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    It would be interesting to see him using it but I think the shellshock fits him perfectly, besides considering how stiff I heard he was I'm not sure I'd trust him to hit teh pounce without crippling someone
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    The BSTRDS - the Bitch Slap That Really Damn Stings or "bastards"

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    I'd say a good old fashioned powerbomb but unfortunately Titus O'Neal is using it. Good for Titus though, he made it look good tonight. You gotta give a guy like that something with some oomph.

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    A brainbuster piledriver called feeding frenzy
    Ur comment makes me think

    Not removing till alex riley is pushed
    Dean ambrose makes his debut
    Bray wyatt scares a kid on raw
    Aj lee wins divas title
    The miz turns face
    Mick foley goes in Hof
    Paige brings her sexiness to wwe

    Money in the bank-tied 19th

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne View Post
    The more people think about it the more people think he should adopt the spear, but I'd prefer something different. Something most fans didn't really get to see in the WWE on a big stage in main events. I would like to see him adopt the finisher that was used by Former WWE Superstar Marcus Corvon known more from his TNA days as Monty Brown. His finishing move is called the pounce. Huge impactful move that no one is using that I know of. Brown is no longer wrestling the last time I heard. That is the move I think he should use as his finisher. Thoughts?
    He has a finisher , it's called the shellshock... what the thread here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    He has a finisher , it's called the shellshock... what the thread here ?
    it might be here because the original poster feels that ryback needs to adopt a new finisher, and if that is what he feels I agree with him .
    I would like to see a dominator of some sort. I feel that ryback doing the spear might make the wwe universe implode.


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    The Pounce was amoung the worst finishers I have ever seen in Wrestling. I like his finisher now.

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    Shellshock is a good one, nobody elses uses it. Why revert to the cliched spear or give him the 'good old fashioned' powerbomb? Variety is the spice of life people.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Go to hell.

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    I like the shellshock finisher its something different, I also love his backpack stunner as well, his moveset seems to be well rounded.

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    No need to change it... move along, nothing to see here.

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