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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    Your telling me that there is realistic way Rey Mysterio is beating Mark Henry? Daniel Bryan is beating Big Show and Mark Henry? How about a few months ago with Daniel Bryan beating Kane? Come on man you can't say well blah blah couldn't beat blah blah realistically because for every one example you give there are 1000s to go against your argument. Like I said earlier you can't use an argument of something being unrealistic in wrestling because almost everything in wrestling is unrealistic.
    you are not understanding my point at all. I'm not saying it's not realistic for punk to beat ryback thus it shouldn't happen. I'm saying it shouldn't happen with out some trickery because then it's just too fake. rey used plenty of roll ups, high flying moves, etc etc... to win that's what I'm saying. ryback shouldn't get owned by punk or it would look silly IMO.

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