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    Punk vs Foley at TLC?

    So it's been reported that WWE are throwing the idea around of having CM Punk facing Mick foley at the TLC ppv. Apparently they're looking at this as to bridge the gap until Punk faces The Rock at the Royal Rumble. The idea is to have Punk facing Foley and one more legend before he finally faces The Rock at the RR ppv.

    I'll be honest, providing that Foley can get in some sort of shape for a match, I'm all for seeing it. Given that it'll most likely be a hardcore match, Foley won't have to do much, in that Punk can carry the wrestling side of things and both men can do their own thing as far as the weapons go.
    It'll give Foley that one last match he thinks he has in him, and it gives us the chance to see Punk facing someone different.

    However, if Foley isn't in shape and is just going to be rolling around not able to hold his own, then this match will be a disaster.
    It's all on if Foley can get in shape IMO.

    My only question about this is, what happens to the WWE title if this match happens? Will they just have Punk not defend it at the ppv? Or are they seriously considering having Punk defend it against Foley?
    Because IMO, Punk will retain against Cena or Ryback at HIAC, he'll then be involved in the traditional 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match (again, IMO), he'll then potentially face Foley before facing The Rock at the RR, holding onto the title until that event.

    Anyway, thoughts on this?
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