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    The Miz vs Sheamus Rivalry

    I don't know why but the promo Miz and Sheamus had on Miz TV made me realize that these two could have an amazing rivalry. Though Sheamus kind of messed up his promo at first but when Miz gave his amazing speech about his radio show, his movie, it seemed Sheamus really picked it up. I want to see these two have a rivalry with Miz as intercontinental Champion, and Sheamus as World Champion and see where a rivalry like that could head.

    Does anyone else want to see it as much as I do, this could main event a survivor series, or even a wrestle-mania if done properly.


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    Better then Big Show vs Sheamus that's for sure.

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    Better than ADR vs Sheamus, thats for sure!

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    Sure, I'd like to see it even though I already know it will end with Miz's head getting kicked off.

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    Better than Hornswoggle vs Sheamus that's for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    Better than Hornswoggle vs Sheamus that's for sure
    I wouldn't go that far Sheamus Vs Hornswoggle Irishman vs Irishman they have history dating back to the 2011 Royal Rumble, Hornswoggle got revenge in the 2011 Christmas battle royal.. There's history this match could really work.

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    I said yes, why not it could be interesting

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    I voted No originally as i can't see it helping either guy atm down the line when wwe gets serious about Miz again then do it.

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    I think it'll be a pretty good feud between the two. Sheamus needs as much credible wrestlers to feud with as he can get because his feuds with Alberto Del Rio did nothing for me in my opinion. A Miz and Sheamus feud would at least be interesting to watch.
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    the miz would bring drama to that belt, what has been lacking for the past while.



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