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    this is the last filler for now. I need to work on editing the show and coloring. Plus there is Survivor tonight, so the show will be up, just bear with me...get it...bear with me. I stole the joke from eddie

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    The pyro's go off, as the fans have piled in. The camera's turn to the announcers, Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Thanks for joining us folks! We are set to have a huge night!

    Rocky: And before the night is over, we will have a new #1 contender to the IWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Mike: And we might crown a new World Champ!

    Rocky: I'm more excited to see Mr Smyth take the Endurance Championship off the waist of Kyojin!

    Mike: It looks like the action is about to start.

    Jackson Smith

    Jackson Smith walks out from the back, to a pretty good pop from the fans. He heads down the ramp and into the ring, pumping himself up waiting for Killa.


    Killa comes out next, carrying the money in the bank briefcase. He heads down the ramp, and into the ring. He looks at the ref, reluctantly handing the briefcase to him, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Endurance Money In The Bank briefcase On The Line
    Falls Count Anywhere Match
    Jackson Smith (Orton) vs. Killa (Barrett)
    (Start 2:20 End 10:23)

    Killa drops Smith right through the concessions table! Killa covers Smith but the referee hasn't caught back up with the two yet, so Killa picks Smith up off of the ground and kicks open a wooden door.

    Daniel May: What the hell are you doing!? GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!

    Mike: Killa broke into May's office!! Is he nuts?!

    Rocky: Ahahahahahahahaha! This is HILARIOUS!! Maybe we'll see the boss get involved!!

    Killa throws Smith onto May's desk, knocking all of the papers off of it. Killa picks up the lamp that is on the desk and starts smashing Smith in the head with it while May stands in a corner and watches. Killa picks Smith up off of the table, but Smith retaliates and hits Killa with a hard elbow! Smith takes the lamp from Killa, and then smashes it over Killa's head, smashing it to pieces and busting him wide open!!

    May: Hey!!! You gonna pay for that!? And don't bleed on my carpet!

    Smith: Would you shut up?!

    Smith grabs Killa by the throat and throws him onto the desk. Smith climbs onto the desk, and then picks Killa up, and lifts him in the air with a power bomb, and then nails a sit out power bomb through the desk!!

    Mike: What the hell!! Why would he do that to May's desk!

    Rocky: Because he can!!

    Smith stands back to his feet and goes to the door and closes it, then he grabs Killa by the feet and drags him closer to the door. Smith picks Killa up and leans him against the door and backs up. Smith charges Killa and goes to gore him right through May's door, but Killa moves and Smith crashes into the door, smashing right through it!!

    May: COME ON!!! MY DOOR!!

    Killa wipes the blood from his face and limps out into the hall way. He picks up one of the broken pieces of wood and starts to bring it down onto Smith hard, shot after shot! The referee is back and sees the carnage, and then Killa covers Smith!

    ONE!! TWO!! NO!!!

    Smith gets the shoulder up!1 Killa is pissed!! Killa storms down the hall, pushing some people out of the way until he reaches a pile of steel pipes. Killa takes his time trying to pick one, and then Smith charges from behind and gores Killa right into the pipes!! Smith goes for the cover!!

    One! Two! No!!

    Killa kicks out! Smith looks around and notices they are right next to a stair case ... He grins widely.

    Mike: I don't like the look on his face ... At all!

    Rocky: I do!! This will be awesome!!

    Smith grabs Killa and lifts him into the air onto his shoulders, then stands on the top of the staircase ...

    THE BOSS'S ORDERS!! Smith slams Killa right down onto the stairs and Killa rolls all the way down to the bottom!! Smith runs down the stairs and dives down onto Killa, with the referee right behind him!!

    One! Two! THREE!!

    Emily: The winner of this match, Jackson Smith!

    Another ref appears, handing Smith the briefcase, as he holds it up to the camera, as the fans can be heard cheering. The camera's cut from Smith celebrating in the back, to another part of the arena.

    Some voices can be heard. The camera closely follows the voices which turn out to be Ryder and Brock.*

    Brock: Tonight is the night.

    Ryder: We finally get to destroy Oscar and...

    Brock: Ryan Wells. We are going to be able to finally shut up all the haters.

    Ryder: Wait. I thought you loved haters.

    Brock: Your actually right. I love how the fact all the haters talk trash, but they just sit in their dumbass sits they paid money to see us. Then, they say I can't win when in fact I have.

    Ryder: Especially, the first PPV of IWA. That was ssssssssiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk!!!!!!

    Brock: You know it! Not only do we get to beat Ryan, the little boy who thinks he knows it all and just walks into this company and claims to be a future World Champion. He will just become an afterthought like a lot of the people in the back.

    Ryder: Then we have this bro who dislike Justin Bieber, 1D, and Taylor Swift. What's wrong with Oscar Layman? Oh yeah, he has a multi-personality disorder, bro. He doesn't even know if he is a bro or a chick.

    Brock: That's true. Not only that, but also get to compete in the Asylum. Where only man can walk out the victor. Some people have wondered who it can be. Some people even expect VHX to show up. Are this people even mentally correct? However, it will either be you or me walking away with the World Title opportunity tonight,

    Ryder: You better know it.

    The camera's cut from Edwards akwardly fist bumping Ryder, to another part off the arena.

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    The camera cuts backstage to show Kyojin as the fans all roar a huge cheer at his presence. He smiles as he moves the IWA Endurance Championship from his hand to his shoulder, before beginning to speak.

    Kyojin: Well tonight’s the night, finally- after weeks of talking and ducking out of my way, after weeks of running and surprise attacks, after weeks of cowardly moves, tonight- I finally get my hands on Mr. Smyth.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Kyojin: And this has been a match a long time in the making. Ever since Smyth made his debut in ICW, he’s been shooting for me, and don’t get me wrong- I’m all for newcomers coming in and making an impact, but not by underhanded and dirty tactics like Smyth has been doing.

    Plenty of guys in the back have done exactly the same thing when it comes to making their debut, hell, I did it too but I’ve learnt that the best way to make an impact is to do something like Sagittarius Blue did, something like Jackson Smith did. Come in, look good in this ring and get the fans on your side early. That’s all you need to do to make the best impact here.

    But what Smyth has done is exactly the same as what I did. I came in, shooting my mouth off, going after a big dog in Ryan Wells and expected not to be handed my ass on a plate. If it wasn’t for Clint Foster deciding to make an enemy of me and the fans reacting to another side of me, I don’t think I would have ever stood a chance against Wells.

    And that’s exactly the same as what Smyth is tonight. Smyth doesn’t stand a chance against me.

    The fans react with another huge cheer.

    Kyojin: And that’s not cockiness on my part, that’s me just being damn honest. Ever since the last ICW show, I’ve wanted to punch Smyth repeatedly in the face. I’ve wanted to hit him with a Truth Hurts so that he sees nothing but stars, and I’ve wanted to hit him with a Rising Sun so hard he finds it difficult to breathe for a week.

    Last week on Chaos, Smyth made me say that he’s relevant to me and he’s worthy of the Endurance Championship. Well tonight is his big chance to prove me right. You see, I said those words because I know that part of Smyth could be relevant, I know that part of Smyth could be worthy of the Endurance Championship.

    But it’s a part that has yet to surface, and tonight, when I kick his ass- I hope a part of it does. I hope a part of his respect comes shining through and I can bury this so that I can move onto the Insane Asylum match and become the Number One Contender to the IWA World Championship.

    The fans react with another huge cheer.

    Kyojin: You see, I said a few weeks ago that one day, KJ & I would fight off for that title, and that day has been set. Just two months to wait now until Destined For Immortality- the biggest and grandest night in the history of IWA.

    Tonight I’m going to face Smyth, beat Smyth and go into the main event where I’ll face EVERY OTHER IWA Superstar and beat each and every single one of them. The only man I won’t beat tonight is going to be KJ Punk, and well, that can wait until Destined for Immortality.

    The fans cheer again as Kyojin smiles and walks off screen. The camera's cut from the blank wall, to the ring.

    Shining Light

    Shining Light comes out from the back to a pretty massive amount of boos, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring. He climbs a corner, posing, as the camera's turn to the entrance stage once more.

    Malcolm Adonis

    Malcolm walks out from the back, with Valentina at his side, to a good pop from the fans. He heads down the ramp, slapping some fans hands along the way, as he climbs onto the apron, and then into the ring. He stands across from Light, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Malcolm Adonis(Otunga) vs Shining Light(cena)

    (Start at 2:33, end at 7:19)

    Light has Adonis up on his shoulders, as he looks out of the ring at Valentina. Shining spins Malcolm in the air and then drives him into the ring mat with a diamond cutter! Adonis is down, as Light rolls over and makes a cover.


    Adonis kicks out after 2! Light gets to his feet, as he lifts Adonis up and whips him into the corner. Light charges in, and pancakes Adonis in the corner with a clothesline. Shining lifts Adonis to a seated position on the top turnbuckle, as Light climbs to the second ropes. He hooks Adonis up for a superplex, but Malcolm blocks it, nailing Light in the ribs with two stiff shots. Adonis follows up with a huge headbutt, that sends Light fallingg from the corner. Shining is quick to get back to his feet though, but Adonis comes off the second rope with a double axehandle, taking Shining down! Adonis runs into the ropes, as Light sits up, only to be nailed face first by a huge boot! Adonis immediately covers Shining.


    Mike: And Shining kicks out!

    Rocky: It's a testament to how amazing Shining is.

    Adonis it to his feet, as he looks at a corner, and Shining. Adonis lifts Light up, and whips him into the corner. Adonis heads over, and ascends to the second rope, as he starts wailing on Light with rights, and the fans are cheering along. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8..9...10! Adonis hops down, as he grabs Light, and irish whips him hard, so hard Adonis is taken off of his feet, and Shining is sent into the other corner. Shining hits hard with his chest, as he stumbles out. Adonis is back up, and charges, taking Shining's feet out from under him with a chop block! Light is down on his back, as Adonis grabs the leg of Light he chopped, and drives his knee into it three times! Adonis goes to set himself up for the figure four, but as he turns, Shining counters with his other foot, sending Malcolm face first into the top turnbuckle. Malcolm stumbles back, as Light rolls Adonis up.

    1....2...LIGHT HAS THE TIGHTS..!

    Mike: Adonis kicks out just in time! Despite Shining's cheating.

    Rocky: Cheating? CHEATING!? Are you blind? Shining was merely taking advantage of a situation.

    Light seems pissed, as he motions 3 at the ref and the ref responds with two. Adonis is to his feet, as is Light now, and the two men begin to exchange blows. Light is quick to gain the advantage, as he whips Adonis into the ropes. Adonis bounces back, as Light puts Malcolm into a sleeper hold. Adonis doesn't seem fazed at first, but after a few moments, he begins fade. Valentina is slapping the ring apron and clapping, getting the fans behind Adonis. Light puts leg scissors around the waist of Adonis, as Adonis drops to the ring mat.

    Mike: Oh man. Adonis seems out of it.

    Rocky: Yes! Shining is going to win! Choke that man whore out!

    The ref grabs the arm of Adonis, and lifts it, as it drops.

    Ref: 1!

    The ref grabs the arm a second time, and it drops once more.

    Ref: 2!

    The ref grabs it a third time, lifting, and as it drops, Adonis stops before it hits the mat. Adonis is waiving his arm about, as he flips over, putting his stomach to the mat, and Light on top of him. Adonis gets to his knees, and then to his feet. He charges at a corner, flipping at the last second, and pancakes Shining between himself and the corner. Shining doesn't break, as Adonis charges at the opposite corner, doing the same.

    Mike: It's broken!

    Light's sleeper hold is broke, as he rests in the corner. Adonis runs into the ropes, and charges back, nailing a huge spear to the gut off Light in the corner. Adonis steps out, pumping himself up, as Light stumbles out. Adonis nails Light in the gut with a huge kick, and lifts him up into the air for the Malcolm XXX! Light drops behind Adonis though, and quickly turns around, low blowing Adonis infront of the ref. The ref signals for the bell, as Adonis falls hard.

    Emily: The winner of this match via disqualification, Malcolm Adonis!

    Shining looks at Adonis, then at Valentina, as he rolls out of the ring. He heads over to the announce booth and time keeper area, as he folds up a chair, and takes it into the ring. Adonis is on his knees, slowly getting to his feet, as he sits up, only to be cracked over the head of Adonis!

    Mike: Now that's uncalled for!

    Light drops the chair, smirking, as he turns to Valentina. He rolls out of the ring, walking closer to her. She takes a few steps back, as Shining charges, and grabs Valentina. She is fighting, but he over powers her. He lifts her onto his shoulder, and starts up the ramp. Shining reaches the top of the ramp, and turns, looking at Adonis who hasn't stirred, as he heads off into the back.

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    *The camera cuts backstage, to show a man's feet. The camera slowly moves further up the body, before showing Oscar Layman – wearing a blow up suit. He begins jogging on the spot, before staring straight into the camera.*

    Oscar: Let me take you back to the second Chaos. ScOscar Steiner, teamed with the NCII – and defeated Hollywood Homeboys and Matt Ryder. And who won – ScOscar Steiner did. And who was pinned – Matt Ryder. And a few weeks ago on Chaos. JOscar Cena pinned Brock Edwards. And now, I have Ryan “The Freak” Wells in my corner. The odds don't look good for Brock and Matt

    And bitch please. Each day I have woken up a new man in a new body – and I'm top of the world! I got a great job paying great money, and everyday brings something new. But after tonight, when Brock Edwards wakes up – his bones will be shattered. His charisma non-existent. The challenge of getting out of bed is too much for him. And Matt Ryder. His day will start with a spray tan, covering up his scars and bruises over his body. A broken shell of his former self – no more calling people “Bros”. Only calling the only person who talks to him by the name of “Doctor”

    But BrOscar Layman is going to establish why Chaos is the place for him to be, and how the hospital bed beckons for Matt and Edwards. Brock Lesnar may have been relevant in 2003, but no-one since them named Brock has mattered to the wrestling business. They may be big, they may be strong, but they're not good enough to be World Champion!

    *Oscar reveals a pin in his hand, before popping his blow up suit. He puts on a headband and sunglasses, before once again staring into the camera.*

    Oscar: And ma bro – Matt Ryder! To quote your bro, Brock from last Chaos – you are just a puppet. You are just a puppet for him to gain an IWA contract. He attacked me, before you joined his side. Dude, that's not cool. Without you, Brock wouldn't be here, but without Brock, you're nothing but a Long Island Douchebag!

    But you see, the Long Island Iced O – Oscar Lay-Ryder, he don't take no crap from his homies! He fights when fighting time arrives. But Bro, tonight I'm pulling double duty, so I suppose the Insane Aslyum also beckons my attention

    IWA roster – except one of KJ Punk, Darius or AJ Dixon. An over the top rope battle royal in which the winner gets an IWA title shot at Destined for Immortality. So that means I'll have to get rid of people like:


    *crowd cheers*

    Mike Hawk!

    *loud jeers*

    Black Blooded – Mr. Black and Mr. Blood!

    *A huge – but undecisive reaction*

    IWA Tag Team Champions Gaileo and Gommenta

    *huge jeers*

    Mr. Smyth

    *loudest heat so far*

    And Endurance Champion Kyojin!

    *crowd explodes*

    To win. But broskis and hoeskis, I may have to go through Edwards and Ryder in one night – but to quote a friend of mine “that's not a bad thing – that's a good thing!” I may have to eliminate my partner tonight Ryan Wells! But I don't care, because I'll FIST... PUMP... YA FACE.

    *Oscar rips off his no-longer blow up suit, revealing himself to be in trunks*

    And if you'll excuse me, before my match, I'm getting a spray tan.

    *Oscar screams*


    *Oscar removes his sunglasses, and his voice turns into almost a whisper*

    you know it! Bro!

    The camera's cut from Layman, to another part of the arena.

    *Shaz is seen backstage preparing for his matches as he looks more hyped then ever, he looks at the camera*

    Shaz: So tonight, is Lost Cause! The night where not only do I retain my Money in the Bank briefcase, but I also win the Mental Asylum! Words of cockiness I know, but I'll be there to make sure it happens. And trust me, once it does happen. It'll all be printed in the damn IWA newspaper! Cause I am that damn good! The best in the world is gonna strike again tonight in that ring!

    So let me talk about my first match tonight. Where I will go one on one with Mike Hawk, in a Ladder match. You see, I pinned this guy two weeks ago, thus I've got the momentum that has a 75% chance of giving me the win. You see, he's been attacking me like a pussy, and now it's his turn to feel pain. But the only problem for him, is that he'll leave Lost Cause with a broken nose, black eye and a broken jaw!

    He made the biggest mistake of his life, by choosing a Ladder match. You see, I'm an expert on Ladder matches. I know what I'm going to do. Trust me, there will be more high spots then the amount of Mike Hawk's balls! I've suffered in these matches, I've felt the pain, I've felt the bumps, I've busted my ass in all ladder matches. But you people haven't seen me in a ladder match. So I'll back it all up, in tonight's match.

    *Crowd chant SHAZ as Shaz squeezes his fists tightly together*

    Shaz: I'll try my best to give you people a five star match, but that may not happen for certain reasons. Because, this is more likely to be a fight. I'll annihilate this son of a bitch for disrespecting me. I deserve respect, and I earn it because of you people. But this guy thinks it's okay to be a prick. Well, a broken bone will teach him a lesson. Hawk, your time is up. It's about time you've faced the consequences for your actions!

    And the next match. In fact, the main event. A main event, which includes every single IWA wrestler. The match that will prove a wrestlers dominance, a match that every single wrestler will bust there asses in. A match, which I am destined to win. Now trust me, I may have this briefcase. And I'm gonna retain it. I'm not a greedy motherfucker, but if I am to go out there and show people that I'm worthy enough to be a world champion, then so be it!

    I can imagine it already! Damn! These newspapers are gonna be filled by the bold front cover saying Shaz wins the Insane Asylum, I'll have two shots at the world gold! And I'll take them both, like a man. Take them both fairly, because that's what I'm set out to do. Fight. I'm a fighting warrior, and this briefcase proves it. This briefcase is like a belt to me in a way, a belt that I will cash in, to win a much more prestigious belt.

    *Crowd cheer Shaz as he looks really serious*

    Shaz: But there is only one thing stopping me, and that is the wrestlers in the damn Asylum! I mean, come on! Kyojin, Jackson Smith, Sagittarius Blue! These people are the ones standing in my way. Kyojin has beaten me several times, Blue has beaten me once. Smith and I have had beef, but we've never had a one on one match before.

    All three of those guys, are three tough motherfuckers. Just like the rest of the roster, those 3 stand out to me. But the rest, are wrestlers that shouldn't be underestimated. I'm here to win this thing, and those 3 will be my toughest challenges. Challengers, that I am sure I can overcome. But I'm definitely NOT gonna get underestimate any of these tough motherfuckers!

    If I was to win this Insane Asylum, it'd mean everything. It'd prove, that my accolades aren't a fluke. It would prove that I am the greatest that ever signed up for the wrestling industry. I ain't here to play about. I'm not here to make friends either. I'm here to accomplish my dreams, and if I do. No - When I win this match, it'll only prove one thing...and that is that Shaz is the

    The camera's cut from Shaz, back to the ring, where we see the other MITB briefcase hanging above the ring.

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    Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk comes out from the back, to a decent amount of boos from the fans, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He looks above, eyeing the briefcase, as he turns back to the ramp.


    Shaz comes out from the back now, to a massive pop from the fans. He heads down the ramp, stopping halfway. He poses ala MVP, as pyro's go off behind him. Shaz continues heading down the ramp and climbs into the ring, as the ref signals for the bell.

    MITB IWA World Championship Briefcase
    Ladder Match
    Shaz(Benoit) vs Mike Hawk(Jericho)

    (Start at 3:11, end at 20:00)

    Shaz misses after the huge headbutt! Both men are down in the ring, as the fans are going crazy. Hawk is the first to get to his feet, as he looks at the ladder in the corner. He grabs it, dragging it to the center of the ring, over top of Shaz who hasn't moved yet. Hawk starts up the ladder, slow, but none the less, up the ladder. He is about halfway up, when Shaz stirs, crawling out from under the ladder and he begins to climb also. Hawk is to the top, trying to unhook the briefcase, as Shaz is halfway up. Shaz reaches the top, as Hawk cannot unhook the briefcase. Shaz catches Mike in the gut with a stiff shot. Hawk nail Shaz with stiff shot. They begin to exchange shots, each nearly falling off. Hawk grabs the head of Shaz, and bashes it off the top of the ladder. Shaz is slumped on the ladder, as Hawk hooks him up, and takes Shaz off the top with a brainbuster! The fans are chanting holy shit, as both men are down.

    Mike: WOW! That was insane!

    Rocky: I loved it! These two men are willing to kill each other for this briefcase.

    Hawk is stirring, as he rolls out of the ring. He grabs one ladder, sliding it into the ring. Mike walks to another side of the ring, grabbing a 2nd ladder leaning against the ring barrier, and slides that in also. Hawk rolls into the ring, as Shaz is slowly stirring. Mike grabs Shaz, and plants him hard with a ddt! Shaz is once again down and not moving. Hawk turns, grabbing on ladder and setting it up in the corner so it's sitting on the middle rope. Mike grabs the second ladder, setting it up on the bottom ropes, a little further out.

    Mike: What looks like he is making steps to the top of the turnbuckle. What in the hell is he doingg that for?

    Rocky: I don't know...but I smell something awesome in the works.

    Hawk turns, as he lifts Shaz to a standing position. Hawk hooks Shaz up for a suplex, and lifts him into the air. Mike stalls Shaz in the air for a moment, but Shaz counters, landing back on his feet. Shaz lifts Hawk into the air with a suplex, and drops Mike forward, causing Hawk to land hard on the ladders! Shaz climbs out onto the apron, and then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. Shaz grabs Hawk from the ladders, and lifts him up to the top of the turnbuckle as well. Shaz hooks Hawk up like he is going for a pedigree, but instead lifts him into the air...TIGER BOMB! Shaz puts Hawk down onto the ladder, as Hawk lands hard.

    Rocky: WOW! I've never seen Shaz do that!

    Mike: That was amazing!

    Shaz leaps over the leads and the body of Mike, as Shaz grabs the third ladder, replacing it at the center of the ring. Shaz begins the climb. Shaz is to the top, as Hawk begins to sir. Shaz reaches to the briefcase, but he can't unsnap the clasp. Hawk is to his feet, and in a last ditch effort, shoves himself into the ladder! The ladder moves, and then tips, as Shaz falls, fitting the top rope! Shaz spins in the ropes, as his foot becomes caught, entangled in the top and middle rope.

    Rocky: YES!

    Mike: NO!

    Shaz is clawing, but can't get his foot out. Hawk grabs the ladder, setting it back up. He starts his climb, as he reaches the top. Shaz manages to untangle his leg, as he falls. Hawk is trying to unclasp the briefcase, but he can't. Shaz is on to the apron, as he springboards off the top rope, and dropkicks the ladder! Hawk is sent falling to the outside. Shaz looks at the ladder, then Hawk, as he rolls to the outside of the ring. Shaz lifts Hawk up, and nails him with two stiff shots. Shaz goes for a third, but Hawk blocks. Hawk nails Shaz back, as a blow for blow starts.


    Hawk has the upperhand, as he drops Shaz with a clothesline. Both men have made it up the side of the ramp, and are infront of the entrance stage. Hawk grabs Shaz, lifting him up, and drops him with the Mayhem Driver on the hard cement! Hawk turns, looking at the ring and the ladder, and then back at Shaz. Hawk turns, walking down the aisle, and climbs onto the ramp. He walks to the top, and goes over to the stage. He turns, seeing a metal pillar going into the air. Hawk begins to climb, making it halfway up.

    Mike: Oh no! He has to be atleast 25 ft in the air!

    Rocky: Add in the ten feet from the stage to where Shaz is, he is 35 up!

    Hawk is holding on, as he looks behind himself, seeing Shaz is a prone position. Hawk leaps off the pillar, turning himself, and doing a 450 spin in the air, and lands hard on Shaz! Both men are down, as neither are moving. The fans are just going insane with excitement over this match, as Hawk is the first one to his feet, and starts walking to the ring. Hawk is in the ring, and sets the ladder up underneath the briefcase. Shaz has come to, heading towards the ring, as Hawk is climbing the ladder. Hawk is to the top, as Shaz climbs the ladder. Hawk nearly has it unhooked, as Shaz nails Hawk with a big kick to the head! Hawk slumps over on the ladder, as Shaz sets Hawk up. BITW! Shaz nails the flipping piledriver off the top of the ladder. Both men land in the ring, as the fans are chanting holy shit. Shaz is the first to stir, as it appears Hawk is completely out of it.

    Mike: Wow, an insane piledriver off the top.

    Rocky: You know, I may not like Shaz, but I’ve got to give him props for that.

    Shaz turns, starting to climb the ladder, but extremely slowly. He is about halfway up, as Hawk wobbly gets to his feet. He goes to the side of the ladder Shaz is on, and grabs him, position Shaz for a powerbomb. Hawk pulls Shaz off the ladder, going right at the ropes, as Shaz counters the powerbomb into a hurricarana, sending himself and Hawk over the top to the outside! Both men get to their feet, as Shaz goes for a stiff forearm, Hawk counters with a huge kick below the belt! Shaz drops hard, as Hawk then proceeds to look under the ring.

    Mike: What in the hell!?

    Rocky: He has a steel chair wrapped in some kind of cloth.

    Mike: He’s got a lighter! Someone grab a fire extinguisher.

    Hawk lights the cloth, as the chair becomes ablazed. Shaz is getting to his feet, as Hawk takes the chair, and squarely plants it between the eyes of Shaz! Shaz screams, holding his face, as Hawk drops the chair, smirking. He grabs Shaz, rolling him into the ring. Hawk grabs something from under the ring, and climbs into it. Hawk grabs Shaz, placing him so he is leaning on the ropes. Hawk takes the item, and pulls it apart for the world to see.

    Mike: It’s duct tape!

    Hawk takes the tape, wrapping it around one arm of Shaz to the top rope, and then wraps the other arm on the top rope also with the tape. Hawk gets down, as Shaz still hasn’t responded yet, as Hawk duct tapes both feet of Shaz to the bottom rope. Hawk drops the tape, smiling, as he turns, climbing the ladder. Hawk grabs a mic, as he turns, climbing the ladder. Shaz is starting to come to, as Hawk reaches the top, and goes to unhook the briefcase but stops. He takes the mic, raising it.

    Hawk: Look……

    Shaz glances up, and then looks at the duct tape, and starts flailing.

    Hawk: LOOK AT ME!!!!!!

    Shaz stops flailing, as he turns to Shaz.

    Hawk: I want to see the look in your eyes the moment I take this briefcase, your hopes, your dreams, and pull them from your grasp.

    Hawk drops the mic to loud feedback, as he unhooks the brief. The bell sounds

    Emily: The winner of this match, and new holder of the IWA World Title briefcase, Mike, Mr Mayhem, Hawk!

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    Officials cut Shaz loose, as Shaz drops to his knees, shocked that he actually lost the briefcase. Hawk sits at the top of the ladder, holding the briefcase. Shaz's head is lowered, after a few moments, he looks up, with anger in his eyes. Shaz stands up, as Hawk poses with the briefcase, smirking at Shaz. Shaz walks to the ladder, as Hawk's smugness turns to worry. Shaz grabs the ladder, and pushes it, tipping Mike to the outside. Shaz rolls out of the ring, and grabs a chair. Hawk is getting to his feet, as Shaz bashes Hawk over the head with the chair. Shaz lifts Hawk up, and smashes him once more!

    Rocky: This is uncalled for! Someone stop him! Hawk is bleeding!

    Mike: Uncalled for? Hawk cheated to win the match and the briefcase!

    Shaz is pissed, as he looks at the briefcase, and then at Hawk. He is handed a mic, as he drops down next to Hawk.

    Shaz: You and I...this...all of it....isn't over....

    Shaz looks at his briefcase that Hawk is clutching, as Shaz walks up the ramp and into the back. The camera's cut to the back, where we see Black Blooded.

    *Mr. Blood is seen in the Black Blooded dressing room sitting on a steel chair. He is talking to a biker wearing a red devil's head helmet, sitting across from him.*

    Mr. Blood: Fucking watch out tonight, I know that mealy mouthed wannabe shrink has a plan to make sure the retard twins leave with our belts.

    *Mr. Blood looks up, spotting the cameraman he angrily jumps to his feet. the man he was talking to jumping up as well his hands loose and ready, waiting for orders.*

    Mr. Blood: And just what in the fuck do you think you are doing sulking around here? You know I have had about enough of you sneaky little bastards running around here trying to film everything, you've got no respect for privacy at all. Why the fuck do you think the locker room door was shut you little asswipe? Well, what the fuck do you want? Spit it the fuck out before I shove that camera so far up your ass that it starts filming your brain!

    Cameraman: I I am sorry sir, I was told to get your thoughts on the match

    Mr. Blood: My Thoughts? Do you know just who the fuck I am boy? Huh? Do you know just who the fuck I ride with?

    Cameraman: Yes sir, you are Mr. Blood sir, you are part of Black Blooded..... you were the ICW tag champion...

    Mr. Blood: You're god damned right I am. We are the Dominant Predators of this industry, and it will take a hell of a lot more than a couple retards, a creepy uncle, and a couple of random jackasses from the indy scene to stop us.

    We are the single best tag team in History, and the sooner that every one of those fatass, penniless, dirtbag fans realize that, the better, and if we gotta break every other wrestler here in fucking half to fucking prove it, then by God we will. See boy it is real fucking simple. We want something? We go and fucking take it. We have a problem with someone? We leave them laying in a pool of their own blood.

    *Mr. Black walks into view, he is shirtless, and on his chest and arms are a wealth of scars, old and newer crisscrossing his body. He nods once at the helmeted biker, sending him out of the room before walking over to the cameraman.*

    Mr. Blood: We have brought together the toughest, strongest, most deranged, violent sociopaths to ever wrestle and made them all our brothers. We have destroyed entire companies out of revenge, or for the right price. We have spent the last decade and a half creating a roadmap of Dominance over this entire fucking planet and Dr strangelove thinks that his overgrown hairless apes can stop us?

    Mr. Black: Not a fucking chance in Hell.

    Mr. Blood: And don't even get me fucking started on those fucking nobodies that think winning some shitty little tournament against a bunch of other talentless pussies makes them fucking belong in the tag division, much less in our title match, and in our fucking way.

    Mr. Black: They won't survive long enough to be a threat.

    Mr. Blood: There is nothing on god's Green earth that can get in the way of Black Blooded. We are the meaner, stronger, better, faster, and a hell of a lot smarter than every other so called team here and every single one of those dirty sons of bitches know it. We are the height to which all teams should aim for. We have been winning gol all over the world for over a fucking decade now. We have won more titles than the Road Warriors, more than the Midnight Express, even more than the Rock and Roll Express. We were trained by the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history. Hell even before we started wrestling we were a team, doing whatever the fuck it took to survive.

    Let's fucking face facts here, the only reason we are not already the Champs is because until now we have never had the fucking chance. After tonight, We will walk out of here the new Insane Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions. Everyone else? Well, they will be lucky to walk out at all.

    Mr. Black: Nothing Personal

    Mr. Blood: Just Business.

    *The eight other men of Black Blooded walk in, appearing on either side of the camera as the line up in front of the cameraman, blocking the rest of the room from view. Each man is dressed identically, Blue jeans, Black Biker boots, and black leather jackets. Each man is also wearing a full face mask, with the image of a flaming red skull. As the screen goes dark Vivica's voice can be heard, singing quietly*

    Vivica: no one is safe, we're gonna get you...

    The camera's cut from Black Blooded and Vivica, back to the entrance stage.

    Chris Divine

    Chris Divine walks out from the back to a huge chorus of boos, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring. He climbs a corner, posing, as some flashes go off, but there are alot of boos.

    Sagittarius Blue

    Sagittarius Blue and Pisces Pink walk out from the back to a really big pop from the fans. They head down the ramp, as Blue climbs into the ring, looking at Divine. The ref signals to the time keeper, as the bell sounds.

    Chris Divine(Orton) vs Sagittarius Blue(Kofi)

    (start at 3:04, end at 9:15)

    Divine drops the knee of Blue, as Divine gets to his feet, with the devilish smirk on his face. He turns, looking at Pisces Pink who is on the outside. Divine turns back at Blue, and stomps down on the shoulder. Divine walks around, and stomps down on Blue's other shoulder. Chris walks to the feet of Blue, and grabs one, dragging Sagittarius to the ropes. Divine sets Blue's foot on the middle rope, as Divine straddles over top of Blue's foot. Divine jumps into the air, and comes down, landing on Blue's leg! Divine grabs Blue's leg, setting it on the second rope again, and does it once more! Divine flips Blue over, and locks in an ankle lock! The ref asks Sagittarius if he wants to quit, but Blue says no.

    Mike: There is no quit in this guy!

    Rocky: Divine will make that mma little boy tap, you watch.

    Divine torques on the hold, but Blue still won't tap. Blue is on his hands and his other foot, as he flips, and nails Divine with an enziguiri. Divine breaks the hold, as he stumbles back into the ropes. Blue is to his feet, favoring the one foot, as Divine goes at Blue. Blue ducks a clothesline, as Divine hits the ropes. Divine bounces back, as Blue catches Divine in the jaw with a superman punch! Divine goes down hard, as Blue goes for the cover.


    Chris gets his foot on the bottom rope right before the 3 count. Blue looks at it, pulling it off, as he pulls Divine more towards the middle of the ring. Blue goes for the cover again.


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    Divine kicks out right before 3. Blue is surprised, as he gets to his feet, as he lifts Divine to a standing position. Divine immediately kicks Blue in the leg, cutting any idea Sagittarius had off. Divine grabs Blue, and whips him into the corner. Divine goes over, and flips Blue upside down, putting him in a tree of woe in the corner. Divine turns, running to the opposite corner. Divine stands, holding both ropes, as he pumps himself up. Divine charges, and spears Blue in the corner! Blue is still hung up in the tree of woe, as Divine rolls out of the ring. He looks at Pink, and smirks, as he goes to the corner. Divine grabs Blue's throat, and places a foot against the corner, and pulls. The ref admonishes Divine, and starts counting. 1....2.....3....4..! Divine breaks the hold, as Blue falls out of the tree of woe.

    Rocky: This is a true in ring technician, he is wearing Blue down.

    Divine grabs the hair of Blue, and pulls him into the corner. Divine grabs the arm of Blue, and smashes it off the post. Divine pulls Blue's head, so it's leaning against the post. Divine takes a few steps back, as Divine charges to go for a boot to Blue's head, Pink gets in his way! They two mouth off to each other, as Pink walks around Divine, so Divine's back is now to the ring. Pink mouths off, saying something that really pisses Chris off, but Pink immediately moves. Divine looks at her puzzled, as he turns. CORKSCREW PLANCHA! Blue launches himself over the top, and takes Divine out on the outside! Blue is back up, slowly, but back up, as he raises a fist in the air, and the fans explode with excitement. Blue grabs Divine, and rolls him into the ring. Blue climbs on to the apron, and then on to the top. He steadies himself at the top, as Divine lays in the ring. SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Blue launches himself off the top, flipping mid air, as Divine pops up, and leaps, catching Blue by the head, and drops him. DIVINE INTERVENTION! Both men are down.

    Mike: Damn...Divine was playing possum!

    Rocky: if he was playing possum why hasn't he made a cover. He just made sure he wasn't flattened by Blue.

    Divine rolls over, and crawls, draping an arm over Blue.


    Blue gets a foot on the rope at the last second. Divine gets to his feet, telling the ref to raises is hand. The ref tells him it was only two, and points to Blue's foot. Pink is on the outside, clapping with excitement. Divine looks at her, then at Blue. He lifts Blue up,, and grabs him, and throws him over the top right at Pink. Pink catches her boyfriend, as both fall hard. Divine is in the ring, posing, and taunting the fans. Divine turns, as the fans explode with excitement, only to be sucker punched in the face by Pisces Pink! The ref rings the bell.

    Emily: The winner of this match via disqualification, Chris Divine.

    Divine takes a step away, smirking, as he turns back at Pink. This just pisses her off more, as she goes to clothesline Divine, but Chris ducks. Pink hits the ropes, bouncing back, DIVINE INTERVENTION! Chris drops Pisces hard, as Blue is still out of it on the outside. Divine turns, rolling out of the ring. He grabs something from under the ring, and grabs Blue.

    Mike: What in the world is he doing?

    Rocky: I'm not sure.

    Divine puts something on the arm of Blue, and then attaches it to the bottom rope.

    Mike: He is hand cuffed Blue to the rope!

    Divine has the key, as Blue comes to. Divine dangles the key infront of Blue, as Blue swipes to grab it, but misses. Divine takes the key, and throws it far onto the ramp. Divine turns, as Pink hasn't moved. Divine walks over to the time keepers area, grabbing two metal chairs. Divine slides them into the ring, as he rolls in himself. Blue has crawled into the ring, but can't go anywhere. Divine smirks at Blue, as Divine lifts the head of Pink up, and puts a chair underneath it. Divine grabs the other, lifting it into the air.

    Mike: Don''t do it!

    Rocky: Come on now! Even I can't condone this!

    Divine smashes the chair down, nailing a con-chair-to to Pisces Pink. The fans are now chanting abuser, as Divine just grins. Divine looks at Blue, who is mixed with anger, and worry. Divine raises the chair once more, as Blue is heard now pleading no. Divine turns, walking over, just out of reach of Blue. Divine takes the chair, and with a broad swing, smashes Blue in the face. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are down in the ring now, as officials rush out to check on the two. Refs are all around Divine, telling him to leave, as Divine drops the chair, smirking. He rolls out of the ring, and heads up the ramp with two refs infront of him. He stops at the top, turning with his devilish grin, looking at his work.

    The camera's cut to a video promo for Full Throttle. After the video, the camera's cut back the entrance stage.

    Brock Edwards

    Brock Edwards comes out from the back to a decent amount of boos, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

    Matt Ryder

    Ryder walks out now, to a mixed reaction, but with more boos than anything else, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring.

    Ryan Wells

    Ryan Wells comes out next to a big pop from the fans, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

    Oscar Layman

    Oscar comes out next, to the biggest reaction of the four men so far, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring. A man from each team steps onto the apron, as the ref signals the bell.

    Wells (Batista) & Oscar LayRyder (Mysterio) vs. Edwards (Kane) & Ryder (Jericho)
    (Start 3:15 End 6:45)

    Ryder picks Oscar up from the mat, and then tosses him into his corner. Ryder walks towards Wells and taunts him, distracting the referee while he does it, giving Edwards the chance to choke Oscar with the bottom rope!

    Mike: Hey!! That's illegal!! Turn around, ref!

    Rocky: If the ref doesn't see it, it never happened! We've gone over this before, Mike!

    Edwards takes his foot off of Oscar's head as the ref turns around, and holds his hands in the air, acting innocent. Ryder drags Oscar to the middle of the ring, and stomps down onto his his legs and arms, and then taunts Wells again. Ryder grabs Oscar's arm and holds it out to Wells, saying "C'mon, Wells! Tag him in, bro! Tag him!" Ryder laughs and then slams Oscar's arm down onto the mat. Wells tries to get into the ring but the ref runs over and stops him. Ryder takes advantage of the distraction and presses his foot down onto Oscar's throat hard!
    Ryder drags Oscar over to his corner and then tags Edwards in!

    Mike: Oh boy, I think the end is near now, Rocky. Oscar has already taken a nasty beating, I don't know how long he'll last against Edwards.

    Rocky: It won't be long if Oscar doesn't get the freaking tag!

    Edwards climbs over the top rope, and then slams Oscar's head into the top turnbuckle three times before letting go. Edwards then whips Oscar into the ropes, and then takes him out with a huge clothesline, sending him flipping through the air!! Oscar crawls over to Wells, who is reaching his hand out far, but Edwards grabs Oscar's foot and drags him back to the center of the ring. Edwards stomps onto Oscar's right arm softening it up more for the Kimura Lock. Edwards grabs Oscar's arm and applies a strong arm bar and applies massive amounts of pressure, but Oscar refuses to tap!

    Oscar reaches for the ropes but is just a finger tip away ... He gets the middle rope! The ref begins to count!

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Edwards breaks the hold at four, and then backs off as Oscar holds the bottom rope still. Edwards tags Ryder back in, and Ryder starts to mock Oscar by holding his arm and pretending to cry. Ryder laughs as he reaches Oscar, but then Oscar takes him down with a huge tackle! Oscar lays rights and lefts into Ryder's head, and then he jumps to his feet and paces around a bit. Ryder sits down next to the turnbuckle, and then Oscar starts the fist pump, chanting WOO! WOO! WOO! with the crowd!!

    Mike: The Broski Boot! Hes going to do it!

    Rocky: Nope! Here comes Edwards!!

    Edwards climbs into the ring and takes out Oscar with a huge clothesline, and then he stomps onto Oscars arm! Wells is in the ring now and he nails Edwards hard against the ropes, sending him to the outside! Wells gets back to his corner and starts stomping the ring steps, firing up the crowd! Ryder is to his feet and sees Oscar crawling for Wells ... Oscar dives and tags Wells in right as Ryder attacks Oscar!!

    Mike: The Freak is in!! You better watch your ass now, Ryder!!

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    Rocky: This is going to change pace fast!

    Wells charges Ryder and hits a huge shoulder block! Ryder gets right back up but is taken out by another shoulder block! Ryder struggles to his feet, and then Wells picks him up with a suplex, and brings him down hard! Wells runs around the ring firing the crowd up, and then Edwards slides into the ring and trades blows with Wells!

    Edwards! Wells! Edwards! Wells! Edwards! Wells! Edwards! Wells! Wells! Wells! Wells!

    Wells gets the upper hand, and then he kicks Edwards in the gut and drops him with a DDT! Edwards rolls out of the ring, and then Ryder gets on his knees! Wells puts Ryder in position for the Freak Attack!

    Wells lifts Ryder high into the air, but Edwards is back in, but Oscar charges in the ring and throws Edwards into the corner, and then hits the Broski Boot! Edwards shakes it off and tries to stand, but then Oscar hits ANOTHER BROSKI BOOT! Edwards is out cold and rolls out of the ring! Wells slams Ryder down onto the mat hard with a massive Freak Attack and covers him!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily: The winners of this match, Oscar LayRyder and Ryan Wells!

    The camera's cut from Oscar and Wells celebrating in the ring, to a video promo, highlight the feud between AJ Dixon, Darius, and KJ Punk. The video ends, as the camera's focus on the entrance stage.


    Kyojin walks out from the back, to a massive pop, the biggest of the night, as he has the Endurance Championship around his waist. He heads down the ramp and into the ring, as he raises his title. The camera's turn back to the entrance stage.

    Mr Smyth

    The cheers turn to boos as Mr. Smyth’s music plays around the arena.

    Mike: Here we go! This rivalry has been building up for weeks, and now it comes to a head.

    Rocky: This is the match that I have been looking forward to the most. It’s going to be brutal.

    Mike: The potential for brutality is certainly there. The way things...what the hell is going on here?

    Mr. Smyth leaves the Gorilla position, stands on the staging area and is greeted by an eruption of boos. Smyth is still dressed in a full suit – clearly not ready to compete - with a mic in hand. Kyojin stands in the ring looking confused and frustrated.

    Mr. Smyth: Ah, bless. Look how eager you were a few seconds ago, and look at you now. You’re like a small child who came downstairs on Christmas morning to find that Santa hasn’t been to visit.

    There’s that arrogance I was talking about, Kyojin. You’re so arrogant at times that if I stood in front of you and waved my hands in your face, you still wouldn’t see anything but your own self worth. I bet you stand in the mirror with that belt on your shoulder, psyching yourself up.

    It’s one of your many weak points. Your arrogance, your hot headedness, your inability to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs. But never mind, eh? At least you can continue to tell other guys what they should do in their careers so they can be clones of the oh-so great Kyojin.

    Crowd boos as Mr. Smyth slowly walks around the staging area.

    Mr. Smyth: Now it’s no secret that I make decisions that are best for business. They may not be the most popular of all decisions, but they are made to achieve targets and when a target is achieved and surpassed, everyone is happy.

    Tonight’s business decision will be unpopular. I have decided that it would be detrimental for business if I were to compete. As a result, you and I, Kyojin, will not be having a match tonight.

    The audience explodes with boos, and a “Pussy!” chant echoes around the arena. Kyojin starts screaming at Smyth in pure frustration.

    Mr. Smyth: Don’t be too downhearted though, Kyojin. I have already spoken to Daniel May, and he has agreed to let me pick a new opponent for you to face tonight. May wasn’t all that chuffed about me not competing tonight, however he does understand business and he sees that this is a good business decision.

    The audience boos as Mr. Smyth develops a smirk on his face.

    Mr. Smyth: You see, when I agreed to this match, I had no intention in competing against you, Kyojin. My plan all along was to get someone else to fight you and when Chaos was over, I instructed my HR department to go on a scouting mission to find you a worthy opponent. Several names were put on my desk, but there was one that jumped out to me straight away. I’ve seen this guy wrestle before. I like his demeanour, I like his speed, I’m impressed with his skills and I like his attitude. I should imagine he has all of these attributes because of his hard work, and his heritage.

    I doubt you’ll be pleased with whom I have chosen, Kyojin, but you must understand this: I have hand-picked this individual for one reason and one reason only - because that’s what’s best for business.


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    The music blares, and after a few moments, a man walks out from the back, shaking Smyth's hand.

    Mike: It's...It's...

    Rocky: Cody Hart! He's in IWA!

    Hart heads down the ramp, to a decent amount of boos, as he heads into the ring, eyeing Kyojin and the Endurance Championship. The ref signals for the bell.

    Endurance Championship
    Cody Hart(tyson kidd) vs Kyojin(trent barreta)

    (start at 4:54, end at 11:08)

    Hart kicks out at the last moment, as the crowd erupts.

    Mike: WOW! Sick corkscrew moonsault from Kyojin!

    Rocky: And it still couldn’t put Hart away. This guy is bred to be amazing.

    Both men get to their feet, as Hart grabs Kyojin, whipping him into the corner. Hart charges in, and nails Kyojin in the corner with a running knee. Hart grabs Kyojin by the head, and brings him out of the corner with a tornado ddt! Hart plants Kyojin hard in the ring, as he gets up, posing, as the fans are just booing him. He looks at Kyojin who is still laying on his back, as Hart runs at the ropes, spring boarding off the second rope, going for a moonsault! Kyojin gets his knees up, as Hart hits hard! Hart rolls over, on his knees, holding his gut, as Kyojin is to his feet. Kyojin grabs the back of Hart’s head, and nails a spinning reverse ddt, planting Hart hard. Kyojin grabs the leg of Hart and covers him.


    Hart kicks out before 3! Kyojin gets to his feet, as he lifts Hart up. He points to a turnbuckle, as the fans cheer. Kyojin takes Hart to the turnbuckle, and bashes him face first off of it. Kyojin points to another turnbuckle, as the fans cheer louder. Kyojin goes over and smashes Hart face first into the turnbuckle. Kyojin points to another turnbuckle, and the fans just roar, as Kyojin takes Hart over to it. As he goes to smash Hart face first, Hart grabs the top rope and plants his foot on the middle turnbuckle, stopping Kyojin’s attempt. Cody nails Kyojin with two stiff from his elbow, as Kyojin stumbles back. Hart charges, and takes Kyojin down with a running legsweep.

    Mike: I must admit, he seems to know his stuff in the ring.

    Rocky: Of course he does! He is a Hart!

    Cody grabs Kyojin’s legs, and smirks. He goes for the sharpshooter, but as he steps over, Kyojin reaches up and rolls Hart up!


    Cody reverses the roll up, turning it in his favor.


    Kyojin kicks out, as both men get to their feet. Kyojin goes for a clothesline, but Hart ducks it. Hart follows up with a spinning heel kick, but Kyojin leaps over the kick, as Hart spins. Kyojin connects with a huge roundhouse kick, dropping Hart like a sack of potatoes. Kyojin looks at the placement of Hart, and smiles, as he goes to the nearest corner, and leapfrogs to the top. He stands with his back to Hart. RISING SUN! Kyojin flies off the top with the double rotation moonsault, but mid air, Hart comes to, jumping up, catching Kyojin with the Royal Clash! Cody drops Kyojin with the code breaker.

    Mike: Holy shit! Hart was playing possum!

    Rocky: He just saved his ass! That was insane!

    Both men are down, as the ref starts the count.

    1.…………2.……..3.………..4.……….. 5.………6.…..Hart has flipped over, crawling to Kyojin….7.…..8.….Hart drapes an arm over Kyojin, as the ref goes to count.


    Kyojin gets a foot on the bottom rope. Hart rolls back up, holding his head in frustration. Cody sits up, as Kyojin uses the ropes to get up. Hart charges at Kyojin, as Kyojin backdrops Hart onto the ring apron. Kyojin nails Hart with a huge kick to the head, but Hart holds onto the top rope, swaying on the apron. Kyojin grabs Hart, setting him up with a suplex, but Kyojin lifts him up, taking a few steps back, and then drops his feet onto the top rope.

    Mike: Wo, what is Kyojin doing?

    Kyojin nails a huge corkscrew neckbreaker! The fans go crazy for it, as Kyojin lifts Hart to a standing position. He irish whips Hart hard into the corner. Kyojin charges, and nails Cody in the corner with a flying wheel kick. Hart is slumped in the corner, as Kyojin lifts Cody to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Kyojin climbs to the top rope, and jumps, going for a top rope hurricarana, but Hart catches Kyojin, prevent himself from flying off. Hart stands up, and flips Kyojin, and leaps off the top with the Studded Hart! Cody drops Kyojin with the steen esque pack piledriver! Hart goes for the cover.


    Mike: Wow! Kyojin can not be put down!

    Rocky: Damn it, I thought Hart had him!

    Mike: I guess that is why he is the Endurance Champion.

    Hart is pissed, as he lifts Kyojin to a standing position. He whips Kyojin into the ropes, but Kyojin counters, whipping Hart instead. Hart hit’s the ropes, and bounces back, as he goes for a flying forearm, but Kyojin ducks.

    Mike: The ref! The ref is out!

    Hart nails the ref by mistake, as Kyojin runs into the ropes, spring boarding off with the Truth Hurts! Kyojin nails Hart with the beautiful disaster kick. Kyojin goes to the ref, trying to revive him.

    Mike: What the!? Who is hopping the barrier!?

    A man hops the barrier, sliding into the ring. The man spins Kyojin around, and kicks him hard in the gut. Corkscrew neckbreaker! Kyojin is planted hard, as the man grabs Hart, and drapes an arm over him. The man grabs the ref, putting the ref near the pinning situation, as the ref who is hazily, counts.


    Kyojin kicks out before 3! The fans explode in excitement, as the man throws the ref out of the ring. The man rolls out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair, as he rolls back in. Kyojin is back to his feet, as the man goes to nail Kyojin! Kyojin ducks, and Hart is hit by the chair instead! The man is stunned, as Kyojin hit’s the ropes, spring boarding off with the Truth Hurts, and kicks the chair right into the man’s face! The man falls and rolls to the outside. Kyojin motions for a ref, as he leapfrogs to the top of the turnbuckle. A ref comes running out from the back, sliding into the ring, as Kyojin flies off the top with the Rising Sun! Kyojin covers Hart, as the replacement ref counts.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and still Endurance Champion, Kyojin!

    Kyojin stands up, as the ref hands him the Endurance Championship and raises his arm into the air, as the camera's cut to a video package for the Insane Asylum match. The camera's come back, focusing on the entrance stage.

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    Damaged Goods

    Damaged Goods walks out from the back, with the IWA World Tag Team Championships on their shoulders, with Schweizner in tow. They head down the ramp and climb into the ring.

    Black Blooded

    Black Blooded ride out, with Vivica on the back of Black's bike. Their gang of bikers follow, but after a moment, are sent to the back by Blood, as they drive down the ramp and climb off their bikes. They climb into the ring, as Vivica stands on the opposite side of the ring from Schweizner.

    Ivan Draymen

    Ivan Draymen comes out next to a good pop from the fans, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring.

    Victor Elric

    Victor comes out next, to a pretty big pop from the fans, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring, as the steel cage is lowered. The ref on the outside signals for the bell.

    Damaged Goods vs. Ivan Draymen/Victor Elric vs. Black Blooded

    All three men are in the ring, as the steel cage door closes. The ref on the outside rings the bell, as the match is underway. Immediately, Mr Blood starts attacking Gommenta, Gaileo is wailing on Victor Elric, and Black and Draymen are exchanging blows. Gaileo has Elric at the ropes, as he whips him. Elric hit’s the other ropes, bouncing back, as Gaileo launches Victor right at the steel cage wall. Elric lands on the wall though instead of smashing into it. He is nearly to the top, as Gaileo reaches up, smashing Elric in the back. Gaileo grabs Elric, and powerbombs him!

    Mike: Wicked powerbomb!

    Rocky: Gaileo nearly let Elric escape.

    Blood and Gommenta are going back and forth, as Blood gets Gommenta to the ropes. Blood goes to irish whip Gommenta but instead pulls him back, and sends him right into the cage wall. Blood grabs the head of Gommenta, bashing him over and over against the cage wall, as Gaileo attacks Blood, stoppingg the assault on his tag partner. Elric is still down, as Draymen has Black in the corner, stomping away. Damaged Goods grab Blood, whipping him into the ropes. Blood hits them, and bounces back, as they drop Mr Blood with a double clothesline! Gommenta grabs Blood, and places him between the ropes and the cage wall. Gaileo grabs Gommenta, and irish whips him, but reverses it, using the momentum to send Gommenta right into Blood, pancaking Blood between Gommenta and the cage wall. Gaileo runs at Blood who is slumped on the top rope, and spears him into the cage wall.

    Mike: Ouch! That can’t feel good.

    Rocky: This is why these guys are the tag champs.

    Damaged Goods grabs Blood from behind the ropes, pulling him into the ring. They lift him up, as Elric comes flying out of nowhere, taking Gaileo down with a tornado ddt. Gommenta goes to nail Blood, but Blood blocks the shot, and responds with rights. Black has dropped Draymen with a huge blackhole slam, as Mr Black comes to the aid of his partner. They have Gommenta against the ropes, as they whip him hard into the corner. Black Blooded charge, and pancake Gommenta in the corner, squashing him! Elric has Gaileo in the corner, as he has mounted the second rope and pounding away. The fans are counting off.


    Elric grabs Gaileo, and nails a huge springboard bulldog out of the corner! Elric is back up, as Black Blooded take him out with a double clothesline!

    Rocky: Hey! Someone stop him! He is almost out!

    The camera’s turn, and we see Ivan Draymen is to the top and almost over. Black Blooded notice, rushing to get him, but as Mr Black reaches for him, Draymen falls, landing on the outside!

    Mike: Draymen has escaped! Now if Victor escapes, they become the tag champs!

    Black Blooded are pissed on the inside of the ring, as they turn to Elric. They lift Elric up, as the irish whip Victor into the ropes. Elric bounces back, as Black Blooded drop Victor with a double spine buster. Black Blooded is up, as Schweizner on the outside slides in a steel pipe to Gaileo. Mr Blood goes over to grab Gaileo, and is cracked over the skull by Gaileo with the pipe!

    Mike: That’s just cheap! Schweizner shouldn’t be out here right now!

    Rocky: Hey! He is just doing his managerial duties.

    Vivica looks at Schweizner, as she grabs a steel chair, and throws it over the top of the cage as it lands on the inside.

    Mike: Now she is getting involved!

    Rocky: And she is paying for it!

    Mike: They both are!

    The ref on the outside ejects Schweizner and Vivica, sending them to the back. Both teams are pissed in the ring, as Elric is back to his feet. He is climbing the steel cage, unbeknownst to either of the teams. The teams turn, getting ready to exchange blows once more, but they both go right at Elric, catching him as he reaches the top. Gommenta and Mr Black pull Victor off the top, driving him into the ring floor with a huge double powerbomb. Both men are back up, and immediately attacking each other again. Blood has ahold of the chair Vivica threw in, as Gaileo as the pipe once more. Blood raises his chair, as Gaileo raises his pipe, but tosses it aside after realizing he doesn’t have a chance. Blood goes for a huge swing, and Gaileo just punches the chair!

    Rocky: Holy shit!

    Mike: He just punched that chair away!

    Elric is back to his feet, as he comes up from behind, grabbing Blood, and nails him with a killswitch! Blood is down, as Gommenta drops Black with a huge sitout spine buster. Elric has the chair that Gaileo punched, as he nails Gommenta in the back with the chair, but it doesn’t drop Gommenta. Elric nails Gommenta a second time, but it still doesn’t drop Gommenta. Gommenta turns now, angry, as Elric tosses the chair at Gommenta. Gommenta catches it, as Victor super kicks the chair right into Gommenta’s face. Gommenta drops to his back, as Elric looks, seeing all the men are down. Elric takes the chair, and lays it on top of Gommenta. Elric turns, climbing the corner, and gets to the top of the cage, standing tall.

    Mike: What is he doing up there! Why isn’t he escaping!?

    Rocky: I’m not sure, but I think these fans are about to chant holy shit.

    Elric sticks his arms out, posing, as he leaps off the top, and nails a huge body splash onto Gommenta and the chair. Elric moves the chair, and covers Gommenta. The ref smacks the cage as he counts.


    The door to the cage opens, as Elric rolls off of Gommenta, beginning to crawl.

    Mike: You have to wonder if he did more damage to himself then good.

    Elric is nearly to the door, as Blood comes to, grabbing the leg of Elric, pulling him back, as the cage door closes. Blood lifts Elric to a standing position, and proceeds to kick him in the gut, and nails the Blood Drop! Black is to his feet, as he lifts Elric up, and nails a choke slam! Black covers Elric.


    The cage door opens, as Black walks, climbing out of the ring.

    Mike: Now both Draymen and Black have escaped. If either Elric or Blood escape, their team will be the new champs!

    Rocky: After that choke slam and blood drop, I don’t see Elric doing anything soon.

    Blood covers Elric,


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