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    Punk vs Foley at TLC?

    So it's been reported that WWE are throwing the idea around of having CM Punk facing Mick foley at the TLC ppv. Apparently they're looking at this as to bridge the gap until Punk faces The Rock at the Royal Rumble. The idea is to have Punk facing Foley and one more legend before he finally faces The Rock at the RR ppv.

    I'll be honest, providing that Foley can get in some sort of shape for a match, I'm all for seeing it. Given that it'll most likely be a hardcore match, Foley won't have to do much, in that Punk can carry the wrestling side of things and both men can do their own thing as far as the weapons go.
    It'll give Foley that one last match he thinks he has in him, and it gives us the chance to see Punk facing someone different.

    However, if Foley isn't in shape and is just going to be rolling around not able to hold his own, then this match will be a disaster.
    It's all on if Foley can get in shape IMO.

    My only question about this is, what happens to the WWE title if this match happens? Will they just have Punk not defend it at the ppv? Or are they seriously considering having Punk defend it against Foley?
    Because IMO, Punk will retain against Cena or Ryback at HIAC, he'll then be involved in the traditional 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match (again, IMO), he'll then potentially face Foley before facing The Rock at the RR, holding onto the title until that event.

    Anyway, thoughts on this?

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    Unless Punk loses the title before TLC. Foley/Punk at TLC. Cena/Rock at Rumble and Punk wins Rumble. Rock/Punk at WM.

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    When I was watching Punk and Foley in the ring doing their Promo I honestly thought they were going to set up a HIAC match between Punk and Foley if Cena wouldn't be ready.

    Ideally I'd like to see Punk retain the title until TLC where he drops it to probably Cena, setting up Cena vs Rock at the Rumble. Punk would win the Royal Rumble and cost Cena the match so that Rock becomes champion. At WM29 Punk faces the Rock and wins, after the match The Rock shows Punk respect and Punk starts to turn face again.

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    I would only want to see this if Mick Foley can get himself in shape. He can barely walk correctly due to all his harsh years in the business.

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    I doubt it will be a hardcore match as the event is called TLC so both titles will be defended in that type of match. But saying that i dont know if Foley will be able to take bumps in that kind of match anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by american_dragon View Post
    Unless Punk loses the title before TLC. Foley/Punk at TLC. Cena/Rock at Rumble and Punk wins Rumble. Rock/Punk at WM.
    If this happens, then who is Cena going to face @ WM?
    I think at HIAC, Punk will retain against whomever he's facing.
    At Survivor Series I personally hope he will go up against Taker and defeat him with help from Lesnar if not he will be in a tag match or against Cena again if he didn't face Punk @ HIAC. (however he retains)
    Then at TLC he will have a TLC Match against Foley for the title and win. @ RR he will face the Rock before the Royal Rumble match, Punk loses the belt to The Rock and later enters the Royal Rumble Match at # 30 and wins it. Then at EC Rock will defend his title against Lesnar, also there will be a #1 contenders Elimination Chamber match with Cena winning it to setup a Triple Threat at Mania with Rock,Punk and Cena with Cena winning it.

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    I'm all in for a Mick Foley match, he may not be in the best shape but IMO I think he's in pretty good shape and can hold his own without the match being a disaster

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    Still will be a better match than Ryback!!

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    I don't know how I feel about this idea but I wouldn't mind seeing Punk Vs Rock at RR before the rumble it's self, Rock loses after someone like Heyman/ Lesnar/ Cena. and then in the back he destroys whoever gets number 30 and comes in wins RR so he can get his revenge on Punk at WM.

    You can add Cena in there somewhere if you want a 3 way at WM, maybe he was number 30.

    I can't tell if it would be a good idea or not but I kind of want to see it,.
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    Make Stone Cold as the special guest referee and it would make an interesting main event!


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