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    The Official Ryback Thread (For All Things Ryback)

    I don't know but I am really liking Ryback...with all his power moves special mention to the backpack stunner..just showing of his power by marching around the ring with opponent on his shoulders. He is way different than Goldberg so no comparison their.. but the thing that bugs me the how is goona face a guy whos much heavier than him. He has facedoppenents who are less than 250 but how hez gonna pull out his moves on guys like Kane, Brodus clay. But at this point a feud with Kane or brodus clay is not possible I was thinking a feud that will only help is with Tensai.. Befoe laughing or bashing ame please hear me out.. He's has now become more or less a jobber so a feud with him will not hurt anybody and i just wanted to know how he's gonna pull all of his moves to guy whose weighing over 350 pnds.. and more importantly without bothching it. He definately cant throw him here and there in the ring what he usually do with the jobbers Or CAn he?? that would be interesting to see then
    Thoughts please ???

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