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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    Before I am gonna explain myself, I'd like to state: "this is just my opinion, no truth, no facts, just basic opinion. And I would like to ask to please (my dearest EWN-brothers and sisters) don't turn this in a Hate Cena or Troll Cena thread". Okay with that out of the way:

    Why John Cena will never turn heel, for me has a simple explanation. First off all because of Vince McMahon. I will state it like he likes to say it, it is what's good for business. We have to realise a few things to know why he won't turn heel in the first place. First off all, as long as were in the PG-era you will never see a heel Cena.

    A few reasons why:

    - He sells too much merchandise
    - He sells too many crowds
    - Kids (PG) love him too much

    Secondly, personally I have never seen John Cena as a face nor as a heel. To me he has always been more of a tweener, who tends to act more face than heel. The question why I think this, is rather simple. Watch WWE, see how their crowd reacts when he comes out. You'll notice it is almost always a divided crowd, you either love him or you hate him.

    Thirdly, just like any sport/sports-entertainment business, WWE always needs the most popular guy as the one who they can label as THE GUY the other stars need to beat to reach the surface of larger than life immortality or simply known as superstardom. This is has always been in these organisations and it will never change. And for this matter you just don't to look any further than the past of this company.

    I'll make it easy and start from the '80s boom of Pro Wrestling:

    - Golden Era: Hulk Hogan with the HULKAMANIA
    - New Generation: Bret Hart
    - Attitude Era: Stone Cold Steve Austin
    - Brand Extension: The Rock
    - PG-Era: John Cena

    This is how I see it and I have to add one more thing. Before people get me wrong. I don't hate Cena, he is the biggest star they have today. Also he is the most working guy on the roster, another reason to respect him. He does far too much good stuff outside of the ring to really hate him. Example, make a wish foundation and like these days, the cancer awareness.

    Once again, I'd like to ask to not make this in any form of an Hate Cena or Troll Cena thread. I just put my opinion and that is it.

    Are there any comments?
    Simple Answer: John Cena is John Cena.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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