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    Your thoughts on Rhino?

    Basically, I feel Rhino is pretty good, I've been debating it with my friends on "how good" he truly is. It seems as long as he is with the right opponent, he's pretty good, Steen vs. Rhino sounded really good to me, because they are both bigger guys that have some things in common such as speed for being big, hardcore, hard hitting, etc.

    My friends just think it's a bad thing he has to be with the "right" opponent, But I think it's good, because usually when he is with the right one, he puts on a good match...

    Some examples of good or who would be good:

    Kevin Steen
    Kurt Angle
    Samoa Joe
    AJ Styles (depends on the match type)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RatedRorayJames View Post
    My favorite rivalry in 2006.

    I love Rhyno he is one of the most intense, and underrated wrestlers I've seen.

    Plus I love the Gore!

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    Yeah a lot of people shit all over Rhino but he is a very good big guy wrestler and the Gore is one of the most impressive moves in the business!!

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    rhino is incredibly underrated IMO.
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    Think Rhino is great ,and he is pretty fast in the ring , the gore is probably my fave finisher .

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    People agreeing with me on my own thread... WITH AN UNDERRATED OPINION..


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    Rhino has always had a lot of talent in the ring, I think really it was a lack of promo ability that has stopped him from going farther than he has.

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    Rhino's good as an accessory, in my opinion. One of the greatest wrestling matches of all time, for me, was the TLC match between Dudley Boyz, Hardy's, Edge & Christian at Wrestlemania XVII. Everything about it was excellent - the build-up of the rivalry, the commentary, the ring-work by every single one of the main competitors, the camera-work was absolutely brilliant (nobody is better than Kevin Dunn's crew at having the cameras in the right places to put high-spots in front of the viewer in complex matches like this one) and Rhino was a key part of this match.

    But a Rhino 1-on-one match - I'm always going to be checking the clock about 2 minutes into it - and hopefully snapping out of my boredom to catch the gore.

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    I've always loved Rhino..He has a intangable that most modern wrestlers do not have, that is believeability.
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