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    The show begins and the cameras focus on Michael James and Rocky Reynolds.

    MJ: Welcome to Chaos! I am Michael James joined by Rocky Reynolds!

    RR: Shut the hell up, we're starting the show!

    The smooth tones of Marvin Gaye flood the arena and the lights dim to a heavenly golden hue as Malcolm Adonis announces his arrival to the crowd. The fans get to their feet, cheering and chanting for the amorous and flirtacious dynamo from Los Angeles. Adonis strides out from behind the curtain in his signature golden trunks and boots, a fresh white towel draped over his shoulder and baby oil in his left hand.

    Gyrating in usual fashion he pours the baby oil down his torso and begins spreading it all over with his hands as he dances slowly and erotically. A few male fans in the audience look away, preferring not to witness the almost homoerotic moves of the self styled sexiest man on the planet. Wolf whistles drown out the other noises as Adonis strides to the ring, rubbing the towel all over himself and kissing his biceps. He singles out a woman in the front row and puts on a personal show for her before once again pulling her towards him with a towel and giving her a kiss. More wolf whistles escape the crowd and Malcolm hands the towel to the woman and steps into the ring after grabbing a mic.

    Adonis: Woo hoo hooo! Malcolm Adonis is here tonight! Yes sir and i'll bet it's as good for Malcolm as it is fo' all of you lucky ladies here tonight.

    A cry of 'What about us!?' comes from a man in the front row.

    Adonis: Ahaa! Don't get impatient fella, you know Malcolms style, he likes a bit of foreplay before he kicks some punk ass around this ring! Now back to business, I see some fine ass ladies here tonight, mmhmm Malcolm likes what he sees right now, almost as much as y'all are likin' what you see! Am I right ladies!?

    The female members of the audience give it a collective 'Wooo!' as Malcolm begins to gyrate again.

    Adonis: Hahaa! Now fellas don't get jealous, remember what Malcolm always tells you, let the ladies have their fun tonight, cos thanks to me y'all gonna be havin' a lot more fun later on at home! Oh I know you feelin' me! Where my dogs at!?

    The men in the crowd begin barking aloud as Malcolm spurs them on.

    Adonis: Alright now, all jokin' aside, Malcolm wants to take y'all back to last week, right here in IWA! Ya see last week, somethin' beautiful happened. Somethin' I wanted to dedicate to all you fine ladies here tonight and watching at home. Last week, Malcolm Adonis gave the biggest helping of sweet humble pie to that loud mouth, worst in the world fool Shaz.

    The crowd cheers after recalling Malcolms victory last week in the IWA Championship tournament.

    Adonis: Now Shaz, if you're back there and you're listenin', I want you to know that you gave Malcolm one hell of a beatin'. I been sore all week in places that I just did not wanna be sore, so I give you credit. But there's just two things Malcolm simply cannot abide, first of all, you tried to ruin my face bro'. Those knucks you brought with you, oh hell no, trying to destroy this masterpiece? Are you outta yo' damn mind?!

    Adonis looks directly into the camera and blows a kiss and gives a wink.

    Adonis: And second of all, you had the damn nerve to lay hands on the wildest ride some of these ladies will ever see.. Malcolm Junior. And that just don't sit right with the big dog. Homo Sapiens? Hell dude, I think you're a homose...

    Natural Born Killers starts playing through the arena and many boos come from the crowd. “Primetime” AJ Dixon comes out on to the stage with a hand over his eyes.

    Dixon: Oh please tell me has clothes on, please don’t be naked, please don’t be naked...

    Primetime spreads his fingers a little bit to see if Adonis is clothed or not, he sees that he is and lets out a sigh of relief.

    Phew! Oh man, you had me worried bout comin’ out here Adonis. I know you do some fucked up shit in the ring, and I hurd all da hootin’ and hollerin’ goin’ on out here and I was afraid you were doin’ somethin’ shameful. No surprise that you are, I was just hoping you kept some clothes on.

    Speakin’ of you doin’ shit in da ring, I understand dat you have a match tonight. And who would be your opponent? None other than Primetime himself, AJ Dixon.

    Crowd boos as Dixon rags on the fan favorite.

    Aw now, stop hatin’ haterz! Y’all are a bunch of jokers and clowns! Not a single one of y’all can come out here every week and put on a Primetime performance like AJ Dixon can. And that goes for you too Adonis! You can’t live up to the Primetime hype of AJ Dixon. You braggin’ bout how you took on Shaz last week and won? Well you got bigga’ fish to fry homie. I took on not one, but two guys last week and won, and Jackson and Fletcher are heavyweights compared to you. Dis shit ain’t about Shaz you moron! Itz about you and me in dat ring, wif the obvious outcome bein’ me kickin’ yo ass.

    Crowd boos again as Primetime continues the verbal assault on Malcolm Adonis.

    Keep it comin’ y’all. I like the heat. It fuels the spotlight for which I stand under. The Primetime spotlight that is always shinin’ on ya boi AJ Dixon. You cheer for a man who gets all oily and shiny in da ring but can’t wrestle for shit! He doesn’t deserve to be in da ring wif Primetime, much less in da ring at all! You support a man who constantly embarrasses himself and wrestlin’ as a whole. You are all just as worthless as he is.

    The crowd yells back insults as Dixon continues to verbally attack them

    Adonis, all you haf proven to me is dat you can be a male stripper, not a wrestler. Maybe you should consider a professional change. Why don’t ya stop embarrassin’ yourself in da ring and start embarrassin’ yourself on da pole. Haha I’m sure dere is a strip joint right down da road dat would be willin’ to hire a broken down failure like yourself. Man dang, let’s get dis shit over wif, cause I think da longer I’m here da more i’m gonna hate myself for wastin’ my time wif you. Adonis, let’s just say dat I don’t...

    Adonis: To quote one of the greats.. it doesn't matter what you think! Ahaa i've always wanted to say that, thanks for the opportunity bro'! Ya know, speakin' of the Rock, I gotta say I see quite the similarity between the two of you.

    The crowd boo as if to disagree with Malcolm.

    Adonis: Now now y'all, just hear ol' Malcolm out. Ya see AJ, I see a bit of the Rock in yo' ass.. and no not like that, ahaa! What I mean to say is, The Rock has this great attitude, this great way of talkin', hell the Rock is one of the single greatest talkers in the business, and I gotta say, you may just get there one day. However boy, that's just about where the similarities end. You call yourself Primetime? Hell i'd rather listen to A.W. tell another rape joke than watch yo' ass in the ring, or in a hollywood movie for that matter, though i'm guessing Spielberg ain't rushin' to the phone as we speak, huh?

    Adonis smiles at Dixon as the fans begin to laugh a little.

    Adonis: See, you might talk a big game like someone like The Rock, but ya wanna know the key difference? The Rock had a knack of backing it up.. shame I can't say the same about you.. But I ain't here to talk about The Rock, but i'll tell you what I am here to do.

    Malcolm turns to the fans and leans on the ropes before turning back to Dixon.

    Adonis: Malcolm's here for one reason, and one reason only, and that's to drag my fine ass through one more match, and edge closer to being the first ever IWA champion. See you can make fun about me, callin' me a stripper, but that don't bother me one bit son, i'm proud of this perfectly sculpted body. And you can talk all you want about how you knocked down two guys last week, but lets face it, they weren't exactly in Malcolm's league, sorry boys but you know it's true. Hell, say what you want about these fans and who they cheer for, at least I can say this, these people got class, shame i can't say the same about you, ahaa!

    The crowd continue to cheer and whistle as Malcolm struts around the ring, he flexes and begins to kiss his biceps and turns back to Dixon.

    Adonis: You think I ain't seen all this before bro'? Some punk ass little fool getting his ass all up in a twist out of jealousy, i'm used to it by now. You look at me and you see everything you wish you were and more, and so you lash out in anger, hopin' that it'll make you feel better. But ya see the thing is, just like the Rock I can speak a pretty big game too, and the difference between you and me? I can back it up, so how about you..
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    Dixon: Zzzzzzzzz... huuh

    Oh shit man, oh how embarrassing of me, I was listening ta ya babble on, BORED OUT OF MY MIND, and fell asleep. I am so sorry... HAHAHA, I’m just jokin’ man, I don’t give a fuck wat you have ta say honsetly. I talk a big game because I have never failed ta back it up playa. I make my livin’ being Primetime and riddin’ wrestling of those that aren’t fit for da spotlight dat is Primetime! IWA does not have room for failures. Tonight I continue to make my way towards making IWA Primetime material. Fletcher and Jackson may not be in your league, but neither am I. I’m in a league all my own! Dere are only so many dat can be on da level of Primetime, and no one in IWA, especially you, is anywhere close.

    Dixon steps up onto the apron as the crowd boos.

    Class? You think dese losers here have class? What class? Now it all makes sense, no wonder dey cheer for you! It’s cause you are just like dem. You are all a bunch of losers! I guess dat means dat I will have to educate dem on what it means to be a true winner, a true success. I will show them how pathetic you are and how pathetic dey are fo cheer for a punk like you.

    Dixon final steps into the ring after spending most of the time on the outside.

    You think I’m jealous of you? HA! Why would I be jealous of da IWA embarrassment? I don’t envy you, I pity you. I am thankful dat I’m not like you. If I was like you, I would haf da body of a God yes, but I would also haf da wrestlin’ skills of a wet mop.

    It’s da Primetime Superstar takin’ on da Baby Oiled Loser. Dere are only so many ways for dis match to go, all of which result in me continuing on in dis tournament, soon to become da first IWA World Champion. You don’t even have a chance against me, and I feel bad for you. Truly I apologize dat you have to face me, because no matta what, I will finish you, and dese people will finally see wat it means to be Primetime.

    Dixon climbs into the ring, and the two men go into their corners and a ref slides into the ring and then rings calls for the match to begin.

    (Skip at 3:05, Adonis/Ziggler, Dixon/JTG)

    *Dixon and Adonis both get up, with Dixon hitting the Spear! But Adonis grabs his head and counters it into a Snap Double Underhook DDT! Adonis goes for the cover but Dixon rapidly puts his foot on the ropes as Adonis gets back up. Adonis picks Dixon up but Dixon kicks him in the gut followed by a Dropkick! He gets up the top rope and hits a Springboard 450 Splash! He goes for the cover..




    *Dixon and Adonis get back up and Dixon runs at Adonis to hit a big boot but Adonis grabs his legs and pushes Dixon to the corner followed by a vicious Spinebuster! Adonis flexes his biceps as the crowd know what is coming! ADONIS ELBO-NO! Dixon moves out of the way and hits a Moonsault off the turnbuckle as the crowd pop big time! Dixon taunts Adonis as he motions him to get up! Adonis gets up and Dixon goes for a Superkick but Adonis counters it into a Malcolm XXX! He goes for the cover




    *Adonis and Dixon slowly get up with both looking at each other, Adonis goes for a Clothesline but Dixon ducks as Adonis accidentally hits the referee! Dixon slides out of the ring and grabs a chair! Dixon places the chair on the canvas as Adonis goes for a Big Boot but Dixon hits a Superkick! Adonis doesn't go down but Dixon gets up the turnbuckle and hits a Drive-By onto the chair! He goes for the cover




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... AJ Dixon

    Malcolm gets frustrated in the ring as AJ grabs the chair and chucks it outside! AJ leaves backstage as Malcolm poses for the crowd as we go to a commercial break.
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    Back from commercial break and the cameras cut to the backstage area. A camera man is making his way through the backstage area. Off screen we hear a man's voice...

    Man: Hey you with the camera... come here!

    The camera turns to the right and we see Frankie Fletcher standing by his locker room door with his coat & vest off, tie loosened, & belt unbuckled.

    Fletcher: Get in here!

    We're taken into the doorway of the locker room with shag carpet & leather furniture. A bottle of champagne & glasses are on a table where two scantily clad women are sitting there drinking.

    Excuse me a few minutes ladies. I need to have a little talk with the gentleman with the camera.

    The women leave the room & Fletcher takes a seat on the couch.

    Camera man: Do I sit on the couch too, or a chair, or what?

    Fletcher: No you don't sit down, there's $20,000 worth of furniture in here! And take those pathetic clods you call shoes off too! See that towel right there? Put it down in front of me & get on it on ya knees.

    He does as he's told.

    What's your name?

    Camera man: Steven

    Fletcher: Alright Steven, considered yourself fired from IWA. You work for me now. Wherever I go, you go stuck like glue unless I tell you to stop. We've got this live feed to IWA so when I tell you to record, you hit the button & point that camera at whatever I tell you too. Got it?

    Steven: Yes sir.

    Fletcher: Good! And don't be late anymore. When I say be here I mean be here when I say so! As you can see I was in the midst of changing into my wrestling gear but that's okay.

    Now on to what I wanted to talk about in the first place. Tonight, I've got a match with Jackson Smith. This is no ordinary match though! See the winner gets into the fatal fourway match at the PPV for the Endurance Championship. If you take a quick look around it's plain to see I enjoy the finer things in life. One thing is missing right now though & that's gold! Honestly, whose waist could it look better on than the Old School Outlaw? Nobody, especially not Jackson Smith.

    Jackson, I know you're watching this so you listen up. Neither one of us won last week & somehow that slimeball AJ Dixon beat us. You're not a bad wrestler but you sure ain't good enough to beat me 1-on-1. That's why there's about to be a drastic change around here. Tonight it's me & you buddy! No distractions, just two men battling to see who's best. That's a big problem for you though. There's nobody walking God's green Earth that can hold a candle to me. I hate to break it to ya, but your new wave techniques ain't gonna cut it. I've been trained by some of the best & I take their moves to the next level!

    At home I've got cases full of championships from all over the world. Have I mentioned I've wrestled on 6 six continents in 13 years? But as far as I'm concerned they're all garbage now. I'm worried about IWA gold! Because of you & Dixon my quest for the IWA Championship is currently postponed. I'm not mad though. Once I win MY Endurance Championship it'll become the main event title because wherever I go, greatness proceeds.

    Old school is the future here in IWA & all over pro wrestling so you better hang on because it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

    The camera cuts to another area backstage, where Gaileo and Gommenta are sitting down with Sebastian Schweizner. Schweizner is talking quietly, as he notices the camera. He shoos the G's out of the room, and they oblige. He puts his legs up on one of the empty chairs.

    (Couldn't get color to change) Schweizner: Vanilla Ice and Dizzy Wizzie was nothing but small hurdles, on the way to the World Championship coming to my stable. Tonight is tougher tests. Damien Eddings - the man who only got through to the next round because his opponent is contracted to IWA. He faces Gaileo. The Gaileo, who is number one contender to the TWE World Championship. The Gaileo, who's finishing maneuvers, will either make you tap, or pin you against the mat. But Eddings - when you see it, instead of taking it, you'll just fap.

    But tonight, Eddings, your fate is nothing but pleasure - at least not for you. You got annihilated by Edwards last week, and it's just your bad luck your opponent tonight is Gaileo. You won't be 100% - and Gaileo knows that. He studies your match from last week - he knows your weaknesses. Tonight you won't walk out the arena safely. The only way you're leaving this state is with your leg in a cast, and crutches by your side.

    Schweizner rests his feet on the other chair

    Schweizner: Now onto Gommenta's business. Pamich and Darius. You both stand in the way of my business of getting Gommenta into the next round of this tournament. Pamich not much is known about you. You share your last name with a couple of trolls. What I do know though, is that nothing good can come from you. Pamich, take a look at me. Gommenta is alone. To have any chance of winning, Darius needs to be your best friend. Mentally, you're in a handicap match. Gommenta has two people's thought in his mind - more than one different strategy.

    But Darius. Van Darius. Isn't it bad enough one half of Damaged Goods is going to disintegrate you. That's going to happen in TWE. But here in IWA, Gommenta will murder you. Your bones broken and battered. Your organs wounded as if you've been on a battlefield. Your skin bruised and red. With all due respect Darius - you're just a rookie. You're just a spoke on the wheel - the wheel that will lead Damaged Goods to greatness.

    Schweizner gets to his feet, and knocks the chair he was sitting on to the floor.

    Schweizner: But people has been asking me - when both Gommenta and Gaileo gets to the final of this tournament, who will win? Will the result be fixed?
    Schweizner looks at the first chair he put his legs on.

    Should Gaileo win? Become a dual world champion, and the first to be champions in both TWE and IWA. One of the first to be World Champion in a developmental and top tier fed at the same time.

    Schweizner turns his attention to the second chair he put his legs on.

    Or should Gommenta become the IWA World Champion? Have both halves of Damaged Goods become world champion. Have the man who've I've known for the majority of my life accomplish his goal of becoming world champion?

    Schweizner pulls the chairs together, and sits on them both

    Schweizner: It doesn't matter to me. The IWA World Championship is coming to my stable - either through Gommenta, or the soon to be TWE World Champion Gaileo. Whatever happens they will decide between them. But Pamich. Darius. Eddings. Your fate today is decided. The hospital bed beckons. Damaged Goods is formed on G's. Well tonight, the other things Damaged will be you.
    The camera cuts to Michael James who has an announcement.

    Michael James: Ladies and gentlemen, we would like you to bring your attention to the titontron! We have just received word that Brock Edwards is trying to make his way into the arena!


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    *We cut to the outside part of the arena. Outside of the arena we can see security holding back Brock Edwards; who earlier tried to sneak into the show.*

    Security #1: Sir, we have specific instructions to not let you into the arena.

    Brock: I don't care about your damn instructions. I will find a way into this show if not the next.

    *Just then the new IWA Interviewer comes out to from behind the security. He has a microphone on hand.*

    Jake: Gentlemen, I just need a few moments of Mr. Edwards's time.

    Security #2: As you please. Just understand we will stand guard in case Brock tries anything funny.

    Come on guys can't you trust me. I'm your amigito.

    Security #3: We can not let you, so just do what Mr. Johnson is here to do.

    Thanks. I want to know Brock what are your intensions?

    I don't know. Maybe to prove that I'm the best the world has to offer. There is no one man or woman that can stop me. Yet, I don't get the opportunity to show that. I am denied my chance to give this pitiful people a show. I don't know why. You got to know that without me this whole business will go down as a joke. No one will take it seriously without some real legitimacy. Unlike this fools I'm legit.

    Well, Brock people want to know why you want to compete here in IWA and not somewhere else.

    I am offering my time to this people. I could actually go to any other wrestling company or even to UFC. Yet, I want to help out this small ICW wannabe show. However, Smokey doesn't want to bring me over here and show why I was the rising star of ICW. Not anyone else. Please, tell me, who here is going to be a World Champion here. Damian Eddings? Matt Ryder? Mr. Smyth? Vandarius? Shaz? Those guys are all jokes. They are not worthy of being World Champions in any company ever. Especially, you Vandarius.

    Speaking of Smokey, what do you have against the guy and the company.

    Man. You are no good listener are you? I already said reasons on IWA. However, if you want to know my beef with Smokey well I will. Back in ICW. I had a match with Mr. Smyth and it was a blindfolded match. Where neither of us could see another. Well, after the match I went back to locker room and thought to myself, "Is that all Smokey and ICW can offer." After thinking that through, I went ahead and went into Smokey's office. I told how that I was the Next Big Thing to happen to ICW. I also told him that I deserved better. So, Smokey told he will think about. And then ICW shuts down. Just when Smokey knew I was becoming the bigger than life superstar to step into a wrestling ring. After that, I called Smokey and found out he was starting a new wrestling cooperation. I told him that I was opened since SRW as well closed its doors. And then he had the guts to tell me, Brock Edwards, that I wasn't needed. Well, Smokey I hope you are watching this cause I here have with me a paper with the ratings of last weeks ratings. They don't look any good. Also, I'm glad that you're in the hospital cause now you have time to thing about signing me to a contract.

    As you may know, Smokey has been hospitalized. Do you by any chance know what might have happened to him?

    By legal terms I am not to dislocate on that situation.

    Fair enough, I guess. Is there anything else you may want to let the fans or Smokey know.

    Yes there is. I will be back next week and this time I demand an answer and better it be the right choice. I want an answer as to whether or not I will get a contract here in IWA. Hell, if you want Smokey, I will take on anyone of your pick. Just name them and I will not fight them, but rather destroy them. It can one, two, or hell even the whole roster that I need to face. I will do so. If I were to some way to lose this match then I will leave IWA in peace and never show my face here again. Just remember I want an answer by no later than next week or else.

    Well, I guess we'll see you next week.

    The cameras cut back to the arena as Frankie Fletcher's music begins to play

    Emily Davis: This match is set for one fall and is a qualifying match to determine the man who will move on to compete for the Endurance Championship at Thirst for Blood! Introducing first, weighing in at 255 lbs ... Jackson Smith!

    Smith makes his way onto the stage to an explosion of cheers! As he makes his way down the ramp, he slaps some of the fans hands and then slides into the ring and waits for his oppenent.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent ... Weighing in at 235 lbs ... The Old School Outlaw ... "Fantastic" Frankie Fletcher!

    Fletcher storms from the curtains and makes his way down the ramp, bad mouthing some of the fans and telling them how much better than them he is! He climbs into the ring and mocks Jackson, and then paces around him for a bit before the ref calls for the bell!

    Jackson/Lashley vs. Fletcher/Test
    (4:45 - 11:25)

    MJ: OH MY GOD!! That was the Fletch-Plex!!

    RR: He stole his finishing manuever! That is so unoriginal! Get your own material, you punk!

    Jackson drops Fletcher with a huge Fletch-Plex (belly to belly suplex)! Jackson goes for the cover!

    One! Two! TH - NO!

    Fletcher kicks out! Jackson is stunned! Jackson stands to his feet and lifts Fletcher to his feet slowly, and then lifts him up into the air and brings him down with a nasty Boss's Order (Dominator)!! Jackson goes for the pin again!

    One! Two! NO!

    Fletcher kicks out again!!

    MJ: How the hell!? This kid has guts!

    RR: Come on Fletcher! You can do this, buddy!!

    Jackson gets to his feel and picks up Fletcher and tries lifting him again, but Fletcher counters and hits the Fletch-Plex!! Jackson rolls out of the ring! Fletcher slides under the ropes and picks Jackson up and throws him into the ring steps, and then throws him into the steel post!

    RR: Fletcher is pissed!! He is destroying Smith now!

    Fletcher picks Smith up and rolls him into the ring, and Fletcher climbs the steps and stands on the apron, catching his breath. Fletcher looks at the top turnbuckle, and then climbs onto it.

    MJ: What the hell? He isn't much of a high flyer!

    RR: Oh god!! Fletcher, watch out!!

    Smith is up and charges at Fletcher, nailing him with a huge right hand! Smith climbs to the second rope and gets Fletcher onto his shoulders ...

    Killer Instinct from the top rope!! Both men are down in the middle of the ring, but Fletcher's arm is over Smith's chest!!

    One! Two! THREE!!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, and the next man to qualify for the Endurance Championship match ... Frankie Fletcher!!

    MJ: What a match!! That was an amazing finish!!

    RR: For once, I agree with you ... It was! We will return after a quick commercial break!

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    Whiz and Iceman enter on stage in similar fashion to their entrance last week- in a truck with a trailer full of misc. items inside.

    Yo yo, niggas, we back wit' a vengeance!

    Listen up, bruh- we might've lost last week, but somethin' new done come up!

    Tha's right, man- IWA gettin' some tag titles soon!

    An' you best believe we gon' win those belts, nigga!

    And we gon' do it at any costs, bruh! It don't matter who we face- hell, we'll even face them Damaged Goods again!

    We owe them an ass-kickin' noways, bruh.

    You right, Icy, you right! So all y'all otha tag teams out there listen up- y'all go's competition wit' da Homeboys!

    Either way you slice it...


    ????: NO! NO! NO! NO!

    Suddenly, two men come out, cutting Hollywoods music off. The fans are unsure of how to react.

    ????: NO! NO! NO!

    The fans are now catching on, and scream yes after each no.

    ????: Now, for those of you who are in the dark, let me fill you all in. My name is Shawn Jones, and this guy here is my tag team partner, Eddie Gardener. We are the team of No Copyright Infringement Intended!

    Some fans cheer, a few even boo, but alot are unsure of what to say still.

    SJ: Now, you two come out here, prancing around, acting like you are the next tag team champions, when in fact, I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    The fans cheer now, catching on to what Jones is doing. Both men are now down at the bottom of the ramp, as Whiz and Iceman have made it into the ring. Jones and Eddie climb into the ring each with a mic in hand.

    Jones: Just kidding. See, this is why Eddie and I came to IWA. These fans need a team they can cheer. These fans need a team they can get behind. You two...are not that team....

    Whiz raises his mic to say something...

    Jones: NO! NO! NO! NO!

    The fans are chanting yes right after each no, as Gardener raises his mic.

    You all seem to forget one important detail, and that is that I am the devils favourite son. I have done sick and twisted things to bigger and better men than any of you two, and definitely bigger and better men than goat face over here.

    Crowd laughs and starts chanting yes as Gardener turns to Jones.

    Sorry, it’s the gimmick. And the fake beard, if I’m honest. Anyway, I should be arguing with you right now, but I’ll save that until the end of the promo. In the meantime, however...

    Gardener faces the Hollywood Homeboyz

    ...let’s take a look at you two, The Hollywood Homeboyz. While I was in the back, I had to listen to you two spew out this verbal diarrhoea that was not even remotely coherent. I had to get a couple of guys to translate to me what you said and I think it can be summarised by this: Hollywood Homeboyz got beaten like a pair of bitches last week, and this week they want the tag team titles. Slight issue with that though...

    Gardener turns to Jones as the crowd cheers in anticipation.



    Jones starts pacing around the ring, looking at Whiz and Iceman.

    Jones: You two seem like bad rip offs of Swizzy Swag, of Eminem and Dr Dre, of Thelma and Louise. I mean, seriously. People call me a goatface, but when I look at you two, I can't help but see two turd faces.

    The fans are all laughing, as Jones grins.

    Jones: You see Ice, Whiz, you two will forever be at best, losers. Now, i don't say that to bash you, or to even make you feel bad. See, in anger management, I learned to accept things, like that you two need accept that you are losers. Now see, you have people like Darius and Kyojin who will claim they are the best in the world, when in fact, I am the best in the world.

    The fans boo at Jones dissing Kyojin, but some cheer at bashing Darius.

    Jones: Now, before Eddie and I beat you both two ways from Sunday, I have some unfinished business.

    Jones turns, looking at Gardener.









    Michael James and Rocky Reynolds stand up from the table and climb into the ring, shooing the men out of it.

    MJ: Folks, for those of you just joining us, and for those tuning in for the first time, let me update you on what has gone on. Last week, IWA Owner Smokey fired his primary staff upon a bad review from numerous sources. We learned that shortly after firing them, Smokey was rushed to the hospital for reasons unknown. For the last week, speculation has run rampant on what happened that Smokey had to go to the hospital. All we know is he is stable, and should be released in the next few days. We are fortunate enough to be able to talk with Smokey in mere moments.

    RR: Hopefully he can shed some light on what events occurred last week that sent him to the hospital.

    Suddenly, the titantron comes to life, and we see Smokey in bed, but his arms are restrained. He looks around, and then into the camera.

    Smokey: Who are you and what do you want.....

    MJ: Um....sir...I am one of the new people you hired to replace the staff you fired last week. My name is Michael James.

    RR: and Smokey, my name is Rocky Reynolds.

    Smokey: Smokey....who in the hell is Smokey? Why am I strapped to this bed?!

    MJ: I...I...I'm not sure, you are in a hospital right?

    Smokey: A hospital? Hah! That is a joke I'm in a...

    Suddenly, the titantron goes black, and the fans can be heard concerned.

    MJ: Well folks...I...I'm not sure what is going on exactly. Um...we will see if we can get back in touch with Smokey, and in the mean time, I think now is a perfect time for a commercial break.

    The camera's cut to a commercial, as James and Reynolds look concerned.

    Commercial Break

    The camera's come back as we see James and Reynolds are now back at the announce table, as the camera zooms in.

    MJ: Folks, during the commercial break, we learned that our crew at the hospital filmed something rather disturbing. We want to warn you, this is very violent material, so if you are squeamish, please do not watch at home.

    The titantron comes back to life, where we see Smokey, who is now out of his restraints and roaming the halls.

    Doctor: Hey, what are you doing out of your room?

    The doctor goes to grab Smokey, as Smokey stabs the doctor in the arm with a syringe, and pushes the plunge. Within moments, the doctor falls, shaking uncontrollably.

    Smokey: Michael, Rocky, listen, I know you will see this. I am being held hostage. I am goingg to attempt to break out. I still have my cell phone, and will text you with anything important, but if I have not managed to escape within 48 hrs, you need to help me. I need to be at next weeks Chaos. He can not run the show. He can not be put in charge...whatever you do...get me out of here if I fail....

    Suddenly, the titantron goes black, as the camera's cut back to James and Reynolds.

    MJ: Well folks, we have since received a text from Smokey, and the text read "Forget what I said...repeat...forget what I said...I'm just a little out of it."

    RR: Has our boss snapped?

    MJ: I'm not sure...but I do know I don't want to lose this job, so if we don't hear from him, I'm going to go find our boss.

    Commercial break

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    Mr. Smyth comes appears on the titantron, and is greeted by an explosion of boos. Smyth waits as the crowd chants “Kyojin beat you!”

    Mr. Smyth: That’s right: last week, I was beaten by Kyojin. What was more important, however, was a lesson that Kyojin learnt. Kyojin has, for a long time now, palmed me off as a non-threat and his level of disrespect showed last week when he tried to leave the ring thinking that I would be too coy to attack him.
    Crowd boos.

    You see, Kyojin is predictable. I knew he would walk away cockily and not even look back. It’s not as if I carry a brick in this briefcase all the time. Even before he cut a damning promo about me, I knew what Kyojin would say. After spending so long analysing competitors in the business world, you start to develop an uncanny ability to read people like open books. Once you know what makes people tick, they become awfully predictable.

    So what makes Kyojin tick? Well, he is obviously an ambitious man. He prides himself on being on top and anything less than that is failure. I would actually go as far as to say that Kyojin is afraid to fail. Kyojin has a very short fuse, and can be easily frustrated to the point where he will explode. He gives the impression that he is cool, calm and collected; however under the surface, he is anything but. My good friend, Antonyo Angelo, will vouch for that. Above all else, Kyojin feels he is untouchable. He puts himself on a pedestal far above everyone else and last week’s win will only go on to fuel his delusions of grandeur.

    Crowd starts to chant Kyojin’s name, as Smyth waits.

    Chant for Kyojin as much as you want, but he won’t be making an appearance during this promo. Kyojin thinks that he is far beyond me now and will pretend not to care, but I guarantee you that he is listening very closely, because Kyojin is a very insecure man.

    Crowd boos.

    So what is the best way to get under the skin of our biggest fan favourite? Well, I’m going to keep that to myself. I am pretty certain that Kyojin and I will cross paths again in the future and when we do, I will make sure that he walks away from that exchange a changed man.

    But onto present issues: tonight I have the chance to take part in a fatal-four-way match, where the winner will be awarded with the Endurance Title. To get into this match, tonight I will have to beat Victor Elric. A man who travels the world punishing wicked souls. This is where Elric will come up short, because my soul is not wicked – it’s non-existent. To have a soul means that I will end up with feelings of remorse, and the amount of bad things I’ve had to do to succeed in business, it would be detrimental for me to have one.

    I have said it many times before: championships do not interest me, but I will take championship wins as they are a unit of power over everyone else. That’s what’s important: power.

    Crowd chants “Asshole!” “Asshole!” “Asshole!”

    I will win tonight. Victor Elric will just be another step in my own personal development plan. After tonight’s win, I will go on to the fatal-four-way match and win that too.

    And that...well that’s what’s best for business.

    MJ: Strong words from Mr. Smyth ...

    Rocky Reynolds: Strong words indeed, and I love it! We have a huge match for you folks, and its right now!

    Emily Davis: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 237 lbs ... Damian Eddings!

    Eddings walks through the curtains and poses for the fans at the top of the ramp with a smile on his face, then he swaggers his way down the ramp and slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckles, blowing kisses to the crowd.

    Emily Davis: And his ...

    Gaileo wastes no time waiting for the introduction. The beast of a man makes his way through the curtains and stomps his way down the ramp to a chorus of boos, and then slides into the ring, making Eddings back off a bit, and then the ref calls for the bell!

    Gaileo/Sheffield vs. Eddings/Reks
    (Start 1:20 End 3:22)

    Eddings manages to ram Gaileo's back into the apron a third time, and then tries to roll him into the ring, but Gaileo lifts Eddings up and charges him into the barricade and crashes through it!


    MJ: Oh my god! They went through that barricade!

    RR: Good! Maybe this match will actually get interesting now, and Eddings is further away from me, which is even better!


    Gaileo is back to his feet, and Eddings is as well, and the two start trading blows in the middle of the crowd!



    The men realize how close the count is, and they both try heading to the ring, but they still trade blows along the way! The two men get to the ring and Gaileo grabs Eddings and kicks him in the gut, and then gets him in a double underhook hold!

    MJ: Oh my god!! He isn't going to do it, is he!?

    RR: Come on Gaileo!! Drop his ass!!


    Gaileo lifts Eddings up and climbs one of the steps on the steel step, and then hits the G-Drop (Double Underhook Piledriver) right on the cold, hard steel!! Eddings is busted open!!


    Gaileo drops to his knees, clutching his left knee!

    MJ: I think he may have busted up his knee! He landed on the steel hard with that pile driver!

    RR: I think so too! Come on Gaileo, just get in there!!


    Gaileo limps over to the ring and grabs the bottom rope and starts to pull himself up! Eddings is out cold on the floor, blood pooling under his head! Gaileo pulls himself up and tries standing on his leg but it gives in and he falls to the floor below!!


    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen ... This match has ended with a double count out ruling, which means this match has ended in a draw! Neither of these men will move on in the tournament!

    MJ: My god ... Someone help Eddings! He is losing too much god damned blood!!

    RR: I can't believe this! Gaileo should be declared the winner! Look at the damage he did!!

    MJ: Shut up you heartless bastard!

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    *We cut to the backstage area. We can hear Justin Bieber's hit single "Baby".*

    *There seems to be someone as well in the locker rooms singing to the song.*

    ???: Baby Baby Ohhhh! Baby Baby Ohhhhh!!!!*The mysterious person keeps on singing to the beat. We soon see IWA's new interviewer Jake Johnson. He seems to be approaching the locker room from where the AWESOME singing is coming from. Jake is seen with a weird expression on his face. He slowly opens the door of the locker room and sees IWA newest superstar Matt Ryder. Matt can be seen fist pumping to the song and has a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber of himself next to him.*

    Jake: Sorry for interrupting whatever you were doing, but I have come to ask for your opinion about
    Ryder: Hold on bro. I want to finish this song.

    You know that you can pause it. Right?

    *Ryder pauses the music.*

    Bro, you clearly don't know the difference between a Justin Bieber song and a Hannah Montana song.

    Ummm.... I guess I don't.

    You see a Hannah Montana song can be paused at anytime. But, a Justin Bieber song can't be stopped or paused. Same goes for a One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen, and a T-Pain song. Those songs are ssssssiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk!!!!! But, not Hannah Montana. Now a Miley Cyrus song is different.

    You do know Hannah and Miley are the same person, right?

    No, they aren't.





    Wait! Why am I arguing with you about this.

    You might have lost some marbles, bro. And Smyth says I'm stupid. So, why are you here again?

    Oh yeah! I came to get your thoughts on your opponents and your tag partners for your debut match here in IWA.

    Shit! I have a match tonight?

    Yeah! What you thought this was? A hotel?

    Yes. That's what Vandarius told me at least.

    Should have guessed. That guy is a prick.

    Oh well, as long as I'm competing tonight I might as well who is in my team. Do you know who they are?


    ​Well, are you going to tell me or not?

    Oh yeah. Your tag team partners are called Hollywood Homeboyz.

    Okay. Are they any good?

    To be honest with you I haven't seen them any tag team match.

    Maybe I can teach them two how to fist pump. Woo Woo Woo! They better know it!

    And your opponents will be NCII and Leyman.

    And NCII stands for?

    No Copyright Infringement Intended.

    Those fools better know who they mess with. Cause this bro is in it to win.

    Well, you didn't know who they were until now. Hell, you didn't even know you had match tonight.

    It doesn't change the fact that I'm gonna fist pump their face. You know it!

    Good luck with. Hope to see you around.

    Thanks, bro.

    Jake leaves the room and Matt starts the music once more. This time he puts the music even louder than before. You can just see superstars covering their ears as they pass by. As the we go to the ring.


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    The following match is a Triple Threat Match to determine the next man to move on in the IWA World Championship match at Thirst for Blood! Introducing first ... Israel Pamich!

    Pamich makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd with more boos than cheers. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring and waits for his opponent.

    Emily Davis: And his opponents ... introducing first, Gommenta!

    Gommenta storms from the curtains and snarls at the crowd as they boo at him. He walks down the ramp, trashing the crowd as he does then climbs the steps and climbs through the middle rope, getting close to Pamich as Pamich decides to slide out of the ring.

    Emily Davis: And their opponent ... He is the TWE World Heavyweight Champion ... Darius!

    The crowd explodes with boos loudly Darius emerges from the curtains with the TWE World Championship held high above his head with both hands. He brings the championship down and holds it over his shoulder as he walks down the ramp with a grin on his face. He paces to the other side of the ring and hands the title to the time keeper, and then he slides into the ring as Pamich does as well, and then the ref calls for the bell.

    (start at 4:40 end 7:47)
    (Punk=Darius, Kane=Gommenta, Bryan=Pamich)

    Darius and Pamich take Gommenta down with a double suplex, as both men get to their feet. Before they can even go at each other, Gommenta is back up. He charges, going for a double clothesline, but both men duck. Gommenta hits the ropes, bouncing back, and takes both men down this time with a double shoulder tackle! Gommenta covers Pamich!


    Pamich kicks out after 2! All three men get to their feet, as Darius starts wailing on Gommenta with punches, and Pamich is wailing on Gommenta with kicks. After a few moments, both men are on top of Gommenta as he just deadlifts both men into the air. Gommenta just slams both men down, dropping Darius onto his head, as all the fans can be heard going OOHH, as the ref checks on Darius. Pamich lands flat on his back, as Gommenta runs into the ropes, and comes back with a running seaton, landing hard on Pamich. Gommenta hooks the leg, as the ref turns from Darius who is now recovering in the corner, and counts.


    Pamich kicks out at the last second. Gommenta smacks the ring in frustration, as he gets to his feet. He lifts Pamich to a standing position, and Pamich connects with a huge European Uppercut, but it doesn't drop the big man, he just stumbles back. Pamich climbs out on the apron.

    RR: What is he doing out there? He isn't a high flyer.

    MJ: This is a chance for the IWA World title. Maybe he is going out of his comfort zone to make an impact.

    Pamich jumps onto the ropes, but as he flies at Gommenta, Gommenta catches him mid air and counters it into a blackhole slam! Gommenta turns, only to be speared by Darius! Darius turns, grabbing Pamich, and hook the legs. Darius has the tights also but the ref can't see!


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and the next man to advance in the tournament, Darius!

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    Emily Davis: This match is set for one fall and will determine the next man to advance to the Endurance Championship Match! Introducing first ... Mr. Smyth!

    Emily Davis: And his opponent ... Victor Elric!

    (Skip at 11:46, Smyth/Sandow, Elric/Kruger)

    Elric slides back into the ring with Smyth grabbing him by the head and locking him in the Rear Naked Choke! He puts all the pressure in but Elric gets up and uses all his strength to pick him up and he hits a Killswitch! He goes for the cover but Smyth slides out of the ring taunting Elric! He heads to the back but Elric runs and hits him from behind with a Brainbuster on the ramp! He picks him up and puts him back in the ring, before going for the cover




    MJ: What?! He kicked out! Holy hell!

    RR: Talk about guts!

    Elric gets back up but Smyth kicks him in the mid section, and kicks him in the head before laying him out with a DDT! He motions Elric to get up and hits him with a Spear but Elric jumps high in the air and goes for a Seal of the Beaten but Smyth counters it into a flipping piledriver! He goes for the cover but Elric touches the rope, making Smith get up and hit a Leg Drop! He goes for a cover but decides against it, as he locks Elric in the Texas Cloverleaf! He adds more pressure to it but Elric leaps big time and gets a hand on the ropes! Mr. Smyth goes for a Clothesline but Elric grabs his hand and kicks him in the gut, he sets him up for the Seal of Vengeance but Smyth hits a big spear from out of nowhere and goes for the cover




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner and the next man to move on to the Endurance Championship Match ... Mr. Smyth!
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    The camera's are shown backstage, as we see Shaz backstage standing with a few of the stage hands talking. After a few moments, Shaz turns, walking off. He turns the corner, presumably heading towards the ring for his match. He turns another corner, and this time, stops. He looks at the wall, where he sees the following words written in red.

    The Next Big Star is Coming

    Shaz looks at it, scratching his head, as he heads down the hall once more. He turns another corner, stopping again. He looks at another set of words.

    No One Will Be Safe...No One....

    Shaz glares at the writing, before turning, heading off camera, as the camera focuses on the words.

    (start at 2:28 end at 11:05)

    Shaz kicks out at the last second, as Blue is in disbelief at it. He pushes Shaz down and goes for the cover again, hooking both legs.


    Shaz kicks out at 2! Both men get to their feet, as Blue whips Shaz into the ropes. Shaz bounces back, and ducks a superman punch! Shaz runs into the other ropes, and comes back. Blue has ran into the other ropes, bouncing back. Both men catch each other with cross bodies! Both men are down and not moving, as the ref starts the count.









    Both men kip up at the same time! They begin to exchange blows, but Shaz gets the upperhand, as he whips Blue into the corner. Shaz charges in, going for a huge clothesline, pancaking Sagitarrius Blue in the corner. Shaz lifts Blue to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Shaz climbs up, and lifts Blue to a standing position, hooking him for a superplex! Blue won't go though, as he counters with three stiff shots to the ribs of Shaz. Blue lifts Shaz into the air quickly, throwing him, as Blue dives, and connects with a Sign of the Archer off the top rope!

    RR: WOW! I've never seen it done that way before!

    Both men fall to the ring floor, as Blue crawls, draping an arm over Shaz.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and advancing on to Thirst for Blood, Sagittarius Blue!

    Blue rolls out of the ring, as Pisces Pink comes from the back to celebrate. The two celebrate, as they head up the ring and into the back. Shaz is lift in the ring, now on his knees, obviously pissed about the outcome.

    MJ: You've got to wonder if what Shaz saw before his match, played head games and potentially costed him this.

    RR: We don't know if that was directed at him or..

    Suddenly, all of the lights go out, the tron goes dead. The fans are making an uproar trying to figure out what is going on. After a few moments, the lights come back on, as we see Shaz lying in the middle of the ring, covered in blood. Beside him written in blood is the following words.

    I'm Coming For You


    RR: No way in hell, it can't be!!

    *The crowd pops as Scott Steiner's theme plays. After a short wait, a man walks out wearing Steiner's signature head chain, but it's apparent it's not Steiner – it's Scott Steiner. He poses a bit – before being handed a mic and entering the ring*

    Layman: They say all men is created equal. Well, let me tell you sumthin' ever'one! You look at me, and you look at Matt Ry'er, and you realize that that statement is NOT true. You see homoboys, Ryder – tonight you take on me and the NCII! And brotha, while I'm Big Poppa Pump!

    *The crowd pops as Layman flexs his little-bigger-than-average arms*

    Layman: I'm a genetic freak! And I will win today you sumofabitches! Our team has a 50/50 chance of winning! But you guys have Ry'er. He idolizes Zackary Ry'er, and we all know HE'S FAT, and just a jobber – so you lose 16 and two thirds chance of winning! And I'm the genetic freak! So I get Ry'er's 16 and two thirds percent, and I turn it sideways, and I get 66 and two thirds percent of winning. Now my partners would get their ass kick'd should they try to win themselves, so they give me their 33 and 1 third percent, and I now have 100 percent chance of winnin'. Yet guys, I'm the genetic freak, so I geta extra 25 percent change of winning, so I have 125 percent chance of winning! I'm a strong and muscly freak brotha, and I can hit a Frankensteiner, so when I Frankenstein your ass, I get an extra 33 and a third chance of winning! So overall I have 158 chance of winnin' and HOMOS! I'm a professor of mathematics at Harvard, and by my maths the numbers don't lie freaks!

    I care a'out my freaks and peaks, and I grew up in the bitchin' state of Michigan! I fought my brotha Rick and I was always the Superstar of the siblings! I locked in the Steiner Recliner on him and he tapped like crap, and man I fucked up more asses than a Russain Porn Star! More than your team combined Ry'er! You take ma' mathematics, and tonight you may as well give up before you even start! ScOscar Steiner is here to stay, and me and ma' partners are gonna kick ya ass!

    Commercial break

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