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    Booking Dean Ambrose WWE debut.

    The day I would have Dean Ambrose would be on the night after a major PPV maybe Wrestlemania, and throughout the night attacks are occurring backstage with a laid-out Daniel Bryan, CM Punk hurt as well, and AJ is frustrated with who is taking out her talent. So she sends out some wrestlers to find out whose hurting her talent and throughout the night more and more wrestlers are getting hurt, and in the main event its suppose to be John Cena in the main event but when he is suppose to make his entrance a voice is heard throughout the arena with Cena screaming for help and finally on screen John Cena is seen hurt and knocked out and then Dean Ambrose's voice is heard saying something like this is the guy you built up to be the face of the company, the big bad John Cena, well guess what I took him out in less than 3 mins. Then he claims that I've been training over a year to make my debut when I realize I'm Dean Ambrose I'm the most talented man on the roster, I'm the most talented man in the world, claiming how CM Punk's title of the best in the world is a lie how he took him out faster than Cena, If he's the best in the world well guess what I am he's better than the best, and tonight change is now. The WWE roster is on notice.. There's a monster on the loose. WWE logo as he begins to laugh maliciously

    This is how I would book his debut, I want to see how you guys would book Dean Ambrose debut on tv


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