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Thread: mr mcmahon

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    It won't be a big deal, that's for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisiswrestling View Post
    What I would like:
    Vince returns and announces Punk's new opponent for Hell In A Cell...

    What will probably happen:
    Vince says stuff, Punk comes out, demands respect and Cena comes out to fight Punk.
    Oh god no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    Vince McMahon should fire AJ and hire either Paul Heyman, William Regal, or Mick Foley as GM
    Last week, when Dolph suggested a Heyman-Guerrero alliance as co-GM's I was excited at the possibility. Regal as GM I like too. Foley not sure.

    Probably it won't be anything major, but I'd like to throw in my unlikely scenario that I would like to happen. McMahon yells his vintage You're fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to AJ, and annonces the new GM, seconds pass until...

    Here comes the moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    (As I said we have more chances to hear Mitt Romney proclaiming himself an atheist, LOL)

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    I have a feeling Vince is going to bring up Brock at Raw. Since Servivor Series is coming up next month and WWE was looking at having HHH vs Brock again at Servivor Series.

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    WWE formula:

    Throw a bunch of shit at a wall, see what sticks.
    If nothing sticks, and the rating drop after one week, bring in Vinny Mac.
    Ratings rise, rinse, and repeat.

    Not knocking it at all but that's what happens.

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    watching RAW now, and it's official, punk vs mc. mahon tonight
    CM-PUNK: watch out HHH, PIPEBOMB!!!

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