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    A Highway to Hell to Survivor Series

    Excuse the lame title, but the road to Survivor Series does go through Hell in a Cell.

    I've got a theory on how I think HIAC could end, thus setting the stage for Survivor Series. Here we go:

    To my surprise, Cena's surgery has changed the winds enough that the WWE has gone with Ryback to fight Punk at HIAC. Cena's role in the match is still TBD, but this creates an interesting scenario. Punk - by most logic - will not drop the title to Ryback. Punk's title reign seems destined for the Rumble vs Rock, and Ryback just isn't ready to be the WWE Champion. That said, Ryback shouldn't suffer his first loss already? Correct? So how does this play out? How can Punk retain, while Ryback remains undefeated - especially when HIAC is no DQ?

    The match would have to end in a draw or a no decision. I propose that Brock Lesnar (and I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere) comes out and destroys Ryback and a weakened Cena. The match would just, not end. The PPV would end with Lesnar, Punk, and Heyman standing there like the dominant, devilish regime they should be. Lesnar and Punk are certainly both 'Heyman Guys'. On the same token, Heyman and McMahon have crossed paths more in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 2 years.

    I propose a Survivor Series matchup, Team McMahon (Vince, Cena, & Ryback) vs Team Heyman (Paul, Punk, & Lesnar). Whether or not additional members would be added, or certain scenarios, is up in the air. With ratings looming, and Vince's willingness to be involved more in storylines, I don't think this is out of the realm of possibility. The idea of Heyman boasting about his success with ECW and being a better owner and showsman than Vince would be tantalizing televison.

    Thoughts Gentleman and Gentleladies?

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    Not a bad idea at all. Seems simple and does give a build up for all stars. Keeps Ryback in the spot light without having him look like a jobber to Punk and does not push him to far. For some reason I see a triple threat match Punk vs Cena vs Ryback. Brock comes out and stops Cena from beating Punk. Punk pins Cena to keep the belt and Ryback does not lose the actual match. While I don't see Vince or Paul wrestling at Survivor Series I could see Cena and Ryback vs Punk and Brock.

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    Team Heyman could "in the name of change" call up Chris Hero and Colt Cabana, together with Claudio Castagnoli and forming C 4 again... A new pipebomb under current WWE-management and maybe even for the GM-spot..

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    as long as there are plenty of 5 on 5 elimination tag team matches with guys who interest me in the same team then it's alright with me
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    Love this idea since Punk needs to retain and Ryback needs to remain undefeated.

    I'd have team Vince (Cena, Ryback, Orton, Christian and The Rock) vs team Heyman (Punk, Lesnar, Tensai, Bigshow, Cesaro and Ohno)

    Also on the bill: Tag team championship scrable - Hell No vs PTP vs Colons vs Hunico & Camacho vs Usos vs Rey and Sin Cara vs Kidd and Gabriel vs Kofi and Truth vs Rhodes Scholars

    Del Rio vs Ted Dibiase

    3MB vs Santino, Ryder and Brodus

    Sheamus vs The Undertaker - Wade Barrett cost Undertaker the title and then Dolph cashes in the MITB contract. This sets up a future mach for Barrett and Undertaker and Ziggler vs Sheamus for the Rumble.

    Divas - Eve vs Kaitlyn

    I'd like to see the SS match go on for about 40 mins with the final two being CM Punk and The Rock, as Rock hit people's elbow on Punk, Lesnar gets back into the ring and attacks Rock allowing Punk to hit the GTS on him and win the match. We go off air with CM Punk holding the WWE Championship over Rock's ko'd body.
    This leads of course to a Rock - Lesnar match at TLC; as Lesnar is about to beat Rock, Triple H returns and hits the pedigree on Lesnar setting up Triple H and Lesnar for Wrestlemania.

    That's just how it'd book it anyway.


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