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    Since Lockdown, I have not bought a PPV. I was very disappointed with the crowd and felt they made the whole PPV suffer (MagnaJoe vs. MCMG was a pretty good match, but lack of crowd response made it seem like an Impact match) which is why I avoided all the "Impact Zone" PPVs. I did attend Slammiversary and watched the PPV online (along with all the others) so I know they have put out some very solid PPVs since the horrible Lockdown PPV but I am for sure buying Bound for Glory. If for anything, it's the biggest PPV of the year for TNA. Secondly, it's outside the Impact Zone. Showing a spike in the buy rate for PPVs outside the Impact Zone as well as ticket sales at the gate/pre-orders is always a good thing because it will help TNA to finally pull the trigger on moving out of the Impact Zone on a constant basis. Third, Storm and Roode has been one of my favorite battles since it began and even if they left it on the back burner for a while, I still want my payoff I invested in. Finally, Aries is headlining the biggest PPV TNA has and that is always a smart decision, even if I don't like Hardy as his match. Hardy is the most popular face/merch sale, so I actually think TNA is making the right move, I just would have rather it been a different match personally.

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