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    the return of swagger

    So apparently jack will be at raw in my home state of oklahoma but its unknown whether he will be appearing or not. While i hate to say this cuz im a huge swagger mark, he needs to stay off of my tv, for now. Id like to see him take a longer break and come back with a BIG push to the top. A lot of people want him face but i love his cocky "better than you" persona. He pulls it off so well. With this mans in ring ability and look i really dont see why he isnt a main eventer. He was WHC and it wasnt the best reign but his main feud was against the bug show... who cant seem to get anyone over in a feud. Honestly if it wasnt for his size he wouldve never been signed. And while hes not the best on the mic, hes far from the worst. Id like to see him come back more agressive and seem more focused. Like when he was WHC hed slowly walk to the ri g with an intense look on his face. Come back with no show boating and start snapping legs! Thats the jack i want to see! Hes smooth as butter in the ring and can make anyone he faces look good too. Please vince, pick jack swagger as your next top guy! I get excited thinking about it.

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    How has this been viewed 21 times with no replies? Come the fuck on people! Swagger!!@

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    Cock magnets...

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    I'm actually a Swagger mark as well and I would love to see him get a big push. Let's hope he gets one when he comes back.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    I would like a return as a face on RAW, and a huge push from WWE.

    John Cena will leave Wrestlemania, as the WWE Champion.
    Then I hope he will start a fued vs Daniel Bryan, that will end with Daniel Bryan, WWE Champ
    Then, Daniel Bryan(c) could fued vs Jack Swagger. Both are great in ring performer so for me that's fine.

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    I dunno. I dont think he generates enough heat or interest to go that far again.


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