bodies in the ring, are just a speck of the damage Damaged Goods is capable of creating. What you don't see, you distasteful insects, are that Damaged Goods have more in their arsenal, than what you all know of. And Mr. Blood, Mr. Black.

    *Schweizner stares at Black Blooded, both laying face down on the mat*

    Schweizner: Right now you are within reach of the IWA Tag Team Titles, but you're not going to get any closer to them. You couldn't defeat Gommenta or Gaileo in a steel cage match, and that was with Victor Elric and Ivan Draymen as distractions.

    But it's not just your wrestling ability that is over-rated. It's also this “gimmick” you have. Motorcycle riders. It sickens me to the core, how a biker gang can take over a wrestling promotion at the snap of a finger. Their head is so far stuck up their own ass, that they don't appreciate what actual wrestling is. They're just “big guys”. Green guys who don't know a thing about the business! And they think that their

    Oh, and none of this “nothing personal” crap. Because it is personal. They stand in the way of you getting paid. All Mr. Black, Mr. Blood, Kyojin, KJ Punk, AJ Dixon, Rob Rage, Mr. Smyth, Darius, Shining Light, Malcolm Adonis, Oscar Layman, Ryan Wells, Brock Edwards, Matt Ryder, and even Athena cares about, is collecting a pay-check at the end of the week. Black Blooded creates the biggest crime, because they get the fan to respect them, for their accomplishments when they don't respect the business!

    It's Gommenta and Gaileo that is bringing fighting, brawling and wrestling back to IWA. They've been trained in combat sports. They love professional wrestling more than anybody in the back! They love professional wrestling more than anyone of you! They may not fully understand the concept, but with me leading them, it doesn't matter. They can annihilate anyone IWA has to offer! And Black Blooded. You are the first victims. And that is nothing personal. Just business

    Hell. In A Cell.
    *The Crowd Pops*. Black Blooded, Damaged Goods are going to teach you the meaning of wrestling, and if it's inside the cell, well then let me remind you from the good 'ole WWF days. Wrestlemania, the Big Bossman suffered torture at the hands of the Undertaker! The man who can no longer be with us got hanged on the biggest stage in wrestling history. And Full Throttle serves as the final stage before the new biggest stage in wrestling, so it's inevitable, it's destiny, that the ever controversial Black Blooded face their doom, in the steel structure.

    Gommenta can slam Mr. Black's head against the wall, his forehead will become split, and blood pouring from his skull. Gaileo can throw Mr. Blood from the ring apron, back first into the cell, his body bruised, bleeding and battered. And not only is it legal – it's encouraged! There's no coming out of a Hell in a Cell match unharmed, but you see, Damaged Goods are making history: the holders of the most prestigious championship in IWA history, the only title holders to be able to defend their titles against their planned opponents, in IWA history.

    What about the match having to have red liquid pouring down a face of both bikers? The Elimination First Blood Match!
    *another crowd pop* Anything legal: ladders, chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks, bloody Spanish announce tables or even a mannequin head! The pain suffered by Dave and Dom – or whatever Black Blooded are really called – will be like taking it up the arse from the Devil's Pitchfork!

    Think of Ric Flair bleeding. Imagine him screaming. That is like heaven, to the mental pain Damaged Goods goes through on a daily basis! So inflicting that physical pain on other human beings is like Christmas to them. And a first blood match does that. They reach a stage where they are classed as unable to compete further! That is what Damaged Goods live for.

    Tornados are feared, as are Damaged Goods. Bodyslamming someone on the mat hurts twice as hard when you go through a table. Damaged Goods will have their hands raised at the end of the match if it's in a Tornado Tables match*crowd cheers*.

    Damaged Goods know a thing or two about destruction. Look at their agents name for god's sake! Good Practice through a table hurts like a bitch, and if a tornado tables match is what these... moronic douchebags want, well then it's you that suffers Black and Blood. What happens when you get hit by the Austrian Crack? Or gets locked in the Gailen Theory? Your bones will be snapped in half, that's what. And being put through a table? Well that just adds to the pain

    You see, Gaileo and Gommenta are esoteric monsters. They are only understood by a small group of people. Their brains function a certain way, that very few human beings understand, with myself being one of them. My job is to not only lead them to the best things possible, but to encourage you all to take a less dimwitted view on people with mental incapacities. People with mental disablement are people too, no worse, no better!

    But you see, there are most esoteric creatures in IWA. They may not be right in the head, but they are still the most self centred, egotistical jackasses in IWA. They are: Kayfabulous!
    *crowd pop* For those unaware, if – nay. When – Damaged Goods retain their championships at Full Throttle, they will go onto Destined for Immorality – the biggest show of IWA's year – Kayfablous is one of the possible opponents that will face Damaged Goods for the titles

    The internet nerds who think it's funny to break the fourth wall. But what they don't understand, is that whether scipted or not, whether in the octagon or the four sided ring. Even the classic TNA six sided ring – Damaged Goods can rip their heads off! They have no muscle! The closest they ever came to a girl, is talking to one on the internet. Damaged Goods are annihilation machines, and they will realise that when the time is right.

    Or what about the Hart Foundation! 3 Harts who-
    *Schweizner looks over to a stagehand, who shakes his head*. What? The Hart Foundation isn't in IWA? Oh wait – I mean the less awesome pairing of Two of a Kind! *Again, the stagehand shakes his head, as Schweizner sighs*. No, Two of a Kind were the no talented trolls. The Australian geezers? Don't you remember them?

    So instead it's the even less skilled Three of a Kind! Cody and-. And- And I forget the other two. But they won't be winning the tag titles at Full Throttle. They won't even be challenging. Their just like another tag team – Brock Edwards and Matt Ryder – rip offs of WWE gimmicks! Where's the creativity lads? No effort equals no titles! And – to partially steal Kayfablous' gimmick – that applies to everyone in every company – particularly the ones our “agent” is involved in. See, I'm shoot on people in different feds. One more reason why you should love me.

    And finally, what about the Infection!?
    *Loud crowd heat*. The invaders! Tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber. Now, I respect everything they accomplished wherever they've been – even in the fed that cannot be named. Well, it can, but that seems to be the general attitude to that great federation.

    But anyway – they get praise from everyone – respect from everyone – when they invade this very company – yet the longest reigning tag team champions in IWA don't?
    *Schweizner stands up, and kicks the chair out of the ring*. Damaged Goods is tired of being in the background!

    So Black Blooded, you will be made an example of! We are leading the tag team division to the top of IWA. But don't worry – it's nothing personal. Just Business!

    *The crowd jeers, before Schweizner slides out of the ring. Gaileo and Gommenta follow over the top rope.

    ???: Hold on there!

    The Insane-O-Tron has come to life, as we see Smokey sitting inside of his redecorated office.

    Smokey: Now, I made it clear that no one was to interfere in this match, and Schwiezner, since your little boy wanted to stick his nose where it didn't belong, so he will face the consequences. Next week, it'll be Gaileo going up against Black Blooded in a handicap match!

    The fans actually pop at this statement, as Schweizner looks on. The tron dies, as we hear Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Huge news! Gaileo going up against Black Blooded!

    Rocky: It's unfair! This is 1/2 of the tag champs we are talking about!

    The camera's cut from Schweizner and Damaged Goods going up the ramp and surveying their work in the ring, to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Van Hooligan X walking alongside Ramon down the hall, presumambly headed to the ring for his match. Suddenly, Smokey appears out of nowhere, smiling.

    Smokey: And where you going Van?

    VHX: I have a match

    Smokey: Oh, I guess you didn't get the memo. I sent Cody and Ryan Hart home. Your match with Cody will be next week. Actually all three members of Three of a Kind will be involved in matches next week. Cody will face you, Ryan will face Ron Macoonie, and Ashley will be in the Vanity Championship match. So...I suggest you go home.

    Smokey smirks, as he walks off. Ramon and Van stand there talking to each other, but it's inaudible, as the camera's cut back to the ring where we see Killa, Steele, and Bushido already in the ring.

    Mike: Wow! Huge news for next week! Ron MaCoonie vs Ryan Hart and Cody Hart vs Van Hooligan X!

    Rocky: And now we get this huge tag match! It involves 4 of the 6 men that fans could possibly pick to represent Smyth and Kyojin at Full Throttle!

    Malcolm Cage

    Malcolm Cage comes out from the back to a good pop from the fans, but he doesn't seem as cheerful as he normally is.

    Mike: For those noticing, Cage is kind of been pissed for the last week.

    Rocky: He lost his championship in JBW this past week. I can't blame him for being pissed!

    Mike: Well hopefully he uses that motivation to fuel this match tonight!

    Cage heads down the ramp and into the ring, as he looks at Bushido. The ref turns, as the bell rings.

    Killa(miz)/Dave Steele(big show) vs Bushido(cena)/Malcolm Cage(Batista)

    (start at 3:53, end at 5:39)

    Killa misses the clothesline in the corner, as Bushido stumbles to his corner, tagging in a fresh Malcolm Cage. Cage climbs into the ring, as Killa is out off the corner now. Cage charges, dropping Killa with a big clothesline! Cage looks, as Steele is attempting to get into the ring. Cage charges, and connects with a dropkick, sending Steele to the outside! Cage is back to his feet, as is Killa, as Killa goes for a clothesline, but Cage ducks it. Killa spins, as Cage grabs Killa, and lifts him into the air with a suplex. Cage drops Killa onto the top rope, suspending him in the air using the rope. Cage turns the move into a spinning neckbreaker off the top rope, driving Killa into the mat. Cage covers Killa!


    Steele pulls Killa out of the ring, breaking up the pinfall attempt. Steele lifts Killa up, telling him to come to his senses, as Killa seems out of it. Bushido is back in the ring now, at the ropes, as Cage runs at the opposite ropes, and then bounces back, as he uses the lift from Bushido to go flying through the air, and takes Steele and Killa out on the outside! Cage is back up, as the fans pop for Malcolm!

    Mike: What a fast paced match this has been!

    Rocky: I wonder who is going to win!

    Mike: Well we will find out after this commercial break!


    The camera's come back, to see Steele and Bushido as the legal men. Steele has Bushido in the corner, and is unloading with wicked back elbows to the face of Bushido! After a few more shots, Bushido drops to a sitting position in the turnbuckle. Steele grins, stepping away. He then charges back into the corner, and drives a knee right into the face of Bushido! Steele isn't done though, as he pulls Bushido out from the corner and lifts him to his feet. Steele spins Bushido like he is going for a clothesline, but instead drives a big forearm into the throat of Bushido! Steele drops, and covers Bushido.

    Mike: And Bushido kicks out before 3! Man, Steele really seems to be focusing on the head of Bushido.

    Rocky: Yeah, maybe he is trying to knock some sense into Bushido! Ha!

    Steele gets to his feet, lifting Bushido up. Dave whips Bushido into the ropes, and as he bounces back, Steele goes for a big boot, but Bushido ducks it! Bushido bounces off the other ropes, and comes back, taking Steele out with a flying forearm! Both men are down, but Bushido is slowly crawling to his corner. He is almost there, as Steele tags in Killa. Bushido dives at the last second, tagging in Cage. Cage springboards off the top rope, and takes Killa out with a flying clothesline! Killa is back up, as Cage drops Killa with a scoop slam. Cage runs into the ropes, springboarding off with a lionsault, but Killa's knees are up! Cage lands on his feet though, and grabs the legs of Killa instead. Cage positions himself, and falls backwards, launching Killa into the air. Killa collides with the top turnbuckle, as he stumbles back. Cage is to his feet, as he looks at the Insane-O-Tron.

    Rocky: What the hell!?

    Mike: Cage ducks an attack from behind from Steele, and Steele takes out his tag partner! Ha!

    Steele is pissed that one was pulled over on him, as he turns around, only to be taken out over the top to the outside by Bushido with a clothesline! Cage is posed, waiting, as Killa slowly gets to his feet. T-Bone Suplex! Cage drops Killa with the suplex, and holds onto Killa's leg, going for the pin!


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Bushido and Malcolm Cage!

    Cage is immediately attacked by Steele, as both men end up on the outside of the ring, brawling up the ramp. The camera is turned back to the ring though, where we see Killa getting to his feet. Bushido is in the ring now, steel chair in hand. Bushido goes for a wild swing, but Killa ducks it, and kicks Bushido in the gut, causing Bushido to drop the chair. Killa quickly grabs it, and smashes Bushido in the face, dropping him hard! Killa smiles with a sick sadistic grin, as he takes the chair, wrapping it around the wrist off Bushido. Killa raises a foot into the air!


    Killa stomps down, crushing Bushido's wrist between the parts of the chair. Bushido is screaming in pain, as officials rush hour, but Killa is already out of the ring, smiling at his handy work.

    Mike: That was uncalled for! The match was over!

    Rocky: So what! Killa sent a message tonight! Street thug style yo!

    Killa is walking up the ramp, still looking on at the damage he has done, while smiling. The camera's fade to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Mr Smyth is already in the ring.

    Mike: Thanks for coming back! Now it's time to find out who Smyth is going to face!

    Rocky: I have a hunch on who it is!

    The Endurance Champion!

    The fans explode with cheers as Kyojin bursts onto the stage full of energy. He has the Endurance Championship wrapped in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand, but he doesn’t speak immediately, instead he heads over to the side of the stage and begins to pump up the crowd, using the adrenaline they’re channeling to him to send it right back. He walks back to the centre of the stage and holds the Endurance Championship up high as in the ring, Mr. Smyth scowls. Finally, Kyojin brings the microphone up to his lips and begins to talk.

    Kyojin: Smyth, Smyth, Smyth, Smyth- last week I have to give you full credit, last week- you proved your ability to pick a worthy opponent for me, well done. I mean, the two on one thing means you’re not about to stick to your word, but it’s nothing I didn’t expect from you.

    But at the same time, damn it was good to see you get your ass kicked by Rob Rage!

    The fans explode with cheers and begin a Rob Rage chant as Kyojin smiles.

    Kyojin: Yep, that’s why you gotta love Rob Rage- that guy can kick somebody’s ass almost as good as I can.

    The fans pop loudly once more and begin a Kyojin chant.

    Kyojin: And before I get onto your opponent tonight- and I will get to your opponent in a minute Smyth, right now, I’d like to address somebody else. That man is the brand new IWA World Champion Shaz.

    The fans boo loudly for Shaz’s name.

    Kyojin: Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see that the IWA World Championship is no longer in the hands of The Infection- that was a poison that needed to be stopped quickly and I have to give Shaz props for doing that- for stopping their momentum before it even begins, but what I have a problem with Shaz, is what you did after the match.

    You proved that your attitude change was simply a way to get these fans on your back, because you knew that without their help, you’d never have become the world champion. You’re a cowardly, deceitful piece of shit and I swear to god if anybody gives me a chance against you again, I’ll tear your face off.

    The fans pop loudly as Kyojin looks around and down at Smyth again who is leaning on the ropes, waiting for Kyojin to actually address him again.

    Kyojin: As for tonight Smyth, well last week- you picked a tag team and it actually inspired me for my choice tonight- but don’t worry, you won’t have to face a tag team tonight. Instead, I’ve got one of the most talented members of the IWA roster to face you, and I know for a fact that you’re gonna get your ass kicked- again.

    Instead of Rob Rage, I decided to go somewhere a little more closer to my own social life, and we may not always see eye to eye but I know this guy has my back, so tonight Smyth, you’re going to face a man I know very well.

    So well in fact, that I formed a tag team with this man.

    The fans immediately begin to cheer as they know who Kyojin is about to introduce.

    Kyojin: Ladies & gentlemen, please help me welcome the man who is a close friend of mine, a man who kicks people’s ass with me on a weekly basis on Brutality, and a man that has a lot of pent up anger that I’m sure he’ll take out on you.

    Everybody, The Sexual Sensation...Malcolm Adonis!

    The fans explode as Adonis walks out onto the stage wearing a kimono. Kyojin looks him up and down and shakes his head but a small smile appears on his face as Malcolm poses for the fans in the kimono. Kyojin holds out his hand and Adonis embraces Kyo, before he begins to walk down the ramp to a waiting Smyth in the ring as Kyo watches on from the ramp. Adonis climbs into the ring, as he looks back at Kyojin, and nods, as Kyojin heads to the back. Adonis turns back to Smyth, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Mr Smyth(Dolph Ziggler) vs Malcolm Adonis(Kofi Kingston)

    (start at 2:58, end at (9:24)

    Smyth seems frustrated after not getting the pin again, as he gets to his feet. Adonis is using the ropes, pulling himself up, as Smyth runs into the ropes. He comes running back, as Adonis charges at Smyth, and both men collide with double clothesline! Neither man is moving, as the ref checks, and then starts the count.







    Rocky: YES! SMyth is back to his feet breaking the count! Come on Mr Smyth...beat that man whore Adonis!

    Smyth goes to Adonis, reaching down to grab him, as Malcolm kicks Smyth hard in the gut. Smyth stumbles back, but is quick to go back at Adonis, only to be kicked hard in the gut once more! Adonis gets to his knees now, as Smyth goes once more, and Adonis connects with a punch to the gut. Smyth is keeled over, as Adonis gets to his feet, lifting Smyth into the air and drops him with a samoan drop! Adonis hooks the leg!


    Smyth kicks out before 3! Adonis sits up, as Smyth is slowly getting to his feet. The fans are rallying behind Adonis, as Malcolm gets to his feet, and runs into the ropes. He bounces back, taking Smyth down with his good shoulder using a shoulder tackle! Smyth goes down, but is getting back up, as Adonis hits the other ropes, and bounces back, taking Smyth down this time with a clothesline! Smyth is getting back to his feet, slower this time, as Adonis lifts Smyth into the air and drops him with a spinebuster! Adonis is back to his feet, as the fans explode for him. Adonis turns, standing at the head of Smyth, as he kisses a bicep. He winks at the camera, as he runs to the ropes, bouncing off each side. He comes back to the middle at Smyth. ADONIS ELBOW!


    Smyth rolls away at the last second, as Adonis lands on his elbow. Adonis is getting back to his feet, holding his elbow, as Smyth grabs Adonis, lifting him into the air. THE RULE! Smyth drops Adonis from the samoan hold position into a facebuster! Smyth covers Adonis!


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Mr Smyth!

    Mike: I can't help but think the events earlier in the night have clouded Adonis's mind.

    Rocky: Yeah, he did seem a little out of it, but who can blame him?

    Mike: I can't. Shining is playing some sick head games with someone Malcolm cares for.

    Smyth has rolled out of the ring, and is making his way up the ramp, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    Shaz's music hits, as there are mixed reactions from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring with his belt wrapped under his chain, along with a slick grey suit and a pink shirt

    Shaz: Wow. It feels great.

    *Mixed reactions from the crowd again*

    Shaz: After I cashed in my briefcase to win the IWA title, I hopped on my Twitter Machine, to see over a million tweets, asking why I attacked Rob Rage, and why I cashed in my briefcase. Well it's simple isn't it? I used every single one of you, to get what I want. And that is this belt. That's right, I used all of you. Because that way, you would respect me, that way, management would respect me. If y'all really thought I was turning into a goodie two shoes babyface, then y'all must be out of you minds!

    *Crowd boo Shaz, as he smirks. But he holds his belt up high*

    Shaz: And, what way to prove that I was a bad guy again, by laying out the one who kisses your asses. Rob Rage. I'm pretty sure, he enjoys kissing your asses, as much as you enjoy kissing his. Rob Rage, is a fake ass motherfucker who is IWA's version of a popstar. He gets all the praise, but you tools don't understand that I am better than him. You see Rob Rage, you call yourself the Best of British, but that is complete bullshit. Why? Because I am the best in the world, thus I'm better than you! You get me?!

    *Crowd boo, and chant SHAZ AIN'T THE BEST! As Shaz laughs*

    Shaz: I'm not the best? Well that's funny, because when I pretended to be the good guy, you all eventually agreed with me about being the best! So where the fuck is the logic in that? You people don't have a clue! And then we also see, AJ Dixon bitching about how he lost his belt during his first defence. Well tough. I had a briefcase that contained an IWA title shot. And I could cash it in anytime I wanted. So I cashed it in, when I desired. To prove that I am the best wrestler that ever existed!

    And then earlier tonight, as AJ Dixon was bitching about losing his title. Smokey, Daniel May, or whatever this freaks name is, came out and announced a 6 man match for Destined for Immortality. Which includes Rob Rage, AJ Dixon. Darius, KJ Punk, and another mystery mongrel! In a match also known as Maximum Anarchy! The match contains a massive cell, with parts of the ceiling and walls, being covered in barbed wire! Along with some sweet weapons under the ring!

    Light tubes, thumbtacks, brass knuckles, you name it! And the way to win, will be, by pinning your opponent one-two-three, and the keeping them on the ground until the count of 10! To eliminate your opponent! Now that is absolutely mental, and the match will go to show what Shaz is all about. I'll lay anyone out with a DDT, BITW, onto the thumbtacks, lightbulb, anything. And it'll go to show, that when I am in the ring. I am an absolute insane motherfucker, willing to hurt my opponent at any cost, so I can win my match!

    And all you twats, must have been thinking that Shaz must be pissed off about the main event for Destined for Immortality! But no, I absolutely love challenge. And to retain my world title, in a match like that, will prove that I am the best. It will establish me as the man! The man who has took the ball, and ran with it! But the man, I am more focused on, is Rob Rage. Because he, is the one who won the Insane Asylum. Obviously, he only eliminated one person, and he only won the match because he was fresh going into the match!

    But, I always have a target. And Rob Rage, is that target. Rob Rage, I will annihilate you to orbit. Rob, I will kick your ass all over the arena, and I will make you suffer like a bitch come Full Throttle! When I team up with Chris Divine, to take Rob Rage and Saggitarius Blue on, I'll assure y'all that will be my chance to make this guy feel the biggest pain ever since returning to Efedding! You see, I am not scared of anybody. Especially not Rage, so Rage, get your fat ass out here!

    *Shaz waits for Rage, but Rage doesn't come out, so Shaz smirks*

    Shaz: So since that pussy won't come out, I have some other things to get off my chest!

    *Shaz takes a newspaper out of his pocket, and starts laughing his head off*

    Shaz: Can you see the damn headline of this newspaper?! It says in bold "Big One For Shaz", and I am absolutely loving it. This world champion, has everything now that it's in the possession of the best! But because I will be the greatest champion that IWA will ever have. I'll be polishing this title single day, I wake up! And I'll treat it, with the prestige and the goods that this belt deserves! I'll scrub off the dirt that KJ Punk, and AJ Dixon have given this belt!

    Why will do this? Simple! Because I'm the best in the world at what I do. And there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that can take that away from me! Especially not AJ Dixon, Darius, KJ Punk, this mystery mongrel and Rob Ra-

    Rob Rage

    The crowd explodes as Rob Rage bursts onto the stage, cutting off the new champion.

    Rage: Sorry I was late mate. I heard you call me out, and I came as soon as I could, but I was just too busy laughing to get here with any real speed. I mean, Best in the World? You? That’s the best joke I’ve heard in yonks!

    Shaz glares down at Rage after he makes a pun at his expense, while Rob strolls down to the ring, clapping hands with fans before nonchalantly rolling under the bottom rope into the ring, and standing up next to Shaz.

    Rage: You see Shazzy, you come out here, calling yourself the best in the world and all that jazz, when in reality what have you actually done? Sure, you’re the World Champion around here. Only for another month and a half now, but you’re the world champ none the less. But how did you get it? Oh yeah, that’s right, you cashed in a Money in the Bank briefcase on a prone champion after he’d already defended his belt. But hey, that’s the whole idea of the Money in the Bank, so fair enough.

    Oh, I almost forgot that wasn’t it, was it? Oh no, nowhere near. You see, even though you had the advantage of the briefcase after the former champ had gone through a gruelling title defence, you still couldn’t get the job done on your own now could you. Oh, yeah, that’s right, isn’t it. You needed help. You needed help from me.

    And yeah, I helped you. I helped you because I don’t like Dixon, and I don’t like what he stands for. I don’t like the Infection. So when the opportunity arrived, I took it. I ended his undeserving title reign. Sadly, I didn’t realise I was going to create another.

    Shaz, the only reason you’re World Champion is because of me. And at Destined for Immortality I’m going to be the reason you’re no longer a world champion. I gave you that title, and I’ll be the one to take it away. Shaz, you went from having a friend in Rob Rage, to having an enemy. And ask anybody, the last thing you want on this Earth is the Best of British bearing down on you with bad intentions. But you’ve gone one step further. You’ve got the Best of British bearing down on you with bad intentions, inside a cage with nowhere to run.

    And another thing. You have the gall. You of all people. You have the gall to belittle my win in the Insane Asylum. You! Shaz, the one who is only relevant due to a combination of somebody helping him and him cashing in a briefcase on a weakened challenger. Yeah, sure, at Lost Cause I only eliminated one person. But you know what, he was the last person. And nobody eliminated me. In fact, nobody has beaten me yet here in IWA, and of all people you’re not going to be the first.

    Sure, I only eliminated one person to earn myself a spot in the Maximum Anarchy match, but I beat what was in front of me. And that is exactly what I’m going to do at Destined for Immortality. There’s gonna be six… Well, at least five, probably six, world class competitors in that cage. But I’m going to beat what’s in front of me yet again, and I’m going to prove why I’m not only the Best of British, but the All Around Best.

    Come the finale of Destined For Immortality, there’s going to be one man standing tall. The last sound of the night is going to be the ring announcer announcing ANNNNNNDDD NEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW IWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOORRRRRLD!!!!!!


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    Darius burst through the curtians with a microphone in hand


    The crowd explodes with boos as Darius laughs and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring

    Darius: Are you fucking serious!? You think you are going to become the new champion at Destined for Immortality?! Do you know who is going to be in that match?! Of course you do, you're fucking staring at him! I will be the one walking out with that championship, Rage, not you, and not Shazzy poo. Just because you consider yourself a veteran in this type of industry does not make you better than Shaz, but then again everyone is better than Shaz so I guess I can let you off the hook with that one, but you aren’t better than me …

    Darius looks down at his TWE world championship on his shoulder.

    Darius: I have credibility, what do you have? You have nothing at all. To be honest, the fans just want to see the IWA champion Shaz vs. the TWE champion Darius!!

    The crowd explodes with boos

    Darius: Let’s just go through a quick list. We have already covered the fact that Rage has no sense of credibility under his belt … Well that is because he doesn’t have a belt to put anything under. I think it is time for you to hang up your boots, Mr. Rage, because your time in the e-fedding business is up, and I will just send you straight into retirement after Destined for Immortality anyway.

    Darius: Shaz, you won the championship because of a bitch move. You cashed in on a helpless Dixon … But you would have never of won if it wasn’t for me. So why don’t you just do me a favor, we all know what damage I can do to you, so at Destined for Immortality … Just lay down, and let me pin your puny ass, alright?

    The crowd boos

    Darius: You all like to boo don’t you? Well, if you want to boo, let me mention the former IWA champion, Primetime AJ Dixon! You all love him right?!

    The crowd screams no!

    Darius: I thought so. Dixon, you lost the championship to Shaz in a very short amount of time. You’re contract should be TERMINATED. Anyone as skill-less as you should not have a contract with IWA. The only reason you had that championship in the first place is because you and your Infected butt buddies stole it from me, and then you went and lost it!! You are pathetic! I mean come on, even KJ Punk held it longer than you did, and he sucks!

    The crowd boos and chants KJ Punk!

    Darius: Oh, you all don’t like me making fun of Mr. Punk? I mean come on now, is he REALLY a champion!?

    The crowd starts to chant Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Darius: Oh shut the hell up you tools. Punk is no more of a champion than Dixon is. Once I take that championship from Shaz, I will hold the title until the day I die, because I am the one who is the best in the world! Not Rob Rage, not Primetime AJ Dixon, not Shaz, and sure as hell not KJ Punk! So Punk, I know your listening … So listen close, at Destined for Immortality, I will be the one who walks out with the IWA championship … saying out loud … WINNER WINNER!

    KJ Punk

    Punk: Damn, Darius are you obsessed with me or something? You do all those creepy videos about you freaking out over me continuously beating you over and over and over and over and over…

    The crowd chants OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER

    Punk: And now you’re out here stealing my catch phrases? That’s pretty sad. Almost as sad as you showing off a championship that you won in another fed. I’m sure you won it by some low brow method because I don’t remember the last time you won a match! And tonight, or at Destined for Immortality will be no different! I just hope that the fans vote Punk vs Darius for Full Throttle so that I can beat your ass again just for the fun of it.

    Punk turns his attention to Rage

    Punk: Now Rob, it’s been an honor fighting alongside you in the past and I look up to you as a man and a competitor. But I will not hesitate to put you down if you get in my way of reclaiming the IWA Championship. I never should’ve lost that championship and that’s why I took out Dixon and that’s why I’ll take out Shaz. Whoever holds that championship before it returns around my waist will always be looking over their shoulder because I’ll be gunning for them with a rolling elbow! Even if that man is you Rob!

    The crowd gets excited at the prospect of Punk vs Rage

    Punk: And then there’s hood rat Shaz. Out here cussin’ like it makes him cool or something. You’re a child. A little immature boy who doesn’t deserve the power that the championship gives you. You always talk about how tough you are, yet you win the championship by beating a man who went one on one with the Punk, then got attacked by about four different people and then got laid out by ANOTHER rolling elbow! Hell, a dead man could’ve won the match after all that went down! That’s why I won’t be shocked when you lose the title in your first defense and I definitely won’t be shocked win you lose it to me.

    The crowd pops

    Punk: At Destined for Immortality, I’m going to take part in one of the most brutal, sadistic matches that’s ever been conceived. A steel cage, light tubes, thumbtacks, tables, and six of the craziest mofos on the planet locked inside. It’s certain to be a massacre for the ages and all of us will spill our blood in the mat for that title. But you see the difference is that I crave the violence. I feed on it. When my blood starts flowing down my face and I get just a taste of it, I become a monster. I will not stop until all five of you are lying motionless on the mat and my hand is raised as the winner. Then I’ll climb to the top of the cell, hold MY championship high and on the biggest stage I’ve been on scream for the world to know…..

    WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Punk drops his mic, as Shaz climbs out of the ring and heads over to the announce table. A ref comes out from the back and into the ring, as he signals for the bell.

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    Triple H/Darius vs Rob Rage/Chris Benoit vs KJ Punk/Shawn Michaels

    (start at 1:25, end at 6:31)

    Rage has Darius in the corner after two thunderous chops. Rage chops Darius once more, to another big woo! Rob lifts Darius to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Rage takes a step back, and then lunges at Darius with a British Uppercut! Darius is hit hard by the european uppercut, as he wobbles on the top rope. Rage climbs to the second rope, grabbing Darius, and then climbs to the top.

    Mike: Both men are at the top! This can't be good!

    Rocky: This is great! Someone could get hurt!

    Shaz: And I won't cry one tear drop if someone gets hurt.

    Rage sends Darius flying off the top with super double r suplex! Darius flies through the air after the double underhook suplex off the top, and lands hard in the center of the ring. Rage is to his feet, as Punk comes up from behind Rage, grabbing him around the waist. Punk position Rage, and smashes him on the back with a forearm. Punk nails a big german suplex, dropping Rage onto Darius. Punk has the bridge, as Rage is on top of Darius.

    Mike: Wait...who is pinning who!?


    Rocky: Darius and Rage both kick out, so it doesn't matter!

    Shaz: Damn it! I thought Rage was going to lose!

    Punk is back to his feet, as Darius is still down. Rage is back up, as both men begin to trade blows!


    Rage has the upperhand, as he irish whips Punk into the ropes. Punk comes bouncing back, as Rage backdrops Punk over the top rope to the outside!

    (start at 8:14, end at 13:18)

    Punk takes Darius down with the clothesline, and then hits the ropes. Punk bounces back, and catches Darius with a running neckbreaker. Punk reaches down, lifting Darius back to a standing position. Punk hooks Dairus up for a suplex, as he goes to lift Darius, Darius converts his body into deadweight, stopping the lift. Punk attempts to lift Darius once more, but this time Darius counters, turning the lift into a roll up attempt for himself.


    Rocky: Punk kicks out! No!

    Rage is back into the ring now, as Punk and Darius are getting to their feet. They both turn, as Rage charges, taking both men down with a double clothesline! Rage runs into the ropes, as he bounces back, catching Darius who is back to his feet, lifting him into the air and dropping him with a running spinebuster! The fans are going wild for Rage, as Rob gets back to his feet, and turns. Punk goes for a stiff kick, but Rage catches the kick!

    Mike: Rage is a beast!

    Rocky: He is disgraced to IWA!

    Mike: No he isn't!

    Shaz: Yes he is.

    Rage pulls Punk in, and nails Punk with the British Suplex! Punk is dropped by the hammerlock suplex, as Rage covers him.

    (start at 2:36, end at 7:27)

    Mike: WOW! What a match this has been so far!!!!

    Shaz: It would be a much better match if the World Champ was in it.

    Rocky: All three men are down! I honestly have no clue who is going to win this!

    Darius rolls onto his stomach, and gets to his hands and knees, as Rage is slowly getting to his feet. Darius is now to his feet, and runs into the ropes, as Rage is back to his feet, and Punk is on his knees. Darius comes running back, as Punk is to his feet. SPEAR!

    Mike: Rage moves! Rage moves!

    Shaz: Ha ha ha!

    Darius spears Punk by mistake, as Rage moves out of the way! The fans are just booing, as Rage kicks Darius in the gut, and pulls him in for a powerbomb/piledriver lift. Darius counters, as he lifts Rage up for the Fuck You Bitch, but Rages escapes the attempted move, falling behind Darius. Rage lands on his feet, and runs into the ropes. He bounces back, as Darius connects with a huge big boot! Rage is down, as Darius reaches down, lifting Rage to his feet by his hair. Darius talks some smack into the face of Rage, but as he goes to put Rob into a hold, Rage sucker punches Darius right in the face!

    Mike: What the!? Why are they out here!?

    All of the members of the Infection come running down the ramp and into the ring. AJ Dixon and Athena double team Rage, as Carlos and Van double team Darius.

    Rocky: The ref is calling for the bell!

    Mike: He is declaring this match a no contest! Damn the Infection!

    Punk is back in the ring, as he takes Van Hooligan X out with a huge rolling elbow. He turns, as he is dropped by a Money Maker from Carlos! Eddings and Kayfabolous come running down the ramp now, as Damian goes straight at Athena, as the two are brawling. Drek and Macoonie start attacking Carlos, as they whip him into the ropes. Ramon bounces back, as he is dropped by a IWCutter! Kayfabolous drop Ramon with the 3d, as Three of a Kind run out to the ring, assaulting Kayfabolous!

    Mike: Half of the roster is out here!

    Rocky: This is getting too much!

    Shaz: Now is my chance.

    Dixon takes Rage down with a MugShot! Shaz gets up from the announce desk, and runs into the ring. going straight at Dixon, as both men begin to brawl. Jackson Smith comes out, as Mike Hawk comes out right behind him. They both climb into the ring, as Smith drops Shaz with a stiff right, as Hawk tackles Jackson with a spear! All of the men in the ring are going at it.

    Mike: Anarchy to end Chaos!

    Rocky: Someone needs to restore order! This is too much!

    The camera's fade to an IWA logo as the brawling continues, and the camera then fades to black.

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    Official Update from

    Moments after IWA's latest CHaos went off the air, a video was posted on youtube. In the hour since, it has received over 100,000 views, and is escalating. The video has been entitled, The Fate of IWA. Below is the video.

    *The video fades black before showing a massive explosion and a dark figure that cannot be made out walked towards the screen. As it does a voice spoke calmly.*

    "I was just one man. My world collapsed around me and went up in flames, so I disappeared, never to be seen again."

    *The figure on screen vanishes suddenly.*

    " Amidst the chaos and panic, my disappearance went unnoticed. I was once the most popular man in the world i lived in. I sold millions in merchandise. And that was before I started wrestling, but nobody noticed when i vanished. It's like they just didn't care i was gone. So I got angry. I used my anger to fuel me and eventual my passion came back. Next week, the beginning of my resurrection is here and all those who forgot about me will be forced to remember my name."

    *The screen fades into a white screen and the words 7 days appear.*

    "You have seven days to prepare, because when I return to the ring. Nobody will be safe from my revenge."

    IWA is hoping to have more on this shortly.

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    Filler #1

    I heard the 6 Man TLC was Epic. I'M SO TICKED.

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    Filler #2

    Chaos will be posted shortly, after these fillers ... Maybe.

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