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    Man City in the champions league

    I'm interested to hear from the football (soccer ) fan's on there thoughts on Manchester City In the Champions league. I predicted at the start of the season that if man city wanted to get through they had to win these games - Ajax (home and away ) Dortmund ( home) and then also draw with Dortmund away.

    City have already drawn with Dortmund at home , a match which I feel they needed to win. My question is why are city under preforming ?

    IMO it's for a few reason's . 1. there weak in defense Lescott is good but he isn't champions league quality. I don't think City are prefect at full backs especially Right back.
    2. There mid field is slightly lacking They have a lot of good players but if they don't all preform well it just doesn't click. Toure can't do it by himself he needs' Silva, Garcia and Nasiri playing world class to make in click.
    3. There not cautious enough.

    So what do you think city are doing wrong....or right ? and where do you think they will finish in the Champions league this season. I think city will finish third in there group myself
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