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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    To be fair I go to the show ever month and I've seen Chris hero, A.J Styles, and Bryan Danielson win the PWG world championship so its a very prestigious title in my eyes.
    That's great. But on a national level, indy titles mean nothing.

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    On a side note - Anyone who uses twitter to follow wrestling stories, the jabs Ryan and Snow are taking are helping to get me more into the match. What's amazing is the amount of supporters Al Snow still has.

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    Started off nice and hot, but the fued was totally mishandled. Why Taz or guys in the back thought it was a good idea to use him in a situation where you knew he would have to wrestle and couldn't obviously hurt this fued for me. Especially when are suppose to forget Taz is the one who he started the fued with. Recently when Joey Ryan threw water in the face of Al Snow's Taz walked off like Ryan wasn't there. If Taz doesn't give a crap, why should I? Al Snow wasn't a favorite of mine when he was in the WWE. Didn't watch original ECW so, but of course the moment of all the heads in the ring rings a bell to us all. The gut check joke of a challenge has been terrible because all the talent does is lose in the amount of less than 5 minutes. Than you try to tell me he is tough enough and belong on the TNA roster? You also have the fact the majority of the wrestlers make the roster. It should be the other way around. I'm probably the minority when I say, I'm not a big fan of Ryan's however, he is probably the best guy they ever had on gutcheck. What am I suppose to be anticipating at BFG? With Taz, I could look forward to Joey Ryan getting choked out. Al Snow only has "head" to look forward to. That is a huge difference. Which is probably why I could care less about the match.


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