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    What WWE needs to do

    As we see the ratings have fallen so here what i think will improve it

    1. Stop having CM punk being on 50% of the show
    He had a whole hour of segments which is only doing bad for Punk hes my fave but he is going to boring real fast if he keeps coming like 5 times a show

    2. New faces in the main event scene
    Big Show and Cena are fighting for the world titles they both have had like 30 title shots each and i think we all know that Show most likely will lose as always.

    3. 3 hours is overkill
    TV for 3 hours is hard to watch in less it's really good but when it's a crap RAW it's torture.

    4. Make the titles mean something
    Whos feuding with the US champion and whos feuding with Miz... No one (maybe Brodus but he lose in like a min)

    5. legends returning to much
    HBK, The Rock and The Undertaker should be the only ones that come yearly When you hear Pipers theme for like the 50th time this year it's not like Fan: OMG holy molly HES BACK HES BACK what really happens is Fan: Oh it's piper.... again

    6. Turn Cena heel jk lol take Cena out the title picture
    I enjoy Cena but it feels stale when he is fighting for the title again they should wait till after WM 29. (i'm not 8) as much as the IWC don't want to admit it he can wrestle, watch MITB 2011 Night of Champions 2012 are just 2 matches i can think off the top of my head

    Anyway that's all i might come up with more


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