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    Mike: Well thanks for coming back...and I...well...I'm at a loss for words in regards to what we just saw. I really hope Adonis doesn't see what we all just saw.


    The fans explode with cheers as the IWA Endurance Champion makes his way out to the stage with a huge smile on his face, and a microphone in his hand. Smyth waits in the ring for Kyojin to speak, but Kyo is more interested in getting the fans pumped up. He finally stops in the centre of the stage and looks down at Smyth in the ring.

    Kyojin: So after a while thinking about this, I knew that my choice for you Smyth, I knew it had to be a guy that I could put my full trust into. I knew it had to be a guy that would KICK YOUR ASS, nd well I’m quite confident that I managed to find the right guy.

    Now, way back a few weeks ago when creative approached me and told me of this idea, of this twist in our story- I knew I had to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and I knew things that barely anybody in the back knew.

    And now I know that you’ve never faced this man before, because like I said before, I’m your first real hurdle, I’m the first guy you’ve got a problem with that has stuck around long enough for you to call this a feud. But what I’ve gotta ask Smyth, is do you see yourself as the best?

    Smyth raises an eyebrow in the ring, not giving an answer, confused as to where Kyojin is going with this.

    Kyojin: I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m asking, we all know the answer. We all know that you’re not anywhere near the league of the best, you’re not at the stage of some of the guys in the back, and you’re not at the stage of your opponent tonight.

    But the thing is Smyth, you think you are. You say you like to face the very best, and tonight I’ve got you one of them. And there’s no ducking out this time. No, I’m not talking about myself- I know in ICW I pulled the wool over Antonyo Angelo’s eyes and chose myself when it came to picking an opponent for him.

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling you anything like Angelo- that would be an insult to him. You see, at least Angelo never ducked out of a fight with me. He never stood down when he knew it was go time.

    And all this talk of Angelo, does it make you think that I’ve got him to face you? No, I wouldn’t give you such an easy task, because if there’s one thing easier than making him sound like a blubbering idiot, it’s kicking Antonyo Angelo’s ass.

    The fans pop loudly as Smyth just looks confused in the ring.

    Kyojin: Hang on Smyth, before you burst out of the ring in frustration, I think you should know that for these few weeks, I’ve pulled out the very best of the best. And this week, I’ve pulled out the best in your own country.


    The fans explode with cheers as Rage walks out onto the stage. He looks at Kyojin and nods his head, before extending his hand. Kyojin takes the handshake and raises Rage’s arm in the air as Smyth looks in shock in the ring. Rage continues to make his way down the ramp as Kyojin makes his way to the back. Smyth is in disbelief, as Rage stands in the ring. The ref signals for the bell.

    Rob Rage (Williams) vs. Mr. Smyth (Okada)
    (Start 1:20 End 5:05)

    Rage kicks out of another pin fall attempt! Smyth is furious and gets back to his feet and starts to stomp on Rage's knees, attempting to take the Rage Bomb from Rage's arsenal Smyth kneels down and twists Rage's leg around his own, applying pressure to the knee with force!

    Mike: Mr. Smyth is focusing on that knee like its his job!

    Rocky: Well ... It sort of is his job, Mike.

    Smyth applies a half Boston crab and locks it in tight, but Rage grabs the bottom rope, forcing the hold to be broken. Smyth lets go and walks around the ring for a bit, just pacing in circles saying "Stay down" but then Rage tackles Smyth to the mat and starts bringing hard fists down onto Smyth's head! Rage picks Smyth up by the hair, and whips him into the ropes hard, and then when Smyth rebounds, Rage drops him with a scoop slam hard! Rage jumps back to his feet and poses as the crowd pops!

    Rage stalks Smyth in the corner as Smyth uses the ropes to stand, and then Rage charges him into the turnbuckle and spears him into them hard! Smyth grips his stomach and drops to his knees, giving Rage the opportunity to hit a big boot to the side of Smyth's head!

    Mike: Damn! What a hard shot to Smyth!

    Rocky: That could have knocked some of his teeth down his throat!

    Rage poses for the fans again, and then lifts Smyth to his feet, but then Smyth head butts him not once, but three times! Rage stumbles back a bit, and then Smyth charges and takes his out with a running forearm! Rage gets right back up, but Smyth takes him down again! Rage gets to his feet once more, but is dropped by a drop kick from Smyth! Smyth goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Rage kicks out at the last second! Smyth goes back to work on Rages knee and then smiles wide ... Smyth grabs Rage by the legs and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf!! Rage yells out in pain as Smyth applies pressure, and sits down more. The ref asks Rage if he wants to quit, but then Rage reaches to the bottom rope to break the hold! Just a finger tip away as Smyth screams "Just tap!!" at Rage ... But Rage gets the ropes!!

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Smyth breaks the hold and kicks Rage's knee before he scales to the middle rope. Smyth sits on the turnbuckle and taunts Rage as he starts to struggle to his feet. Smyth mocks Rage as he gets to his feet, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle, going even higher risk than normal!

    Mike: Smyth usually doesn't go to the top for the spear ... He must think this is what it takes to take out Rage!

    Rocky: Rage is one tough fucker, so who knows what it'll take!

    Smyth mocks Rage one last time, and then once Rage stands, Smyth dives from the top with a spear ... But Rage catches him mid air and drops him with the RAGE BOMB!!!!

    Mike & Rocky: HOLY SHIT!!

    Rage covers Smyth in the center of the ring!!


    Rage stands tall, climbing a corner, celebrating his win, as he looks at a Destined for Immortality logo hanging in the arena. The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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