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    Chaos's theme blares through the speakers as we are greeted by the sold out card still excited over the results of Thirst for Blood!

    MJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWA Karnage!! Tonight we have new champions, including the newly crowned IWA World Champion, KJ Punk!

    RR: Don't forget the IWA Tag Team Champions, Damaged Goods, and the IWA Endurance Champion, Kyojin!

    MJ: We're going to start things off with our IWA Champion tonight, folks! And here he comes!

    An unfamiliar song fills the arena as the fans look around confused at who it is. Then KJ Punk comes out with the IWA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist as the crowd explodes in applause at their new champion. He comes down the aisle slapping the title around his waist as he climbs into the ring and takes the belt off and raises it high into the air as confetti shoots out of the ring posts. Punk reaches down and takes a microphone as the crowd cheers him on.

    Punk: I told you! I told you that I would bring IWA a champion that they could look up to and here I am. YOUR World Heavyweight Champion!

    The crowd roars in approval

    I beat two great competitors for this championship, and it can never be taken away that I am this organizations first world champion. I made Darius bleed and although he may come out here and say that the chair did it, he was the one holding it and was planning on using it. I just happened to hit him before he could hit me. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

    During the tournament for this here championship, me and Kyojin happened to meet in the second round. He wasn’t one hundred percent and then our match was interfered with and a great competitor got screwed out of a chance and you fans got screwed out of an epic encounter.

    The crowd cheers

    May said that we would be having a Champion vs Champion match here tonight and I would like to face my good friend Kyojin in front of all of you great IWA fans right here, right now!

    The crowd pops huge as Kyojin’s music hits.

    Kyojin makes his way down the ramp with his IWA Endurance Championship high in the air. He slaps some of the fans hands on the way down and then slides into the ring. Kyojin and Punk look at each other, and then Punk offers his hand to Kyojin, and Kyojin accepts the hand shake. The two men take their corners and the ref calls for the bell, but Damaged Goods makes their way down the ramp, and then join the commentators and put on headsets.

    (Start at 4:34 end at 11:07)
    Kyojin(Jericho) vs. Punk (Ziggler)

    Kyojin has Punk down, as Kyojin is right to his feet. He looks at Punk and then looks at the turnbuckle, as he climbs to the top. RISING SUN! Kyojin comes flying off the with double rotation moonsault, but Punk moves! Kyojin crashes and burns, as Punk immediately throws himself on top of Kyojin.


    Kyojin kicks out before 3. Punk gets to his feet, as he lifts Kyojin to a standing position. he whips Kyojin into the corner, as KJ charges in, going for a flying elbow in the corner, but Kyojin moves at the last second! KJ stumbles out, as Kyojin climbs out to the apron, squaring Punk up. Kyojin flies into the air, springboarding off the second rope, and catches Punk with a flying clothesline! Punk gets back up though, as Kyojin runs into the ropes and comes back, going for a flying heel kick. Punk ducks it, as Kyojin crashes and burns again. Kyojin gets up...ROLLING ELBOW! Punk nails Kyojin hard, and goes for the cover, as Gommenta and Gaileo take their head sets off and stand up from the announce table. KJ covers Kyojin.


    Damaged Goods are in the ring now, breaking up the pinfall, as Gaileo starts wailing on Punk, and Gommenta starts stomping on Kyojin.


    Daniel May walks out from the back,, as Damaged Goods stop, and turn to May.

    May: You two want to screw up this match? Well guess what, you two just signed the main event! Tonight,, we are going to have a Champions vs Champions match! We will see Punk and Kyojin team up to take on Damaged Goods!

    Damaged Goods look on, as Kyojin and Punk are on the other side of the ring now, looking on, as May walks to the back.
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    *Sagittarius Blue is walking backstage. He usually is in a somewhat jovial, even mercurial mood. Not now. He is in one of those moods that one can only acknowledge as "royally pissed." Pisces Pink is walking with him... and in a surprising turn of events, she's the one trying to calm him down.

    Pisces Pink: Sweetie, you need to relax...

    Sagittarius Blue: No, Pink. What I need to do is kick in Chris Divine's head until his brains turn into pudding. I need to snap his arm off and feed it to the rats out in the street - and then curb stomp him repeatedly while he watches them feed.

    Pisces Pink: It's okay sweetie - he didn't hurt me that bad -

    Sagittarius Blue: But he DID hurt you. That's all I need to know. He hurt you in some cockamamie plot to screw me at Thirst For Blood. I can deal with losing. I won't deal with you being collateral damage.

    Pisces Pink: So who is this clown, exactly?

    Sagittarius Blue: Just that - a clown. A clown that thinks he's some holy boy on some imaginary crusade or some shit - who gives a damn?! He wants to be close to God? I'll send him to God - with a one-way ticket! I don't know what brought Divine to my door, what the hell kind of Kool-Aid his pastor was passing around, but Sissy Chrissie's face is about to become one with my fist - and there's no amount of divine intervention that can save him!

    Pisces Pink: Babe, please -

    Sagittarius Blue: Don't worry, sugar... I'm quite calm. Quite calm.

    *Even as Sagittarius speaks, he is holding onto the door of a nearby janitor's closet... only he is so incensed that he breaks off the knob without noticing. He then gets a very odd look in his face... a look that most people would only be able to call "the crazy eye."

    Sagittarius Blue: Yes. I'm quite calm. Because everything will be fine.

    Pisces Pink: ... Sweetie...

    Sagittarius Blue: Everything. Will. Be. Just. Fine Let's go, Pisces.

    *Pisces follows hesitantly, wondering just what demon this Chris Divine has unleashed as we return to the arena*

    MJ: Blue is not a happy camper! I don't think Divine knows what he has done!

    RR: Please! Blue and Pink make me sick, and Blue is nothing but a joke!

    MJ: Anyway ... Up next we have will see Victor Elric and Ivan Draymen, IWA's newest superstar take on the team of Chris Diamond and Frankie Fletcher!
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    Victor Elric is out with Ivan Draymen by his side to a mixed reaction. They make their way to the ring and pose for the crowd.

    Fletcher is the third man out but he stands at the stage and waits for Diamond.

    Chris Diamond is the final man and he makes his way down the ramp with Fletcher to a chorus of boos. Fletcher and Diamond slide into the ring and stare down Draymen and Elric. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins.

    Draymen & Elric (Punk/Morrison) vs. Diamond and Fletcher (Benjamin/Haas)
    (Start 2:47, End 7:10)

    RR: Look at those two morons in the ring! They're posing when they should be going after Fletcher and Diamond!

    MJ: How are they morons?! The fans love it!

    Draymen looks to the outside, and then says something to Elric who nods in agreement. Elric stands next to the ropes, and then Draymen charges at him with full speed. Elric grabs Draymen and propels him high into the air over the top rope, and Draymen lands hard on top of Fletcher and Diamond!

    MJ: What team work! That was amazing!

    RR: It was kind of cool, I'll admit it.

    Draymen gets to his feet and rolls Fletcher into the ring then slides in after him. Elric is in his corner firing the fans up by chanting "Lets go, Draymen!" Draymen starts stalking Fletcher, clapping his hands together getting the crowd going! Fletcher gets to his feet and Darius goes for the Train Wreck (Jumping Super Kick) but Fletcher ducks and dives over to his corner and tags Diamond in!

    Diamond charges the ring and takes Draymen out with a huge clothesline, and then he looks to Elric and taunts him, generating massive heat from the crowd! Diamond gets closer to Elric and yells in his face, but Elric points behind him. Diamond turns around and is taken out by a huge lionsault from Draymen when he launches himself from the middle rope! Draymen goes for the cover, but Diamond instinctively grabs the bottom rope before the count begins.

    Diamond rolls away from Draymen when Draymen is trying to catch his breath. Diamond gets to his knees and goes to tag in Fletcher ...

    Fletcher drops from the apron!! He grins at Diamond and then makes his way up the ramp!!

    MJ: What the hell!? He is walking out!!

    RR: Why is he doing that?! Get back here!!

    Draymen is laughing as Diamond cowers in the corner begging him off. Elric climbs over the rope and into the ring with a grin on his face. Draymen picks Diamond up and he tries to fight Draymen off, but Elric grabs him from behind and lifts Diamond into the air and holds him up for a second.

    MJ: Looks like its time for ...

    Elric drops Diamond hard with the Seal of Vengeance!!

    RR: The Seal of Vengeance (Paroxysm)!!

    Diamond is on the ground nearly lifeless, but Draymen motions for Elric to pick him up. Elric lifts Diamond up in the air, and then Draymen nails him right in the jaw with the Train Wreck (Jumping Super Kick)!! Draymen goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Three!!

    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ... Ivan Draymen and Victor Elric!!

    MJ: Draymen and Elric pick up the victory! What an awesome match!!

    RR: Awesome?! That was awful! Fletcher walked out on Diamond, leading to a two on one beat down!!

    MJ: That is true ... It was still awesome!

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    *Backstage we see Jackson Smith talking to one of the production crew members with a very disgruntled look on his face*

    Smith: Listen, if you see that son of a bitch with my ...

    Smith stops talking when Killa charges him from behind and smashes him in the back of the head with Smith's briefcase!! The camera pans down to Smith who is holding his head and groaning, and then back up to Killa. Killa stands over Smith laughing hard, and then he walks off camera as we return to the ring as No Copyright Infringement Intended are about to enter for their match

    NCII make their way down the ramp to a chorus of boos, and slide into the ring and do the signature DX crotch chop!

    MJ: Looks like they are Road Dogg and Billy Gunn this week!!

    RR: How stupid ..

    The Hollywood Homeboys are out next and they make their way down the ramp.

    NCII (Dogg/Gun) vs. HWHB(Rock/Jack)
    (Start 00:15, End 5:00)

    1. Whiz kicks out at two and Gardener is not happy! Gardener gets to his feet and starts stomping mud holes down onto Whiz hard, and then he stares down the crowd and does the DX Crotch Chop, making the crowd explode with boos! Whiz reaches for Iceman but Dogg drags him away from Iceman and then tags in Jones!

      MJ: Look at the team work ...

      RR: Yeah, I like these guys!

      MJ: They're total jokes!

      Jones starts throwing punches into Whiz, and then he Irish whips him into the ropes! Whiz bounces off the ropes and drops Jones with a huge clothesline, making the crowd cheer loudly! Whiz stomps down on Jones leg, and then drops his knee down onto it hard, trying to take away Jones ability to walk! Whiz picks Jones up and goes for the Inverted STO, but Jones pushes him into the ropes! When Whiz bounces off the ropes, he goes for another clothesline, but Jones plants him with the Fameasser!

      MJ: What a counter!!

      RR: Holy hell that was sick!

      Jones crawls over to Gardener and tags him in! Gardener charges Iceman who is in the ring now and takes him out with a dropkick, and then Gardener turns around and drops his elbow onto Whiz and goes for the cover!

      One! Two! Three!

      Emily Davis: Here are your winners, Eddie Gardener and Shawn Jones!

    2. *As the video fades, the roar of Motorcycles can be heard all through the arena, then two rows of bikers wearing full helmets. roll down the ramp, four men to a row and circle the ring, cutting off any escape for the four men in the ring. Each helmet is painted to look like a skull, done in red. As they get off their bikes, each biker grabs a heavy chain and holds it ready in their right hand.

      The four men in the ring get up to their feet, wearily getting ready to try to defend themselves from the bikers as two more bikes roll out from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp. On the bikes are Mr. Black and Mr. Blood, each man holding a microphone. Staying on their bikes, they turn the engines off and wait for the men in the ring to notice their arrival, as the bikers surrounding the ring are still standing their, unmoving.*

      Mr. Blood: So gentlemen, do we have your attention? Look what we have here, a couple of hubcap stealing, crack-whore fucking little gangbangers on one side, and on the other we got these jackasses, Jones and Gardener, with that team name that's just too damned long. Is it any fucking wonder we were offered so much money to come here and change shit up?

      Mr. Black: Damn, this is some sad shit.

      Mr. Blood: That's right you penniless dirtbags, Black Blooded is here. We are here to make this pathetic fucking company into something worth watching. More importantly, we are here to make a fuck ton of money, and see just how much blood we can spill.

      Now, you boys in there, aren't you sick and tired of fighting these ghetto rats? We've watched you. Hell you boys have made a decent showing of yourselves so far. Now, don't go on thinking too much of yourselves now, you done alright, but compared to the shit around here, that ain't saying much. You are both worthless fucking pussies, but at least you jackasses are actually funny every now and again. Black here really thinks so, he was going on and on about it earlier.

      It's a shame though, see it works out like this. We want the same thing that you do, those tag team titles. Hell, we still have the original models

      *Both men point to the ICW Tag Team Titles, firmly attatched to the front of each bike, just below the handlebars.*

      See the problem here, is that despite our abilities, our history, even our good friends here *pointing to the bikers still standing around the ring* some assholes in the back are talking about you like you may be the number one contenders to those tag titles.

      Mr. Black: Our Titles.

      Mr. Blood: So we are gonna go ahead and put a stop to that bullshit right the fuck now, and we are going to do it the good old fashioned way. See, right around the corner we got ourselves another little pay per view here, Lost Cause, and we are left without anything to do, So Black and I got to thinking, what is the best way to make sure that everyone around here realizes that we are the Dominant team here?

      We could just beat the living hell out of the both of you again, leave you lying in pools of your own blood, but that may not be enough. So we decided to come down here and challenge you to a match, see that way, when our hands are raised, there is no question who is the best. Now don't answer just yet, cause I ain't fucking done. See I know what you boys are thinking, you are thinking that having to take on us is challenge enough, but that all the rest of Black Blooded will find a way to add themselves as well.

      So how about this, we will take you on in a cage, just the two of you, and the two of us, and four walls of steel between your worthless hides, and anyone who may offer you mercy. It still won't be a fair fight, but then, even two on one, we have the advantage.

      1. Mr. Black: You poor, sorry bastards.

        Mr. Blood: Think it over and get back to us, after you have checked with your insurance, of course. And as for you two fucking dirty ass hood rats? We'll give you both a thirty second head start before our boys here start following, let's see how fast your little gangbanger asses can run.

        *The hollywood homeboys, after looking around for a second, run out of the ring, escaping through the crowd*

        Mr. Blood: Now that was fucking funny.

        *As the unknown members of Black Blooded get back on their bikes and start up, Mr. Blood and Mr. Black start theirs as well, coming down the ramp and leading their men around the ring and back out.*

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    1. *The lights in the area go dark and everyone starts panicking and then you hear a voice coming from the tron*

      ?????: Matt Ryder....Brock continue to not heed my warnings about is HE who will be the end of you both come next have angered the wrong man for you see...HE has more power then both of you could ever hope to attain or even dream of having...

      HE is a true freak of nature...HE is the almighty, the all-powerful, the perfection of perfect...HE is your destroyer...while you both have little time left in your meaningless lives...I advise you both to....RUN...for when HE gets you in his sights...there is no escape, no mercy, no ability to fight back...for HIS powers are greater then any of both of your's combined...

      *An absolute shrill of a fatal scream is projected throughout the whole arena, at deafening levels of sound*

      ?????: That is the sound that both of you will make come next your lives are taken from you by the sheer power of HE...and only then...will you beg for a quick and painless death...and only then...will he deny you of your requests and make you both suffer...while the life forces from your bodies are drained until there is no more...and your souls will be devoured...

      *All four ring posts and the pyrotechnics shoot out with fire, immense and burning fire, with hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white*

      ?????: Brock Edwards...Matt prepared for next week...for when it does happen...your lives will be destroyed at the hands of....HIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

      *A devilish looking character appears on the tron laugh an almost Joker like laugh, which terrifies everyone in the arena*

      MJ: Who the hell was that?!?!

      RR: I don't know but he gives me the creeps! It must be your mother!

      MJ: HEY!!

      The crowd explode with boos as Mr. Smyth enters the arena and stands at the top of the ramp. Smyth takes a walk down to the ring, looking irate, and makes no effort to acknowledge anybody he passes. Smyth walks round to the timekeeper, grabs a chair and a mic, and gets into the ring. The crowd again explodes with boos as Mr. Smyth brings the mic up to his lips.

      Mr. Smyth: When I joined IWA, I always knew that I would be up against the wall. I knew that there would be some challenges for me to overcome. What I wasn’t expecting was the level of incompetence that was on display at Thirst for Blood. It was because of that incompetence that I missed out on winning the Endurance Championship. Let’s take a look, shall we?

      Mr. Smyth points to the titantron.

      *Chris Divine runs down, as Pisces turns...DIVINE INTERVENTION! Divine drops Pisces hard with the diamond cutter, as he turns, smiling at Blue who is looking on in anger. Kyojin runs, bouncing into the ropes, and comes back with the Truth Hurts (disaster kick), and nails Blue! Kyojin covers Blue.


      Emily Davis: The winner of this match and new Endurance Champion, Kyojin!

      The ref gets up, turning as he sees Smyth had Fletcher covered. The ref walks over, saying something, as he turns. The tron comes to life, and a repeat is shown from a different angle, where we see Smyth covering Fletcher the same time Kyojin covered Blue. The ref watches it, and then looks at Kyojin, and raises his hand, as Kyojin's music blares once more. Smyth stares on in distraught, shocked by the refs decision... *

      The camera cuts back to Mr. Smyth, who sets up the chair in the middle of the ring as the crowd starts a Kyojin chant.

      Mr. Smyth: So let’s analyse that. First of all, Kyojin benefits from some Divine intervention. That’s fair enough, as there is little doubt that I would have done the same. Kyojin nails that fancy kick of his on Saggy Blue, and goes for the cover, and this is where the incompetence of the referee comes to light. Due to some tunnel vision – or as, I see it, selective blindness – the...ahem...”referee” counts to three, completely unaware that I was covering Fletcher.

      Controversial, isn’t it? Well it’s not, really. I mean, ok, if a half decent referee officiated the match, then it would be a different decision, but I am not going to berate a visually impaired troglodyte for making a mistake. The biggest controversy, in my view, are the actions of this referee after the match.

      He clearly looks at the replay, and the replay shows that I covered Frankie Fletcher the same time that Kyojin covered Saggy Blue, but does he reverse his decision? No. He raises Kyojin’s hand, and hands over the Endurance Championship.

      But why, I did wonder. It took me a few moments, but I did work it out. Kyojin is the golden boy of IWA, as he was in ICW. He is the chosen one. He is the one who has been handpicked by Daniel May to be the face of this company, and the face of the company must have a title of some sort, ergo why Kyojin was gifted the title.

      Crowd boos.

      Mr. Smyth: Don’t you start that. I am as much of a winner of the Endurance Championship as Kyojin was, but because he is the chosen one, he gets preferential treatment. God forbid that somebody who works hard day in and day out gets any breaks. We always knew that Kyojin would get preferential treatment ever since day one, and that match at First for Blood proved that beyond all doubt. It’s disgusting to see someone get everything handed to them while others have to break their backs.

      Now I already planned to lodge a complaint, but there are some issues with that. The immediate person who I can complain to is the head referee, and he is obviously going to stand up for his man, as he should. I could go complain to Daniel May, but he has the result he desires, so he’s going to pretend to do something, and then let the whole thing drop quietly. There’s no board of directors here at IWA, so I will be lodging my complaint out of house, so to speak. I will be taking my case to The Court of Arbitration for Sport. I’m certain that they’ll be very interested in the goings on around here.

      Well, that is what I will be doing, unless...

      Mr. Smyth sits down on the chair, facing the ramp.

      Mr. Smyth:...somebody gives me one more crack at Kyojin.

      Crowd pops.

    1. Mr. Smyth: That’s right. Contrary to what the golden boy thinks, I am not the type of man who hides from a fight, and that is exactly what I want. In this very ring tonight, I demand that I am given my rightful opportunity to take on Kyojin for the IWA Endurance Championship and if I don’t get what I want, I will be taking a private jet ride to Lausanne. You have...

      Mr. Smyth looks at his watch.

      Mr. Smyth:...five minutes.

      MJ: This is not good for anybody.

      RR: Mr. Smyth has got IWA over a fucking barrel. I love it!

      MJ: Mr. Smyth has given a five minute deadline. Will someone answer the call? We’ll be back after this commercial break.

      Commercial Break

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    1. MJ: We’re back from the commercial break, and Mr. Smyth is still sat in the center of the ring!

      RR: Smyth just wants his rightful shot at Kyojin.


      MJ: Well- speaking of the Endurance Champion!

      RR: He’s out here to give Smyth his title! He has to be!

      Kyojin comes flying out of the curtain as the crowd explode with cheers. Around his waist is the brand new IWA Endurance Championship, glittering in the light as he stands on top of the ramp, looking around at the cheering crowd.

      MJ: I wonder what he has to say.

      One major change to Kyojin’s outlook is the missing ICW World Championship, but he doesn’t seem to be frantically searching as he makes his way down the ramp, high fiving a few fans as he goes. He walks up the steel steps and climbs through the ropes, walking past Smyth without looking at him, climbing onto the top turnbuckle. Kyojin unhooks his belt and holds it up to the lights as the fans give him another huge cheer. Finally, Kyojin drops down and is handed a microphone, looking out at the crowd.

      Kyojin: Well ladies & gentlemen, let me just get something into your minds right now. Emily Davis said it last week at Thirst for Blood, but THE NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ENDURANCE CHAMPION....KYOJIN!

      The crowd meets this was an explosion of cheers as Kyojin places the title onto his shoulder, a smile on his face.

      Kyojin: Now some of you may have realised that there is a missing piece right here, a change from last week and that is that of the missing ICW World Championship. Something the NEW IWA World Champion KJ Punk...

      A huge cheer drowns out the rest of Kyojin’s sentence.

      Kyojin: Yeah congratulations KJ, it’s about time the damn crowd had a world champion they can be proud of. Something KJ said to me a few weeks ago really got under my skin. He said that I cling to relics of the past- and he was right. Because this isn’t ICW. This is IWA, and right now, I’m clinging onto the beautiful belt around my waist.

      A belt that I won fairly and rightfully last week at Thirst for Blood- now I understand that isn’t the view shared by some others but let’s face it, the referee did the right thing- and the ICW World Championship is now at home.

      And now, onto you.

      Kyojin finally turns to see Smyth, who is still sat on the chair. He smirks as Kyojin’s smile disappears. He nows has a straight face as he goes to speak, but instead bursts out laughing. He holds back the laughing long enough to speak.

      Kyojin: What is this? A hunger strike? Oh deary me Smyth, how low you have sunk. You see, just the last Chaos, you continued to try and berate me down, moaning and crying about how it didn’t matter if I do make it into the match at Thirst for Blood, because no matter what, you were going to win the Endurance Championship.

      Well guess what Smyth? I did get into the match at Thirst for Blood. And well, you didn’t win the Endurance Championship, did you? Because at the time you claim to have pinned Frankie Fletcher, I pinned Sagittarius Blue and won the match to become the brand new Endurance Champion.

      And then after the match, you tried and failed to appeal the decision. Throwing up your arms in desperation at the fact that the referee made the right decision to crown me the Champion because your pin WAS NOT counted.

      You have to understand Smyth that the moment you become the Endurance Champion, this company will be destroyed. This company’s time as a serious company with the chance to compete on the top levels will be over. Because let’s face it, you’re not good enough to do this.

      The crowd explodes with a cheer as Smyth stands up, staring at Kyojin, who continues to speak.

    1. Kyojin: You might wanna sit down, I’ve got a lot more I need to get off my chest.

      Another massive cheer.

      Kyojin: You think that I HAVE to hold a championship because I’m the Golden Boy of IWA. Let me get something straight, I’m in the position I’m in, because number one, these people put me in that position. I’m going to tell you now Smyth.

      Before you even made it into a name in this industry, I did the exact same thing as you. I came bursting in through the front door, demanding that people show me respect. I, like you are being right now, was naive.

      I attacked Ryan ‘The Freak’ Wells to make an impact. I was wrong. Something you need to do to make an impact was simply to win a match, make a name for myself in their eyes, and show some damn respect!

      The fans give another huge cheer and begin a Kyojin chant.

      Kyojin: Something you’re failing to do. And number two, I worked my way to this position because I gave everything I had to give in this ring. I worked my ass off and I beat you last night, no matter what you say. I got to the top of this industry because I put everything I had into it. And that is why I’m this supposed Golden Boy of IWA.

      You want me one more time? How about you stop making requests and earn the number one contendership like a man instead of being a little bitch?

      Kyojin steps forward into Smyth’s face as the fans explode with cheers.

      Mr. Smyth: What are you doing? You going in for a kiss or something?

      Mr. Smyth steps back.

      Mr. Smyth: I know a girl can dream but...this...

      Mr. Smyth gestures to himself and Kyojin.

      Mr. never gonna happen.

      Crowd boos.

      Mr. Smyth: Entertainment value aside, let’s get straight to business. Every time you and I come into this ring and have a mic each, you end up spewing out some incoherent babble, and I spend the next ten or fifteen minutes correcting you on past events, and trying to bring you down from that pedestal. All efforts, however, are terribly wasted and to be honest, I do not have the time nor the inclination to indulge your less than average IQ. So pardon me if I don’t address some of what you have said, but there are more pressing issues to attend to.

      Issues like how you are only half a champion. Congratulations, you did pin Sagittarius Blue however at the exact same time, I pinned Fletcher. You and I both had the cover at the exact same time, and we both got a three count. The correct decision would have been to either have a one-on-one match between the two of us either on the same night or at a later date, or continue the fatal four way match.

      But neither decision was made. Instead, it was decided for you to be gifted the IWA Endurance championship. That act in itself lowers the prestige of that title. The stock value of the Endurance title has dropped. I can understand your desperation to hold on to that title though. You never had the chance to be a defending champion with the ICW World title, so you are in dire need to be a proper champion now. I get that, I really do. But seriously, do you want your title reign to be overshadowed by this? It will go down in history that the first Endurance champion of IWA was handed the belt on a silver platter. He only half earned it.

      Crowd boos, with a small ‘No!’ chant starting.

      Mr. Smyth: You need to stop people thinking that. You need to show once and for all that your title reign wasn’t down to blind luck and preferential treatment. You need to beat the man who a lot of people think is as much of a champion as you are: me.

      Crowd boos.

      And I know what you’re going to say: I’ve beaten you before, why would I waste my time, you’re not in my league and blah, blah, blah. There is one thing I have noticed: yes, the win/loss ratio is definitely in your favour with regards to us two, and you have said on many occasions that I would not survive an encounter with you. There is absolutely no way that the inferior Mr. Smyth can hang with the great Kyojin. He’s just not at that level. I’m still here though. I have taken everything that you have dished out at me, and I keep coming back for more.
      Now you listen to me, Jackie Chan...

      Crowd explodes with boos.

      Mr. Smyth:... – and before you start, yes I am aware that is racially inaccurate but I cannot think of a famous Japanese person right now - this, to me, is beyond the Endurance title. The only reason I want that thing hanging from your shoulder is because if I have it, that means you don’t have it. Owning a championship is much more important to you than it is to me, and the look on your face when you see me standing over you with that title held high will be a moment I will cherish forever.

      Crowd boos.

      I used to have a lot of respect for you, but ever since IWA opened it’s doors, you have proven yourself to be someone that I cannot hold any respect for. Your attitude, your ignorance, you delusions of grandeur are disgusting, and I know a lot of guys in the back agree with that. How dare you think that you are again in a position to tell me what path I should take on my career. You and I are not the same person. I am a lot calmer than you are, and you won’t see me destroy another human being physically just to make a name for myself. I have a lot more to offer than just being a violent Neanderthal. I would be embarrassed to be considered in the same light as you, so here is a piece of advice from me to you: all those opinions you have about me...
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    1. Mr. Smyth pulls out a phone from his pocket and throws it at Kyojin, as the crowd violently explodes with boos.

      Mr. Smyth:...why don’t you call somebody who cares and tell them about your thoughts.

      Anyway, I don’t remember asking for your presence. I’m looking to speak to someone who can make decisions around here. Someone who can make matches. So why don’t you toddle along back to your locker room and let someone worthy of note come out here.

      Mr. Smyth gestures for Kyojin to leave the ring as he retakes his seat.
    2. Kyojin: You see, this is what I mean Smyth. How am I in a position to give advice on your career? I’ve told you this, I fought my way to the top. I didn’t hold back, I fought my way all the way to the position I’m in now. You’ve just broken through the doors- and quite frankly, you’ve been really quiet- trying to get under people’s skins without actually doing anything.

      And now, you’ve made some noise but not only have you made some noise, you’ve made it so that you’ve picked an enemy of me. And that Smyth, may have been the biggest mistake you made. Let me get something straight.

      You’re damn right you can’t hang with me!

      The fans explode with cheers.

      Kyojin: You see, all of these people agree. You think for one second that any of us can take you seriously Smyth? Sure, you may have had Frankie Fletcher in a pinning predicament last week, but your pin was never counted. The referee counted my pin and that’s the final decision. I am the Endurance Champion and that should be the end of it.

      But no, not in your books, because apparently by losing the match- and you did lose the match- we’re all to blame for your inferiority. How about you take a look closer to home Smyth?

      You’re the reason you’re not the Endurance Champion. It’s not my fault, it’s not these people’s fault, it’s not anybody in the back’s fault, it’s not May’s fault. It’s your fault.

      You see, we can all see what this is Smyth. What you’re trying to do right now. You’re jealous of me.

      The fans explode once again with another cheer and begin a Kyojin chant.

      Kyojin: And maybe just maybe, you can earn another shot at the title, but not this way Smyth. You see, my first win may have been overshadowed by a businessman acting like a bitch, but this, Smyth, this isn’t how you should be going about things.

      You talk about the prestige being taken away from this title, you talk about how the stock value of this title was lowered when I won it because of the confusion? Well this title will mean nothing if you’re just gifted a shot at it. Everybody in the back is shooting for this title, except maybe KJ, and you think that you’re just going to be handed a shot?

      No way in hell!

      The fans cheer again as Smyth looks pissed.

      Kyojin: You say you want this title because of how much titles mean to me? Well to me that just means one thing.

      I’m in your head.

      The fans pop loudly once again.
    3. Kyojin: I’m bothering you aren’t I Smyth? You just wanna take that briefcase and try to put me on the ground again don’t you? Let’s get something straight right now Smyth. The whole reason I’m the Endurance Champion is because of you.

      The very first show of IWA, you attacked me and laid me out- meaning I was injured for our match. That very same match that a man with only one arm available won. A man with one arm beat you Smyth. And you just couldn’t take that could you? So the next week, what did you do Smyth?

      You attacked me again and cost me the IWA World Championship.

      The fans boo.

      Kyojin: And because of that, I made certain you weren’t going to win this Endurance Championship.

      That’s why I beat Killa and that’s why I beat you at Thirst for Blood. Did you hear that Smyth? I BEAT YOU. I’m the Endurance Champion and you say you want somebody who can make matches. Well you gave me a challenge and as far as I’m aware- by accepting your challenge I can make the match.

      But I’m not accepting your challenge Smyth.

      The fans give a mixed reaction.

      Kyojin: As far as I’m concerned, you don’t deserve it. I’ve beaten you twice and beating you again would accomplish nothing. I’m focused on Israel Pamich, not you.

      Stop bitching, earn a title shot and I’ll face you. Until then, you’re irrelevant to me.

      The fans explode with a Kyojin chant as Kyojin drops the mic and leaves the ring. He backs up the ramp holding the Endurance Championship high as Smyth stares angrily from the ring.

      MJ: Wow!! What a heated confrontation!! That was intense!!

      RR: Hell yes it was, but Smyth deserves that match!! Come on, don't be a bitch, Kyojin!!


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    AJ Dixon and Malcolm Adonis make their way onto the stage to a chorus of boos and cheers. The crowd boos Dixon but cheers Adonis. The two men walk down the ramp and then slide into the ring.

    Sagittarius Blue and Shining Light are out next and the crowd explodes with cheers and boos, the crowd is behind Blue but goes against Light. The two men run down the ramp and slide into the ring and pace around Dixon and Adonis.

    (End 2:33)


    Adonis kicks out after 2! Light gets to his feet, as he lifts Malcolm to a standing position and whips him into the ropes. Adonis bounces back, as Light drops Adonis hard with a spinebuster. Light is back to his feet, as he goes to the head of Adonis, and kisses his bicep.

    MJ: Is he?

    RR: HE IS! HE is mocking Adonis! This is awesome!

    We get a shot on the outside of Dixon dropping Blue on the arena floor with a huge DDT. Light hits the ropes, bouncing from one side to the next. Light bounces back from the second set of ropes, as he runs at Adonis, but Dixon is in the ring, and cuts Light off with a Mug Shot! Dixon plants Adonis with the jumping STO, as Dixon grabs Adonis, draping him over Light. Dixon turns, as Blue is back on the apron now, as Dixon runs and clotheslines Blue off the apron to the arena floor, as he yells at the ref to count.


    Adonis and Dixon celebrate in the ring together while Chris Divine comes running in from the crowd with a kendo stick in hand, and he attacks Pisces Pink with it! Pink is down to one knee and then Divine uses the stick to choke her!! Blue sees this happening while he is catching his breath and recovering, and then he gets up and charges Divine with full force, but Divine takes him out with the Divine Intervention and then runs through the crowd

    MJ: What a sick bastard!! Someone get them help!!

    RR: That was sick ... But that was smart! He is getting under their skin!

    1. *The camera cuts to the back, looking through a slightly open door, to show Sebastian Schweizner along with Damaged Goods - tag titles over their shoulders - entering through the back, filmed just after the opening match. All three go to sit at a table*

      Schweizner: That was a good job you guys did out there - and now we got a Champion and Champion vs Champions match in the main event. Winning the tag team championships, and you're first main event all within a week! This is the standards we need to be setting for ourselves. We all know that you two are the best talent IWA has to offer, and consistently being in the main event will prove this

      *Schweizner notices the cameraman, and turns his body so he is facing him*

      Schweizner: So you're interrupting now then? Well, the IWA Tag Team Champions have nothing to hide, so you can film all of this. You see, I bet everyone wants to know why KJ PUNK and Kyojin were attacked today, and it's exactly this. Damaged Goods may have defeated two tag teams to win their gold, but have they got what it takes to main event PPV's? That is the question many of you have been asking, and it's our goal here to make the Tag Championship division equal to the World Championship division, if not better. And if we need to prove how important the Tag Team Division should be, by attacking the other champions of IWA so be it. It's just business Punk and Kye, but should you need to vacate your titles through your injuries, so be it.

      At Thirst for Blood, the Hollywood Homosexuals and the NCII, were not even speed bumps, in preventing Damaged Goods reaching their goal of becoming IWA Tag Team Champions. I proved what I have said ever since entering your TV screens, and that is that gold will come to whoever I manage. Hell, I could manage RamJam to a World Title if I wanted to. But all I have is here.

      And now, we don't get to face a well oiled tag team. We have to face odd wrestlers joining together, all of which will be competing in this "Wild Card Tournament." We already know, thanks to the House Show IWA recently held - that Jackson Smith and Mike Hawk, along with Brock Edwards and Malcolm Cage are two teams in this tournament, and to be frank, neither of these two teams, nor any other pair of superstars IWA has to offer, are capable of defeating the best tag team in IWA's history - yes, I know it's only be around for about 6 weeks, but still! Insane Wrestling Association's Tag Team Champions OF THE WORLD will be victorious come the main event, and come Lost Cause, and it's not because they're Damaged. It's because they're just damn Good!

      MJ: Strong words from Schweizner! Alright folks, when we return we will have even more tag team action for you!
    2. RR: Thats right, we will see Chris Divine and Israel Pamich go against Shaz and Darius!
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    Chris Divine/Pamich vs Darius/Shaz(Mine)
    (start at :06 end at 4:17)(Hardyz=Pamich/Divine)(E/C=Darius/Shaz)

    Pamich pulls Darius out from the corner, to the center of the ring. Israel lifts Darius to a standing position, going to irish whip him, but Darius counters, whipping Pamich instead. Israel bounces back, as Darius connects with a huge big boot! Darius lifts Pamich up, and whips him into his corner. Darius tags in Shaz, as Shaz climbs into the ring. Both men whip Pamich into the ropes, and go for a double clothesline, but Pamich ducks, and hits the ropes. He bounces back, and takes both men out with a double cross body! Pamich is back to his feet, as he dives and tags in Divine! Divine leaps over the top rope, and charges. He takes Darius out, clotheslining him over the top to the outside! Divine turns, as Shaz grabs Divine and whips him. Divine counters, whipping Shaz instead, as Shaz bounces back. Divine catches Shaz, and drops him with a samoan drop, as the fans are just booing. Divine is back to his feet, as he points to his head, smirking. He turns, heading to the corner, as he climbs to the top. He flies off the top with a frogsplash, but Shaz moves! Divine lands on his stomach, and ends up on his hands and knees, holding his gut. Shaz grabs Divine, and goes for the B.I.T.W, but a light shines up into the rafters! It's Mike Hawk! Shaz lets Divine go, as he looks up at Hawk. The light goes off, as Shaz turns...DIVINE INTERVENTION! Divine drops Shaz with the diamond cutter, as Divine gets back up. SPEAR! Darius spears Divine! Darius turns, seeing Pamich recovering on the apron, as Darius charges, nailing a huge forearm, taking Pamich out! Darius turns, grabbing Shaz throwing him on top of Divine.

    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ...

    Davis is cut off by the fans exploding with cheers as Sagittarius Blue comes running down the ramp with a steel chair in his hands! Darius grabs Shaz and rolls him out of the ring and then rolls out with him as Blue slides in the ring. Blue slams the chair down onto Divine's back, legs, arms and then head multiple times! Blue slams it down onto Divine one more time and then poses for the fans with a very pissed look on his face and then he retreats through the crowd!

    MJ: Wow! I saw that one coming!

    RR: Shut up! The boss is here!!

    Daniel May makes his way down the ramp to a chorus of cheers!

    May: I am out here, with some huge news! I'll start by talking about a tag team that has been leaving a mark in the short time since they debuted in IWA, but has left an even bigger mark on the wrestling scene since bursting into the major leagues. Earlier tonight, Black Blooded attacked Hollywood Homeboys and NCII. After careful consideration, two things are going to happen. First, Black Blooded, you are now in the tag title picture come Lost Cause. At Lost Cause, we will see Black Blooded vs Damaged Goods vs the winners of the tag tournament in a triple threat steel cage match!

    The fans pop at this statement, as May keeps going on.

    May: The second thing....NCII, your services are no longer needed here in IWA. Your contracts are terminated effective as of immediately.

    Some fans boo at this statement, but some fans cheer.

    May: Also, earlier tonight two men who I had made plans for, for the next Chaos, showed me something. AJ Dixon, Darius, you both advanced in the wild card tag team tournament, and between now and the next Chaos, both of your teams will be involved in the next round in an IWA House Show, but on the next Chaos, I had plans for the two of you to face off in a #1 contenders match. I'm scrapping that. Instead, both of you will get a rematch with KJ Punk at Lose Cause.

    At Lost Cause, we will see KJ Punk defend his title against Darius and AJ Dixon in a triple threat tables match! And next week on Chaos, I have four huge matches set! We will see #1 contender, Israel Pamich get his title shot against Kyojin. We will see the final match for the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament. We will see AJ Dixon going 1 on 1 with Darius. And in the main event, we will see a 2 on 3 handicap match! Shaz will team up with KJ Punk to take on Mike Hawk and Damaged Goods! To top that off...we will have Mr Blood as the special referee!

    The fans cheer at this statement, as May is on a roll.

    Finally, the last huge news I have, concerns the main event at Lost Cause. At Lost Cause, we will see the dawn of the Insane Asylum. This is a match, where every superstar on the roster, man or woman, singles or tag teams, will be involved. The only man who won't be, is whoever the World Champion is. The rest will compete in an over the top battle royal, where the last man or woman standing, will be named #1 contender to the IWA World Heavyweight Championship and get that title shot at our biggest show of the year, Destined for Immortality, in January!

    The fans go crazy, as May drops the mic.

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    *Hawk is in the boiler room sitting on top of a ladder watching the replays of the tag match on an Ipad and smiles.

    Hawk: I proved my point tonight Shaz and that's you need help to win. The only thing you're the best in the world at is making a fool out of yourself on live TV. But enough about you it's time I answer the big questions. After ICW shut down I took a break to get ready for War Games and heard about this little promotion. So I thought to myself, why don't I check it out. Well I go through hell training to get ready to come in and wrestle and the first show airs. I watch it and I am sick to my stomach. The roster is filled with a bunch of jokes and the head ,or butt in this case, of the joke is you Shaz. You teach people that mediocrity can get rewarded, hard work doesn't matter anymore and all that matters anymore is childish gloating.

    *Hawk jumps off the ladder and gets in the camera's face.

    Hawk: You made the biggest mistake of your life at that moment. I am here to cleanse this foul organization of that repugnant attitude and show everyone what level the true elite in wrestling are at. Shaz you have nothing I want except that little briefcase, but our match on the PPV was a warm up. I only gave you a taste of what the Bird of Hell can truly do. We will meet again but I will satisfy myself next time. Next time, you will bleed more, you will feel agony no one else has felt and most importantly to get a true taste of Mayhem. You think your juvenile tricks will work on me then forget it because I am a true psychopath and I will do whatever it takes not just to win, but to make sure you serve as an example for what's to come in the future for everyone here. I am the Bird of Hell, the Beacon of destruction, the Harbinger of fire, I am "Mr. Mayhem" Mike Hawk and I am going to unleash Pandora's box on the IWA.

    *Hawk slashes a pipe to release smoke and as the smoke clears he is nowhere to be seen as we go back to the arena.*

    Brock Edwards emerges to a chorus of boos and makes his way down the ramp with a smug grin on his face. He climbs into the ring and pose cockily for the crowd.

    "JOscar Cena" makes his way onto the stage and poses as John Cena for the fans to a huge pop! He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, then throws his hat and shirt to the crowd.

    1. Brock Edwards (Lesnar) vs. Oscar Layman (Cena)
      (Start 1:28, End 6:55)

      MJ: Wow!! Did you see the air that Lay ... Erm, Cena ... Got?!

      RR: He is Layman! Call him Layman! He is no Cena!

      Layman covers Edwards, but Edwards powers out and throws Layman across the ring with authority! Edwards gets to his feet and then Layman does as well. The two begin trading blows!

      Edwards! Layman! Edwards! Layman! Edwards! Layman! Edwards! Layman! Edwards! Layman! Edwards! Layman! Layman! LAYMAN!!

      Layman gets the upper hand! He grabs Edward's arm and throws him into the turnbuckle! Layman gets on the middle rope and then starts punching down onto Edward's head! The crowd counts each shot!

      Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four!

      Referee: One!

      Crowd: Five! Six! Seven!

      Referee: Two!

      Crowd: Eight! Nine! TEN!

      Layman gets down and then lifts Edwards onto the top rope! Layman climbs on the middle rope again and tries getting Edwards onto his shoulders, but Edwards counters and picks Layman up, and throws him in the middle of the ring with a fall away slam from the top rope!! Edwards positions himself on the top rope and eyes down Layman.

      MJ: Is he going to do it?! Is he going to do a Shooting Star Press!?

      RR: I doubt it ...

      Edwards looks around at the crowd, but Layman is back to his feet and charges at Edwards! Layman nails him with a hard dropkick, stumbling him a bit, and then Laymen gets on the middle rope and gets Edwards on his shoulders, and then gets on the top rope ...


      Both men land hard!! Layman covers Edwards!!

      One! Two! Three!!

      Emily Davis: Here is your winner, Oscar Layman!

      MJ: HE DID IT!! He beat Brock Edwards! Congratulations Oscar Layman!!

      JOscar Cena stands up catching his breath as Edwards rolls out of the ring

      1. Oscar: Now you two, you know you did wrong
        You think you're both as scary as freakin' King Kong

        If this was Thirst for Blood Brock wouldn't be here!
        Ryder would still be the douche who throws up after one beer.

        I have a Royal Flush guys, read them and weep.
        At least now you and Matt admits you share a bed when you sleep

        I could destroy you both as easily as I could destroy bees
        You'll be begging for mercy, but at least you're both used to be on your knees.

        You stole the gimmick of Zack, Matt, are you original at all?
        Plus you stole the act of Hogan and Nash, yet you still stand so tall!

        Brock you're a replica of Lesnar, this a stupid idea yet you made it.
        My foot could make your ass sore right now, but you already took it.

        I'll get your hand on you again Brock, we will have another fight
        You'll be more covered in your own liquids more than Ryder's last night

        At Lost Cause, I want Brock and Matt, to pay
        I look at your muscles and I say:

        Should you accept, your asses will be beaten by me and a partner of my pick
        You'll end up with less dignity than the size of your-

        The crowd shouts “DICK” as Layman smirks as Edwards exits the arena, and then Layman makes his way up the ramp.

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