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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    A lot of people blame Linda McMahon's senate race, which is a big factor. But there are other things to consider here. First, we live in such an uptight and sensitive society these days. Everyone's an activist, and with all the media outlets and social media popularity, no matter what you do, unless you keep it the cartoon that it's been, you're bound to offend someone and then there's scrutiny and negative criticism around every corner until there's daily press conferences to apologize. The world sucks today, simply because of that. And it's a trend that's going to get worse. I wouldn't be surprised if, in 5 or 10 years, they ban an R Rating for any main stream movies, and they ban cuss words and depictions of violence. I mean, I actually read about the outcry over a Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr conversation in the movie Tropic Thunder, where they used the word retard. Like really? It's a fucking movie. The world needs to get over itself. If WWE gets too violent or edgy again, all the big sponsors will disappear because they don't want to be affiliated with that. If they keep going where they're going, it's going to just die, or become a reality tv show.

    The other factor is, McMahon is an old man now, Remember, he has grandchildren. He doesn't want them watching something that's too edgy or inappropriate...however, how can he say to them, "Sorry, you can't watch Pop Pop's tv show".

    This is a mystery to me, no matter how you look at it, when two men fight in the ring, backstage or somewhere else its violence and violence is not for children, but then again the world is a far far far more violent place (quite frankly its a tardy place, yeah im not politically correct I know but its a pain in the ass) what im trying to say is that we the viewers take everything all to seriously witch is a shame, lighten up, take it for what it is "Entertainment" and don´t take life so seriously you won´t survive it anyways, just saying

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    Honestly i dont think the absense of cena has that big of an effect. Sure kids love cena but my theory is that theyre arent as clued in as us smarks, so they really wouldnt be aware that hes going to be absent from the show. Even if they did, they still have brodus, ryder and santino that theyve presumably latched on to and theyre always on the show, so theyd still tune in to the program. The ratings always tank during football season, and i suspect its worse this year. The nfl seems more interesting this year for some reason. Whether it be replacement refs or coming off the heels of the bounty schedule or the fact that a lot of teams have stepped up and made damn near every game exciting, its been a lot of fun to watch. My honest opinion is that the nfl is delivering where the wwe is just the same old thing. And its not a bad thing. I still enjoy raw just as much as i did when i was a kid... and im 26 now. Football only runs till february so the ratings will pick up then. Or possibly sooner if the nfl falls into its same of groove of the same teams domimating every game and their product becomes predictable again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viperfish View Post
    I don't watch sports of any kind. I find it to be absolutely boring and pointless, and the concept of people getting paid millions to catch and throw a ball around, or kick a ball around, or whatever, where that money could be much better spent somewhere else is just appalling to me(granted you can shove wrestling in that category, but the amount of wrestlers making big money like that is severely limited)... and then people have the gall to whine and complain and go on strike because they aren't getting paid enough to do what I consider jack fucking shit while most teachers for just one example don't make a lot of money, yet they mold and shape entire generations of people.

    And that's my tangent for the evening... ahem. Naw, I don't think the ref thing is drawing more people to watch, unless people that used to watch it and don't anymore are tuning in for a laugh. You'd have to know and understand football to get why they're making bad calls. If you have a flamboyant guy playing and he's entertaining the crowd and playing a good game all at the same time... well you don't need to know anything about football to appreciate that.

    Just saying that this is the case in most sports, some stars get big money and people get to read about it all over the media world, majority of sports stars don't earn as much money as you think.
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    Bad rating. There will probably come another few and in January all will be fine again.
    As long as the buyrates don't suffer and USA is still happy there is no problem.

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    I don't think football has to do anything with the low ratings. It is WWE fault themselves. Whether it is pg or not, it is lost of interest what caused it. I use to watch wrestling all the time, I lost complete interested in it. For the most part for few years we had John Cena on raw burying everyone. We had Orton bury everyone . They focused around 2 guys until Orton got in trouble. They didn't want to create new stars. They made the heels look week and can't compete against them. At this point they build some new stars but majority are not going anywhere. All the belts are meaningless. One one point there were multiple stories built around each belt. They don't do that any more. It all about the main event story line. Use to be multiple stories to keep you interested for 2 hours. Now all heels are whiners or cowards for example current story line Punk is crying about I want respect. Tired of the whiney or cowardly heel. I want a Triple H heel. Where he was ruthless and did what it takes to keep the belt.

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    I really hope they go back more mature programming too.

    Then when the ratings don't go up. I'll be really interested to see what magic solutions the internet forums come up with next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    I don't think the situation is quite as dire as some are making it out to be on account of the Nielsen ratings system no longer being a particularly accurate barometer of what people are watching and when exactly they are watching it. With the proliferation of the internet, we'll likely never seen live numbers like we used to. That doesn't immediately translate to less eyes on the overall product, though.
    I agree. As years go on the internet plays on 'ratings' will just get bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiphopjunkie View Post
    WWE put all their eggs in one basket with john cena. There is no close number two who could easily be number one (in the wwe's eyes).
    When up against Football AND without Cena (and Orton) the show always does bad. Orton is still a big draw and gets huge reactions. When BOTH are off a show, people don't really tune in. I remember being four years old and if there was no Hogan or Warrior, I wouldn't want to see it.

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    It's football season. Every football season RAW ratings drop. People DVR RAW and watch football instead, because the NFL is covered by main stream and if you don't watch that live there is a high chance that the result will be spoiled. Plus everyone at work talks about the Monday Night game the next day, so unless you put yourself in isolation on Tuesday, it will be spoiled. RAW, not so much.

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    American's love football.

    16+ million people proved that.

    Whenever football season comes along, any wrestling in the way, is getting put on the backburner.
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