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    Final Filler!!

    Enjoy the show, folks! It will be an awesome one!

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    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares, as the camera's zoom in on Rocky and Mike.

    Mike: Welcome to Chaos! And for those who missed last week, we have a new World Champion!

    Rocky: And it's not AJ Dixon!

    Mike: That's right. Shaz won back his MITB briefcase, and proceeded to cash in on Dixon after AJ succesfully retained against KJ Punk.

    Rocky: He then proceeded to turn on Rob Rage, assaulting the #1 contender.

    Mike: I wonder what Rage's comments will be on that.

    Rocky: I wonder what Shaz has to say for himself.

    Mike: We also have Kyojin picking someone to face Mr Smyth tonight.

    Rocky: And we have Mr Smyth picking someone to face Kyojin tonight!

    Mike: We also have for the first time, a huge triple threat match. Rob Rage vs Kj Punk vs Darius!

    Rocky: That'll be huge!


    Kyojin comes out from the back with the Endurance Championship around his waist. He stands at the top of the ramp, as he takes the belt raising it high into the air. Red and blue pyro's blare off around him, as he places the title onto his shoulder and heads down the ramp. He slaps a few of the fans hands along the way, before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope, and climbs a turnbuckle. He stands tall, holding the belt high, as flashes go off from camera's. Kyojin hops down, look up at the entrance ramp.

    Mike: I think Kyojin is awaiting on who is opponent is tonight!

    Rocky: Any clues as to who it is?

    Mike: Nope, but I'm sure after last weeks handicap match, Mr Smyth has something up his sleeve.

    Mr Smyth

    Mr. Smyth’s music hits, and the arena explodes with boos as he walks through the curtain and onto the staging area. Smyth starts to walk up to a small child in the front row, who is shouting abuse at him. Mr. Smyth leans down to go face-to-face with the small child, who continues to give abuse and even gives Smyth the middle finger. Mr. Smyth simply smiles, and snatches the carton of juice from the hands of the small child. The crowd boos as Mr. Smyth walks back to the top of the stage, whilst drinking from the carton. After the crowd dies down, Mr. Smyth brings the mic up to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: Last week, my pick was all about punishment. There was no other reason for selecting the services of Black Blooded but to hurt and my selection proved to be a great business decision. Plenty of people wanted to see you taken down a few notches and that is exactly what we all got.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: This week, however, is a business decision of an entirely different nature. My basic urges make me want to again pit you against an opponent where you have no chance of winning. However, I am a business man, this is a business and I am world renowned for making excellent business decisions.

    Crowd chants ‘Little bitch’ as Kyojin paces around the ring and encourages the chant.

    Mr. Smyth: This business decision is based solely on what the audience would like to see.

    There is a small pop from the crowd, but most start a ‘Kyojin’ chant.

    Mr. Smyth: You people look surprised – and you may very well be - but every decision that I have made since coming to IWA has been for your benefit. The problem, however, is that you are all too stupid to realise it.

    The crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: Kyojin, we all know that you can wrestle. In fact, you can do it far better than a lot of guys. It’s one of the things that impresses a lot of people about you. So why don’t we just use that to our advantage? Instead of yet another beat down, why not have Kyojin in a match where it’ll be a fair fight.

    The crowd pops, but this time it’s much louder.

    Mr. Smyth: Fifty-fifty chance of winning. A back-and-forth match. A wrestling clinic, if you like.

    A ‘Yes!’ chant breaks out across the arena. Kyojin stands in the ring, looking calm, but still visibly concerned as to where Mr. Smyth is going with this.

    Mr. Smyth: It’s something I want to see. In fact, this particular match is one that I have wanted to see for a while now and I am certain that this will be a decision that will be greeted with gusto and great cheer.

    Yet another Kyojin chant breaks out across the arena. Kyojin smiles, and nods his head along with the chants. Mr. Smyth, however, remains perfectly still and almost impervious to the chants.

    Mike: I smell bullshit.

    Rocky: Try taking the occasional shower then.

    Mr. Smyth: This individual that I have picked is highly regarded as one of the best. This individual has the skills, the class and the maturity to handle the pressures of the main event and while he is not at that level yet, it is only a matter of time before he is the best that IWA, and the efedding industry, has to offer.

    More importantly, this individual was handpicked by me simply because that’s what’s best for business.

    The crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: In fact, this individual – unlike you troglodytes - is just...Divine.

    Mike: Wait? What?

    Rocky: I’m as shocked as you are.

    Mike: Mr. Smyth has actually made an amazing pick. This is a match that will make the true wrestling fan salivate. I can’t believe that I am going to say this, but it actually looks like that Smyth has indeed made a decision that is best for business.

    Chris Divine

    Chris Divine enters the arena to a conflict. Half the crowd are cheering at the thought of a match between Kyojin and Chris Divine, while the other half are booing because it is Chris Divine. The camera cuts to Kyojin, who seems to be giving a sceptical nod of approval. When the camera cuts back to the staging area, Divine gives a nod to Smyth, and then proceeds to walk down to the ring. Divine climbs into the ring, and climbs a corner, posing. He climbs down and turns. Kyojin and Divine stand in the ring, looking at each other, as the fans are going wild over this match. The ref rings the bell.

    Chris Divine vs Kyojin

    Mike: This is a first time match right here!

    Rocky: I'm pulling for Divine. Kyojin is the endurance champ, but Divine is also a current champ in JBW and former champ from HWA.

    Both men look at each other, as Divine puts a hand out, smirking at Kyojin. Kyojin looks at it, and then smacks Divine's hand away. Divine smirks at Kyojin, as both men hook up in a grapple. Neither man seems to get the clear advantage, as they break. They pace around the ring, as they hook up once more! Still no advantage, as they break again. They pace around the ring a second time, and go to hook up a third time, but Divine clubs Kyojin in the stomach, and goes behind Kyojin. Divine hooks Kyojin up for a german suplex, but as he lifts him, Kyojin hooks his legs behind Divine's prevent the move. Divine drops Kyojin to his feet, as Chris clubs Kyojin onto the back twice, as Kyojin reaches the ropes. Divine goes for the german suplex once more, but Kyojin won't let go of the ropes. Divine drops Kyojin again, as Kyojin elbows Divine in the head twice. Divine breaks the hold around Kyojin's waist, and stumbles back.

    Mike: Springboard tornado DDT!

    Rocky: I have to admit, Kyojin is a master at true wrestling!

    Mike: I think he is the #1 in ring worker in IWA.

    Rocky: If he is the #1 in ring worker, then Divine is the #1 in ring talker.

    Mike: I don't know about that...Shaz never knows when to shut up..

    Rocky: That's the world champ your talking about!

    Kyojin gets to his feet, as Divine sits up. Kyojin catches Divine in the face with a huge kick, dropping Divine onto his back once more. Kyojin goes for the cover, but Divine kicks out right away! Both men get to their feet, as they hook up, and Chris puts Kyojin into a side headlock. Divine torques on the hold, as Kyojin lifts Divine into the air for a backdrop, but Divine counters, turning the attempted lift into a modified bulldog! Kyojin is planted on his face, as Divine is back to his feet, running into the ropes. Divine bounces back, and charges at Kyojin, and goes for a clothesline, but Kyojin counters, turning it into a crossface!

    Mike: Will Divine tap!?

    Rocky: Divine can't tap! He just can't!

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    Divine is scratching and crawling, as he reaches the bottom of the rope, grabbing ahold tight. The ref counts.


    Kyojin breaks the submission hold after 3, as he gets to his feet. Kyojin grabs Divine by the legs, pulling him back to the center of the ring. Kyojin turns Divine, so Divine is pointed to a corner, as Kyojin falls backwards, sending Divine flying towards the turnbuckle. Divine lands on the top rope instead though. Kyojin is to his feet, as Divine flies off the top with a corkscrew plancha! Kyojin is taken down, as Divine hooks the leg.


    Mike: And Kyojin kicks out after 2!

    Rocky: He's lucky...that's all

    Divine gets to his feet, as he grabs Kyojin, lifting him to a standing position. Divine whips Kyojin into the ropes, as Kyojin comes bouncing back. Divine lifts Kyojin into the air for a backdrop, but Kyojin counters it into a rollup!


    Divine turns Kyojin's roll up, into a pinning attempt of his own!


    Kyojin counters his into a roll up of his own once more!


    Divine using both of his legs and kicks Kyojin in the head! The roll up attempt is broken, as both men get to their feet. Divine goes for a clothesline, but Kyojin ducks it, catching the arm of Divine, and hooks the other arm, and rolls Divine up, putting him on his shoulders.


    Divine kicks out, as both men get to their feet. They go for a hook up, as Kyojin pushes Divine into the corner. Kyojin chops Divine, as the fans woo each time.


    Divine grabs Kyojin, flipping him into the corner, as Divine chops Kyojin.


    Kyojin grabs Divine, flipping him into the corner this time. Kyojin grabs the middle rope, and drives his shoulder into the stomach of Divine! Kyojin lifts Divine to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Kyojin climbs to the second rope, as he grabs the head of Divine and punches. Kyojin punches a 2nd time. Kyojin goes to punch a third time, but Divine blocks. Divine headbutts Kyojin, knocking him off and onto his back. Divine stands at the top, as he shimmys, ala Eddie Guerrero, to a huge chorus of boos. Divine comes flying off the top with a frog splash! Divine hooks the leg.


    Mike: Kyojin keeps this match alive!

    Rocky: Damn...I thought Divine had it in the bag!

    Divine smacks the ring mat, frustrated, as he raises three fingers at the ref, and the ref admonishes 2. Divine gets to his feet, as he looks at Kyojin, who is slowly getting to his feet. Divine charges at the ropes, bouncing back, as Kyojin pops up, taking Divine down with a flying wheel kick! Both men are down now, as the ref checks, and then starts the count.








    Divine is at the ropes, as he uses them to pull himself up.



    Divine is to his feet, as Kyojin is on his hands and knees, breaking the count. Divine goes at Kyojin, and rolls him up.

    1....2..Divine has his feet on the middle rope!...!

    The ref stops the count, as he sees Divine has his feet on the ropes for leverage. The ref yells at Divine, as Divine gets his feet off the ropes, and gets into the face of the ref. Divine and the ref are yelling, as Divine pushes the ref. The ref stumbles back, but comes back and pushes Divine! Divine stumbles back, as Kyojin spins Divine around and takes him out with a big roundhouse kick! Divine is flat on his back, as Kyojin turns, grabbing the top rope and leaps to the top. RISING SUN! Kyojin comes off with the double rotation moonsault, landing hard on Divine. Kyojin hooks the leg.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Kyojin!

    Kyojin is handed the Endurance Championship, as he rolls out of the ring, celebrating. Sagittarius Blue comes running out from the back, as he heads straight to the ring, sliding in. Divine is getting to his feet, unaware Blue is behind him. The fans are going wild, Divine is to his feet, as he turns right into Blue. SIGN OF THE ARCHER! Blue drops Divine with the painkiller move, leaving Divine flat down on the ring. Blue stands over Divine, glaring at him.

    Mike: Blue has sent a message to his opponent at Destined for Immortality!

    Rocky: Don't forget, he is set to face Divine and Shaz in a tag match, while teaming with Rob Rage, at Full Throttle in two weeks!

    The camera's cut to a commercial break at this.


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    The camera's come back, as we see Ace Note inside of the ring with a mic in hand.

    ::Ace Note::

    “For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’ll skip the boring prologue and just cut to the chase so whether you choose to accept me now or cast me aside, that’s all up to you. Anyways, my name is Ace Note.”

    With no response after his introduction, Ace Note just shrugs his shoulders and continues on.

    “Yeah, Ace Note. Pretty weird name, huh? Again, don’t worry about any boring stories or “riveting” tales of a hero’s past. I may be new to the wrestling scene but I know that you people aren’t here to listen to cheap talk and self absorbance. No. You came here to watch men get in this ring and fight!”

    The pandering garners a little bit of praise in the form of a medium level pop. Note takes a moment to soak it in with a small grin but sobers up his facial expressions as he goes on talking.

    “But you know, ever since Day 1, I’ve gotten to get to know a lot of the folks here in the IWA. I guess with any kind of wrestling business you get yourself into, you’ll mesh well with people you like and get to know them and some…well, let’s be honest, you just want to knock their teeth out of their mouths and make a shiny little necklace out of their bloody molars.”

    I’ve already gotten to know a bunch of those people here and trust me, I bet you know some of them too. For instance, we’ve got a pair of jokers…or should I say, I pair of queens around here who like to call themselves, Matt Ryder and Brock Edwards.”

    With heat overshadowing the audience’s past reactions, Ace Note reels back with all the booing he gets for mentioning them. He waits for the booing to get to a die down before he tries talking again.

    “But personally, I just call ‘em the biggest pair of butt buddies since David Furnish and Elton John but for the sake of brevity, I’ll simply refer to them as Dumb & Dumbass. Whether it was Matt Ryder’s disingenuous attitude or Edwards’ total lack for respect anybody but himself, those two just rub me off the wrong way and instead of just sitting back like a good little boy, hands in my lap and twiddling my fingers while waiting for retribution to come upon them, I decided to take a little action of my own which is why I went to Daniel May and asked him for a one on one match with Brock Edwards. Whether he just wanted Brock to get rocked or was in a giving mood because of the holidays, I scored a two for one deal and now, I get to whip both Ryder and Edward’s asses for the price of one…one match with them along with my tag team partner, Ryan Wells.”

    Ryan Wells gets a loud pop and a short lived Ryan Wells chant comes into the fray.

    “Ryan and I might not know each other on a personal level and we may not even be friends. Hell, I don’t even know if we both respect each other but one thing that we both have in mind is one goal for tonight and that’s tearing these two apart until there’s nothing left of either of them. But, the good news for both of them is that they’ll have an excuse to rub soothing cream on each other without any conflicting overtones getting in the way so have at it, boys!”

    There’s a small bit of laughter at his joke, obviously not the gratifying reception Note was hoping for as Note sheepishly smiles and barrels on.

    “But you know, no matter where you go in the world, no matter how many good people there are, there always seem to be assholes in spades and Dumb and Dumbass aren’t the only people here who are in need of a little reprimanding. See, just last week, a couple of guys did something that just left a real bad taste in my mouth. Jack Phoenix and Domino, new kids on the block like me, decided to act like a couple of street thugs and blindside Oscar Layman, a pretty decent human being in my book. So, seeing as how I didn’t have a match and I needed to um…warm up and do some exercise to get in some shape, I decided that the best way to do it was to run those milquetoasts back to Timbuktu along with some bruises and a shriveled up sense of pride in their back pocket. Since then, Oscar Layman took it upon himself to organize a little shindig at Full Throttle. In one corner, Domino, Phoenix and Mike Hawk.

    In the other, you have Layman, Jackson Smith and yours truly. Again, I don’t know a whole lot about either of my tag team partners but one thing that I know for sure is that whether Layman’s gonna be stomping mudholes in our opponents’ asses as Oscar Laustin, bringing the pain as Oscar Laysnar, styling and profiling as Oscar Lair or stealing the show as Oscar Laycheals but along with the very credible and quick witted Smith and IWA’s hottest newcomer, we’ll be sure to clip Hawk’s wings, stop the ascension of the Phoenix and sends all of Domino’s ambitions crashing to the ground as if we just tipped over a line of…dominoes.”

    This joke, on the other hand, gets better reception as the laughter his corny quip gives him swells up his pride a bit.

    “But that’s all for Sunday. Brock…Matt, it’s time to quit playing reacharound and come out here so that Wells and I can give you a holiday beatdown so bad that the only thing you’ll wish Santa to bring you is a whole case of salve, forget the deluxe Easy Bake oven.”

    Note drops the mic, as he awaits his tag partner's entrance.

    Mike: Strong words from Ace Note. This match should be good!

    Rocky: We finally get to see Brock and Matt get revenge for their loss at Lost Cause.

    Ryan Wells

    Ryan Wells comes out from the back to a big pop from the fans. He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He looks at Ace Note, as they shake hands. The two men turn, watching for their opponents.

    Brock Edwards

    Brock Edwards and Matt Ryder walk out from the back, to boos from the fans. They walk down the ramp, and climb into the ring. The ref rings the bell, as a man from each team step out onto the apron.

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    Edwards(Lesnar) & Ryder(Cena) vs Wells(Taker) & Note(Angle)
    (Start 3:05, Watch til the end)

    Edwards continues to stomp away at Note in the corner as the ref counts to four, making Edwards back away from Note. Once Note gets back to his feet, Edwards charges him and takes him out with a clothesline, making Note flip backwards midair! Edwards laughs and grabs Note by the hair, and then slams his head off the mat a few times before letting go.

    Mike: This is just brutal ...

    Rocky: This is AWESOME!

    Edwards reaches to Ryder and tags him in and then gets onto the apron. Ryder drags Note to the middle of the ring and applies a headlock, applying pressure to Note's neck. Wells is on the outside, stomping the steps and getting the crowd fired up, trying to get his partner motivated!

    Note hears the fans and starts to pull Ryder's arm away from his neck, and then slowly makes it to his feet. Note elbows Ryder in the gut, and then drops him with a European Uppercut! Ryder tries to crawl for Edwards but Note drags him back to the middle of the ring. Note grabs Ryder by the hair and stands him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, when Ryder rebounds, Note takes him down with a spinning slide slam! Note goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Note looks to the ref and says "Only two?" And then Wells tells Note "It was two, bring me in." Note nods at Wells, but then Domino comes running down the stage with a steel chair in hand!

    Mike: What the hell is he doing down here!?

    Rocky: Hes going to show Note who the better man is! Haha!

    Domino stands on the outside of the ring, taunting Note and telling him to bring it on. Note stands by the ropes, yelling at Domino to get the hell out! Domino gets closer, but then Wells drops down from the apron and charges Domino, taking him out with a massive clothesline! Note turns around in the ring and is almost taken down by Ryder, but Note ducks down and sends Ryder flying over the top rope and onto Domino! Note poses for the fans in the ring and Wells gets back on the apron and is tagged in.

    Rocky: Look at that tool! He should be capitalizing, not playing for the fans!

    Mike: He may be recupperating, Rocky. He took quite a beating.

    Ryder gets back to his feet and starts bitching at Domino, telling him not to get in his way again. Ryder slides back in the ring but is greeted by a big boot from Wells! Wells picks Ryder's near lifeless body up and tosses it to the other side of the ring and right into Edwards, who gets knocked off the apron! Wells laughs and slowly makes his way to Ryder, grabs an arm and drags him over to Note. Wells tags Note in and then Note comes back in and kicks Ryder in the sides. Note picks Ryder up, but then Domino jumps back up onto the apron and screams at Note. Note then whips Ryder hard, slamming him into Domino, knocking him off of the apron, and then Note brings Ryder down with a huge Carny Driver!! Note covers Ryder!!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Ryan Wells and Ace Note!

    Domino and Edwards slide back into the ring, as they go straight at Note and Wells. Ryder comes to, and joins in on the fight.

    Oscara Layman

    Oscar comes running out from the back dressed like sin Cara, as he rushes down the ramp. He climbs onto the apron, as Ryder and Domino turn. Layman springboards onto the top, and flies at both of the men taking them out with a crossbody!

    Jack Phenix

    Phenix comes running out from the back, as Layman takes Edwards down with a dropkick! Phenix slides into the ring, as he charges at Layman and takes him down with a spear! Phenix is back up, as Domino and Ryder are back up. The three men are attacking Ace Note and Wells, as Edwards comes to. After a few moments, Wells, Note, and Layman are left down in the ring, as Edwards, Ryder, Phenix, and Domino stand triumphant in the ring.

    Mike: Wow! These 4 men have taken out their adversaries!

    Rocky: Yes! Two weeks from the PPV and these men are standing dominant!

    Mike: That might be standing tall, but Edwards and Ryder aren't the ones who won the match!

    The camera's cut to a commercial break, as the 4 men stand tall in the ring.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Jack Phenix in the back, standing next to IWA's newest interviewer, Seth Gabel.

    SG: Why are you attacking Ace Note and Oscar Layman?

    Jack just stares at Seth for a good minute or so before snatching the mic out of his hands and shoving him to the side

    JP: Be gone from here petty interviewer, you are of no use at this present time

    Seth gets up and runs out of shot

    Now IWA you will listen to me
    What you all saw was but a taste of the true power i can unleash and unfortunately Ace and Oscar were those who i chose to enjoy that taste and furthermore it has been chosen at Full Throttle that those two will have another, Jackson Smith and more so the IWA fans will be given the simple choice of what the stipulations of this be, but none of that matters, all things are done for a reason.

    My Association with Domino is done for a reason, a reason that will come clear in time,
    What i have done to those two is for a reason
    but no matter the reason i will be victimised for pursuing my own purpose and when i am victimised i am backed into a corner and when backed into a corner i become dangerous, all of you people dont know what all of you are in for and in the end you all find out after its too late, you will be begging for the end, pleading for me to stop but it will be too late

    Alot of you people will question why exactly im acting... well differently from my days in another federation, well all around us is a darkness, some completely deny it and act happy and cheerful and dont care when bad things happen, other acknowledge its existance but chose not to embrace but instead just feel it at its worst, then there people like my self who truly embrace the darkness that is within, i take feelings of anguish and sorrow and channel them, channel them into the destructive force that is myself, i am ten times the man i was before and all because i have the darkness inside.

    Prepare yourself IWA now that im here i wont stop in destroying everything all of you people love
    Prepare yourselfs

    Jack drops the mic and leaves the view of the camera, as the camera's cut back to the announce table.

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    Mike: Strong words from one of IWA's newest stars!

    Rocky: Yeah, but I'm being told Malcolm Adonis is heading to the ring to address the disturbing footage we saw last week.

    Mike: Yeah, Shining Light is one sick bastard.

    Malcolm Adonis

    The fans perk up as Marvin Gaye hits the arena sound systems, signalling Malcolm Adonis' arrival. The man himself walks out from behind the curtain with purpose, dressed fully in plain clothes this week, no golden trunks, towel or baby oil. No smile on his face this week, instead an emotionless expression that shows a more jaded side to the fun loving, self proclaimed sexiest man in the world.

    Adonis walks down the entrance ramp, again no dancing this week, just striding in a straight line towards the ring. He climbs the steel steps and ducks through the top and middle rope before walking straight over to the other side of the ring and is handed a microphone by a ringside announcer. Adonis moves towards one of the corners and lifts himself up onto a turnbuckle to sit down as he begins to speak to the fans.

    Adonis: Ya know, people been askin' Malcolm how he's feelin' all week, people been askin' him what his reaction is to what happened at Lost Cause and last week on Chaos. People been askin' Malcolm where he was last week, and all Malcolm's been able to say for the past 2 weeks is that he's not in the mood to talk. Not in the mood to talk, you know how fucked up things have got to be to make Malcolm keep quiet? Lets go back to Lost Cause, where all this crap started man, where stuff got a little too real for Malcolm's likin'.

    Adonis looks around at the fans before a short video is shown on the screen that shows the ending of his match with Shining Light, and the aftermath of what happened. The video ends and Malcolm continues.

    Adonis: See it wasn't enough for Shinin' to hit Malcolm in the greatest gift that God gave him, no Shinin' wanted to add insult to injury. He broke the one rule that Malcolm treasures the most.. you don't put your hands on a woman.. unless it's consenting. But look at that video, do y'all think there was consent? Hell no.. what Shinin' did that night was nothin' short of disgustin' man, hell that crap is a felony in most.. if not ALL states. Fast forward a little in the night.. Malcolm made the biggest mistake in his life. See Malcolm competed in the Insane Asylum match.. that was wrong, Malcolm should have been lookin' for his friend, Valentina. To add to that, when I dumped that punk ass bastard Shinin' Light out of the competition.. Malcolm shoulda gone with him.. Malcolm should have let that son of a bitch lead him right to Valentina.. but he didn't, and the blame rests on Malcolm fo' that.

    Adonis shakes his head and looks down at his feet, rubbing his eyes with his free hand whispering a few things to himself off mic.

    Adonis: Lets move on again to last week, Malcolm wanted to be on Chaos, he wanted to find Shinin' Light and get his hands on that punk. But I didn't come.. see Malcolm was told that Shinin' hadn't been seen since Lost Cause and wasn't going to be there.. now I still wanted to tear that locker room apart lookin' fo' him but I was told to take the night off, collect my thoughts and come back this week. So here I am.. and all of this week, instead of talkin' to my fans, instead of makin' the most of the life God gave to me.. all Malcolm's been able to think about is what we all saw last week..

    Adonis clenches his fists and shakes his head, becoming visibly shaken and upset as he recalls the Shining Light segment from last week.

    Adonis: See what we saw last week was BULLSHIT! Now y'all are gonna have to excuse my language for a moment, but Malcolm is angry.. more angry than he has ever been, and that is NOT what you want Shinin'. See after last week, most people woulda picked up they phone and called the cops.. but no.. no, that's not what Malcolm decided to do. See what Malcolm decided to do was instead of call the cops.. Malcolm decided he was going to take matters into his own hands and track you down you piece of crap. Now i'm not detective.. but i'm smart enough to know that you ain't doing this fo' you.. the only reason you doing this is because you want to hurt ME. And that being the case, Malcolm knows you can't stay away fo'ever. So Malcolm gonna be patient, Malcolm gonna let you come to him.. and when you do come to Malcolm, son i'm gonna ruin yo' night and shatter yo' faith. You call me the devil? Well i'ma give you a very special taste of hell.

    Adonis jumps down from the turnbuckle and stares directly at the camera.

    Adonis: What you pulled last week, with your ming games and layin yo' filthy hands on Valentina again was the straw that broke the camels back son. You wanna use weapons on a lady? You wanna brain wash her to your way of thinkin'? Bitch you gonna have to try a lot harder than that because Valentina got balls a lot bigger than you. It was confirmed last week that Shinin' Light and Malcolm Adonis gonna go head to head one mo' time.. at Full Throttle.. and this time we gonna be lettin' the fans choose the playground in which I beat yo' ass to death. So Malcolm's got a plea to all you fans out there.. I want that sick son of a bitch in a buried alive match, and I tell you why. Malcolm wants to look down at Shinin' as he lays there, knowin' that it's the only hole that son of a bitch is EVER gonna be in! You know what am sayin'!?

    Malcolm drops his microphone and turns to leave when...As the lights in the arena go out, some members of the audience begin to scream. However some can guess what’s going to come next and immediately begin to boo loudly. After a few minutes of darkness, Valentina appears on the screen curled up in a ball, shaking violently. The camera pans away from her and shows Shining sat a few meters away, his gaze focused on the whip – like object that lies in front of him

    Shining: I didn’t want to do that… But you made me

    *Valentina doesn’t reply, but continues to shake*

    Shining: Why do you refuse to listen to me Valentina? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins. Call on his name, the name of the Lord!

    Valentina: *Quietly* I have no sins

    Shining: If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy. Put to death the sinful, earthly things lurking within you. Have nothing to do with sexual immorality, impurity, lust, and evil desires. Don’t be greedy, for a greedy person is an idolater, worshiping the petty things of this world.

    *Valentina slowly sits upright, her hair covering her face. She continues to shake but her voice can be heard for miles when she speaks*

    Valentina: But it’s not as easy as you think! You walk around telling people to repent and ask for forgiveness from God but look at what you did! You murdered your parents! You murdered your friends!

    Shining: ENOUGH!

    *Shining leaps to his feet, grabs the whip and wraps it around Valentina’s neck, pinning her against a tombstone. Valentina responds by kicking Shining’s “path to righteousness” and he doubles over in pain. Valentina grabs the dropped whip and strikes him across the face. A faint smile begins to emerge on Valentina’s face at the sight of Shining screaming in agony, and she hits him a few more times on the back until he’s knelt done in front of her. She wraps the whip around his neck, pressing hard against Shining’s throat. Despite the ever increasing pressure on his neck, he manages to speak*

    Shining: Go on… Finish it. End my life.

    *Valentina watches Shining struggle to breathe before releasing the hold. She slowly backs away from him until she hits the tombstone, where she sinks to the floor. She stares at the whip and the blood on her hands, before throwing it away in disgust. In front of her, Shining crawls towards a nearby tree, before resting on it*

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    Shining: You see Valentina? Me and you are more alike than you may think

    Valentina: No! I’m nothing like you!

    Shining: But you are my child, look at what you just did. Imagine what you could do if you had the power of the Lord on your side! Me and you… We’d be unstoppable. The Assassins Creed would dominate IWA, we’d dominate the World!

    Valentina: But Malcolm, he loves me!

    Shining: No, he doesn’t. He only wants you for one thing and I’m sure that you can work that out for yourself

    Valentina: Then I’ll become my own person! I don’t need anyone to survive. I’ve come so far by myself, I can carry on like that!

    Shining: Sometimes you need to walk alone, just to show you can. But those days are over, no longer will you have to face life’s challenges by yourself. For just as Jesus said to his disciples, “I am always with you, even until the end of time”

    *Valentina gets to her feet and turns away from Shining*

    Shining: So are you with me? Will you join my crusade for peace?

    *There are a few minutes silence, but just as Valentina opens her mouth to speak, the screen cuts to black and after a few minutes of darkness, the lights turn back on in the arena. Adonis stands in the center of the ring, the soul sucked from his eyes. He looks at the Insane-O-Tron, but he doesn't speak. The camera's pan, getting a more close up shot of his face. The soul still seems to be gone in his eyes, as he closes them. He lowers his head, standing there for a moment, he raises it, grabbing the camera to glare directly into it. Adonis is trembling with rage, as he has a fire in his eyes not seen before.

    Mike: I think Shining has just unleashed a side of Adonis we haven't seen yet.

    Rocky: If i were Shining...I'd be fearing for my life right now.

    Adonis just glares into the camera, as the show cuts to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Seth Gabel now backstage with Domino.

    Seth: Two weeks now Domino, we've seen you involved in fights with Oscar Layman and Ace Note. What exactly is your beef with them?

    Domino: I don't have issues with Oscar Layman, or Note. I just wanted to come out and enjoy the match, after all being IWA's newest member of the roster I wanted to see what kind of wrestlers I have to compete with, and the good news is there is no competition as not one wrestler in that ring could match my ability

    Seth: Why have you come to IWA?

    Domino: That' a stupid question, that's to ask why wrestlers wrestle. You might get one of those noble answers like I came to IWA to prove to the fans that I can be the best. But I'm not here for that I don't need to prove anything to anybody, I came here to be the best damn wrestler this company has ever seen, simple as that.

    Seth; At the next PPV, Full Throttle, you'll team up with Jack Phenix and Mike Hawk to take on Ace Note, Jackson Smith, and Oscar Layman. What are your thoughts on your tag partner?

    Domino: Jack is a smart man. Everyone that was out in that ring tonight are smart. You see we have come to realize is that there are strength in numbers. And me, Jack, Ryder, and Edward showed that tonight. We are the future and this weekend its two on two and I'm fine with that because Layman, Smith, and Note have to deal with Phenix and Hawk two of the best and most underrated wrestlers on the roster. And of course god's gift to wrestling.. Me.

    Seth: Does the fact the fans get to vote on the match type for your tag match at Full Throttle bother you?

    Domino: The fans could have voted for a barb wired explosion steel cage match, and knowing the fans violent ways they probably would have. But it doesn't matter the match type, because me and Jack would have came out victors regardless.

    Seth: Anything else you'd like to say to the millions of fans watching at home and the thousands in attendance?

    Domino: You haven't seen anything yet. I am the future, and that's all you need to know. Got it? Get it? Good.

    Domino looks at Gabel, and then turns, walking off screen. The camera's cut from Gabel, to the ring.

    Mike: Needless to say for those just joining us, you missed something huge!

    Rocky: Is Valentina joining the side of Shining?

    Mike: Light does seem to be good at clouding peoples minds.

    Rocky: What is this going to do to Adonis state of mind?

    Hollywood Homeboys

    Whiz and Iceman come out from the back to a mixed reaction from the fans, with more boos than cheers, as they proceed down the ramp. They climb into the ring, and pose. Whiz rolls out of the ring, and waits, as Iceman pumps himself up in the ring.


    Athena comes out from the back, to nothing but boos. She walks down the ramp, glaring at the fans. She grabs a "Athena has a penis" sign, and rips it up, and throws it back into the fans face. She proceeds the rest of the way down the ramp and into the ring, as the ref turns, signalling for the bell.

    Athena vs Iceman

    (start at 7:03, end at 8;45)

    Iceman grabs the legs of Athena, going for the cover, as the ref goes for the count.


    Athena kicks out right after two, as she gets to her feet, angry. She goes at Iceman, who ducks her advances, ending up behind her. Iceman pushes Athena from behind, sending her into the ropes. Athena hits them front forward, as she stumbles. Iceman grabs, and drops Athena with a reverse ddt! Iceman is back to his feet, as he sees Athena sitting up. He runs into the ropes, and comes running back going for a boot to the face, but Athena catches the boot!

    Mike: Wow! This woman is intense!

    Rocky: Let me tell you, I wouldn't want to step into the ring with her

    Athena gets to her feet, holding the foot of Iceman. She is standing up, as Iceman is hobbling on one leg. Athena throws the leg down, and levels Iceman with a huge clothesline! Athena reaches down, grabbing Iceman by the hair, and lifts him to his feet! She knees Iceman hard in the gut, as he bends over. Athena pulls him in, and lifts him into the air for a powerbomb. She turns, and charges towards a corner, powerbombing Iceman into the top turnbuckle!

    Mike: Oh Wow! That was just devastating!

    Rocky: That's why I won't step in the ring with her, she fights like a man.

    Whiz has seen enough, as he climbs onto the ring apron, arguing with the ref to stop the match. Athena is behind the ref, arguing with Whiz, telling him to bring it, as Damian Eddings comes running down the ramp with something in hand.

    Mike: Eddings! What's he doing out here!?

    Rocky: Getting revenge from Lost cause I'd say, but Athena doesn't know he is out here yet!

    Eddings grabs Athena with one hand, spinning her around. He throws a pink powder into her eyes, before rolling out of the ring, and hiding behind the apron. Iceman has recovered a little, as Athena stumbles around blindly. Iceman reaches up from behind her, rolling her up! The ref goes for the count!

    1.....2..Iceman has her tights..3!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Iceman!

    Mike: He cheated to win!

    Rocky: So what! He won!

    Athena is back to her feet, still trying to wipe the powder from her eyes, as Whiz climbs into the ring, as does Edding. All three men glare at Athena, as they charge. No sooner than when Whiz lays his hands on her, does she start swinging mad wildly! The three men bail the ring, narrowly avoiding the wild swings of Athena. They go up the ramp backwards, glaring at her, as she can finally see. She points to all of them, and then makes the motion of breaking bones.

    Rocky: I think Eddings pissed Athena off more than anything else.

    Mike: I'd say he has made it worse for himself in the long run.

    Athena is handed a mic, glaring at the three men.

    Athena stands up looking angry and grabs a mic.

    Athena: What the hell? Did you just sprinkle me with your fairy dust? You just made the biggest mistake of your life lady! I mean sure I was already going to beat you to a bloody pulp after that slap you gave me last week, but now… I’m going to rip your arms off and smack you with them.

    The crowd is divided between cheers and boos.

    Athena: Nobody disrespects the Amazon, no man, woman, child or whatever the hell you are. Now at Full Throttle the fans will get to pick who I’m going up against. It could be Whiz, Iceman or you Tinkerbell. And quite frankly I’m hoping it’s you I get to face. So you run away for now, leave my sight, leave the arena, leave the country… but just remember that it doesn’t matter how far your run or where you hide because sooner or later I’ll find you Eddings and when I do I’ll make fairy dust out of you!

    Athena laughs deviously as the camera's cut to the back.

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    We find Victor Elric and Ivan Drayman talking in the back amongst themselves. After a moment, Drayman points down the hall.

    Ivan: Isn't that Orion Slayde???

    Elric turns, and sees a man off in the distance. Elric, without even pausing, runs off, darting down the halls. The camera's stay with Drayman, as he turns to walk off in the opposite direction. BAM! Israel Pamich comes out of nowhere, smashing Drayman over the head with a steel chair! Pamich looks a the camera, smiling, as he picks Drayman up, and throws him, face first through a plexi-glass door for a vending machine! Drayman is left in the shards of the glass, as Pamich bends down, looking at Ivan, smirking, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Elric backstage, still running around. He runs up to one stage hand.

    Elric: Slayde...did he just run by here?

    The stage hand points down the hall way, as Elric runs down the hall and out of the view. The camera's cut back to the announcers.

    Mike: I wonder if that was truly Slayde.

    Rocky: I'm sure we will find out if Victor actually find him.

    Mike: Well, we still have Kyojin picking someone to face Mr Smyth tonight, and our main event, for the first time ever, Rob Rage takes on KJ Punk and Darius in a triple threat match.

    Rocky: Well I hear our former World Champ, AJ Dixon, is on his way out here. I bet he is super pissed!

    Mike: You know, I can't blame him for being mad, but then again, Shaz proved to be the ultimate opportunist.

    AJ Dixon

    AJ Dixon’s music starts playing as the Primetime superstar walks out on to the ramp, he looks back at the stage as he walks down with an angry look and the music immediately stops. The crowd continues to boo as Dixon walks down the ramp and steps in the ring. Dixon doesn’t acknowledge any of the fans as he steps into the ring. Dixon snatches a mic from the stage hand, getting ready to speak

    Dixon: I don’t know wat to say... I really don’t. I’m so pissed dat I don’t know wat to say. I’m so angry dat words can’t describe how I feel right now. Last week happened, and dere is nothin’ dat can be done about dat. Shaz is your new champion. Wat does dat mean for Dixon? Dixon goes back to being a nobody?

    Dixon drops his head and puts his hand on the back of his neck. He immediately throws his hand of his neck in a fit of rage.

    Hell Naw! I will not be blatantly disrespected like dat! I will not be made a fool of! Dis shit ain’t about wrestlin’ anymore! Dis shit is personal now! Was da way it was not good enough? You had ta fuck it up didn’t ya Shaz? You took da only thing I cared about! You took my one and only championship! Dat was my first, and how long did it last? How long did Primetime stand on top? 15 days and 16 minutes. Dats fuckin’ it! I defended it once and den was blind sided, after one of the hardest fought matches in my career, and lost it.


    Dixon is fuming and the crowd doesn’t quite no how to react


    Dixon is screaming at the top of his lungs at the crowd, who starts screaming back.

    Am I not good enough for you clowns? Are you dat foolish? You guys don’t know wat I am capable of. You thing I do this shit for you and yours? FUCK Y’ALL HATERZ! As far as I’m concerned, you can all go fuck yaselfs! Dis ain’t about y’all! Dis ain’t about SHAZ and it ain’t about IW-FUCKIN’-A. Dis shit is about PRIMETIME! Dis shit is about me, it always has been and it always will be. I’m here day in an’ day out, and were are y’all? At home, sittin’ on dat couch, wishin’ you could be like Primetime, wishin’ you could be in my shoes, wishin’ you could own my spotlight, own my fame, but you can’t! I put my whole being in ta dis shit, and now I got shit to show for it, once again. But tonight, everythin’ will be goin’ back to normal.

    Dixon, still angry, stares back at the crowd as they yell at him. The crowd boos Dixon who doesn’t care for it and waits as they cease their yelling.

    Tonight, everything is goin’ back to normal. I want a rematch-MY REMATCH! I want da rematch dat I deserve as da former champion. I want Shaz in dis ring for MY CHAMPIONSHIP! And I want it TONIGHT!

    There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as many are excited for a match like this.

    You want to be hood homie? You want to be street and take me out like you did last week. How about you face me straight up! How about you take me one on one. You know what? You want to make it personal, oh we can make it personal, we can make it real personal. I demand dat everyone, and I mean everyone, be BARRED FROM RINGSIDE! No Rage, No Infection, nobody. Just You and Me, Shaz. I don’t want there to be any doubt I’m better dan you when I kick your ass personally. These are my demands, and my last one is dat I DEMAND dat Daniel May get his punk ass out here and make da match official.

    Dixon waits as nothing happens, the crowd gets restless.

    May, you better get out here and make everything right. You saw what me and da Infection are capable of. We will make IWA a livin’ hell for you if you don’t come out here and make dis match. No is not an option for you at dis point!

    Dixon waits and nothing happes again. Dixon, furious, walks up to the front of the ring, grabs the top rope, and yells backstage.


    Daniel May

    After a few moments, no one comes out. After a few more moments, Daniel May walks out from the back, but he doesn't look like he has in the last few weeks. He isn't in a suit, his hair isn't kept, and he isn't clean shaven.

    Mike: It can't be...

    Rocky: He was suppose to be on his meds....

    May walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring. He brushes past Dixon, grabbing a mic from the corner, as he turns back to Dixon, smiling.

    May: The boss is back!

    Mike: Oh no....

    Rocky: it's....

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    May: That's right! No more of that Mr Dull Daniel get Smokey!

    The fans immediately start booing.

    Smokey: Oh, boo all you want. I was sick and tired of being stuck in that boring ass wankers body. You see, you all learned the truth about myself. I suffer from multiple personality disorder. There are 2 dominant personalities, and then my normal self when I'm on my meds. You'v seen Daniel May, and you've seen the best of the bunch, the man before you right now, Smokey, but there is 1 more face if you will. This man...well...he is a sick sick bastard. If you think I like to see people in pain,, and see people suffer, this man...well...he is what nightmares are made of. Luckily, the only time you'll see him is if Daniel mixes up his medication. Trust me when I say this, you don't want that to happen. Now, for any of the wack offs in the back who are considering trying to get me back on my meds, you'll be fired on the spot. Now, to the man in this ring, this nuisance, this bother.

    Smokey turns directly at Dixon.

    Smokey: You come out here, whining and bitching sounding like a little girl who has lost her favorite dolly. Big freaking whoop! You lost your world title because Shaz decided to cash in his briefcase. What if it had been Mike Hawk? Would you still be out here acting like your little world is crumbling down? There is such a big part of me that wants to tell you to hit the fucking bricks and terminate your contract. But, there is no denying you can draw. Just look at some of these idiotic fans!

    Smokey points around, as we see some fans with Infection signs and Dixon signs and Dixon was screwed signs, as well as t shirts.

    Smokey: So, here is what I'm going to offer you. At Full Throttle, you don't have a match. Where here is the match you'll be in. There is a match where the fans can vote on a representative to act in authority of another. Kyojin has Malcolm Cage, Killa, and KJ Punk. Smyth has Dave Steele, Bushido, and Darius. Now, if either Darius or KJ Punk are picked for their respective side, you will be made the special referee for that match. If you perform your duties without any type of questionable actions, you will be rewarded with a title shot. Matter of fact, you'd get your title shot at the biggest PPV of the year, Destined for Immortality.

    The fans cheer at the mention of the forth coming January PPV.

    Smokey: See I'm going to make an adjustment to the main event at Destined for Immortality. Shaz vs Rob Rage is huge, but I have something even bigger than that. At Destined for Immortality, we will have a first. This match will be called Maximum Anarchy! We will see a total of six men, step into this ring. Now, this match will consist of being contained inside of a larger hell in a cell cage. This cage will be modified though. There will be barbed wire wrapped around different parts of the cell, and other parts left barren. Underneath the ring will be the usual gallore of weapons, tables, kendo sticks, sledgehammers, and such, but for this match, I will be making sure there are some extra goodies down there. Light tubes, thumb tacks, barbed wire, gasoline cans. This will be the most brutal and hardcore match seen in all of IWA. Now this match will not end in normal fashions. How many of you are familiar with the rarely seen, Texas Deathmatch?

    The fans pop at this statement, knowing of the type of match.

    Smokey: Well, this will be mixed within the match. After a superstar is pinned, they will have to the count of 10 to get to their feet. If they are unable to stand by the count of 10, they will be eliminated from the match. The last man left standing will be crowned the IWA World Heavyweight Champion!

    The fans actually cheer at this, full blown pop!

    Mike: WOW! That sounds intense!

    Rocky: I wonder who is going to be in it!?

    Smokey: We will see Shaz defend his title in this match against the #1 contender, Rob Rage, the former World Champ, KJ Punk, a man who has had two chances to claim the World title but failed, Darius, and our most recent champ, AJ Dixon, so long as you perform your duties at Full Throttle. Now that does leave 1 spot, and well, I have an ace up my sleeve. Next week, you all will learn of who the final entrant in this match will be!

    Smokey drops the mic, as he smirks at Dixon. Smokey climbs out of the ring, walking up the ramp.

    Rocky: Smokey is back! But Dixon is left without his demands being fullfilled!

    Mike: Didn't you hear Smokey? If Dixon does what he is suppose to do, he will get his shot!

    Rocky: But it's not a 1 on 1 shot!

    Mike: That may be true, but that's how it is! Well folks, we've still got the huge triple threat match tonight!

    Rocky: And that puts new implications on that match. It'll be interesting to see who pulls the win.

    The camera's cut to a commercial break at this point.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we find Kayfabolous already in the ring.

    Mike: That's for coming back folks! It's time for a big match!

    Rocky: That's right! Carlos Alberto Ramon is taking on Skyler Drek!

    Carlos Alberto Ramon

    Carlos comes out from the back, with his tag partner, Van Hooligan X by his side. Ramon heads down the ramp and into the ring, as VHX walks around the ring, standing at the apron, smirking. Ramon looks at Drek, as Ron steps out to the outside of the ring. The ref turns, and signals for the bell.

    Carlos Alberto Ramon(Del Rio) w/ VHX vs Skyler Drek(Bryan) w/ Macoonie
    (Start 2:50, End 8:53)

    Ramon moves out of the way as Drek lands on the mat hard from the missle drop kick!! Ramon grabs Drek by the left leg and wraps it around his own and applies pressure, and then he slams it back down to the mat. Ramon picks Drek off of the mat, and then whips him into the ropes and to the outside!

    Mike: Looks like this is spilling to the arena, Rocky!

    Rocky: Nah, Ramon is just taking out the trash!! Hahaha! Get it?

    Mike: Shut up.

    Ramon picks Drek up while Van Hooligan X watches. Ramon tosses Drek into the barricade, and then Ramon slides into the ring and gets in the refs face ...

    Mike: What is he doing?

    Rocky: Look at Van! He is choking Drek with his boot!

    Van is pressing down on Drek's throat with the heel of his boot while Ramon argues with the ref. The ref gets away from Ramon and then Van pulls off and walks away from Drek as he coughs hard. Ron comes running around the other side of the ring and then big boots Van right in the face to a pop from the crowd! The ref is up to eight, but Drek manages to get to his feet and slides into the ring! Ramon goes to attack Drek, but Drek takes Ramon down with an arm drag! Ramon gets right back to his feet but is taken down by a standing drop kick!

    Mike: Looks like Drek got a second wind! It must be the adrenaline kicking in!

    Rocky: Or the distraction caused by Ron ...

    Drek paces around the ring, favoring his left leg. Drek stalks Ramon as he gets to his feet, and then Drek grabs Ramon and sets up a DDT, but Ramon reverses the hold and pushes Drek into the ropes. As Drek bounces off of them and heads back to Ramon, Ramon takes Drek down with a huge clothesline. Ramon walks over to the side of the ring that Van is on and yells something at him as Van gets back to his feet, and then Van nods his head. Ramon goes back over to Drek and picks him up, but Drek punches him in the gut and then whips him into the turnbuckle. Drek hits a few punches, and then throws Ramon down onto the mat, and then climbs to the top.

    Van yells to Drek, making Drek look down at Van who has a steel chair in hand. Ron drops from the apron and charges Van, but Van turns and smashes Ron over the head with the chair!! Drek screams at Van, but then Ramon comes from out of no where, runs up the turnbuckle and ...

    Money Maker on the top turnbuckle!! Ramon brings Drek down hard from the top with a nasty code breaker! Ramon covers Drek!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Carlos Alberto Ramon!

    Ramon stands in the ring, as Van climbs in also. Drek rolls out of the ring, as Ron checks on his tag partner.

    Mike: Well, as we get closer to Full Throttle, it appears Ramon and Van have momentum!

    Rocky: Yeah, but Van faces Cody Hart tonight. Let's see if they can keep that momentum up!

    The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Victor Elric still looking around backstage. He turns a corner, seeing another stage hand.

    Elric: Have you seen Orion Slayde???

    The stagehand points down the hall, as Elric starts walking.

    Mike: I guess Elric still hasn't found Slayde.

    Suddenly, Elric is attacked from behind, as a cable is wrapped around his neck. The camera's turn, as we see it's Orion Slayde, dressed up in a stage hands outfit! He is pulling tight around the neck of Elric, and within moments, Elric is unconscious from the lack of oxygen.

    Mike: Enough! Someone stop him!

    Rocky: I have to agree. Since Lost Cause Orion Slayde has been attacking Victor every chance he gets. When is enough enough?

    Slayde lets go, as Elric drops to the floor. Slayde smirks, as he grabs Elric by the arms, and drags him off camera. The camera's cut back to the ring, where we see Seth Gabel standing in the ring along with all of the Bombshells in IWA.

    Mike: Well, hopefully someone stops Slayde. In the mean time, we are about to hear from all of the Bombshells that will be involved in the match next week to crown the first Vanity Champion!

    Seth raises his mic up.

    Seth: Thank you! Thank you! Let's give a big hand to all of these Bombshells!

    The fans cheer, as Seth keeps going.

    Seth: Now, before we get on with this, I need to inform to you all, that 1 of the recent signings for the bombshell division are unable to compete. The official word is that her work visa was denied, and she is stuck in London. So, instead of next weeks championship match being cut to 5 women, I am proud to announce that Pisces Pink will return to action and fill int he sixth spot! This will be her return since the vicious attack from Chris Divine at Lost Cause. Sadly, she was unable to make it to Chaos this week! In the mean time though, this is the chance for each of the bombshells in the ring to share a little bit about themselves. Up first, Ashley Kid! Now Ashley, why do you deserve to be the first Vanity Champion?

    Seth hands the mic to Ashley.

    Ashley:I'll tell you why I deserve to be the champion, so listen close. I know I'm relatively new to IWA, and to the big leagues of wrestling, but don't let that take away what you'll see from me. I'm the daughter of the Dynamite Kid. I was trained in the Hart Dungeon. I've wrestled over seas, and I've wowed the fans. The simple fact of the matter is, next week, is my chance to showcase my true talents. Now these other women will try to bash me, but that is simply because I'm from wrestling royalty. The hart name, the kid name, the canadian heritage has been tarnished over the years. This is my chance to bring glory back to Canada, and show the world why we are truly the best!

    Ashley hands the mic back to Seth, as the fans are booing, and even a USA chant is ringing out.

    Seth: Well, strong words. Now, I present two ladies who insisted they be interviewed together.

    The camera turns to Sugar and Spice. Sugar, a blonde woman with curly hair and a white lace cat suit, stands to the left and Spice, a woman with long black hair and dark gothic makeup wearing a black leather corset, stands to the right.

    Sugar: May I have the mic please?

    Seth Gabel: Well actually I’m supposed to start with some questions.

    Spice takes the mic from his hand and shoves him with her other hand.

    Spice: Just give her the mic and go away!

    Spice hands the mic to Sugar and she smiles.

    Sugar: Hi my name is Sugar and I’m oh so sweet!

    Sugar blows a kiss at the camera and hands the mic back to Spice.

    Spice: My name’s Spice and I’m not so nice.

    Spice glares at the camera and hands the mic back to Sugar.

    Sugar: And together we’re Sugar and Spice! So as you can see the Bombshell division has a group of lovely and talented ladies, but unfortunately for them not a single one will be as relevant as us because Spice and I go way back and we didn’t always like each other, but we realized we had common ground and decided to put aside our differences for the greater success of our careers which means we’re going after the Bombshell title.

    Sugar grins and hands the mic to Spice.

    Spice: Sugar and I have very different methods of doing most things from our fashion choices to our wrestling styles and as of this moment we’re putting the Bombshell division on notice. Between her agility and my strength there will be nobody to stand in our way.

    Spice reaches over to the interviewer to hand over the mic, but drops it before placing it in his hand.

    Spice: Oops butter fingers.

    Sugar and Spice laugh, as Seth picks up the mic, glaring at the two women.

    Seth: Well, let's hear from TeYanna.

    TeYanna: Why do I deserve to be the first Vanity Champion? It's simple. My whole life is based around wrestling. Beauty may be a priority, but it isn't my top priority. My mission isn't to be a Diva at all, because I'm not the one who wants to parade around the streets looking like the latest sket in the streets. I am Wrestling's Biggest Bombshell! But they are just words. Once I face all the other so called "bombshells" in the ring, I'll prove that wrestling is in my genes. I mean, come on. Look at all of them!

    You have a bombshell called Sugar, and another called Spice. Now, I'm all for seeing woman trying to look their best. But why rip off Lay-Cool from WWE, and The Beautiful People from TNA? Wrestling is the biggest thing for me, but originality is another. Woman's wrestling, just isn't the same anymore. And these two are examples. Not only am I, TeYanna here to make an impact, but bringing legitamacy back to woman's wrestling, is an absolutely major aim to myself.

    *The crowd cheer TeYanna

    TeYanna: I don't know much about Pisces Pink and Ashley Kidd, so untill they make an impact, they are both irrelevant to me.

    *Crowd go insane with cheers*

    TeYanna: And then you have Vivica. Oh god. You see Vivica, when I look at you. I don't see a wrestler, all I see is a sket. You look like an absolute whore, and I've always wanted to ask you a question...How many boys have you pulled? I mean seriously, apparently I've heard that Shaz banged back over in IWA. And that is pretty grim I'd say! You're a disgrace to IWA, but I'm pretty sure all those boys love you like mad. But the only thing I have seen you do, is assist Black Blooded to cheating victories. So I wouldn't classify you as a Bombshell, at all!

    So there is my input on all those do called "bombshells". But before I drop this mic, I wanna assure you one thing. I'll leave Chaos as Vanity Champion!

    Seth turns, now walking up to the final Bombshell in the ring, Vivica.

    *Vivica is standing among the other Bombshells, her hands behind her back as she is rocking a bit and whistling to herself, she is dressed in her favorite outfit, a red and black leather get-up styled after Harley Quinn, and her hair done in pigtails.*

    Seth Gabel: Vivica, Why do you believe that you deserve to be the first Vanity Champion?

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