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    I put John Cena vs Christian to have Christian in the main event scene, where he shoud be. Heel or face Christian is always entertaining so no problem here for me.

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    1. Christian vs CM PUnk
    2. Christian vs Daniel Bryan

    I want the second one badly...I want to see what those two will do in the ring..

    if Randy is granted a heel turn n if he turns heel..I want to see second version of Christian Vs RKO too this time Christian winning..

    I want him to be in the title picture one more time...n in the hunt for WWE championship...

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    I like Heel Christian so if he came back as a heel would love to see some matches with him vs Orton (I know its been done but both have amazing chemistry in the ring), Rhodes, Barrett, HHH, Kane, etc.
    I'm jus sayin...


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