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    UWA: Unholy Wrestling Alliance (The Finale)

    Okay guys it's safe to say that the UWA's time has come. I'm proud to say that the UWA started a HUGE BTB and e-fed surplus here on however, to be honest after I hit the point where I had nothing written I was burnt out, and my life kinda spiraled out of control. I'm not too sure who the fuck or what the fuck that Authority post was on Pt.7 however, it wasn't me.

    I don't want the UWA to end with a lot of questions still unanswered. Which is why I'm going to end it this Saturday on the biggest stage that the UWA has to offer. Basically everything I was doing was working up to this show. Which is why the post underneath will announce the card for Never Gonna Stop III and the post below that will do a match by match set up for the show.

    I wanna take this chance to say thank you to EVERYBODY whose ever read UWA, and whether or not you fucking loved it or hated it, I thank you for taking the time to read it. This will not lead to the re-emergence of UWA, this is simply the end of it all.

    Thank you guys for 3 amazing years! I hope you guys enjoy the one last hurrah!

    Nate Benavidez
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach


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