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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    The only superstar who can replace Cena at HIAC vs CM Punk is the Big Show. And that's why he is returning soon, next monday perhaps, because WWE called him for that.
    I hope not. I used to really like Big Show but now I cringe every time I see him. He goes from being angry one week, sad the next week, angry the following week, then nice one week, then angry again. He's like a hormonal woman that is 7 months pregnant, only he has been carrying a bundle of joy for little over two years now.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Please God, not the Big Show. I honestly don't know what they're going to do if it's not Cena... it's going to seem so thrown together. Orton seems to be a World Heavyweight Champ guy right now, not a WWE Champ guy, but I can't really think of a better fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viperfish View Post
    I honestly don't know what they're going to do if it's not Cena...
    Perhaps a battle royal on RAW or AJ will just pick Big Show (we all know she loves Punk... lol)

    May be Triple H ^^
    and at HIAC ppv, as Triple H opens the door, Paul Heyman distracts the ref, Brock Lesnar comes from the crowd and hit Triple H, allowing Punk to leave the cage and retain

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    look, it's gonna be cena. they're gonna do the whole "i came back before i was supposed to, because this is what i love and i love the fans" kiss-ass routine.

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    Cena probably won't make it, Wade Barrett needs a bit more time before he's up to speed again. D-Bryan and Kane are doing well as they are, would be a shame to seperate them. I personally care nothing for Big Show, but he's the only guy 'up there'.. all other Raw-guys are midcarders at best and would be unsuitable unbelievable opponents.

    My (very improbable) solution: call Rock, tell him you really really need him for this, and say a few thousand pretty please's. Same could be done with Undertaker.
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    Cena will come back n say he came back even though he's not 100% only for fans...blah blah blah..thing...enter into the cell...n first time he'll lose the match cleanly..this time he'll have an excuse of injury....

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    If John Cena is out, perhaps Juan Cena could take his place !

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    Mark Henry!
    super saturday mornings man wake watch
    wrestling which is infinitely entertaining even
    though there aren't any head hits but better
    than the shitty shows on otherwise called
    cartoons crap it is but believe wrestling wins
    real ratings because brother everyone everywhere
    loves loving

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    "This is what happens when you cross Free Willy with LaToya Jackson."
    Quote Originally Posted by JBL
    "This is what happens if the Yeti were to mate with Britney Spears."
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    "He got the Sea-Monster!"

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    I think they should have a number 1 contender-ship tournament and then, all being well the number 1 contender will be deserved of the title shot???

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    While I tend to believe the general consensus of The Big Show - it pains me to think that he would sooorta have to turn again. I mean, Punk is a heel. Show is replacing Cena. Cena is a mega face. For me, Shows heel turn was too recent and too wholistic (like, he turned VERY heel, not even remotely tweener) for him to just pop back in and be a protaganist.

    My solution? Jeeze. That's tough. Who is a big enough face to go up against Punk? I hate Orton, so I'd prefer not him. I think if Henry came back as a face that'd be cool - but we already have Ryback, Brodus, and Kane playing the roles of huge, monster, faces. Maybe Kofi Kingston? They could use the angle that Kofi and Punk used to be (probably still are, but for storyline purposes) friends in the back. Punk has changed. He's not the same person, bla bla bla. Maybe Cena can act as a mentor/coach for Kofi. But I just highly doubt they serve us a Punk vs Midcarder in a Hell in a Cell match. Ahhh. I have no idea how this will pan out if Cena can't make it back.

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