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    He did? Must've been watching a different RAW to you.

    Ryback yelling stupid as you say holds more significance with me, if he was able to Shellshock Tensai on Smackdown then what was stopping him from doing it on RAW?
    He uses the hooked leg to try and block it. He's doing the exact same thing as he did on smackdown (he didn't aide ryback with the set up there either). He said "Stupid" to save face, imo. The commentators don't act surprised or rushed to try and make it out he's blocking, they just say it. All i'm saying is, his foot is clearly in the position i mentioned. If he's going to sandbag a finisher, why would he sell a clothesline? That wouldn't make sense. It's being done to make Ryback look like he has more than one move to finish a guy.
    "And again Ryback, who usually uses his big finish where he marches around the ring to put the man away switched gears in the middle of this match and used a clothesline, another weapon in Ryback's arsenal". Pretty much sums this whole thing up.

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