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    Video Game Commentators ...

    Well, this is my first time posting a thread outside of the e-Fed forums! I figured I should spread my wings a bit ... So I have a question for you gamers out there!

    Do you watch video game commentators (TobyGames, Pewdiepie, etc.) and if so, who do you enjoy the most?

    Also ... Shameless advertisement :3 I started my own video game commentary channel during the summer and I'm getting it fired back up again! Check it out sometime! ;D

    Channel: VandariusGaming


    Van Darius


    Van Darius:
    *TWE/RTE Champion (9/23/12 - 2/14/14)

    Ivan Draymen
    Van Darius
    *IWA Endurance Champion (4/28/13 - 8/4/13)

    * Sheamus (US Champion 1/20/13 - )
    * Rob Van Dam

    Dream Team Invitational:
    *The Vandals (w/ Van Hooligan X)


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