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    Ss idea for titles!

    Survivor series matchs traditional*

    *Raw- John cena Daniel Bryan Kane *ryback Mick foley or ???? Idk
    ** * * * * * * * * * * Vs.
    ** * * *Cm punk prime time players *wade Barrett*
    ** * * * And miz

    Smackdown sheamus orton christain *sin cara mysterio
    ** * * * * * * * Vs.
    Del rio dolph Rhodes sandow big show*

    Raw I would have face wins with ryback sole survivor*
    The reason why is because you could set up cena vs ryback vs punk for title have cena get pinned by punk heel way and have cena egg punk while punk playing I beat cena have him turn into closeline then shellshock
    You then could have cena ryback confront and aj name ryback as #1 contender have punk complain and say fine if you beat opponent tonight you don't have to face ryback at ppv but u lose not only will he face him he 'll face cena to his opponent cena have punk get heel tatics and try to pick up win ry comes out shellshock boom cena wins staredown cena eats a shellshock then punk bashes ry with title and looks at both men

    Sd winner sheamus beats *show
    But while he celebrates zig tries to attack he sees goes for bk misses zig runs off show hits WMD and zig decides to cash he wins big show then comes into ring after match dolph celebrating bam WMD *show looks at crowd takes title walks off*
    Set up dolph sheamus dolph show sheamus dolph show
    Ur comment makes me think

    Not removing till alex riley is pushed
    Dean ambrose makes his debut
    Bray wyatt scares a kid on raw
    Aj lee wins divas title
    The miz turns face
    Mick foley goes in Hof
    Paige brings her sexiness to wwe

    Money in the bank-tied 19th

    I've been a miz fan since the real world

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