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    Quote Originally Posted by bcfccalum View Post
    I doubt it will be a hardcore match as the event is called TLC so both titles will be defended in that type of match. But saying that i dont know if Foley will be able to take bumps in that kind of match anymore
    When I said that it'd be a hardcore match, what I mean t was that there would be weapons involved. Which means if it's a TLC match, weapons will be involved (tables, ladders and chairs).
    You won't see a proper hardcore match in WWE for a VERY long time if ever again.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing that. I'd prefer a HIAC match because of Foley's past with the cell however.

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    Would like to see it happen if had a proper build up but cant see this one happing anytime soon

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    Figure he will face Foley at TLC for the WWE title. I figure he gets the W leading into the WWE title match at RR.


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