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    James Storm vs Bobby Roode: The match I'm looking forward to the most at BFG

    There are some pretty good matches on the Bound For Glory card so far but James Storm vs Bobby Roode in a Street Fight is the main match I'm psyched for at TNA's biggest PPV of the year. I honestly think this match will possibly be a MOTY candidate and will most definitely top their cage match at Lockdown. Factoring in the promos and how well these guys work with one another in-ring wise, their feud has been something special. Their feud has benefited one another with Bobby Roode being one of the best heels in TNA today and being the longest reigning TNA World champion in TNA history. Not to mention James Storm finally getting his chance in the main event scene and winning the TNA World title. Knowing that they'll deliver, it's the main reason why I may consider ordering this PPV. Don't get me wrong, Jeff Hardy vs A Double is another promising match but my interest is mainly in James Storm and Bobby Roode's feud right now.

    I also think King Mo being the special referee is pretty cool and I have no problems with it.

    What are your thoughts on this feud? Do you think it will live up to it's expectations or are you honestly uninterested in their upcoming match?
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