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    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares, as the camera's zoom in on Rocky and Mike.

    Mike: Welcome to Chaos! And for those who missed last week, we have a new World Champion!

    Rocky: And it's not AJ Dixon!

    Mike: That's right. Shaz won back his MITB briefcase, and proceeded to cash in on Dixon after AJ succesfully retained against KJ Punk.

    Rocky: He then proceeded to turn on Rob Rage, assaulting the #1 contender.

    Mike: I wonder what Rage's comments will be on that.

    Rocky: I wonder what Shaz has to say for himself.

    Mike: We also have Kyojin picking someone to face Mr Smyth tonight.

    Rocky: And we have Mr Smyth picking someone to face Kyojin tonight!

    Mike: We also have for the first time, a huge triple threat match. Rob Rage vs Kj Punk vs Darius!

    Rocky: That'll be huge!


    Kyojin comes out from the back with the Endurance Championship around his waist. He stands at the top of the ramp, as he takes the belt raising it high into the air. Red and blue pyro's blare off around him, as he places the title onto his shoulder and heads down the ramp. He slaps a few of the fans hands along the way, before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope, and climbs a turnbuckle. He stands tall, holding the belt high, as flashes go off from camera's. Kyojin hops down, look up at the entrance ramp.

    Mike: I think Kyojin is awaiting on who is opponent is tonight!

    Rocky: Any clues as to who it is?

    Mike: Nope, but I'm sure after last weeks handicap match, Mr Smyth has something up his sleeve.

    Mr Smyth

    Mr. Smyth’s music hits, and the arena explodes with boos as he walks through the curtain and onto the staging area. Smyth starts to walk up to a small child in the front row, who is shouting abuse at him. Mr. Smyth leans down to go face-to-face with the small child, who continues to give abuse and even gives Smyth the middle finger. Mr. Smyth simply smiles, and snatches the carton of juice from the hands of the small child. The crowd boos as Mr. Smyth walks back to the top of the stage, whilst drinking from the carton. After the crowd dies down, Mr. Smyth brings the mic up to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: Last week, my pick was all about punishment. There was no other reason for selecting the services of Black Blooded but to hurt and my selection proved to be a great business decision. Plenty of people wanted to see you taken down a few notches and that is exactly what we all got.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: This week, however, is a business decision of an entirely different nature. My basic urges make me want to again pit you against an opponent where you have no chance of winning. However, I am a business man, this is a business and I am world renowned for making excellent business decisions.

    Crowd chants ‘Little bitch’ as Kyojin paces around the ring and encourages the chant.

    Mr. Smyth: This business decision is based solely on what the audience would like to see.

    There is a small pop from the crowd, but most start a ‘Kyojin’ chant.

    Mr. Smyth: You people look surprised – and you may very well be - but every decision that I have made since coming to IWA has been for your benefit. The problem, however, is that you are all too stupid to realise it.

    The crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: Kyojin, we all know that you can wrestle. In fact, you can do it far better than a lot of guys. It’s one of the things that impresses a lot of people about you. So why don’t we just use that to our advantage? Instead of yet another beat down, why not have Kyojin in a match where it’ll be a fair fight.

    The crowd pops, but this time it’s much louder.

    Mr. Smyth: Fifty-fifty chance of winning. A back-and-forth match. A wrestling clinic, if you like.

    A ‘Yes!’ chant breaks out across the arena. Kyojin stands in the ring, looking calm, but still visibly concerned as to where Mr. Smyth is going with this.

    Mr. Smyth: It’s something I want to see. In fact, this particular match is one that I have wanted to see for a while now and I am certain that this will be a decision that will be greeted with gusto and great cheer.

    Yet another Kyojin chant breaks out across the arena. Kyojin smiles, and nods his head along with the chants. Mr. Smyth, however, remains perfectly still and almost impervious to the chants.

    Mike: I smell bullshit.

    Rocky: Try taking the occasional shower then.

    Mr. Smyth: This individual that I have picked is highly regarded as one of the best. This individual has the skills, the class and the maturity to handle the pressures of the main event and while he is not at that level yet, it is only a matter of time before he is the best that IWA, and the efedding industry, has to offer.

    More importantly, this individual was handpicked by me simply because that’s what’s best for business.

    The crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: In fact, this individual – unlike you troglodytes - is just...Divine.

    Mike: Wait? What?

    Rocky: I’m as shocked as you are.

    Mike: Mr. Smyth has actually made an amazing pick. This is a match that will make the true wrestling fan salivate. I can’t believe that I am going to say this, but it actually looks like that Smyth has indeed made a decision that is best for business.

    Chris Divine

    Chris Divine enters the arena to a conflict. Half the crowd are cheering at the thought of a match between Kyojin and Chris Divine, while the other half are booing because it is Chris Divine. The camera cuts to Kyojin, who seems to be giving a sceptical nod of approval. When the camera cuts back to the staging area, Divine gives a nod to Smyth, and then proceeds to walk down to the ring. Divine climbs into the ring, and climbs a corner, posing. He climbs down and turns. Kyojin and Divine stand in the ring, looking at each other, as the fans are going wild over this match. The ref rings the bell.

    Chris Divine vs Kyojin

    Mike: This is a first time match right here!

    Rocky: I'm pulling for Divine. Kyojin is the endurance champ, but Divine is also a current champ in JBW and former champ from HWA.

    Both men look at each other, as Divine puts a hand out, smirking at Kyojin. Kyojin looks at it, and then smacks Divine's hand away. Divine smirks at Kyojin, as both men hook up in a grapple. Neither man seems to get the clear advantage, as they break. They pace around the ring, as they hook up once more! Still no advantage, as they break again. They pace around the ring a second time, and go to hook up a third time, but Divine clubs Kyojin in the stomach, and goes behind Kyojin. Divine hooks Kyojin up for a german suplex, but as he lifts him, Kyojin hooks his legs behind Divine's prevent the move. Divine drops Kyojin to his feet, as Chris clubs Kyojin onto the back twice, as Kyojin reaches the ropes. Divine goes for the german suplex once more, but Kyojin won't let go of the ropes. Divine drops Kyojin again, as Kyojin elbows Divine in the head twice. Divine breaks the hold around Kyojin's waist, and stumbles back.

    Mike: Springboard tornado DDT!

    Rocky: I have to admit, Kyojin is a master at true wrestling!

    Mike: I think he is the #1 in ring worker in IWA.

    Rocky: If he is the #1 in ring worker, then Divine is the #1 in ring talker.

    Mike: I don't know about that...Shaz never knows when to shut up..

    Rocky: That's the world champ your talking about!

    Kyojin gets to his feet, as Divine sits up. Kyojin catches Divine in the face with a huge kick, dropping Divine onto his back once more. Kyojin goes for the cover, but Divine kicks out right away! Both men get to their feet, as they hook up, and Chris puts Kyojin into a side headlock. Divine torques on the hold, as Kyojin lifts Divine into the air for a backdrop, but Divine counters, turning the attempted lift into a modified bulldog! Kyojin is planted on his face, as Divine is back to his feet, running into the ropes. Divine bounces back, and charges at Kyojin, and goes for a clothesline, but Kyojin counters, turning it into a crossface!

    Mike: Will Divine tap!?

    Rocky: Divine can't tap! He just can't!