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    This will not happen, but I would really love tho see Punk vs Regal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    This will not happen, but I would really love tho see Punk vs Regal.
    at this point punk vs bryan would be a much better match up IMO
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    Yes I know, but Punk vs Bryan will not happen, neither Punk vs Regal.

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    People I'd like to see CM Punk defend his WWE Championship against at HIAC:

    1. William Regal
    2. Kevin Nash (FFS those two need to finish their feud)
    3. Jack Swagger
    4. Mason Ryan (yeah yeah I know I'm a mark for this guy)
    5. Evan Bourne
    6. Seth Rollins
    7. Yoshi Tatsu (They could easily put on a 5 star PPV match)
    8. Tensai (again I really like this guy and his style works with Punk's)
    9. Drew McIntyre (would love to see him get a PPV push)
    10. The Undertaker (any excuse to see this guy wrestle!)
    11. Bret Hart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas Chapel View Post
    11. Bret Hart
    Excellent choice ! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Excellent choice ! ^^

    It would be cool if Bret could actually wrestle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AOF666 View Post
    It would be cool if Bret could actually wrestle.
    Yes. Bret Hart is my all time favorite wrestler

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    "At Thursday's WWENXT TV taping, John Cena apologized for being unable to compete due his elbow surgery, but said he will return on October 11 to compete.

    This points to Cena believing he will be able to return from injury before the six-week mark he stressed on Twitter earlier this week."

    He will be at HIAC, no doubt about it.

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    They could have #1 tournament with the final at the PPV as well
    1st hour of RAW monday could be Cena addressing his injury and saying AJ has set up a tournament to all the Raw lockeroom.
    They have to win their random match to be in the tournament.
    This would take up 3 weeks of tv and Punk can just slag off everyone he comes in to contact backstage

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    ps. really annoys me that the challenger is just picked by the GM.

    or they have a beat the clock with three matches.

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