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    The problem with turning AA heel is that there are no 'new' top faces in the company. Only Storm has come forward as a top face in the past 12 months. This would leave Angle, AJ, Hardy and Storm as the only faces. The problem? 2 of these are formaer WWE stars, Angle esp is in his twighlight.

    Joe & Anderson are tweeners, Parks/Abyss MIA, Hernandez and Guerrero are an unknown quantity.

    AA can handle either being a face or heel. I'm just not convinced that TNA would have the right balance if he went to the dark side.
    Plus with the new influx of heels from the Aces and Eights coming in to TNA. TNA needs some top faces.

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    Lmao at the Samoa Joe sig. But anyways I like how Aries is now. But I can see him heel.
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    Eh, a heel turn wouldn't be that bad for Aries. He is good as a face but he looks much more comfortable playing the role of a heel. Who knows? Maybe he won't remain a heel once his feud with Hardy finishes.
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