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    IWA Official Show Thread

    The show opens with Exceptions by Three Days Grace, and the opening pyro goes off while the cameras pan around the arena at the sold out arena! The cameras cut to the announcers table and Johnathan House and Richard Cruz are in their seats!

    House: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to Insane Wrestling Association's television debut and we welcome you to Chaos! I'm joined here tonight by my partner, Richard Cruz!

    Cruz: This will be awesome, House! We've got some huge names in store for us tonight! You will see plenty of guys from ICW and other companies as well!

    House: Speaking of names from ICW, here comes the creator of IWA now!

    Smokey emerges from the curtains to a mixed reaction from the
    crowd, some booing and some cheering. Smokey makes his way down the ramp, and climbs the steps and gets into the ring and is handed a microphone when he stands in the center of the ring.

    Smokey: Ladies and gentlemen ... Welcome to Chaos!! We have a lot of things for you to see tonight, so sit tight, because you don't want to miss a thing, people! The first announcement I have to make is about Insane Championship Wrestling ...

    The crowd begins to chant "I-C-W! I-C-W!" and "Thank You, Smo-key! *Clap clap, clap clap clap*"

    Smokey: Hold on, hold on ... Let me finish. ICW was shut down by the Board of Directors for reasons I am not allowed to discuss to to contractual agreements ... But I will tell you this, I used my own hard earned money to create the IWA, because I would not allow my superstar's legacy's to end so quickly! So tonight, a new era begins!

    The crowd cheers loudly at this statement

    Smokey: Next on the list ... We will have a tournament over the next few weeks to determine the first IWA World Heavyweight Champion! You will see past ICW competitors compete in the tournament, but I'll let those competitors be shown later when they speak before their respective matches ... also ... tonight, I have a massive announcement that will not only shock the IWA Universe ... But it will change how things will turn out at some point ... Stay tuned, folks!

    Smokey exits the ring and heads up the ramp as the crowd cheers for him

    House: Wow! What a huge announcement from Smokey!!

    Cruz: Which one??

    House: Well, all of them!

    Cruz: Bah ... Sounds like a dull night to me, I bet that big announcement is me being promoted to the general manager though!

    House: What the hell are you smoking?!

    House and Cruz continuing off camera as we head into our first break.
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    The fans explode as Kyojin makes his way out of the curtain. He looks around with a smile on his face as he loosely holds the ICW World Championship at his side. He throws it up in the air as it is met by another roar from the pumped crowd. He begins to make his way down the ramp, giving some fans high fives as he goes, before he reaches the bottom of the ramp and walks around to the steel stairs. He makes his way up and grabs a microphone from the top of it. Kyojin climbs into the ring and begins to speak immediately.

    Kyojin: Well this has been a rollercoaster few weeks, wouldn’t you all agree?

    The fans pop in agreement.

    Kyojin: Firstly, I became ICW World Champion on the final night of that company’s tenure, making it so that I will forever go down as the final ICW World Champion, and this beautiful belt will forever be in my possession.

    Then we came around to another new company, SRW. I remember it like it was yesterday. After weeks of extensive negotiating, I finally accepted the contract offer from SRW, and became an official SRW superstar. Then before the first show, which I actually opened, was broadcast, some of the guys from behind the scenes jumped ship, declaring SRW to be a minefield filled with deadly explosives, and they weren’t sinking with it.

    That’s totally understandable, but because of them SRW died. Now those guys backstage actually created this fed with the help of somebody from ICW. And i’ve heard rumours all week about some things, but again, if ICW is living on in IWA- why am I not the World Champion already?

    The fans pop for Kyojin.

    Kyojin: I’m not saying hand it to me, quite the opposite. I want to earn it. And tonight, my chance to do so begins. I have to face guys like Mr. Smyth, who until Glory Days- was irrelevant to everybody. And even then, when he got some screen time, he didn’t get the job done.

    Tonight, that’s my opponent. A guy who wrote off my chances at Glory Days and I felt like kicking him in the head then, instead, I get to do it tonight.

    The fans pop louder.

    Kyojin: Smyth is a good talent, don’t get me wrong, but he isn’t there yet. He isn’t up to the level I am. Tonight, when I walk back down to this ring and face him, I’ll prove to the entire world that he isn’t ready for that kind of exposure.

    In fact, tonight, I may just show Mr. Smyth that the business mind he claims to have may be blinded by his own selfish desires. Tonight I’m going-

    Mr. Smyth stands at the top of the ramp with a bewildered look on his face, as the crowd boos. Smyth walks down to the ring briefcase in hand, throwing the occasional look of disgust at various members of the audience as he passes them by. Smyth gets into the ring and is handed a mic by the stagehand.

    Mr. Smyth: Before I address some of the things you have said, let me be the first to congratulate you on your championship win. Seriously...

    Smyth offers out a hand to Kyojin. Kyojin hesitates, but accepts the handshake.’s about time you achieved something in your life.

    Kyojin snatches his hand back as the crowd boos.

    But let’s talk business. Some of what you have said was considerably ignorant. You seemingly have a twisted view on what we spoke about at Glory Days, so allow me the opportunity to put that right. I didn’t write you off. I told you that I would not begrudge you a win. Now don’t get me wrong, before his injury, Antonyo Angelo was my pick – and I know you have your theories as to why that is – but when he was taken out of the picture, I gave you and Darius a fifty-fifty chance. The only thing I knew for certain was that Van Hooligan X wasn’t walking out champion, but is that me writing you off? I don’t think so. One could argue that I actually endorsed you.

    And you’ve disappointed me as well, Kyojin. For you to resort to calling me irrelevant and assuming that I won’t be a challenge for you just shows that you’re not the man I thought you are. I was looking forward to an intellectual exchange between the two of us. That’s what I expected of you. For months I’ve been talking to people who are boring and resort to ignorant phrases like that, but I was hoping for so much more from you. Maybe your creativity is starting to drain somewhat. Maybe – just maybe – Kyojin is getting stale.

    Crowd boos, with a small section chanting ‘No!’ ‘No!’ ‘No!’

    You are right about something: we certainly have had a turbulent time on the indie scene. In fact, the wrestling industry in itself seems to be on a massive freefall. ICW closed because of some in-fighting and poor business decisions. SRW was built on poor decisions, poor hiring and a lack of teamwork. I could see from a mile off that it wasn’t going to work, hence why my contract stated that all payments owed to me were to be paid in advanced. I did absolutely nothing, and I got a lot of money for it.

    Crowd chants ‘Arsehole!’ ‘Arsehole!’ ‘Arsehole!’ as Mr. Smyth turns to them.

    Look, he may be a lot of things, but Kyojin is not an arsehole.

    Crowd boos as Mr. Smyth chuckles to himself.

    But now here we are – IWA. You and I have been bounced back-and-forth quite a bit over these last few weeks, but this seems to be a stable environment for now. I’m intrigued about your delusions of grandeur though. Regardless of what you say, you clearly believe that you are the rightful world champion and the fact that you say that I am not on your level further enforces that. Here’s the thing – it’s a new company, which means it’s a level playing field. You, me, Darius, Ryder, Jackson Smith – everybody is currently on the same level. Over the next few weeks and months, a hierarchy will be established, but don’t you dare think that belt right there gives you an advantage over anybody else. I’m sure Smokey has in his head a plan of who he wants where, but this is an amazing opportunity to change his mind.

    Tonight is the proving ground. You and I will go one-on-one for the first time ever, and if I am honest, I am looking forward to it. I did say to you back at Glory Days that if you were to be victorious, then I would like to take a shot at you. Unfortunately, it won’t be for that title you have there, but our match is the next best thing – round one in a tournament for the IWA World Title.

    Smyth steps closer to Kyojin.

    Remember what I told you about expectations? How everybody expects everything from you and how nobody expects anything from me? Well the pressure is back on you tonight. Will you be crushed under the weight of expectation? I have a theory on that if you want to hear it, and...

    Kyojin: Are you done? Because this got boring a long time ago.

    The fans pop loudly for the interruption as Smyth looks angry.

    Kyojin: No I’m being serious, time and time again, you walk out to this ring- and whether it’s on ICW, IWA, TWE, anything you come out with is always the same thing- you talk about me getting stale, trust me when I say that your talking got stale the minute you stepped foot into this ring, into any ring.

    And didn’t we have this conversation before? ‘Oh Kyojin, you’re not going to do anything, you don’t stand a chance against Darius and Van Hooligan X’- well I got news for you Smyth, I stood my chance, I took my chance and I became a World Champion.

    As for you, well, you were thwarted by yourself. You seem to think that we all believe you when you come out here complaining about being overlooked and underappreciated when really, I think it’s all a ploy to try and take the pressure off. I get that it works, but if we can all see right through you, sure that just puts the pressure right back on.

    So what happened to you at Glory Days? I get you said that you weren’t going to deliver, you weren’t going to win- but we could all see it when you got into that ring- how much you wanted it. And when you left with nothing- well I have to say I’m not surprised. You never deserved a damn thing in ICW, you don’t deserve a damn thing in IWA and tonight, I’m going to be the one that proves that.

    The fans pop loudly.
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    Kyojin: You have a big mouth Smyth, and it’s about time somebody shut you up. Tonight is THE BIGGEST MATCH of your career, and when I beat you, when I lay you out in the centre of this ring. Whether I make you tap out, or whether I pin you, the end result is going to be the same. Tonight Smyth, I’m going to beat you in your biggest match.

    And for the second time in a month, you’re going to taste sweet disappointment, watching onwards as I make my way out of this arena victorious, while all you have to show for your efforts is an aching body, an angry mind and the memories of my foot hitting you so hard in the jaw that you blacked out.

    The fans explode and begins a Kyojin chant. He stands looking around for a few seconds as the fans settle back down, before speaking again.

    Kyojin: And tonight is the birth of IWA, but with it comes the death of something. The death of your career Smyth. I’ll expose you as the fraud you really are. Tonight Smyth, I’m not only going to beat you, I’m not only going to continue onwards in the IWA World Championship tournament- I’m going to massacre you.

    Kyojin steps forwards and gets into Smyth’s face.

    And at the end of it, you’re going to BEGGING me to stop. You’re going to realise you’ve been punching above your weight- what’s that saying about a big dog? Well I’m the big dog, and you’re just the little pup I’m going to make certain leaves tonight wishing they were back in the doghouse.

    Kyojin: You have a big mouth Smyth, and it’s about time somebody shut you up. Tonight is THE BIGGEST MATCH of your career, and when I beat you, when I lay you out in the centre of this ring. Whether I make you tap out, or whether I pin you, the end result is going to be the same. Tonight Smyth, I’m going to beat you in your biggest match.

    And for the second time in a month, you’re going to taste sweet disappointment, watching onwards as I make my way out of this arena victorious, while all you have to show for your efforts is an aching body, an angry mind and the memories of my foot hitting you so hard in the jaw that you blacked out.

    The fans explode and begins a Kyojin chant. He stands looking around for a few seconds as the fans settle back down, before speaking again.

    Kyojin: And tonight is the birth of IWA, but with it comes the death of something. The death of your career Smyth. I’ll expose you as the fraud you really are. Tonight Smyth, I’m not only going to beat you, I’m not only going to continue onwards in the IWA World Championship tournament- I’m going to massacre you.

    Kyojin steps forwards and gets into Smyth’s face.

    And at the end of it, you’re going to BEGGING me to stop. You’re going to realise you’ve been punching above your weight- what’s that saying about a big dog? Well I’m the big dog, and you’re just the little pup I’m going to make certain leaves tonight wishing they were back in the doghouse.

    The fans explode as Kyojin turns around and leaves the ring, as Smyth stands there laughing and shaking his head. Kyojin looks confused and comes back into the ring to confront Smyth. Kyojin gestures for Smyth to say something, but Smyth just stares back at him, still shaking his head.

    Smyth: Sometimes, I worry about you. You seem to have these weird conversations with people that nobody else is aware of. You again mentioned that I questioned your capabilities against Van Hooligan X and Darius, and I didn’t – not at Glory Days and not tonight. I just wondered if you could handle the pressure, and you did. I congratulated you on it. I just thought it worthy of note that it took you long enough to get there.

    Are you losing it, Kyojin? Is it the giddy heights of being a top guy that’s getting to you, or have you started something new?

    Kyojin looks confused, and mouths “Something new?”

    That’s right. Something new. A bit of white powder, maybe a few tablets?

    Kyojin goes to attack Smyth, and Smyth backs off, as the crowd boos viciously. Smyth goes through the ropes and stands on the apron, and starts laughing again.

    My, my, my. I certainly touched a nerve there, didn’t I? I just said that to throw you off a bit, but I wasn’t expecting such a big reaction. Could the biggest fan favourite in wrestling today be a recreational user of...

    Kyojin again goes to attack Smyth, and Smyth avoids the attack by dropping to the floor from the apron. Smyth slowly walks backwards up the ramp, laughing, while Kyojin goes ape shit in the ring. Kyojin throws his mic at Smyth, who ducks to avoid being hit.

    Boom. There it is. The oh-so-cool Kyojin has shown that he does lose control. You’re angry Kyojin, and I like it. But remember this, boy: tonight, I won’t be saying that there is no expectation on me. Expectations are irrelevant. Instead, tonight will be the night that you experience what I can do. Up to now, I’ve been all talk, but as a good businessman, you will see that I can also roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty with the rest of them.

    Do you not understand the most required quality to be a successful businessman like myself is ruthless aggression? You don’t get to where I have been without having crushed others on the way. Some of those people have been enemies, some were acquaintances and some I would have called my friends. It does not matter who I have to go through to get to where I want to be, and tonight you will see that. Smokey can pick any stipulation that he wants, but I guarantee you that by the end of tonight, while you’re sitting at home snorting some blow...

    Crowd boos’ll kick yourself for underestimating me. You’ll be even more annoyed when you sit at home with your crack whore, watching IWA on TV and seeing me dominate this tournament and winning the IWA World Title.

    Smyth walks forward, and gets back on to the ring apron. Kyojin calls for Smyth to enter the ring to face him. Smyth comes through the ropes, slowly walks up to Kyojin and the two stare each other down, as the crowd explodes at the prospect of a brawl. Smyth and Kyojin continue the stare down, both having anger and hate in their eyes, as the atmosphere in the arena becomes electric with Kyojin chants rippling through the air. The Kyojin chants turn to boos as Smyth brings the mic up to his lips.

    And that...well, that’s what’s best...

    Kyojin snatches the mic out of Smyth’s hand.

    Kyojin: Absolutely nobody!

    The crowd explodes.

    Kyojin: That’s what’s best for absolutely nobody- except maybe you. And since when does that matter? Nobody gives a damn about you, nobody cares about whether or not you think I can handle the pressure, the one thing I give a damn about is any accusation you have against me.

    You have the audacity to walk out here and try to tell me I have a drug problem? Trying to say I’m on drugs? Are you for real right now? I have never and will never have a drug problem. Don’t get me wrong, everybody has an addiction, but my addiction- well my addiction happens to revolve around this ring.

    When I’m in this ring I get more of a high than I have ever had in my entire life, but the thing that I’m most addicted to- is kicking people’s asses. And tonight, that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you.

    The crowd explodes once again as the fans begin to chant Kyojin’s name.

    Kyojin: You hear that Smyth? That’s something called respect. All of these people respect me, all of the guys in the back- whether they like me or not- respect me. Because they know what I’m capable of. I beat respect out of half of them, and don’t get me wrong, they’ve beaten respect out of me too, but the fact is, who respects you?


    The fans cheer once again as Smyth begins to get agitated, looking around as the crowd is continuing their Kyojin chant.

    Kyojin: And you can’t handle it. The way you set yourself out to be, the way you come out here each and every single week, whether it’s ICW, TWE, JBW, SRW, IWA or any other company, you DEMAND respect. No, you COMMAND respect.

    You thrive on getting respect because without respect, your entire gimmick doesn’t work. Nobody can take a businessman seriously if they have no respect and you’re obviously a businessman. Well tonight, you and I have a meeting- and you may wanna bring everything you have, because only one of us will survive in this tournament, and if a hostile takeover is what is needed for Kyojin to continue in this tournament, count me in.

    Kyojin takes a step forward, getting into Smyth’s face.

    Kyojin: Because you may claim I’m on the white powder, on the blow or whatever the hell you wanna call it. Let me just get one thing clear right now, after tonight, the only one needing drugs will be you- because that’s how much pain I’m going to put you in.

    The fans explode louder than they have all segment.

    Kyojin: Guess what Smyth, THAT is what is best for business.

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    Kyojin drops the mic to the floor, and pushes past Smyth, as the crowd continues to chant Kyojin’s name. As Kyojin approaches the ropes to exit the ring, Smyth takes hold of his briefcase with both hands, and hits Kyojin on the back of his head. Kyojin falls to the ground, and is out cold.

    House: What the hell?

    Cruz: That must be one heavy briefcase.

    Smyth methodically circles around Kyojin, as the crowd explode with boos. After staring down at Kyojin, Smyth looks to the crowd and raises the hand that is holding his briefcase. Smyth opens the briefcase, and it’s contents fall out.

    House: A brick? It’s a damn brick! What kind of a man attacks another man from behind with a damn brick?

    Cruz: A man displaying ruthless aggression, that’s who!

    Smyth climbs through the ropes, grabs a bottle of water from the stagehand and climbs back into the ring. He starts to pour the water over Kyojin, who stirs. Smyth takes a mouthful of water, and spits it over Kyojin, and the crowd explodes with boos. Smyth starts to drag Kyojin towards the corner, and places his left arm around the ring post. Kyojin lays face down, occasionally stirring as Smyth climbs back out of the ring and grabs a chair. Smyth starts to taunt Kyojin, and then uses the chair to hit Kyojin’s left arm. The sound of the impact is brutal, and Kyojin recoils and starts to roll around the ring in pain. The crowd boos, with a small Kyojin chant starting to develop, as Smyth gets back into the ring and continues to hit Kyojin’s left arm with the chair.
    House: What the hell does he think he is doing? He’s gonna break his damn

    Cruz: Mr. Smyth saw an opportunity to get on top, and he is taking advantage. Kyojin should not have walked out of the ring so cockily, thinking that Mr. Smyth wouldn’t do anything. Kyojin is getting what he deserves for underestimating and berating his opponent.

    House: That’s not how I saw it at all, but regardless of that, this is a disgusting act on the part of Smyth. He’s pretty ballsy when his opponents aren’t paying attention, isn’t he?

    Smyth stands over Kyojin, chair still in hand. Smyth picks up the brick, turns to the audience and raises both the chair and the brick, which is greeted by a barrage of boos. Smyth straightens his suit, leaves the ring and makes his way up the ramp, as the last shot is of Kyojin lying on the floor, favouring his left arm with the ringside doctor trying to help.

    Smokey storms from the back and stops Smyth on the ramp

    Smokey: Where the hell do you think YOU'RE GOING?! Get back in that ring! We have a match to put on! Kyojin, I'm sorry, but you are scheduled to face Smyth ... Right now! So Smyth, get down to the ring!!

    Smyth grins widely and sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring as Smokey heads to the back. Kyojin slides into the ring and the ref asks him if he wants to continue with the match, and he says yes. The ref separates the men and calls for the bell.

    (Kyojin/Styles vs. Smyth/Angle, Start 1:55 End 7:15)

    Kyojin nails Smyth with a huge kick to the skull, dropping Smyth to his knees!Kyojin walks over to Smyth and lifts him up and whips him into the turnbuckle hard, knocking the wind out of Smyth. Kyojin makes his way to the opposite turnbuckle and then charges Smyth and hits a huge drop kick to Smyth's abdomen, and then Kyojin wraps his arm around Smyth's neck and goes for a running bulldog, but Smyth counters and hits a massive sidewalk slam!

    Smyth paces around Kyojin a bit and starts to stomp down onto Kyojin's ribcage, and screams “How do you like it?!” down at Kyojin. Smyth kicks at Kyojin's head and shoulders, stomping down hard onto him. Smyth grabs Kyojin by the arms and drags him to the bottom rope, and props Kyojin's throat onto the rope, and then Smyth puts pressure down onto the back of Kyojin's head, choking him with the rope! The ref starts to count.

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Smyth takes his foot from Kyojin and stands him back up and taunts him a bit before spitting in his face. Smyth slaps Kyojin across the face and then lifts him up into a fireman's carry, ready to hit The Rule, but Kyojin starts slamming his elbow into Smyth's temple, dazing him enough so Kyojin could get down. Kyojin then kicks Smyth in the gut,runs at the ropes, spring boards off of them and nails a huge Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster kick)! Smyth is down onto his back, and Kyojin scales the turnbuckle!

    RISING SUN (Double Rotation Moonsault)!

    Kyojin goes for the cover!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Mike Ripple: Here is your winner ... Kyojin!!

    House: And that is why Kyojin is the ICW World Champion! Even after a brutal attack, he came out on top!

    Cruz: He got lucky, it was a fluke!

    House: Either way, he has moved on in the tournament!

    Music can be heard as the camera pans into a dark room. Sitting alone is a man, his eyes closed as if he in a deep trance. Completely unaware that he is being filmed, the music stops and the man speaks

    I am a Punisher. My goal is not of shiny toys, but to deliver the punishment of the wicked souls, by inflicting pain. My name is Victor Elric.

    The man opens his eyes and stares into the camera

    Victor: I have been sent as The Punisher of Pain, and the best way to deliver the pain is to take this belt and let it show me those truly wicked souls that have been deemed fit for my punishment.

    Tonight the man who will fell my punishment is known as Israel Pamich, a man I know little of. However if he is my opponent, than there is no doubt that he is a wicked soul and must face his punishment. Tonight is nothing personal, it is my duty. Let the wicked souls of IWA take notice, this is only the beginning. I will climb the ranks take the belt and use it as tool in the dealing of my punishment. Let he who must be punished, find redemption in the seal of his demise.

    Victor closes his eyes as the music plays again

    The cameras cut back to the ring where Mike Ripple is standing by with a microphone.

    Ripple: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 241 pounds ... Victor Elric!

    Elric makes his way onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He walks down the ramp with a quick pace and slides into the ring. He poses in the center of the ring for a bit to a mixed reaction when ...

    Israel's theme plays loud for about a minute and then he lifts the mic very slowly towards his trademark smirk

    Pamich: Ladies and gentlemen, do not readjust your TV sets, do not pray to your respective gods and put down your iPhones and Nexus and whatever other gadgets you may own or else you will miss out on an education in integrity and the moment in time in which my world title reign starts on the first ever IWA, and this will all be brought to you by me, Israel Pamich.

    Crowd start changing YOU ARE IRRELEVANT DA DA DA DA dah

    Pamich: Although normally I do not respond to such ignorance and lack of morality from the crowd I will this time indulge in your chanting of such nonsense as it relates to my opponent... Victor Elric.

    I was honestly expecting a phone call from Smokey himself today informing me that my opponent had chosen not to face me and I get a walk to round two.

    Now although I respect Victor's decision to turn up and face me and at this point I would normally be applauding him on instigating integrity, by getting into the ring with the future only ever IWA world champion Israel Pamich he has set the scene for a terrible match that will be so horrific even you fans do not deserve to see the embarrassment that could very well be a short lived career of Victor Elric.

    Alas, Mr Excellence and the future only IWA world champion will show all you guys watching on TV and the true IWA fans in attendance what brutal strength in poetic motion is and I will also instigate integrity when I take my future world crown on a national tour so everyone can really see the true personification of a world champ.

    The time for talk is over, let's get this disaster otherwise titled as a match over with!

    The men drop the microphones and the referee calls for the bell!

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    Israel Pamich vs. Victor Elric
    (Pamich/Cesaro vs. Elric/Ohno; Start 1:40 End 12:50)

    Pamich starts stomping down onto Elric, letting his aggression flow through his body. Elric clutches his left arm, favoring it clearly, but he manages to get back to his feet and fights Pamich off still. Elric kicks Pamich in the gut and reaches down to grab him by the neck, but instead he kicks Pamich in the face, knocking him back a bit. Elric charges at Pamich, but Pamich drops him with a huge power slam!

    Pamich reaches down and applies an arm bar to Elric's left arm, applying pressure greatly to it. The ref is asking Elric if he wants to give up, but Elric won't quit which pissed Pamich off. Pamich releases the hold and then starts stomping down onto the left arm hard. Pamich backs up into the ropes, and drops his knees down onto Elric's arm hard, making him roll around the ring violently in pain. Pamich grabs Elric and stands him up, and hits him with an arm drag to the left arm, bringing Elric down to the mat onto his back.

    Pamich stands on Elric's left arm, pressing all of his weight down onto it and then Pamich reaches down and stands Elric up and nails a huge European Uppercut, and then Pamich grabs the left arm and drops Elric with the Labelle Lock! Elric is clawing for the ropes but the two men are in the center of the ring!

    The ref asks Elric if he wants the match over, but he still won't quit! Pamich applies even more pressure to the hold and Elric starts shaking because of the pain, and then after five more seconds in the hold, he finally taps out.

    House: Elric tapped! Pamich moves on in the tournament with Kyojin!

    Cruz: Well, if Pamich faces Kyojin, we all know who will win ... Pamich!

    House: Oh whatever, Rich.

    Adonis' music hits the arena, the lights fade and a golden hue washes over the fans as the thousands of ladies in attendance begin to scream. Malcolm walks out onto the stage, bare chested but wearing smart trousers and shoes. A towel rests upon his shoulders and dark sunglasses perch upon his face as he poses for his baying fans. He holds up a bottle of baby oil, attracting a few wolf whistles before dripping it down himself and rubbing it in slowly, almost dancing to the beat of his own music. Adonis flashes a huge smile, removes his sunglasses and throws them into the front row before winking at the camera and walking down the ramp. He circles the ring, flexing for various women in the crowd, kissing his biceps and rubbing himself down with the towel. Finally he stops at a particularly attractive young girl and pulls her towards him with the towel, dancing and gyrating happily before handing the towel over and climbing into the ring with a microphone. He poses once more and begins to address everyone.

    Adonis: Ohhh ho ho!! It is good to be here and it is damn good to be Malcolm! IWA, a new beginning, a new era in professional wrestling, a new home for yours truly, the XXX Rated Superstar, the Sexual Sensation, the Sensual Saviour of the millions.. and millions of professional wrestling ladies.. Malcolm Adonis!

    Here tonight! For the benefit of each and every lady watching! For each and everyone one of y'all lookin' for a little.. inspiration tonight, you know what am sayin'!? And fellas.. don't get jealous.. if the ladies go home happy.. you go home happy.. I know you feelin' me!!

    The fans laugh and cheer some more for Adonis as he continues to flex and poses as he talks.

    Adonis: Tonight...

    Shaz's music hits. He makes his way to the ring as the crowd chant "FUCK YOU SHAZ". He smirks and picks up a mic from the ramp and begins to speak.

    Shaz: So first of all, before I reveal anything to that douchebag also known as Malcolm Adonis. There is one little thing that all you disrespectful homo sapiens need to get into your mind. I have been called many many things throughout my whole Efedding career. Many things such as, best in the world at flopping, jobber, talentless, but from now on, this ends! Because this is the beginning of the Shaz Era!

    Shaz: So lemme explain ya'll a real element. I was called dumb, and stupid just because I wasn't using big, complex words. Well since last month, I have been visiting a word class! I am currently being taught many many things, such as massive, complex words to develop my vocabulary. So I just wanna show all of you pathetic people, how much of a man I certainly am.

    Shaz: Because you people simply do not know who I am. You see, I may be an ex-convict. I may have been born and bred in the ghetto. I may be the best in the world. But in addition to that, I am the most clever, the most intelligent, the most intellectual wrestler in the IWA. So you see, I'm completely unique unlike everyone else. And I don't appreciate the fact that there are gleeful wrestlers in the IWA.

    Shaz: Oh yes, I'm looking at you Malcolm Adonis. In fact, I despise the way that management to there jobs. They hire many many freaks such as Malcolm Adonis, and hell. They even hired another freak also known as Matt Ryder! It's absolutely ridiculous. I am the best in the world! And I deserve to be the superior commander of this damn efed! And if I ever witness, Malcolm Adonis winning the IWA Heavyweight Championship belt! I will..

    Crowd explode to cheers and chant MALCOLM AS CHAMPION!

    Shaz: I will..

    Crowd interrupt Shaz again as he looks extremely pissed.

    Shaz: SHUT IT! I will go absolutely INSANE!

    Shaz: You see, these ladies in the crowd don't deserve to be treated like gems. They deserve to be treated like the exact girls that Joseph Kony raped and hurt. They deserve to rot in hell, because that is where they fit in. They deserve to be in agony, pain. They should be able to feel the grief that other people deliver to them. But you see, all of you people are just soft. Soft as a piece of tissue.

    Crowd jeer the fuck out of Shaz as he laughs and heads into the ring.

    Adonis: Shaz.. bro, buddy.. I ain't even got a clue where the hell i'm supposed to start with that train wreck of a speech you just puked up. I mean.. we're all used to you talkin' smack.. but damn dawg you gotsta lay off that pipe, it's messin' with yo' mind, you feelin' me?

    The fans crack up as Adonis insinuates Shaz is on drugs.

    Adonis: You been takin' 'word classes'? Damn son, back in my day we called 'em English Lessons, an I suggest you still needin' some, you know what am sayin'? Do you even know what a homo sapien is? Shiiiiii' even you a homo sapien! So's Malcolm bro! Well.. alright maybe that ain't the truth.. all the ladies here tonight know there ain't nothin' homo about Malcolm! Haha! Ohh yes! Ohh yes indeed!

    Malcolm turns back to the camera, winks and blows a kiss as the fans lap it up.

    Adonis: I'll tell you one thing though brother, you wanna call Malcolm a freak? Aight, Malcolm can get down with that, Malcolm is a freak, a damn freak of nature. Y'see, evolution never intended man to look this damn fine, ain;t that right ladies!?

    Wolf whistles and cheers come from the women in attendance as Malcolm gyrates slowly.

    Adonis: Y'see Shaz? That's how you talk to women, that's how you address the sexier sex, see now what you just said.. well.. son that just don't sit right with Malcolm. Y'all wanna come up in this ring and talk about rape? Fella, you about as dumb as A.W. and twice as ugly!

    More laughter from the fans as Shaz becomes visibly angry.

    Adonis: Now you wanna talk about titles, lets talk about titles. Tonight...
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    Crowd burst into laughter as Shaz gets really angry.

    Shaz: Yes I wanna talk about titles! In fact, I wanna talk about one of the titles, also known as the IWA World Heavyweight Championship, which I will rightfully win after I pin my opponents one..two..three! Or hell, I could settle it in an even more aggressive and devious manner! Which would also include myself making my opponents tap out! And I hope to make you tap out Adonis!

    Shaz: Right after I defeat you! That is the beginning. That point is the beginning, of the Shaz Era! I'll make the IWA World Heavyweight Championship as prestigious as ever, because it deserves the shiny features that it originally has. But if I fail to win the belt, which I HIGHLY doubt, that belt will fall into some other imbeciles hand. Which will cause the belt to be full of many many filthiness.

    Shaz: And don't ever call me "bro" again you ignorant bastard! I am not your bro! I'm not even your buddy! Cause right now, you're gambling your own life for thinking that I'm your bro and buddy! You see Adonis! That so called "train wreck of a speech" wasn't a speech at all! It was just the truth! You yourself, know that you are indeed a homosexual! Well, since you enjoy getting Orlando Jordan with everyone, I'll take ya as a bi-sexual!

    Shaz: You see Adonis! You really do need to acknowledge some serious facts into your head. I mean, was your insult about me being on drugs really insensitive? Hmm, got a simple answer for that..NO! I actually enjoy getting high every single day, with me smoking my weed! And you know, I'm literally familiar and obsessed with cocaine as well!

    Shaz: Your insult isn't really valid now, seeing as I am associated with drugs. And you pathetic people can stop laughing as well! I proved you all wrong! What more do I need to do? You are all absolutely hideous! And the drugs I take, are correct. Extremely clean and fresh unlike all of that oil on your body. I am an example of a King, where as you are just an example of a unattractive pig.

    The crowd boo at Shaz while some chant SEXY MALCOLM.

    Shaz: Indeed I have been taking word classes. You see, I don't care what you used to call them back in your day. This is the new generation, in fact like Bobby Roode would say, the selfish generation. Which will include me, the Shaz-Ma-Taz, destroying the whole of IWA bit by bit. And this generation is absolutely ridiculous. Listening to there ridiculous Nicki Minaj music, and the ridiculous SWAG and YOLO shirts, when they should be listening to the real stuff like DMX and wearing the real stuff like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton!

    Crowd boo as there are loads of people wearing SWAG and YOLO shirts.

    Shaz: And yes, I do indeed know what a homo sapien is. It is in fact, another word for humans. But in these cases. You are all brainless, talentless homo sapiens. You've got 99 problems and issues, and being a homo is undeniably one. But like I said earlier, also. Another one of those 99 problems and issues, are also you being a normal straight guy. So like I said, that classifies you as a bi-fuckin'-sexual, ya know?

    Shaz: And you know what else? You aren't the damn freak of nature! I can rightfully assure you that you are the freak of hideousness. I mean, you look hideous. You talk as if you are hideous. You act like you're hideous. You walk like you're hideous, therefore, you are hideous. And I hope you take all of those facts into consideration, and most importantly, into your heart. 'Cause you need to realize how hideous you really are.

    Shaz: The way I address the women, is the correct way! The way I address the women, well, slags. Is the way that every single fool should address them! Those slags don't deserve to be treated like diamond. In fact, that's all they do. Use you, and use you for diamonds, and once they refund all the diamonds, they will steal your money, like the slags that they are. I can assure you that every single women that are in this arena..should just go back to the kitchen.

    The crowd boo as Shaz just smirks. He slides outside the ring and grabs a chair. Heads back into the ring, and sits on the chair as he smirks.

    Adonis: Yo, Shaz.. Next time you're gonna blow chunks of flour and dandelions all over the ring, gimme a heads up, yeah? I could listen to you rant and ramble all night son, I mean you gotta do something to try and mask your lame ass wrestling skills, ain't that right? I mean, you're the guy that makes Ricardo Rodriguez look like a champion, ain't that right ladies!?

    The ladies in the crowd give a collective 'Mmhm!' as Adonis circles Shaz in the chair.

    Adonis: See, unlike you Shaz, I don't gotta come out here and make wild claims that i'm the best in the world at somethin', Malcolm just knows he's the best damn lookin' fella out there. I ain't gotta come out here and tell all these people that i'm gonna beat yo' ass here tonight, it's just gonna happen. You wanna take drugs? Hell BRO, y'all can snort n smoke whatever you like, but there's only one drug that ol' Malcolm needs, and that's looooove baby! Every time Malcolm sees one of these ladies out here, I get a little taste of heaven, without sendin myself to hell later, you know what am sayin'?

    Adonis stops in front of Shaz, staring him down before smiling widely.

    Adonis: Y'see Shaz, if I lose to you tonight, I can deal with that, and y'know why? Cos win or lose, Malcolm Adonis got the body that gets all the bodies rockin'. I'm gonna be pretty tonight, tomorrow and next week son, so i'm cool with that.. But you.. what happens if you lose tonight? Well.. let Malcolm look right into his crystal ball son.. if Shaz loses tonight.. he ain't nothin' but a big mouthed wannabe, who's only claim to fame is that's he's the best in the world.. at claimin to be the best in the world.. an' i just don't think you can handle that.. can you chippy? So how about you get yo'self up off that chair.. Malcolm wants to beat yo' punk ass black and blue.. for the ladies..

    Malcolm drops his microphone and places his hands on his trousers. He gyrates in Shaz's face and then tears the trousers off revealing his golden ring attire before backing off into his corner.

    Shaz: Shut the fuck up Malcolm! I don't rant or ramble! I express everything I say in the matters of fact! You know what I say is true is Malcolm. Just don't deny it like every other pussy in the IWA and me Lame ass wrestling skills huh? Well, you obviously haven't witnessed my true abilities in the ring? Have you even observed any of my matches?! You are an asshole!

    Shaz: Don't ever associate me to Ricardo Rodriguez! He is a personal ring announcer, and nothing else! You say that I have lame ass wrestling skills! You say that I make Ricardo Rodriguez look like a champion? Well, in reality, you and all these ignorant pigs know that your statement and claims are absolutely false! Full of tons and tons of inaccuracy! You are the wrestling equivalent of Hornswoggle and Khali! So shut your mucky mouth!

    Shaz: So let me consider something! I've got a proposition for you! How about this? You let me keep talking, and let me carry on expressing my feelings and actions, while you, shut your mouth or walk right into a Best in the World! I'm warning you Malcolm! Your jokes, aren't humorous whatsoever! But the only thing humorous about you, and your jokes, is that they are absolutely tragic!

    Shaz: You see Malcolm! My claims that I am the best in the world are facts. They're not supposed to be witty, or pathetic, cause it's a FACT. I'm better than you in the ring! I'm better than you on the mic! Hell, I'm even better than you at being the attractive one! I've got an additional amount of charisma unlike you! The pigs may cheer you, loudly. But those pigs boo me, deafeningly.

    Shaz: I know that I am better than you at all of those things I stated just recently. You see, my ability in the ring will crush your ability in small, tiny, little pieces. I promise you that all of these pigs, are gonna leave this arena. Full of tears, shattered hearts, because it's only a matter of time before I whoop yo' plastic ass!

    Shaz: Hmm. Your statement sounds legit ya know. After what you've just said, about being able to deal with me beating you tonight, just justifies the fact that you have acknowledged in your head, that I can demolish your ass any time, any where, and any place. And don't even try and forbid that fact! And I can promise you one more thing, this match tonight, between yourself and me. HELL! I can see it going down as a damn squash match!

    Shaz: Who the hell are you calling a big mouthed wannabe?! You see, I don't try and duplicate anyone in the wrestling industry. And trust me! There is only one single ability you have that I'll accept, and I'm man enough to admit that. You look like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Your claim to fame, is tryna act like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In fact, you are a replica of Carlton Banks. And you wanna know another fact? Cause I'm pretty sure your ego and cockiness is really asking for it, I'm gonna annihilate your ass tonight!

    Shaz takes off his polo top, chain, watch and hat and taunts Malcolm Adonis.

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    (Skip at 1:46. Dinero/Shaz, Adonis/Jordan)

    *Shaz runs and hits a dropkick but Adonis moves out of the way! Shaz turns around and Adonis hits him with a big boot! Adonis goes for a leg drop but Shaz moves out of the way immediately and hits a top rope Moonsault on Adonis! He goes for the cover but decides against it as he hits another Moonsault off the turnbuckle! He smirks as he goes for the cover

    2, Thr-NO!*

    *Shaz looks extremely pissed and waits for Adonis to get up! He runs and he punts Adonis in the head! He smirks as Adonis slowly gets up! Shaz turns around and Adonis hits him in the gut before going for a clothesline! But Shaz ducks and knocks him out with Shaz-Ma-Taz! He goes for the cover! But instead he picks Adonis up and locks him in the Shaz-Mission! The ref asks Adonis if he wants to give in, but Adonis shouts hell no as the crowd are hyped! Shaz adds much more pressure into it but Adonis has his legs on the rope as Shaz chucks him away from the ropes! He goes for the cover

    2, Thr-No!*

    Shaz gets up the top rope ready for the Shaz-Splash but Adonis rapidly gets up and hits a powerbomb on Shaz off the turnbuckle! He gets up the turn buckle as the crowd are hyped. He hits a massive dropkick off the turnbuckle! He picks Shaz back up and taunts him by flexing his biceps. He hits a headbutt on Shaz and locks him in a Sleeper Hold! Shaz uses all his strength to break out of the hold but Adonis increases the pressure! Shaz spits on Adonis' face as Adonis breaks the hold and complains to the ref! But Shaz quickly rolls him up for the pin!

    2, TH-NOOO!*

    *The crowd can't believe it as Shaz is just as shocked. He taps Adonis' on the back and hits a Enzuigiri! Before jumping off the top rope and nailing Adonis with a Missile Dropkick! He taunts the crowd before turning his attention back onto Adonis. Shaz picks Adonis up and spits on his face again and hits a Yakuza Kick, but Adonis ducks and hits Spinebuster! He goes for the cover

    2, THR-NOO*

    *Shaz picks up some brass knuckles but Adonis throws it away! Adonis and Shaz rapidly get up and start exchanging roundhouse kicks, and blows afterwards


    Shaz goes for a blow but Adonis grabs his hand and hits an Elbow Punch! He kisses his biceps as the crowd know what is coming! THE ADONIS ELBO-NO! Shaz low blows him as the ref has his attention on the brass knuckles! He picks Adonis up and hits a Shaz-Splash but he isn't done! Shaz picks him up again and sets him up for the Best in the World! He hits it but Adonis counters it into a roll up!

    2, 3*


    Shaz is extremely shocked and moans to the ref! Before pushing the ref and leaving the ring! He taunts Adonis by pulling up his middle finger and leaves the arena as Adonis celebrates as he kisses his biceps and flexes them as he poses for the crowd.

    House: What an impressive victory for Adonis! He just beat Shaz!

    Cruz: Man he had the tights!

    House: No he didn't!!

    Cruz: I know ... But Adonis moves on in the tournament now anyways ... And next, we have a triple threat match!

    Jackson’s music hits as the crowd pops big at his arrival, he slaps a few hands along the way before climbing in the ring and picking up a microphone

    Jackson: Man, I missed that!!

    Crowd pops

    It has been a long time since I have been in the states since ICW closed down. You see after it closed, I didn’t know what to do at first, I was in shock, I was mad, and I tried to figure out what the hell happen. No one was giving me answers, some people there was just as surprised as I was while others were pissed off as well. I found out the day after I grabbed my briefcase at Glory Days that it would be my last match in an ICW wrestling ring.

    Crowd boos

    Now, now, it was a great company and without it, I wouldn’t be the guy standing here today. I learned a lot while in that company and hopefully I learn a little more while I am here too. Anyway, I found out while I was watching SportsCenter on TV and all of a sudden, it went to a breaking news report, and it turned to a man sitting in a chair in ICW headquarters.

    There he was, Smokey talking on screen, saying that ICW was shutting down. He was saying that a series of unfortunate events lead to the closing, didn’t even tell anyone what the events was, and to top it all off he had the nerve to give a smirk at the end. That sent me over the edge after that, to the point where I grabbed my recently won briefcase and proceeded to hit my TV with it. It shattered completely and after I calmed down, I got a call from New Japan Pro Wrestling, they wanted me to join their promotion. The owner told me they had already gotten Kyojin, Darius, Van, and Divine to go over there to wrestle and wanted me to finish there star studded collection!

    crowd cheers

    I told them sure I go over there but wanted to wait and have a week vacation to relax and have fun first. So I went to Hawaii and while I was there, I get a call.
    The call was from the owner of IWA, at first I was like what the hell is IWA!? I was intrigued to see what he was going to say. He told me it was a new wrestling company that he was starting and that he has seen my work and wanted me to join. I was skeptical, I didn’t know who was going to be involved and how it will play out. Also I verbally agreed to go to New Japan and It wouldn’t be right to let them down so I asked him 2 things, “How much are you going to pay and Who else will be involved?” He told me my salary, told me that he got Darius and Kyojin to leave New Japan, and that shocked me. I was like wow, if he got Kyojin to leave his hometown to come back to the states to wrestle, then this has to be huge! After I heard that I told him “You sir, has just gotten ‘The Boss’ to join your company!”

    Huge pop

    That’s right, Jackson is here to stay and to win the big one! *crowd cheers* Speaking of which, tonight I am in a triple threat match against AJ Dixon and Frankie Fletcher for a chance to move on in the tournament to become the first IWA world champion! Personally I don’t know anything about either of them so I can’t give you guys my awesome analogies about them. *crowd boos* I know, I know it sucks but what can you say about someone if you don’t know them, you can’t say anything. You just have to wait till you do to speak or otherwise it will be just lies and lies and I don’t want lies, I like the truth here!

    Crowd pops

    AJ, Fletcher, when you step in the ring with me, your asses will be in for one hell of a fight! I am on a mission to accomplish something I didn’t get a chance to in the last company and that is becoming the world heavyweight champion and when I am on a mission or want to achieve a goal that I set for myself, I work my ass off 10 times more to get it! I don’t care if I respect you or not, if you are in my way, I am running through you with no hesitation! I am Jackson *crowd and Jackson simultaneously “The Boss”* Smith, don’t y-

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    Music starts to play as Smith is interrupted by “Primetime” AJ Dixon. Dixon’s music blares through the arena as a wave of boos are heard.

    Dixon: That’s right! Primetime is in da building BAAAAABBBBBAAAAAY! Dat’s right, you guys know what time it is. It’s time for Primetime to take IWA to da top. It’s time to make IWA Primetime! Now dat is not going to be easy considering have of you jokers ain’t no where near Primetime material!

    Crowd boos in disapproval.

    Dixon: Aw shut da fuck up haterz! Stop sippin’ dat Haterade and start understanding that Primetime is now! If you don’t know who I iz, I am Primetime AJ Dixon and I am always in da spotlight baby! I haf been asked to come and save IWA from all da clowns and phonies that might show dere ugly faces out here. I am da only thing Primetime in IWA and dat means dat everything else must go.

    Crowd boos as Jackson shakes his head in disgust. Primetime starts to walk towards the ring.

    In order to make IWA Primetime TV you have to do two things: One, get rid of everythang dat doesn’t qualify, and two, put Primetime AJ Dixon at center stage! Ladies and Gentlemen, it iz really dat simple. But dat means dat AJ Dixon is going to hafta do some cleaning house, and dat means dat dis cat in da ring has gotta go. Matta fact everyone in da building has ta go. I am looking around and don’t see a single person dat is Primetime material. So you might as well just leave.

    AJ Dixon gets in the ring as the crowd rains down boos. Dixon looks over at Jackson.

    Dat goes for you to homie. You gots ta too. See I can already tell dat you and Frankie ain’t got wat it takes to be in da ring wif me. And dat is putting it lightly. You pander to a crowd of fools who only boost that sorry ego of yours. And just wait cause I’m sure when Frankie comes out here, he is going to try to do the same thing you and everyone else in IWA will do. They will come to me and ask, “AJ, how do we become Primetime superstars?” And you know wat I’ll say? I look down at them wif dere wide eyes, smack dem in da face and say, “By being me!”

    The crowd boos as Jackson holds back rage.

    Oh don’t worry playa, you’ll get ya chance soon enough. As for da rest of y’all. You have been warned. It’s time to clean house, and da only one Primetime enough for IWA is me, Primetime A...

    Frankie Fletcher's music sounds abruptly as Dixon looks on irate. As Fletcher makes his way to the ring he begins to talk.

    Fletcher: YO YO YO, what it iz my homies?! This is ya boy Fletch bout to hit ya wid some truf. Oh who am I kidding? Dixon what the hell kinda English is that boy?

    Crowd cheers wildly

    Shut up you idiots! This is between me & "primetime" but I'll let ya know if any input is needed on your part.

    The crowd erupts in boos as Fletcher makes his way into the ring.

    Alright primetime, let's get something straight. When you're talking about me or addressing me directly you speak like you've got at least a little bit of sense & leave your thug talk at home. Also, you're nothing, understand? You ain't gonna smack anybody around or teach anybody to be like you. In fact I consider that to be ansult to any wrestler who at least knows how to run the ropes. Enough about you, I want to address Smith over here. Boy you really know how to sell a sob story don't ya? I got a little choked up listening to it backstage. How bout you make it into a script & get that bad boy on Lifetime? Unless we start having a therapy session live on the air, keep that crap in your diary!

    Now that's enough about you dimwits & since I've got that over with I'm gonna tell you a bit about me. As it's plain to see, I'm a bit of a throwback kind of guy, a blast from the past if you will. Once I saw Ric Flair & Sting battle it out at the first Clash of the Champions I knew the old school way was the only way to do it. See I have yet to find a reason to change my style of wrestling when it's worked for me for 13 years. That's right I said 13 years people. I've been wrestling since I was a 165 lb. punk 17 year old kid & I've wrestled on 6 continents. I've paid my dues in the indies & for anybody who thinks you can't make money in the indies I'm a prime example that you can. I got a Harley, 5 sports cars, a limo, & my own personal helicopter. I wear the finest threads from all over the world. I'm talking Persian silk, Indian cotton, & a whole lot of other fabrics you can't even afford to lay your eyes on. When you see me out I've got no less than $5,000 in jewelry & $1000 worth of shoes on me. Yea I'm bragging but after I've busted my hump for 13 years on the road I deserve to boast a little.

    But more important than what I own is what I can do in this 20x20 ring. I thank God everyday for all this talent He gave me. I got the good looks, the physique, the talk, and ALL the in-ring capabilities anybody could ever want. Like one of my biggest inspirations Ric Flair would say about himself, "You're looking at the man". Well Ric's time is over now & I'm the man! When I heard about IWA opening & got this opportunity I jumped all over it. I know a good thing when I see it & EVERYBODY needs a little old school in their life. With that being said I'm gonna shut up & show you people why I am "the man".

    Fletcher drops the mic & prepares for battle

    Jackson Smith vs Frankie Fletcher vs. AJ Dixon
    (Smith/Burke vs. Fletcher/Punk vs. Dixon/Benjamin; End at 6:15)

    Dixon drops Fletcher with a huge spinning heel kick, knocking Fletcher directly onto his head! Smith slides back into the ring and starts trading blows with Dixon!

    Smith! Dixon! Smith! Dixon! Dixon! Smith! Smith! Smith!

    Smith gets the upper hand and hits Dixon with a perfect drop kick, then follows up with a nasty elbow drop! Smith mounts Dixon, and starts bringing his fists down onto Dixon's face hard, and then he stands back up and hits a leg drop onto Dixon! Smith goes for the cover!

    One! Two! NO!

    Fletcher dives onto Smith, hitting him in the back of the head with his knee! Smith gets to his feet and Fletcher kicks Smith in the gut, and clubs him in the back with his forearms. Fletcher says Lets end this and goes for a boston crab, but Smith catches one of Flecther's legs and lifts Fletcher up into the air, and hits the Killer Instinct(Sternness Dust Alpha)! Jackson is back to his feet, but then Dixon comes from out of no where and hits the Mug Shot (Jumping Reverse STO)! Dixon rolls Smith out of the ring, and then jumps over and covers Fletcher!

    One! Two! Three!

    Mike Ripple: Here is your winner and the next man to advance in the IWA Championship Tournament ... AJ Dixon!!

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    Damian Eddingscomes out, strutting his stuff to the beat of his music, wearing a pink silky robe over his ring attire of a purple and yellow Speedo. He grabs a chair from the commentary table and enters the ring, setting up the chair and sitting on it, legs crossed.

    Eddings: Hello, everyone! My name is Damian Eddings, and welcome to Men on IWA. As you can clearly see, normally this would be "Mens on Whatever," but my colleague, Antoine Meriweather, has decided not to wrestle. *sighs* Nonetheless, I am here to discuss IWA... from a MALE POINT OF VIEW.

    So, anyway, let's begin with the subject at hand. Tonight, I am facing Matthew Force in a tournament to crown the first World Champ. Let me just go ahead and say I hope Matthew really puts some Force into it tonight, suga!

    Here's the gist of things- no, not jizz, boys, calm down!- I've come to wrestle in IWA to have a more masculine approach to life. I am here to win the IWA World Champ, and I will stop at nothing to get there! I will beat anybody, and they meat *giggles* to get that belt around my waist- and hopefully a sexy man around my waist ...

    Brock Edwards comes out to his regular theme song. The crowd seems to be very confused as to why Brock is here. Even Eddings is confused as to why Brock is trying to do. It seems as Edwards has a mic in hand.

    Brock: So, I can see no one was expecting I would show up here in IWA. Well, you all thought wrong. You see I have come here to do what I'm the best at doing and that's dominating. It doesn't matter against who or what I win and claim. You see in ICW I was the hottest product around. In my short time there I was there I already apart of the biggest PPV of that company. Then when SRW was supposed to start I was already in talks of being a champion there.

    The crowd starts booing at the thought of Edwards becoming a champion.

    Brock: Booing. How original. I think I would have never thought of you guys being that brilliant. Man, who do you guys come up with these sorts of things?

    The crowd begin booing once more.

    Brock: Moving on. There is one thing that those two company had in common and that was it couldn't keep up with my talents that it had to close and end their time. Hell, one company knew that I was too much to handle that they closed up before I even got a chance to do my business there. Proving my statement that I am too much to handle. You can take everyone's talents from the back and put it in a bag and I'll still have more talent than all that combined.

    Now as to the reason why I'm here is because well I heard there was going to be a tournament to determine the first ever World Champion here in IWA. I've been pissed that I haven been able to kick some ass in some time and thought why not come here. Also, for those that are slow this is an invasion!

    Brock starts running to the ring and goes after Eddings.

    (Start at 1:54, End at 2:32)
    Edwards vs. Eddings (Kendrick)

    Eddings is out cold on the mat after the three power bombs and Edwards has a twisted smile on his face. He reaches down and picks Eddings up with one hand,and props him onto his shoulders and nails a HUGE F5!

    House: Oh come on, Edwards! That poor guy is out cold!!

    Cruz: Haha! This is awesome, and he isn't done yet!

    Edwards picks Eddings up again, and drops him with another F5! Edwards presses his foot down onto Eddings chest and the ref begins the count!

    One! Two! Three!!

    Mike Ripple: Heres your winner ...

    Smokey makes his way onto the stage with microphone in hand

    Smokey: Edwards! You are NOT an IWA superstar! You had no right to be in that ring, and what you did to Eddings could get you a nice little law suit!

    Some security guards come from the back and make their way down the ramp and slide into the ring.

    Smokey: If you even touch one of those guards, I'll have you carted off to prison! Since you are not an IWA superstar ... I am reversing the decision! The winner of this match ... Damian Eddings!!

    Smokey smiles as the crowd pops and then makes his way to the back as Edwards is escorted out of the ring and through the crowd, then out of the building as Eddings is carted out of the ring.

    Commerical Break

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    The lights go out for a good 10 seconds, as the crowd becomes restless. They come back on with the accompanying music

    The crowd jeers as Sebastian Schweizner from ICW is on the stage, followed by his client from ICW Gommenta, along with EWA's and TWE's Gaileo. The slowly walk to the ring, before Schweizner is handed a microphone by a crew member

    Schweizner: Allow me to introduce ourselves. Crowd heat. To my left - Gommenta! More Heat. A man who you know from Insane Championship Wrestling - a man who destroyed Brock Edwards on more than one occasion. A man trained all over the world, and the only man I need in my life. To my right - a man who turned EWA into what it is today - defunct! A man who will soon take the TWE World Championship from Darius - Gaileo! Incoming Heat

    Smokey, you made the right call today. Putting both Gaileo and Gommenta in the World Championship Tournament. Now let me tell you something about my two men. They are my pugnacious creatures - they look for fights and they sure damn win them. Gaileo trained in mixed martial arts could and will lead to him legitimately twisting your arm, turning the son of a bitch sideways, and breaking every bone you have. Gommenta being trained in amateur wrestling - means when he puts you in a hold - there's no escape. His arm around your throat leaving you begging for mercy. Your hand repeatably taps the mat - but that's not going to help. Gaileo stomping on you, putting you through hell! Now imagine that everyday of the week. Every chance we get, you will not walk away. And Vanilla Ice or whatever you called yourself, all you will become is Damaged. As opposed to my team here, who are just Damaged Goods!

    and Iceman appear on stage, Iceman driving a truck with a trailer just small enough to barely fit through gorilla position. Ice hops out of the truck and opens the trailer up, misc. junk scattering all across the stage.

    If it's damaged goods we's talking about, then have we got a deal fo' you niggas!

    Yeah, yeah! Come on down and pick out the shit you want! Everything MUST GO, nigga! Anything in damaged goods you want fo' a reasonable price!

    Hell, we almost givin' this stuff away, nigga!

    As long as you pay SOMETHIN', since we paid nothin' cuz we...


    Schweizner: Excuse me guys, you can say your "niggas", and act like hooligans. All this crap I see on the floor is nothing but a disgrace. You probably stole it somehow, didn't you? If this is your gimmick, well I'm delighted Gommenta and Gaileo are facing you. Gaileo is in the process of turning TWE into his federation - a non-developmental fed. He is number one contender to the TWE World Championship and when the day comes he will take Darius' title, and I will raise it high in the air, along with one of these men's IWA title, well they have tag championships around their waist.

    Gommenta has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He was a nobody before this, so should Smokey screw him not all is fucked up. But that's not going to happen if Smokey is good to him! In fact, I think-

    I think you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP, NIGGA!

    Don't matter what happens in TWE or any of them other places, bruh! What matters is here and now, and right now, y'all niggas got 2 choices!

    You can buy this shit on da stage right here...

    ...or you can get a buy one get one free ass-whoopin from the Homeboys!

    Both sound good to me, bruh-

    -cuz either way you slice it, we got...


    Schweizner: I do not want to waste our hard earned paychecks buying your bunch of crap. The people you see in this ring are the only Damaged Goods in this arena, or in life in general. We will dominate IWA, and make it our bitch, well at the same time, you can buy 20 cent crap off of eBay, and attempt to be entertaining. These two men by my side have - and will dominate every federation it's ever been in.

    You can take your crap, and shove it up your arse, because you're just proving to Smokey why we are the dominant tag team in this company. By the time you realize this crap isn't going to get you anywhere, the quicker you have the opportunity climb to where we will come 4 weeks

    The only crap we be seein' is the crap in front of us, nigga!

    You ain't climbin' nowhere in 4 weeks, bruh! We is moving to the top, not you niggas!

    Yeah, bruh! And, like you said, you can only attempt to be entertaining. We already is!

    Dude, the show aint even started up good...

    Shut up, nigga!

    Schweizner: Excuse me, bruh, but you just dumped a load of damaged crap on the floor - not goods - crap. If that's what's entertaining, then I guess Justin Bieber is too. Or Big Time Rush. Or the "stupid hoe" Nicki Minaj. You can use your racist language, but these men beside my side doesn't need any language. As long as they got two hands and two feet, they can kick your ass, without even breaking a sweat. I think you're underestimating these men here. TWE may be a separate place than here but the level of competition is similar.

    These two has accomplished something in the wrestling world already - destroying the competition regarding wherever you've been. They're experienced. Can you say the same thing about yourselves? Can you utter more than one sentence before your friend saves you? You may be sharing the spotlight now, but when the problems start coming, who is too blame? Because fellas, it won't be that much of a wait

    The wait is already over, bruh- the wait for me to kick yo' ass!

    Let's get some! GET SOME!

    The pair run down the ramp and slide in the ring, getting in Schweizner's face.

    Schweizner: You think I'm scared of you? I've got two 250lbs+ men behind me. You're going to need to prove yourself today. You up for the challenge of battling Gommenta and Gaileo? Whether you are or not, your throat, may just have a few red splodges on it. You will be annihilated. That is our mission. Damaged Goods are taking over, and there is nothing you can do about it!

    Nigga, we was born ready!

    Damaged Goods ain't takin' over- we takin' THEM over!

    Both: MO MONEY!

    The pair revert their attention to Gommenta and Gaileo, as they square up nose to nose to nose, then the ref seperates them and puts the men in their corners and calls for the bell.
    (Skip at 3:06, Gommenta/Trever Murdoch, Gaileo/Lance Cade, Whiz/JTG, Ice/Shad)

    Ice goes for a Leg Drop but Gommenta moves out of the way! Gommenta gets up and hits Ice with a Big Boot! But Whiz taps him from behind and taunts him! Ice rolls Gommenta up for the pin

    1, 2, Thr-NO!*

    Gommenta gets furious as Ice is pissing himself! Gommenta grabs Ice by the head and locks him in the Two-Handed Clawhold! Ice pisses himself and tries to break out of the hold! He's about to tap but instead tags in Whiz! Whiz hits Gommenta with a dropkick! Out comes Gaileo and Whiz hits him with Shining Wizard! Gommenta gets back up but Whiz and Ice double team him with a Double Suplex! Whiz goes for the cover

    1, 2, Thr-NO!*

    Whiz tags Ice back in but Gommenta tags in Gaileo. Gommenta distracts Ice, as Gaileo hits a Backstabber from behind! Gaileo goes for the cover but goes against it. He locks Ice in the Kimura Lock and Ice has no option but to tap out!

    Mike Ripple: Heres your winners, and moving to the next round of the tournament ... Damaged Goods!

    Cruz: How the hell does that work?!

    House: Next week, Damaged Goods will be split and compete in one on one matches, not a tag match.

    Cruz: Oh ... Well, up next we have the match I've been waiting for!!

    House: Two matches left folks, stay tuned!



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