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    Smoke starts pouring up from the stage in front of the curtains, and then the crowd explodes with cheers when Darius emerges, his newly won TWE World Championship draped over his shoulder.

    Darius: Alright, alright, alright, and ALRIGHT. First of all … All of you so called fans need to shut your damn mouths. You’re all nothing but two faced brown nosing jerks!

    The crowd now explodes with boos towards Darius

    Darius: That is exactly what I mean. Now, let’s get down to business, shall we? Smokey, I know you can hear me, so listen closely. The idea of a tournament for the IWA World Championship … Well, it’s pointless! Look who you have on the roster, you have the first ever TWE World Champion! You have me! Fuck the rest of the roster, damn it! I am the best this company has to offer, and if you even dare trying to put that championship on someone else, so help me god Smokey, I will make their career a living hell!

    I am a six time ICW Insanity champion! I was run over, beaten half to death with sledgehammers and hospitalized on multiple occasions just to defend that title! And now I am the TWE World Champion! This tournament is a waste of time, the fans would rather see you hand me that championship and declare me the first ever IWA World Champion!!

    The crowd explodes with boos and starts chanting “You suck!”

    Darius: Shut your inbred mouths! I am the TWE Champion! I am the rightful holder of the IWA championship! If there is anyone in the back who thinks they can beat me, if there is anyone who thinks they deserve that championship more than I do! Please! Come on down so I can kick your fucking teeth down your throat to make an example out of your sorry ass! Let’s go, right now! Someone, please, get down …

    Malcolm Cage’s music comes through the speakers as the crowd Jumps to there feet in excitement for Cage’s debut. Cage walks out with his JBW Warfare TV Championship.

    Cage: Whoa now Darius. Let’s not go bragging about titles. You aren’t the only one around here carrying gold. You think just because your are some developmental champion that you deserve to be thrusted into the spot light here. You really do got some nerve. Why do you think Smokey would just put the title on you? You haven’t done anything yet to deserve that. You haven’t beaten anyone in the ring and you have embarrassed yourself in front of all of these fans. Heck you now have all these enemies, you think that they will let you leave here the IWA Champion?

    The crowd starts to cheer in agreement as Cage gets closer to the ring.

    Cage: Now look what you did Darius. You went and pissed the fans off. Not only that, but you also pissed me off. And I can tell you right now that I won’t let you leave with that title, and why is that? Because the IWA Championship is going with me.

    The crowd starts to cheer for Cage.

    Darius: Shut the fuck up you worthless meat bags, no one gives a shit about your opinions, and you ...

    Darius points to Cage

    Darius: Who the hell are you? Do you think your championship is legit? For the love of god, that company has maybe one show per year, that title doesn't mean shit. My title is prestigious, however, and as long as I am the champion, it will stay that way. And you ask what I have done? Well, did you main event Glory Days? Nope. Are you a WORLD champion? Nope. I am! Let me tell'ya something, kid ... You're a nobody. Just like all of these inbred hicks.

    The crowd explodes with boos at Darius

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