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    A lot of people blame Linda McMahon's senate race, which is a big factor. But there are other things to consider here. First, we live in such an uptight and sensitive society these days. Everyone's an activist, and with all the media outlets and social media popularity, no matter what you do, unless you keep it the cartoon that it's been, you're bound to offend someone and then there's scrutiny and negative criticism around every corner until there's daily press conferences to apologize. The world sucks today, simply because of that. And it's a trend that's going to get worse. I wouldn't be surprised if, in 5 or 10 years, they ban an R Rating for any main stream movies, and they ban cuss words and depictions of violence. I mean, I actually read about the outcry over a Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr conversation in the movie Tropic Thunder, where they used the word retard. Like really? It's a fucking movie. The world needs to get over itself. If WWE gets too violent or edgy again, all the big sponsors will disappear because they don't want to be affiliated with that. If they keep going where they're going, it's going to just die, or become a reality tv show.

    The other factor is, McMahon is an old man now, Remember, he has grandchildren. He doesn't want them watching something that's too edgy or inappropriate...however, how can he say to them, "Sorry, you can't watch Pop Pop's tv show".

    This is a mystery to me, no matter how you look at it, when two men fight in the ring, backstage or somewhere else its violence and violence is not for children, but then again the world is a far far far more violent place (quite frankly its a tardy place, yeah im not politically correct I know but its a pain in the ass) what im trying to say is that we the viewers take everything all to seriously witch is a shame, lighten up, take it for what it is "Entertainment" and don´t take life so seriously you won´t survive it anyways, just saying


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