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    Technically the tag match will tear the roof down n Jeff VS AA will also be a great match....

    But, Storm vs Roode will have an emotional attachment n they both will give us one hell of a brawl...

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    Joe vs Magnus for me.....don't know if that is sad or not? My choices are limited. Sting and ??? vs nobodys, Roode vs Storm #5, Daniels vs AJ #1 milion, or a main event I really didn't want to see between Jeff and Aries. More as time as went by w/Aries as champion, I no longer believe he is as good as some claim him to be. I was however, glad he beat Roode for the title. I don't believe he is a main event talent o because he seems so out of place at times with his promos which isn't that good if you ask me. Watching him battle Aces and 8s was funny as hell.

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