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    Is Randy Orton Underrated?

    Okay this is random, but I noticed Randy Orton is a 9 time world Champion, has main evented wrestlemania and has even retained his title from Cena and triple h at Wrestlemania 24. But for most of Randy Orton's career he has been called bland, that his promo skills are lacking, and that he didn't deserve his main event spot. I think he got the most hate when he beat Christian for the World Title on the Smackdown after Extreme Rules. Though I felt it was a horrible decision his match with Christian was great. And in turn him and Christian had what I felt was the best feud of 2011, as I felt there matches were all 4 star matches. Long story short I feel Randy Orton is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE as he has had some of the greatest matches in the last few years with the likes of CM Punk at Wrestlemania 25, Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions, and Christian at various ppvs in 2011. I feel Randy Orton is a little underrated by the WWE as his in-ring skills and his timing in his matches are excellent, his promo skills have gotten better, and he gets one of the best reactions in the WWE right now.. And I look forward to his 10th reign as a World Champion.

    Thoughts on Randy Orton? Is he underrated?


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