View Poll Results: What main event do you want to see at Survivor Series 2012?

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  • Lesnar & Punk vs HHH & Cena

    6 18.18%
  • Lesnar vs HHH rematch

    1 3.03%
  • Punk vs Lesnar for the WWE title

    3 9.09%
  • other

    23 69.70%
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    Cena defeats Punk at HIAC. Punk gets Heyman to get Lesnar involved, and gets a rematch at SS. Lesnar finally interferes, and Punk wins the title back.

    Leaves TLC - the final Cena/Punk match. TLC-style. End of the saga, final chapter, all that stuff. Hellacious battle, and in the end, Cena wins. Next night, calls it the most grueling four months in his career, and how fitting is it now, he gets The Rock at the Rumble for the WWE Title. Punk, meanwhile, starts to manifest some hate for Lesnar big time for helping him retain, which could lead to Punk/Lesnar at the Rumble - with a little HHH intervention to reset to Mania, perhaps. And they've done heel vs heel at the Rumble before, in case anyone wondered (Orton/Sheamus in 2010, before Orton turned face).

    Not sure how to work around the EC yet, but...leaves ya Rock, Taker, Lesnar, HHH, Cena, and Punk as your top 6 for Mania.

    Lesnar vs HHH
    Taker vs. Cena
    Rock vs Punk

    Something like that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveorton View Post
    Punk vs Mankind in HIAC and yes but Foley is old but I would relish how hardcore this match could be. Foley vs Taker - one of the sickest match in pro-wrestling.
    Ignore this guys thought it was the ME for HIAC my bad. At SS Orton vs Sheamus for the WHC.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett(c) for the World Heavyweight championship and McIntyre wins. How is the WWE going to get there idk and idc just make it happen WWE or at least that is what I think.

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    Why is Ambrose mentioned in EVERY thread? He's not going to debut into a main feud and probably be a while before we see him anyway. Talk about over hyped...

    If there is a SS match; I'd say it will either be a Team Cena/punk or Sheamus/show

    Cena w/ Ryback, Kofi, R-Truth, Brodus
    Punk w/ Miz, Big Show, Tensai/Otunga, Ziggler


    Sheamus, Rey and Sin Cara, Randy Orton and someone like Kidd.
    Big Show, Del Rio, Rhodes Scholars. Cesaro

    They do tend to have the 5v5 from the same show, even though they are cross brand anyway.

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