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    You never know they can enter into negotiations tom. and Chris could be back so I wouldn't dismiss the premise of Chris appearing at WM.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA View Post
    Jericho had a pretty weak run last time. His matches were not what they once were. Maybe he is getting old but I will not miss him.
    He has always been overrated, people just go ape shit because he was around during the attitude era.
    You can't deny that he's an excellent wrestler (or was an excellent wrestler, he's still better than most) and he can talk really good and cut a mean promo.
    I don't think people rate him based on the simple fact that he was around during the attitude era.

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    Jericho would really be a good fit for this new edgier stuff they are doing like this RAW. I hope they keep it up. Here's hoping SmackDown is really good too
    super saturday mornings man wake watch
    wrestling which is infinitely entertaining even
    though there aren't any head hits but better
    than the shitty shows on otherwise called
    cartoons crap it is but believe wrestling wins
    real ratings because brother everyone everywhere
    loves loving

    Secret Weapon

    Quote Originally Posted by JBL
    "This is what happens when you cross Free Willy with LaToya Jackson."
    Quote Originally Posted by JBL
    "This is what happens if the Yeti were to mate with Britney Spears."
    Quote Originally Posted by JBL
    "He got the Sea-Monster!"

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    Don't know, but figure WWE can survive. I was hoping for him to fued with Daniel Bryan when he returned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnydropkicks View Post
    It's about time Jericho got that big face run. and time he cut those wicked promos that imo he maybe has fallen short of all these years which always make him usually head back towards playing heel.
    ALWAYS make him USUALLY? Ummmm ... what?


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