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    I don't think "this" kinda push is gonna last long but he is gonna be a U.S. or Int champ for sure though.

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    Am I the only one who thinks Rybacks finisher is quite...shit?!

    I cringe every time he prances around the ring like he's playing in a marching band.

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    I saw the video; he couldn't get him up for it the first time.

    Lifted him again and took him over for a slam(probably some form of power slam) instead. Heyman was in a suit, and the whole thing looked like they were out of sync. Plus, getting that belly over your head.

    The crowd didn't seem to disturb by it, they chanted "HE'S TOO FAT", at least, someone did.

    We've seen him hit the move. He did it on Tensei effortlessly on Smackdown.

    It's around the 5:40 mark.
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    I actually like the slam he did on Heyman better than the ShellShock.

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    We will see after HIAC if his push continues strong or not. If he can handle himself good in HIAC then I see a continued push. I'm sure WWE is working on other finishers for Ryback.

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    Heyman's in notoriously bad shape. His body got wrecked when he was doing a program at House Shows a number of years ago and he said at that time that his in-ring days were over. I'm sure that's why his match with Vince was teased last week but not followed through on. It may be that the version of the slam he took from Ryback was the version that he could take.

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    In fairness Heyman has winter well if ya get me!

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    Wrestlemania 29 Ryback

    This is how i see Ryback leading up to WM29 he wil beat Punk at HIAC, he will then beat Punk in his rematch again at SS in a regular match, he will beat the winner of a #1 contenders match CM Punk at TLC in a Tables match, he will beat the Rock at RR with interference from Punk that Ryback didn't want setting up Rock vs Punk at WM, he will defend in the elimination chamber, he will then go up against the winner of a #1 contenders match John Cena. I think whoever wins the RR will face the WHC i believe it will be Cody Rhodes choosing WHC Dolph Ziggler who will be a face.
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    Thats almost the biggest load of garbage iv ever heard on this site, not quite...but almost

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    If you think Ryback's beating Punk at HIAC, then you're smoking some pretty strong stuff.
    And if you think that Ryback's going to face The Rock, you're just plain crazy.

    Never happening man.
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