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    Quote Originally Posted by Cena View Post
    I cry like little girl:
    What the..... I mean, crap man....... Where are you from? Are you Vladimir Kozlov?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPEEINTHESHOWER View Post
    Please allow the most stand out forum poster in the EWN community to give his infinite wisdom on this matter. AndherestheJ thats way to complicated for the kiddies to follow. I'm not sure what's going to happen on RAW tonight but it's truly must-see TV. Cena being fired is a joke, I like so many others need my weekly dose of the five knuckle shuffle. It was a sad dark and stormy night in the WWE last night. WHY CENA WHY??????????????

    You're right on that note. It'll be something more dumbed down.

    But quite honestly I wouldn't dislike Cena so much if he wasn't so f'ing predictable. I mean the creative team really needs to get on this. Put a little more edginess into Cena. Now turning him heel would be great but that's probably not going to happen.

    So at least make him i dunno.....HUMAN! For instance give him flaws, gets upset, let's his emotions get the better of him and he screws himself over because of that.

    Well, there is where all gets complicated. You are forgetting that Cena, eventhught is supposed to be adown to earth kind of guy is represented as a superhero an even if that makes them a little boring (or a lot), that is what makes kids and their parents follow them.

    Even if I in reality does not like the above statement, it is true.

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    Cena is the role model for PG kids

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    For this to make any sense i think cena needs to be gone 6+ months.

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    Dont move, this is the AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Kicked View Post
    but the first time a kid in a Cena t-shirt did the "You Can't See Me" hand/face wave I knew I had to jump back in.

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