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    No not the morning after pill kind I'm talking about everyone's favorite Goldberg imitator Ryback. The plan B is for him to face punk at the hell in a cell main event if Cena is hurt. Personally this is rushing the guy and also endangering punk if the botch machine messes up like he did when he dropped swagger on his head. The industry can't afford punk and cena to both be injured so as much as it makes little sense I say if they persist on going with punk Ryback at least throw in 2 veteran guys like Kane and danielson that can protect their opponents and continue their feud while letting Ryback get in there with the elite names.

    Granted I missed the end of it, but the bit in bold, why is everyone saying this? If he goes against Punk why add others, why not see him have a one on one.

    Big Dave was a huge botch machine and he was multi world champion.

    I think people need to give him a chance. If he fucks up he fucks up but lets see whats going to happen.
    The trouble is that most botches are innocuous and usually funny but once in a while we see bad botches that injure the other guy. Ryback has the potential to hurt punk if he messes up and even punk haters wouldn't want to see him suffer serious injury (at least the reasonable haters). So it's not just a matter of "if he fucks up, he fucks up" he's very raw and might shorten careers. Baby steps with this guy is more prudent.
    "The champ is here" - John Cena

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